Farnham’s Judicial Review – here it comes?

So sorry  but we have a little embarrassment on publicity on the Waverley Web blog, which people have interpreted as saying that the Farnham Residents Party are joining the action and/or are part of the Farnham Interest Group. The FIG is made up of representatives from the Farnham Society, the Farnham Buildings Preservation Trust and East Street Action, none of which are political parties. The only Farnham Residents Party member to be involved at all directly is John Williamson but in an individual, rate-payer capacity, not as a member of the FIG.

We apologise for any embossment WW may have caused elected representatives of the Residents Party on Waverley and the Town Councils.

As you will gather from the article in the Farnham Herald featured below – “Your Waverley” is now faced with a Judicial Review of its  24 May East St/ Brightwells  decision under procurement legislation.   The action has been taken jointly by groups of Farnham residents that were recently accused of “having too much time on their hands!” Perhaps soon, the council just might start to take theses busybodies seriously, because the nosey bods who had the audacity to question the authority’s actions to give Farnham away to developers, might just be proved to  be right.

The organisations mentioned are embarking on a David & Goliath type fight presumably because they have finished their knitting and have nothing better to do with their time?

When a Petition signed by over 10,500 Farnham residents was presented to The Queen three years ago, it sought to take Farnham out of Waverley Borough Council’s control. So presumably those 10,000 residents, had nothing better to do, then sign petitions? The Queen passed it to  The Dept of Communities and Local Government who ignored it and then it said there was nothing they could do because there was no mechanism in place to achieve the petition’s  aims.  Both MP Jeremy Hunt and Waverley BC ignored it too!

The accusation of  fraud is rearing its ugly head with monotomous regularity  at “Your Waverley” mainly concerning its actions concerning East Street, fraudulent transport assessments, fraudulent planning decisions etcetera … -so this little missive from Waverley Towers may give you a little chuckle. This was taken from its own latest Business Update.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 21.57.33.png

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 21.57.13.png
Perhaps a few of our Farnham residents should do a bit of online reporting?

If you want to join Farnham’s fight read the leaflet by clicking on the link below. It is calling for donations towards  the costs of a Judicial Review of Waverley’s decision on 24 May to make further harmful changes to the East Street/Brightwells scheme, which will tip the financial benefits yet further in favour of the developer and disadvantage the residents of Farnham and Waverley. Council tax payers who are quite  simply not getting value for money

JR 2016 leaflet 060716

13558751_10154299484946613_219607606019797023_o.jpegJust a few residents’  view of the recent planning meeting whitewash!13533056_10154299484016613_8920100967212215201_n.jpg


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