The Dragon roars!

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If you haven’t heard of the brilliant On-Line newspaper for Guildford then log onto and read it.

Recently  one of its intrepid reporters upset Guildford Borough Council … Oh Dear!

As a result of the reporter’s trip across the keyboard when he/she described the council’s handling of the Guildford Museum controversy as “clumsy,” Councillor Geoff Davis threatened legal action.  Doesn’t Councillor Davis realise that if he cannot take honest criticism, in fact criticism that is also shared by many thousands of Guildford residents, and many residents of the surrounding borough’s … then he shouldn’t have joined because…

… ending up in Private Eye is most local government officials’ worst nightmare – welcome to the world Councillor Davis… and get a life and learn to take a little genuinely felt criticism from your electors! Waving the legal big stick is easy for councils – because we all know they have resources to waste and you have just revealed to all that, you are happy to waste them.

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Councillor Geoff Davis who has earned Private Eye’s Pompous Ass of the week award.


So far the Waverley Web hasn’t been given the Councillor Davis type drubbing – but then perhaps “Your Waverley” doesn’t read the Waverley Web?  If they don’t pity – they might learn something?


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