Protect “Our Bramley” campaigners cause chaos in village and bring A281 to a halt!


Why is it, Waverley Web wonders, that people who move to an area think they know better than those who have lived there for generations?

The Wandsworth & Wimbledon Wanderers who lived around the Commons before they moved out to the wide-open spaces of Surrey, when the charms of Nappy Valley paled, were out in force in Bramley this morning creating chaos during the commuter crush hour.

Not content with despoiling their quaint little corner of Waverley by erecting garish posters amongst the hedgerows, the Boden-clad posse were waving placards aloft and trying to engage with poor motorists on their way to work, thrusting leaflets at anyone who was foolish enough to wind down their window to tell them to bog-off!


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Instead of setting bad examples to their children by playing in the road – KEEP BRAMLEY CHILDREN SAFE screams another poster! – why don’t these country migrants engage their brains and think about their children’s future. How are their children going to afford to live in Bramley in 15 years time? ‘Cos they ‘aint going to be selling up multi-million pound houses in the capital – that they bought for a song, did up and subsequently sold up, enabling them to buy up a slice of suburban Surrey – which is what Mummy and Daddy did, thinking it makes them just like the characters in Jill Barkem’s much loved Brambly Hedge books! Bramley is a small, suburban village on the edge of Guildford, a commuter town. A quaint, rural backwater it ‘aint!

DUNSFOLD PARK WILL ADD 41 MINUTES TO YOUR JOURNEY screams another poster or 10!

Eh? Who said?

Challenge the Bramley Babes on the origins of this claim and they’re clueless. But it’s a pretty BIG claim and Waverley Web, despite digging deeper than Peter Rabbit in Farmer McGregor’s cabbage patch, has been unable to get to the root of it. Can anyone out there enlighten us?

We know we’re only local yokels in the eyes of the Wandsworth and Wimbledon Wanderers but even Alastair Campbell and Peter Mandelson, at the height of the New Labour Project and their Dark Lord powers, might have blushed to tell motorists the addition of 1,800 houses was going to add a 41 minute delay to their daily commute!

So come on PoW – or is it PoB? – Because we don’t hear too many protestations to the developments about to decorate Cranleigh’s greenfiels, or Godalming’s, Haslemere’s Farnham’s Badshot Lea’s tell us do, where you’re getting your intell from! Cos we’d love to know …

One thought on “Protect “Our Bramley” campaigners cause chaos in village and bring A281 to a halt!”

  1. HAHA The ‘intell’ comes from the Mott McDonald (Developers own report writers!!) documents within the application. Even those of us outside of POW and POB, and possessing not a single item of Boden clothing (can’t afford it), know that! Maybe you could read the reports of the application you so passionately support…..not doing your own homework is cheating you know!

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