Elstead’s Aunty Elsey – v – Mr Deputy.


It was spats all round when the Full Council met on ZOOM this week – first The Leader John Ward and Alfold’s Cllr Kevin Deanus

Did ‘Mighty Miffed’ Cllr Deanus get his place on the Dunsfold Garden Village Board?

Then later Elstead’s ‘Aunty Elsey’ (Cllr Jenny Else) went for the throat of Paul Follows for daring to say at a previous council meeting that she obtained and then used information from social media, perish the thought!  She was of course referring to Facebook and not the Waverley Web. She wouldn’t read this scurrilous blog – however her husband does.

The fracas surrounds the new administration’s decision not to renew the Broadwater Park Golf Club’s lease. This overturning a Tory’s decision which, by the way,  it took years to make. The site now forms part of Waverley’s Property Investment Strategy – at a time when every penny counts.

However, as is Aunty Elsey’s style – armed with only half the facts, facts she could determine if only she only took trouble – instead went off at half-cock going for the jugular of the messenger. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 20.59.26

They say a leopard never changes its spots – well Aunty Elsey went in for the kill at Full Council – when she demanded an apology from ‘Your Waverley’s Deputy Leader Paul Follows.

The spots were practically jumping off Aunty Elsey’s leopard-skin top –  sometimes she wears zebra stripes having a penchant for the out-of-Africa look – when she went in for the kill and demanded an apology.

In her best schoolmarm voice, she ranted about the councils’ “disgraceful and dishonourable” treatment of the Broadwater Golf Club and the way she alleges it has been treated by the council for not renewing its lease. She referred to the Deputy Leader’s “hubris.” She said Cllr  Follows had dared to question the ethics of a colleague.   ‘Not allowed in Waverley’s Code of Conduct,’ she roared!

It appears the minutes referred to Aunty Elsey gaining some of her information from Godalming’s social media board. She repeated the dreaded SM word over and over again.

“Untrue” the leopard roared! “You must treat your colleagues with more respect.”

She claimed she speaks to lots of people and gained her information about the controversial issue from letters and emails from local residents and not from social media. Aunty Elsey, who regularly uses social media particularly during elections, obviously doesn’t really like social media, unlike her councillor husband who really likes social media, and will probably respond to this post on the Waverley Web? She said references to her using SM – that is… social media and not Sado-Masochism – perish the thought, added “insult to injury” she said when it was included in the minutes of the Executive Meeting and she wants the minutes changed. However, Cllr Follows said not only would the minutes not be changed – they would be ‘improved upon.’

Then out came the normally gentle Cllr Follows’ claws:

“You lifted the comments from the Godalming Community Board on May 8 verbatim – I did not say that you were not contacted by others. However, I would urge you to remember the legal confidentialities here. Acting precipitantly without being aware of all the facts is potentially dangerous!”

Oh! come on Cllr Follows, do you really expect Aunty Elsey to make herself aware of the facts or stop act precipitantly when she has been doing that for years? Surely you don’t expect her to break the habits of a lifetime!

Of course, as always, Aunty Elsie believed  she had the last word – The leopard roared again! – ‘Don’t you belittle me, Cllr Follows, I don’t have to answer to you. I represent the people of Waverley and have done so for nine years. Stop this now or you will answer in front of the Monitoring Officer.  OMG  –  not Robin Taylor! Is that the sound of Cllr Follows’ knees shaking we can hear from over here in Farnham!

Then Blessed be the peacemaker Mayor Dr Penny Marriott held up her hands indicating ENOUGH! Saying  – take your argument outside!  Jolly good job the meeting was on Zoom?

So – will it be pistols at dawn over the simple matter of where Aunty Elsey gets her information from?  Perhaps someone should tell her? – Mainly from the dreaded word that we won’t mention?




Did ‘Mighty Miffed’ Cllr Deanus get his place on the Dunsfold Garden Village Board?


Ignore the member for Alfold at your peril Waverley Borough Council.

As you will read in the post above Alfold’s Councillor Kevin Deanus has been struggling for 13 months to be seated on ‘Your Waverley’s’ Advisory Board for the new Government-backed new Dunsfold Garden Village.

Kevin Deanus

Kevin Deanus

He claims as the representative of the village most affected by the scheme to build 1,800 homes in the initial phase and another 800 in the second, his opinion on how things should progress has not been valued. In fact, numerous requests to Waverley’s Leader and Executive have been ignored.

“My views are simply not valued – and have been constantly ignored,’ he told the Full Council on a Zoom meeting last night. “And this from a new administration that claimed it would be open, transparent and communicate! In my opinion I have been dealt with in an unprofessional manner for 13 months.”

The full transcript of his five questions are included on the post in the red link above. Suffice to say, it is an understatement to mention that Cllr Deanus – is not a happy bunny!

Even ZOOM couldn’t hide Leader John Ward’s anger – his eyes bulged and his pallor changed as he warned Cllr Deanus that his 400 word ‘Intemperate questions strained the limits of the council’s procedural rules.’

He then reeled off a string of regular meetings, including the dates on which they were held, both internally with the developers of Dunsfold Aerodrome, and with external organisations – including Design South East and Homes England.  So whilst WW thought all was quiet on the eastern-front it has been anything but?’

Earlier Cllr D requested the minutes of all meetings held – will he get them? Watch this space?

Cllr Ward said both local borough councillors for Alfold and Dunsfold would be included on the DP Liaison Board, which had not met since March 2019.  As mentioned by Cllr Liz Townsend earlier in the meeting:  ‘Representatives from the parish councils of Alfold, Cranleigh & Dunsfold would be included in the new Dunsfold Advisory Board.’ However, the Leader omitted to mention whether Cllr Deanus would be among them, as he is not a parish councillor! 

Was Cllr Ward being mischievous, or being obtuse, we wonder? The answer may lie in the last paragraph?

The Leader said the development at Dunsfold was moving forward and the new Dunsfold Advisory Board would ensure the project is delivered in a timely manner.

“We are working very closely with Dunsfold Airport Limited (DAL) to bring forward an exceptional new settlement and a four-week public consultation on the Master Plan will take place prior to the reserved matters – (that is the details of the scheme) to be considered by Waverley’s planners. DAL had held its own consultation in October 2019 and if they wish the parish councils can hold their own consultations.”

John Ward

John Ward

“So,” said The Leader, “that’s the good news – now for the bad news, and, I notice from the language you use you are mighty miffed that you have not been selected based on your extensive knowledge of the site and the surrounding area, which has not been valued. But, it may come as something of a surprise to you and a distinct blow to your ego that you are not the only person in Surrey that has knowledge of the site and the surrounding area, but thank you for your questions.”


Oh, dear! It appears all is not sweetness and light at Waverley Towers – another post follows – on the spat between A Leopard from Elstead and Mr Deputy Dog!




All hands on deck at ‘Your Waverley’ to mind the gap.



Cllr Penny Rivers taking part in a video urging residentsd to Keep Safe, Shop Local and help fill the £6.8m black hole in Waverley’s finances.

The COVID pandemic has wreaked havoc on the Waverley’s finances – and with a £6.8m black hole. Only by making cuts and using £3m from its reserves can it balance the books.

With the unexpected hole in its finances officers and councillors have been burning the midnight oil in a bid to find sufficient savings to bridge the gap.

Despite receiving £1.1m Government money, the forced closure of Leisure Centres and other venues and most important the free for all in the borough’s car parks, Waverley Borough Council is not in a good place.

With a recruitment freeze already in place, saving £0.6m the authority hopes, there will be no redundancies. When a revised budget goes before the council in August more recently announced government grants might improve matters. 

Finance Director Grahame Clark painted a grim picture at the Overview & Scrutiny Value for Money meeting recently. 

Saying: “Although we are only four months into the financial year we are facing the biggest challenge since this council was formed.”

Cllr Mark Merryweather, Portfolio Holder for Finance, said the council was still trying to determine all the issues it faced and was assessing how much money would come from the Government to get it through the uncertainty. The largest single impact was from the closure of Leisure Centres – closed by law – and the car parks which were completely emptied following the lock-down. It was too early to determine whether officers’ assumptions were correct on future car park usage. However, it was believed during July it could reach 50%, and hopefully increasing from then on. The only good news.  Commercial property tenants’ rents were holding firm, but the council had been “giving comfort” to some community tenants who had been hit very hard.

The huge reduction in planning work had to resulted in a £600,000 loss of income.

Work on savings, already underway prior to the pandemic, had reached £9m – “so Waverley was running a very tight ship.”

The council was pushing for a fairer formula for future business rates and seeking more Government help – along with other local authorities. 

He said removing £3m from the council’s reserves had been “an extremely painful and nasty process.” An act that could affect the council’s future plans.

(Later in the meeting the Executive went behind closed doors to consider the situation on its Leisure Centres.)

Was that thud the sound of Cranleigh’s New Leisure Centre going off the diving board? A £12.75m centre pledged by the former Tory administration shortly before last year’s May elections with money that the new council found once in power that it did not have?

The Voluntary sector had experienced an increased demand for services, particularly in the villages. However it was doubtful that sector could continue meeting such high demand, and Waverley may have to step in?

Councillors agreed to recommend increasing the costs of collecting green waste; look at ways of reducing grounds maintenance and at the agreements it had for funding community groups including day centres. Strategic Director, Annie Righton warned the council must prevent “double billing”‘ for the staff day centres had furloughed.

Following a suggestion from Cllr Jerry Hyman (Farnham Residents’)  it was also agreed to investigate further a way of removing money from Farnham Park SANGS.

 The next six months would be crucial in determining how much further the council’s income would deteriorate or improve.

It was unanimously agreed that if further Government funding was received – that money would be used to replenish the council’s reserves.







So there you have it. One of our Waverley MP’s spends most of her time ‘congratulating’ anyone and everyone – while the other one…


Spends his time prodding and criticising the Government!

Local MPs in Commons Questions, Why the Variation in Hospital Covid-19 Mortality Rates?

By Martin Giles of The Guildford Dragon

Guildford’s MP Angela Richardson (Con) highlighted the quick provision of the new isolation ward at the Royal Surrey during a COVID update debate in Parliament as Health Secretary Matt Hancock took questions.

Ms Richardson said: “On Monday morning [July 20], I will attend the opening of the new Guildford ward at the Royal Surrey, a 20-room, fully equipped with CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), isolation ward built in just four months.”

She complimented Guildford Borough Council for ensuring the planning process did not delay construction “Will my Right Hon Friend join me in congratulating the local council on the pragmatism shown and the hospital on its forward planning?

“Does he agree that in the event of a localised spike in cases requiring hospitalisation, the Royal Surrey will be well-placed to deal with it effectively?”

Mr Hancock said: “Yes. My hon friend is a great champion of the Royal Surrey at Guildford. The hospital has done a brilliant thing by, in short order, expanding its capabilities in this crisis, as have many other hospitals around the country.

“One of the positive things that has come out of it has been the dynamism and flexibility of parts of the NHS and their collaboration with local authorities.

“Both of those have risen to heights never previously seen, and I hope we can bottle that best practice and make sure we keep a dynamic, flexible NHS that works collaboratively with local authorities long into the future.”

In the same debate, Jeremy Hunt, the Conservative MP for Guildford’s neighbouring constituency, SW Surrey, who chairs the Parliamentary Health and Social Care Committee, focused on the unexplained differences in COVID mortality rates between hospitals in Surrey. RSCH has the lowest number of Covid-19 deaths.

See also: Royal Surrey Staff Feel Treatment Approach Has Kept Covid-19 Survival Rate High

He said: “I want to ask the Health Secretary about the worrying variation in coronavirus mortality rates between hospitals, which appear to range from 12.5% to 80%.

“There may be some issues of deprivation or ethnicity, but some of that variation is likely to be due to a failure in some hospitals to adopt best practice, which is what the Getting It Right First Time programme, led by Professor Tim Briggs, addresses.

“Will my Right Hon friend agree to meet me and Professor Briggs to discuss whether the Getting It Right First Time programme could help to reduce COVID mortality rates?

The Health Secretary said: “As my Right Hon friend knows better than almost anybody, the unjustified variation in performance between different hospitals within the NHS is a huge issue across the board because if the standards in every hospital were the same as the standards in the best hospital, the performance of the whole would be so much higher.

“That is exactly what the Getting It Right First Time programme was designed to deliver.”

At Prime Minister’s Questions last week Boris Johnson for the first time, last week committed to an “independent inquiry” into the coronavirus pandemic.

He said now was not the right time for an investigation but there would “certainly” be one “in the future” so lessons could be learned.

The group “Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice” said the PM’s pledge was a “long way from what families need to see” and that the PM has refused to meet them to discuss their concerns.

The UK has “suffered one of the worst death rates in the world and Europe’s worst death rate for health and care workers,” said acting Lib Dem leader Sir Ed Davey.


Ignore the member for Alfold at your peril Waverley Borough Council.


Kevin Deanus

Cllr Kevin Deanus – Tory Member for Alfold, Cranleigh Rural and Ellens Green.

Because – he’s mad…

very mad or as Blackadder would say, “He’s madder than Mad Jack McMad – the winner of last year’s Mr Madman competition!

Cllr Kevin Deanus – one of the few councillors to be returned to Waverley  unopposed wants answers.  

WHY? Because he represents the people of Alfold – slap bang next to the proposed new Dunsfold Garden Village  which is in his ward. However,  he claims he has been shunned, ignored and sat upon, from a great height – by Waverley’s new boys on the block.

The Tories once did it to one of their own when they were in power. They refused    to allow Cllr Liz Townsend to join the influential planning committee to prevent her fighting against the huge growth of Cranleigh New Town. Now she’s an Independent with a role on the Executive. 

At Wednesday’s Full Council Cllr Deanus wants answers: Here are his comments and questions.

Dunsfold Park is situated within the Ward of Alfold, whom I am proud to represent. The planning permission granted to build 1800 homes, and ultimately, 2600 homes, is the most significant approval in Waverley’s history, both in terms of size, and the disruption to local residents over many years.

On the 8th June 2019, some 13 months ago, I emailed the Leader, Councillor Ward, and copied all Councillors, about my concern how the executive planned to oversee the development at Dunsfold Park. On the 16th July 2019, when raised at Full Council, the leader stated,

“Regular meetings will continue, and we are in the late stages of the process of establishing a Dunsfold Park Garden Village Board”.

On 18th September 2019, at Full Council, the Leader presented the new Corporate Strategy. He will recall that I spoke on the matter with both dismay and astonishment when I read from the Corporate Strategy,

“We shall develop a more open, inclusive approach to communications and decision making”, and “we will be an open, democratic and participative Governance, valuing the worth of all residents”.

I reminded Councillor Ward that he had failed on all of these Corporate Priorities as I was still waiting for the decency of a discussion about how the Dunsfold Park Governance would work.

On the 8th October 2019, a Dunsfold Governance Structure was finally presented at Council. I had not been consulted, and my extensive knowledge of the site and surrounding area was clearly not valued, or simply ignored. I pointed out the glaring and obvious omissions. The structure had failed to include the ward member (and members from surrounding wards), the Parish Council, who represent the community at ground level, and members of the public. I reminded Councillor Ward of the Corporate Strategy and how it had failed at every hurdle. Members of the Executive looked extremely embarrassed, and the leader did offer a form of apology, stating it would be sorted. An informal discussion took place after the meeting, and later I followed this with a further email requesting a resolution.

Councillor Ward did respond and promised to send some dates to arrange a meeting. Some 9 months later I am still waiting for this to happen. I also spoke to a member of the Executive, who I will not name, who was embarrassed and apologised.

Q To summarise my questions are:

1. Since the 16th July 2019 to the current date, can the Leader detail the formal meetings with Dunsfold Park senior management he has held regarding the development, and provide me with copies of these minutes?

2. Can the leader detail meetings held within the formal Governance Structure, approved by full Council on the 8th October 2019 to the current date, with copies of the minutes and dates, and additionally, those from the Dunsfold Park Village Board meetings identified and raised by the Leader at Council on the 16th July 2019?

3 . Having highlighted the blatant omissions regarding participative governance, local engagement and valuing residents, does the Leader believe this is a good example of his Corporate Plan aspirations?

4. As we are now 13 months on, will the Leader confirm he actually will discuss the issue with me and produce an amended Governance structure that includes Alfold Parish Council and Local residents at the appropriate level?

5. Would the leader agree that the community have been dealt with in an unprofessional manner or will he say he is proud of this reoccurring reluctance to engage. After 13 months the issue of local Governance has not been progressed, promises of meetings have been ignored, and the Governance structure from the 8th October 2019 still remains unchanged?

Watch this space when the leader John Ward has to answer on Wednesday at Full Council – on Zoom. 


It’s official – The Cranleigh Community Board has been hit by an internal Cyber Attack!



Has Cranleigh Village Health Trust opened up a giant fissure in Cranleigh?

Cranleigh Community Board – going …. going … GONE!

Has Cranleigh Parish Council become embroiled in a little local difficulty with one of its village Community Boards?  The Cranleigh Community Group – run by Andy Web – we stress – nothing to do with the Waverley Web – is still going strong. 

Membership of the – once-popular – local chat board (AKA the Cranleigh Community Board) dropped from 9,600 followers to 4,800 in just a couple of days. The majority left in disgust at the blatant propaganda being pumped out by the Community Board in support of Cranleigh Village Health Trust’s latest planning application.

Others were banned, cancelled, removed, spiked or simply wiped-out for daring to ask questions or register their opposition to the private care home which is being proposed on parish owned land once earmarked for a village hospital and funded with money raised by local residents and businesses.  

“But why?”- we hear you cry. 

Because some followers have dared to ask questions about what’s going on.  Questions which CVHT doesn’t deign or wish to answer.

The Cranleigh Parish Councillor who has headed up the Community Board faces an investigation from Waverley’s Monitoring Officer after a string of complaints were received. And, despite repeated protestations from the Chat Controller, it is common knowledge that Bamleigh, aka Martin Bamford, had his sticky little paws all over the Board, he once controlled.

The control-freakery that reared its ugly head on the Community Board stems from just one issue: Cranleigh Village Health Trust’s Appeal and re-submitted planning application to build a private care home on parish owned land with funds raised by local residents and businesses.

The suspicion is that a Community Board – that was originally set up as a voice for Cranleigh residents – has been hijacked and became a mouthpiece for a Cranleigh developer, who is behind the so-called Charity.  An all-out PR campaign has been waged by the so-called Community Board, Radio Bamleigh and Destination Bamleigh in favour of the private care homes scheme.  The latter two funded by ‘A Benefactor’ thought to be behind CVHT.

A ‘Benefactor’ who it is believed may have even left the village after resigning from the Trust, probably to spend more time with his family?

Amidst rising fury and resentment, the Cranleigh Community Board has now vanished into the ether overnight, dropped into the trash can that lurks on all our screens.  Good riddance to bad rubbish is the sentiment being expressed by those who were ‘cancelled’ by the so-called Community Board.  If only the Chat Controller, in his testosterone-fuelled Tesla, would vanish as quickly and effectively!  

It was a dark day in Cranleigh when the Chat Controller took over the ether and the airwaves WW can’t help wondering when he will take over ‘Bamleigh Parish Council?’ Or, perhaps he already has?

. Has Cranleigh Parish Council become embroiled in a little local difficulty with a village Community Board?

. So who exactly is partnering the charity proposing a Private Care Home in the heart of Cranleigh? Here they go again…we hear the CVHT trumpets blow again…?



Remember, there are valid reasons why not everyone can wear a mask.


Perhaps we all need to carefully consider the new Government rules about wearing masks in shops – as there are very valid reasons why some people just cannot wear them.

 There is absolutely no excuse for the type of behaviour experienced by one young woman who was traumatised by Godalming yobs, with nothing better to do than abuse a young autistic woman.

Waverley Web hopes that Angelina reports this disgusting incident to the police, and there is a message here to the parents of these young and ignorant yobs, and to the group of middle-aged women, she refers too.

It is really quite simple –

better to keep your mouth closed ...

There are numerous and perfectly legitimate reasons for not wearing a mask – too many to mention here. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 17.48.55.png

Now, look at Surrey County Council’s cunning plan for ‘Your Waverley’s’ eastern villages.


Cranleigh and eastern villages are now officially dubbed as  – ‘The Dunsfold and Cranleigh Corridor.’ It now rubs  shoulders with such heavyweights as Staines – Woking, Redhill & Reigate and Guildford as a ‘Strategic Opportunity Area.’

The Cranleigh & Dunsfold Corridor has been chosen by Surrey’s Future Steering Board to get star rating and ranks alongside all the other seven big boys in… the Blackwater Valley, Croydon, Leatherhead and Farnborough and others mentioned above to help grow Surrey. 

Wow! Perhaps that explains our recent post – for the new community of ALDUN and why developers are falling over each other to get in quick? Is there a new garden village named ‘ALDUN’ being planned in Waverley?

All those Tory Cranleigh councillors who sat behind closed doors and carved up all the development opportunities in the village – may soon have all their wishes granted. The genie is popping out of the bottle. Waverley’s newest town has been born and, if SCC gets it way is about to mature into something –  bigger, much bigger!

So at last Cranleigh, WILL get the footfall it has been praying for. However,  will it sacrifice on the developers’ alters – the once-proud place  that boasted the title – ‘The largest village in England.’ 

So there we have it! Whilst we have all been watching ~Netflix during lockdown SCC has been busy sticking a pin in to show all its new growth areas of the county. When did it hold one of its ’round table discussions?’ – in January 2020 – just as the COVID cloud hung over us!  the next stage of the strategy is to prepare an ‘Implementation Framework with a clear set of strategic priorities for the partners to deliver during the first 10 year period (2020 to 2030).

Perfectly in line with a new Unitary Authority when truly local decision-making will disappear along with billions of pounds of local borough & district council debt – no doubt covered by the Government in a bid to gain more control?  Bye Bye ‘Your Waverley’ Hello ‘Surrey?’

And then just to make things just a little worse – We stumble on this website SURREY Fixtures 2050 – Look at Cranleigh S085 – Is that Dunsfold or something Else? Look at the TRANSPORT Network – Where is ours?? 

No doubt we can rely on the Hon Angie who proposes ‘repurposing the Horsham to Guildford railway line’ Guildford MP pitches to open Guildford – Cranleigh train line.

So there you have it, folks. All bodes well for Waverley – the ar*se end of Surrey in the new shakedown?

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 10.00.39

Then look at their plans for Road Infrastructure…Oooopps NOTHING in the chosen area just lots of rural countryside ripe to be covered in concrete! And is everything between Cranleigh and the Surrey/Sussex border villages up for grabs?


If you haven’t already choked over your cornflakes and want to learn more just click on the link below…

Surrey 2050 Place Ambition Conference page.http://summary%20of%20roundtable%20discussions%20january%202020%20%28pdf%29/









Homes available at 70% of open market value for sale or rent in Dunsfold.


 Not to be confused with the proposed development at  Dunsfold Aerodrome – these new homes are available in Dunsfold Village nearby.

The housing association that has built these homes, has been building in the village for twenty years, and has worked with Dunsfold Parish Council and villagers to provide ‘affordable’ homes for village people.

Whilst others wait, with eager anticipation for work to begin on the new Dunsfold Park Garden Village – the silence on the site earmarked and consented for a couple of thousand new homes is – deafening!

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 11.07.58.png

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 11.07.40

During these unprecedented times, rural residents have had added reason to appreciate their surroundings and close communities.

We have seen a huge resurgence in the number of people volunteering in Waverley for their communities and many parish councils have set up COVID 19 mutual aid groups, neighbours have helped neighbours and local communities have supported local businesses.


Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 11.13.54.png

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 11.14.11