No fly’s on our County Council then?

Yes – Paul McKay of Cranleigh you are oh so right – The Numpty County’s  recycling centre closures will cost us dear!

No sooner had the County Hall  Mandarins sent out an edict to close the County’s recycling centres on certain days, reduce opening hours and refuse  certain items – than… yes… you guessed…

Fly Tipping along our highways and byways has begun!

Mr McKay recently describes the County Hall idiots as Burghers – we agree – but  spelled differently and preferably sandwiched between buns and covered in ketchup!

Read his letter here:Tipping

Neither does  WW condone fly tipping,  but like you Mr McKay, we understand why someone who turns up at the recycling centre on one side of Waverley, doesn’t want to travel to the other side to  dump their rubbish.

Funny that no-one at Kingston’s Numpty Hall  didn’t think that one through?

The Protect Our Waverley Group regularly rattle on about the rat runs they want to protect if homes are built at Dunsfold Airfield in their erstwhile  bid to protect rural lanes and villages – like those at Hascombe and beyond.  Why, oh why, then isn’t same POW Group shouting from the rooftops about the dramatic increase in traffic which will now result  from  fly tippers merrily skidding their way through the country lanes of  Ewhurst, Cranleigh, Shamley Green, Alfold, Dunsfold, Hascombe and Milford on their way to drop off their rubbish at The Witley Recycling Centre! That is if they haven’t dropped it off in the hills on their way!

The fed up folk of the East of Waverley are already venting their spleens by dumping their rubbish outside the gates of Cranleigh’s Elmbridge Road Centre – now closed on Wednesdays. Perhaps it would be better to travel to Numpty Hall and drop off  there – not that they would probably notice!

How about calling in the Surrey Advertiser to take your picture outside the dumping ground Surrey County Councillor Alan Young. After all the locals are saying you will get a photographer along for the opening of an envelope if you can!

So there you are Waverley/Surrey residents travel  up to ten miles to your nearest recycling centre all in a good cause – to save the county council money according to Councillor Young. You know the same SCC that is investing £58m of “your money” in an unpopular, unviable, unpopular and East Street scheme judged to be “risky” by the legal beavers working on behalf of “Your Waverley.”

Write to Surrey County Councillor Mr Alan Young   

or we could leave it to Police and Crime Commissioner David Munro?

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 20.41.47.png
Bit more work for them then Police Commissioner Munro?

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