We have heard of cats on hot tin roofs, but in Godawfulming they have KIDS!


In the town that is home to our borough council, and which once boasted the borough’s Police Headquarters (now des res’s for the Wimbledon Wanderer) the latest kids craze is running across the town’s roofs.

Now here at the Waverley Web, we know a fair bit about inhabiting roofs because we regularly dangle in some. We also meet the odd bat and squirrel but so far, have never come across any kids.

But here’s a plaintiff cry from one Godalming resident who is heartily sick of teenagers who have refrained from beating a path to her door, and have taken to beating a path across the shop roof adjacent to her flat instead!


Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 11.26.41.png

Oh! Those were the days my friend when there was a policemen on our streets. It is now easier to spot the Dartford Warbler!

David Monro loves his banner stand!


We know David Munro loves to set forth in front of his pop-up banner stand. So we thought we would help him out and design him a new one to highlight Surrey’s recent crime stats! These reveal that crime is Up Up Up! Overall recorded crime is up 14% and some categories a massive 78%!


We can all sleep comfortably in our beds safe in the knowledge that David Munro – Surrey’s Police and Crime Commissioner has had his concerns satisfied about the staggering rise in burglaries

Surrey now holds the title for  – the highest council tax rises, and now crime has risen by 78%* (*in Surrey Heath)

David Munro has pledged to continue supporting Surrey Police fight back against the rising tide in burglary as thousands of forensic marking kits are rolled out to Surrey residents. The recent spike in offences is due to organised criminal gangs, mostly from outside the county, crossing its borders to target properties.


Here at the Waverley Web thanks to information passed to us by one our followers we can reveal that crime is also rising in our borough. 

 Many residents over there in the East, are customers of the Egg shop in Knowle Lane, Cranleigh where the “Egg Lady’ as she is fondly known,  has been supplying eggs from happy chickens for donkey’s years. This week she has become a victim of crime.

 Thieves broke into the home of the elderly farmers, wrenched from a wall a safe containing money and valuables and a nearby gun cabinet!  These thieves are now equipped with dangerous firearms!

 A week earlier staff were shaken but unhurt when robbers stormed into the Bet Fred bookies in Cranleigh High Street. A skinny short male threatened staff who handed over an unspecified amount of cash. Staff are now recovering from the frightening ordeal

 David Monro (PCC)  said he had raised concerns with the Chief Constable at his regular performance meetings and is confident measures are in place to combat burglary although he admits there is no room for complacency.

So – no problem there then – it is all in former Tory Waverley Borough Councillor and SCC councillor David Monro’s capable hands!

It has been reported that Surrey has seen a 78% increase in residential burglary in the last year.  However, according to the police, these figures don’t accurately reflect the true picture.

 The Home Office says the quarterly crime statistics published in January, cannot be compared with last year’s figures as changes in the way some crimes are now classified have been made. 

Previously, thefts from outbuildings, sheds and garages were not classified as dwelling or domestic burglaries. These thefts have been reclassified and are now included in the figures of recorded domestic burglary.

Whilst Surrey has seen a rise in total burglary offences – it is in fact around 27%.

crimerecordedtype The Force has taken proactive steps to prevent and detect burglary including dedicated burglary teams across each area.

They are specifically targeting offenders – recent examples in the last couple of weeks include four people arrested within 24 hours on suspicion of burglary offences in Waverley and two other men being charged in connection with 37 burglaries across 11 counties.

Officers will hand out more than 11,000 free SelectaDNA property marking kits to residents in burglary hot-spot areas.

 David Munro (PCC) said: “Whilst this recent rise in burglary across Surrey is following the national trend, it remains a matter of real concern to both residents and myself. This is clearly a worrying statistic but I want to reassure our communities we are fighting back on a number of fronts.


Surrey’s Assistant Chief Constable Nev Kemp said: “I want to reassure the public that burglary is very much a priority for the Force. 

“It is for this reason that Operation Spearhead has run for several months with dedicated overt and covert officers aimed solely at preventing burglaries and catching offenders and putting them before the Courts. Please employ crime prevention measures wherever possible, sometimes just locking doors and windows can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to opportunist thieves.

“If you have information about suspected criminality in your area, please do get in touch. You can do this either via our website, by calling 101 or if you don’t want to talk to us then you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.”

Keep your belongings safe by following the below tips. You will find more burglary prevention advice on the Surrey Police website.

  • Lock your doors and windows every time you leave the house
  • Hide all keys, including car keys, out of sight and away from the letterbox
  • Install dusk to dawn outside lighting
  • Secure bikes at home by locking them to an immovable object
  • Keep ladders and tools stored away; don’t leave them outside
  • Mark your property with a forensic marking product, and register your belongings with Immobilise.com

Over to you Captain Bob…Your Borough Needs You?




What a busy, busy summer it’s going to be for Bob Lees’s Protect our Waverley (PoW), as Waverley Borough Council invites residents and other interested parties (Cue stage right: that’s you PoW!) to comment on proposed sites put forward to build another 1,079 homes in the borough.

Waverley’s Local Plan Part II sets out where the homes might be built – including Elstead, Godalming, Haslemere, Milford, and Witley.

Members of the Public (and PoW) have until midday on Monday 9 July to let Waverley Planners know what they think about the proposals set out in Part II of its Local Plan. Knowing how keen PoW is to live up to its name – PROTECT OUR WAVERLEY – the Waverley Web has no doubt that, under the direction of it’s dedicated Chairman, Bob Lees, PoW will be going through Waverley’s Local Plan Part II with a fine curry-comb in order to prepare a plan of campaign every bit as thorough as its war against development at Dunsfold Airfield.

Of course, PoW, is already up to its neck in a rear-guard action as it attempts to Judicially Review Dunsfold Park’s consent for 1800 homes but, knowing what eager beavers they are on behalf of the entire Borough, that won’t deter them from getting stuck into the Local Plan Part II as they know how much residents across the Borough are relying on them to root out and fight the good fight against inappropriate development borough-wide, not just in their own little corner of Alfold and Dunsfold!

In addition to all this, PoW will also be busily pouring over detailed plans for the first phase of Knowle Park, where the former Lettuce King – Nicholas Vrijland and his cohort, Andy Leafy – will be building 265 homes at the former West Cranleigh Nurseries. But, they just want to help Cranleigh – don’t they? Funny really, having set up all those secret meetings with developers, they are trailing along behind them all as fag end Henry’s!

Then, just a hop, skip and a jump away from Knowle Park, there’s Miller Home’s development of the former Hewett’s Industrial Estate, where 100 homes will shortly be underway. 

With so much development going on in and around Cranleigh, local shop-keepers are worried that the knock-on effects of the building works will keep shoppers away from the High Street – especially following the closure, last week, of the NatWest Bank in Stocklund Square, which was a big draw. NatWest customers, who now have to go to Godalming, Horsham or Guildford for their over-the-counter banking needs, are thought likely to defect to Godalming over Cranleigh in their droves.

So, thank God for POW. If ever Waverley needed a committed ‘very large and continually growing number of concerned Waverley residents whose interest is in sustainable, balanced and appropriate development’ it’s now!

So, over to you Cap’n Bob!!! Your Borough Needs YOU!

Just a gentle reminder to ‘Your Waverley.’





Everyone’s talking about the shocking air quality here in Farnham, but I’m alright Jack and Jill because I’ve received the new issue of a Waverley pollution mask. And… I’m fortunate enough to have had the Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner as a former Conservative Waverley Borough Councillor.



Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 23.40.57.png

WW – Following Follows.


He may be quite a new boy at Waverley Towers, but having helped prevent the closure of a Godalming School Councillor Paul Follows is now turning his attention to the town’s mounting traffic problems.

Here’s his latest missive concerning the proposal to build 265 new homes on land now removed from the green built at Ockford Ridge.
 Taken from councillor Fellows Facebook Page. 

During my by-election (way back in December) I pledged a number of things, but these included:

1) To support local schools, fight cuts to education and strive to improve local schools;

2) To support sensible planning i.e. Yes to reasonable developments but ONLY with proper infrastructure investments for current and future residents.

Our successful campaign for Green Oak school (I believe) has shown my firm commitment to that first point – and I will continue to resist further cuts in any way I can.

Today I want to discuss local planning and infrastructure.

The attached quotes below are from this week’s Surrey Ad regarding the proposed development in Ockford (Ockford Park).

Your local Liberal Democrat Councillors in Godalming are happy to state their views and intent for the record – tell us what you think?

On traffic:

“I want to see the full report about that when it is out because I, and many others at the consultation and since do not believe the impact will be minor”

“Also, we all know or highly suspect that neighbouring sections of Guildford will go out of the green belt in their plan [as other developments are suspected to be planned very near Ockford Park] – so talking about the impact of 270 homes worth of traffic is perhaps premature”

On affordable housing:

“Broadly we need the housing but 30% affordable needs to be at least that when its done and actually be affordable to local people”

On infrastructure:

“Like many others, I would like to see at least a regular visiting clinic”

“I will be hoping to see a reasonable section 106 agreement when the planning application is discussed so that current and future residents have meaningful infrastructure investments. I would hope to see investments in local schools.”


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Just another manic Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday….. in Cranleigh.


Playing dodgems on the Elmbridge Road in has become the new dangerous sport as HGV’s battle to make their way to the burgeoning number of Cranleigh New Town’s development sites.

And…would you believe the narrow Wey and Arun Canal bridge just a bit further along from where this picture was taken is where pedestrians and HGV’s dice with death on a regular basis. This was made -one way by Surrey County Council to enable the old people living at the Elmbridge Retirement Homes Village to WALK into the village a mile-and-a-half away.

God forbid they ever try that one, said the follower of the WW who sent us this picture.



We are told the queues of traffic in both directions are the stuff legends are made of!! Traffic was backed up beyond the lights at the Nanhurst Crossroads.



A sad farewell to the people of Farnham from a woman who can’t stand to watch the​ degradation of the town she loves.


Many of our followers feel the same way about the changes that are being inflicted on our beautiful old town.

The supermarket and development giants don’t give a damn about the place – but shouldn’t ‘Our Waverley Borough Council’ be standing up for us!

How we all wish there was a Michael Blower who is a beacon for the town still among our councillors.  He could do a better job than Waverley Planners in his ever-present notebook, or on the back of a fag packet!

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 20.57.58.png

Another day in the lives of Alfold folk – after a drop of rain and sewerage!


Thames Water – Extract a digit because MP Annie Milton is on the case!


Re: Your Comment – I didn’t include Thames Water in my previous Distribution List, as no one else had.

But, by all means, please pass this email into Cyril Mitkov (Local and Regional Government Liaison at Thames Water) if he was your intended Recipient.

Here’s what Alfold’s Peter Hartley wrote to his MP Anne Milton of Cranleigh and Alfold Flood Forum fame!

It is IMPERATIVE that Thames Water is made aware that the Residents of Alfold have been following the appalling mess with the Local Sewerage System which has occurred over the years. Whilst we (Residents) are grateful for Anne’s Flood Forum, Thames Water has conspicuously spent more time and effort in ‘Ducking the Issue’, rather than address the problem in a Right and Proper Manner.

We recognise that it is likely that, with the potential plethora of areas within Thames Water’s Service Area requiring Remedial Action by the authority, there is a reluctance at Board Level within Thames Water to spend money on this Specific Area. However, given that (I understand that) the Dunsfold Park Development previously attracted the attention of Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP, and that the Park is owned by Trinity College, Cambridge and administered by the previous Owner, Jim McAllister (who collected a tidy £55M when he sold that Facility), and “Care Ashore” has been left “High, but not Dry” by losing its appeal for Development – there are some well-connected Organisations for this village.

Those of us who have kept a close ‘eye’ on non-events are aware that Thames Water did not even bother to add a Request for a £10M Contingency in its request for permitted Expenditure to Ofwat, in the last 5-year Application.

To end this email, I must remind Thames Water that since its ‘Solution’ (Pun intended) was to make use of the Sewerage System at the (Failed) Housing Development at “Care Ashore”, it MUST now address the problem properly. Thames Water’s own Engineers have been quite open about what is needed, so there can be NO EXCUSE for not implementing that Plan.

(Incidentally, at the outset of this issue, back in 2012, my Assessment was that the likely Remedial Costs would be £12M – slightly higher than Thames Water’s own Estimate of £10M, but then I have a successful Track Record in the Defence Engineering Industry and always included a sensible contingency for ‘unforeseen problems’ !)

If anyone reading this email thinks that I am perhaps ‘arrogantly promoting myself’, that is mean and totally incorrect description. Quite simply, I am, by birth, a Northerner, and ‘appen we believe in being ‘Upfront and Honest’. Life is too short to waste in a series of emails, simply to get across the whole ‘picture’.


Now I must be about more of the Queen’s Business.

Kind Regards
Peter (Thames Water) Hartley (I have been advised by a friend, a former Mayor of Waverley, that my nickname at Waverley Borough Council is “Peter – Thames Water – Hartley”)

(Aut viam inveniam aut faciam !)

Consultant Engineer: Systems Engineering, Science & Technology Support
UK Editor: Defense Update


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