‘Your Waverley’s’ very own ‘Billy no mates,’ stands up for Cranleigh and is slapped down…again.


Here is a clip of Farnham Residents’ Councillor Jerry Hyman explaining why 54 homes should not be built on the flooded fields pictured below:

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 17.54.20.png

Just in case you missed one of our Farnham councillors speaking up for Cranleigh in  a bid to persuade Waverley Planners from making yet another… MISTAKE.. A BIG MISTAKE.Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 16.21.28


The morale of the tale is quite simple.




Ignore ‘local knowledge,’ refuse to allow pictorial evidence to be shown, because it could provide valuable evidence that could influence the decision-makers, who continually ignore the views of Cranleigh councillors, and remember that Chairman Moa is in charge – and the “experts and the lead flood authority are always right’

So don’t forget  Cranleigh residents – the  next time your homes go under a couple of feet of floodwater, and the summer stench and fly infestations are difficult for you to bear…  in 2017 the ‘experts’ said…

No problem! and so did a Touch of Frost and Chairman Mao!

Thakeham’s home – but certainly not dry!

Mea Culpa – Councillor David Else.



In our recent report on the disgraceful decision by ‘Your Waverley’s’ Joint Planning Committee to allow Thakeham Homes application to build  54 homes on one of the worst floodplains  in Cranleigh, we made a BIG MISTAKE. We inadvertently named the  councillor named above as having voted FOR the scheme rather than AGAINST, or did he just ABSTAIN?

Thakeham’s home – but certainly not dry!

Well Councillor Else we apologise for our error, and fully understand that you would not wish to have your name attached to such a disgraceful decision, and one which we here at the Waverley Web believe should be judicially reviewed!

However, in our defence, may we say, on our behalf, and on behalf of the borough’s voting fodder, that it was impossible to see or hear how anyone voted. Because the webcast was aimed into the borough hall walls! Exactly the  same walls that all the objectors including Cranleigh’s borough and parish councillors as well as the Civic Society, had been addressing for more than an hour!

It was also almost impossible to hear the actual voting, and you have a chairman, unlike your good self, who finds it impossible to communicate decisions properly and appears incapable of treating his colleagues with a modicum of respect.

At least we here at the Waverley Web apologise. Councillor Isherwood, and Councillor Frost  should publicly apologise to Councillor Hyman for their utter rudeness, when all the man was doing was attempting to stand up for those poor beleaguered souls over there in the East. Honesty, transparency… HUMBUG!

Here is just one comment, selected from the  dozens we have received, some far too insulting to print.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 19.06.27.png

The Omen is… roamin’!



Our erstwhile colleague Damien Roberts  – Strategic Director of ‘Your Waverley’ –  known within Waverley’s walls as The Omen – and outside as the ‘silent  assassin’ is leaving the sinking ship.

He takes his leave of ‘Your Waverley’ in a couple of months – no surprise there then and he will be closely followed by a few others, about whom we  will brief you later.

So ‘sad’ is he to be leaving the Good Ship Waverley, at such ‘an exciting time’ in the wake of the departure of his Chief Executive colleague Wen’amI’leaving (Paul Wenham), and the arrival of a new Managing Director (how many more titles for the head honcho will they come up with), that The Omen has put out a little missive to his friends and admirers.

I wanted to let you know that I have been offered a new role at Epsom and Ewell Council as their Chief Operating Officer and have decided to accept.

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 09.30.58.png


Residents have coined a new name for the home of ‘Your Waverley’…”Godawfulming”.


Now why would ‘Your Waverley’ want to retain local businesses – after all work places don’t figure in the housing figures do they?

So services and businesses mentioned in the e-mail below – are small fry really – and now the Catteshall Lane area of Godalming, mentioned below and which attracted a shed-load of objections – has been approved. 


Because if the Government’s wish is to cram homes into every available space, then its wish is ‘Your Waverley’s’ command. 737851301_959159

Hi William,
Just discovered that my lovely garage Catteshall Garage at Woodside Park in Godalming is closed (although the chap who ran it has gone mobile). Why? The landowner Mr R Trendle of Woodside Park Properties limited has been granted permission for “up to” 100 dwellings including 17 affordable (presumably the others won’t be affordable) plus play space, building for community use blah blah.
This one sneaked us by although Waverley notified 155 people, 16 objected and 26 supported.
Permission was given 26 May this year.
So, even more cars in Godalming once building work starts.

The Catteshall area is already heaving with vehicles as is the Sainsbury’s end of town and we await with trepidation the affect that full occupation of Prime Place (the former police station site) will bring along with, no doubt, more vehicles.

Both Sainsbury’s and Waitrose car parks are regularly bumper to bumper zig zagging right through from end to end like a huge snake, with drivers getting more and more frustrated as they try to get out.

In addition we learn that the English Chain Company in Brighton Road, Godalming also has plans lodged with Waverley for 14 dwellings on this site which has an horrendously difficult access.

When will it all end. The town has sadly become known locally as “godawfulming” – about right I reckon.


Thakeham’s home – but certainly not dry!


Another shameful night for ‘Your Waverley and its officers aided an abetted by a company that has  poured  money into Tory coffers and also aims  to build over 500 homes over  Alfold’s countryside too!

Will the last person to leave Cranleigh get the boats out? Because yet another round of ‘Your Waverley’s dirty work has been done.

Cranleigh Residents, parish and borough councillors and the Civic Society, fought tirelessly to stop  one of the most controversial applications ever to be considered by Waverley Planners. But, they failed by 10 votes to 8, with two abstentions to stop Thakeham Homes building 54 homes in Elmbridge Road.  Members of the Joint Planning Committee from the rest of the borough stood shoulder to shoulder to approve the scheme, demonstrating  they don’t give a damn about increasing Cranleigh flooding problems, the size of homes to be built there, or the stench young families will have to endure.

OH! and by the way there is no history on flooding in 2013. COMPLETE SILENCE FROM THE ENVIRONMENT AGENCY. Despite the fact that its officers visited the site!  Stitch up – or what?

 Satisfied by planners and experts, (there were so many of them in the chamber it was like the charge of the light brigade) that floodwater would not reach more than 25 metres from the new homes, councillors chose to ignore  the impact the developer’s scheme  could have on every other property in Elmbridge, including homes on the adjacent  Knowle Park Initiative site still to receive detailed consent.

 Cranleigh councillor Mary Foryszewski warned her colleagues, future generations of Cranleigh people will hold them responsible for the decisions they make. And she was joined by her Cranleigh colleagues, Jeannette and Stewart Stennett, and Liz Townsend (who spoke but had no vote). 

Once again, a Cranleigh councillor Mike Band from Shamley Green, together with Wonersh councillor, Michael ‘Sleepy’ Goodridge and Bramley’s By-Pass Byham all supported building on a site in the full knowledge that it could put people’s lives at risk and where, they were warned,  homes could be uninsurable.

The treacherous bunch of Tory tossers  revealed for all to see, that they were quite prepared to accept fiddled figures based on dodgy data from The Environment Agency, Thames Water and Thakeham Homes, rather than photographic and personal  evidence provided by the people who actually live with the constant fear of flooding,  and breathe the stinking  Summer  effluent and witness road traffic accidents. They ignored photographic evidence of a car covered in floodwater, where an elderly gentleman was rescued from his car, only yards from his home. Despite being told by Cranleigh Councillor Liz Townsend and Farnham’s Jerry Hyman that floodwater was much worse than had been stated and in December 2013 it had reached 45.194m!

They also refused to allow councillors to view further  photographic evidence presented by Councillor Jerry Hyman  showing  both a water mark on the pumping station on the Elmbridge Road, taken in December 2013, as well as flood detritus, proving water had been over a 1 in 1,000 years predicted flood event. Cranleigh has suffered  at least five floods of this magnitude in 50 years – 1968, 1981, 1985, 2001 and 2013, so more than  1 in 25 years! Far from the flood zones being increased , due to recent climate change data, they were decreased, and the safety of new residents and people living further downstream should have been paramount. At which point, By-Pass B, did admit he might be worried if it caused problems in Bramley, parochial or what!!

According to the Cranleigh Civic Society: Click here: New residents are not guaranteed flood insurance, in fact they could end up with new (and very expensive) homes that are frankly worthless, but then why would Waverley councillors worry about that, they will either have RETIRED and  won’t be there to take the consequences for their dastardly deeds,  or hopefully, will be  kicked out at the 2018 elections!

So another development dumped on  Cranleigh bringing its  total new houses up to nearly 1,400.  In a race for a housing figure to stop Farnham’s new homes being built. Leaving Craneigh with flooding problems for ever more,

Guess where the children’s play areas is? In the  drainage or (SUDS) area,    so will not only be completely useless when  needed most, but a danger to youngsters. let’s  hope new residents  keeps a careful eye on their children!

So.. it’s now official – ‘Your Waverley’ is sacrificing the East of the borough on the altar of developers! AND…

 Here at the Waverley Web, we  often say, nothing further will surprise us, but we had to admit we were  shocked by the decision to allow wealthy farmer Peter Hewitt, build, what everyone admitted were,  sub-standard homes on an island adjacent to one of the worst  areas for flooding, smell and traffic hazards,  near a one way bridge the scene of numerous  serious accidents.

One councillor described Thakeham’s  argument that it  builds  “quality homes”   which would be artificially elevated to keep out the floodwater –  would become a housing  island, surrounded by water – opposite a  stinking Sewage Treatment Works, infested with flies, with  homes that fail to  meet even Waverley’s own accepted  accommodation size standards,   

But according to Brian ~Adams the Council’s Portfolio holder for planning, people wanted cheap homes, and whether or not they met acceptable standards, was not a planning consideration. 

“Yes, Mr Adams, let’s build another ghetto in Cranleigh like Sirus Place”, said one angry resident after the meeting. 

Chairman Peter Isherwood, made a fool of himself yet again, by insulting a council colleague. Yes, you guessed Farnham’s Jerry Hyman because  Farnham Residents elected representative  dared to contradict  evidence put forward by the ‘experts’, and was reminded by the chairman, who has himself become an integral part of Waverley’s  shove and shunt brigade to push  as much development in the East as possible that HE (JH) was NOT an expert.  Despite JH’s dogged determination to challenging the experts  ‘misleading evidence’, Isherwood did his usual shut the fu** up exercise, accusing  Hyman, of ‘being no expert and refusing to allow him to speak.

Here’s one residents take on the evening, despite the fact that when voting took place the webcast camera was pointed to the wall! Wonder why? Could it be councillors wanted to keep their faces hidden.

Well here they are: Carole Cockburn (stick it all over there in Cranleigh because we don’t want more housing in Farnham), Chairman Peter Isherwood(Handheld) , Maurice Byham – I’ll vote for anything anywhere as long as it isn’t Dunsfold; Mike Band; Michael Goodridge (Wonersh) ; Bryan Adams(Frensham/Tilford) ; Anna James (Chiddingfold);  Pat Frost (Farnham), David Else (Elstead); Stephen Hill (Farnham) 

It makes my blood boil – I want to know who voted for and who against – Bet I can guess!!! Planners ignore the facts and stick to the NPPF when it suits – I am sick to death of this Planner-Lead Council – as for Isherwood dissing Mr Hyman- there has to be something that can be done – It makes for foul watching and I really feel for the Cranleigh Councilors who are simply not listened to – I hope that when Thakeham try to sell these homes the Buyers know what they are getting……. Boxes for the Affordable and Flooded gardens for everyone – Well done Thakeham. Having reviewed their tactics with the proposed Springbok developement – anything that can be done via Desk Based research or dodgy companies that no longer exist is fine – Shocking and I cannot believe they let this one through – Well done WBC – I hope you will bear the fruits of this decision when it all goes soggy and insurance claims start coming in – Bearing in mind this is all recorded for posterity – I will certainly remind them.


If you can bear it You can watch the meeting,  streamed for two hours before the actual meeting takes place – here:


KPI – turns the tide for the houses at Poo Corner.


So there you have it, folks, if,  although we rather suspect it’s a case of, when (given how desperate ‘Your Waverley’ is to increase its housing numbers –  since Mistress Milton and Jeremey Shunt succeeded in their  machinations to have  Dunsfold Park’s scheme called in,  depriving Waverley of 1800 much needed homes), Thakeham Homes succeeds in building yet more houses on Cranleigh’s floodplain, they’ll be calling their new development The Houses at Pooh Corner!


No doubt it believes  that a hefty dose of nostalgia and rural realism will go down a treat with those emigrating down the A3 from Nappy Valley and if anyone has the nerve to complain to the Thakeham Thugs when the affluent’s effluent starts coming up through their mod-cons – dishwashers, washing machines and jacuzzis – they’ll be able to tell them, with perfectly straight faces – why do you think we called them The Houses at Pooh Corner?

Some developers will do anything to mislead ‘Your Waverley’s Planners. Following our Post yesterday headed: Thakeham’s thuggery set to reap rich rewards. we received the following comment from a man who knows more than a little bit about Cranleigh’s matters, and a more than a bit about the shady goings on there.

What is it with Cranleigh  developers, who appear to be  beyond the pale in their desperation to get rich quick. The Knowle Park Initiative boasts  to be the saviour of Cranleigh, with a mission statement that reads like something out of The Brothers Grimm book of fantasy and fairytales.

Listen to the webcast tonight and watch democracy at work as planning officers,  who once upon a time were there to guide members, kick them into submission to ensure  permission is granted for 54 more homes in Elmbridge Road, to add to the 700 already granted – and there’s more to come!


 Dear Waverley Web,

The two main problems with this site are flood risk and odour risk, and you have done a good job pointing this out. Please also note:

The flood risk is a little more acute than perhaps you realise. Since moving here in 1896, I’ve seen this field flooded a few times. Since 2013 when the cottage just across the road got badly flooded and the occupants had to vacate for almost a year, in late 2015 the developer KPI (Knowle Park Initiative) illegally dredged the stretch of Cranleigh Waters along their proposed site in an attempt to move the flood risk from their site downstream (to this proposed Thakeham Homes field). The Environment Agency has told Cranleigh Civic Society that if an application from KPI to dredge the river had been applied for, it would not have been granted. We told the Head of Planning at Waverley Borough Council about this at a meeting on 02-Mar-16, but she ignored it.

Also, the odour risk is a greater problem than most people realise. Thames Water had an odour assessment done by Ove Arup and Partners in January this year. The report states that their modelling shows the majority of the site to be within the 1.5 to 3 ouE/m3 98th percentile, and in their conclusions they state “The results indicate that odour may be a constraint to residential development on the proposed site, with up to 95% of the proposed site predicted to fall within the 3 ouE/m3 contour.” Cranleigh Civic Society pointed this out to Waverley BC and they ignored it.

Kind regards,

Adrian Clarke
Cranleigh Civic Society

So, we ask,  how much longer will Waverley Planners be permitted to continue allowing unsuitable development in unsuitable locations, in the village councillors themselves have dubbed, “poor old Cranleigh?”

Thakeham’s thuggery set to reap rich rewards.


It’s official according to Thames Water and Surrey County Council’s experts there’s no smell from the Cranleigh Sewage Treatment Works, and the area doesn’t flood!

Got it – No smell,  no floodwater!


 Regardless of what the locals say,  including Cranleigh Parish Council, The Civic Society and Elmbridge residents  the planning numpties at’ Your Waverley’ will tomorrow {Thursday}  stick two fingers up to the residents  whose homes suffer from the stink from the sewage works, and the scourge of annual flooding.

So sod the poor devils that live alongside the Cranleigh Waters’ and Wey and Arun Canal, adjacent to the one way bridge – who have only recently re-occupied their homes since the 2014/15 floods… because what do they know anyway!

Certainly not more than the well-informed  planning team led by Liz the Biz, and Peter Cleveland, who no doubt will  have  left Waverley Towers, long before the next rains hit Cranleigh.

Why wouldn’t you build…  54 dwellings along with associated works, to include formation of an access onto Elmbridge Road? 

 And why wouldn’t you acknowledge that  a ‘desk study’ of the site by developers and county council flooding experts, is far preferable to listening to the views of the people who have lived there, for as long as 50 years, and have the wellington boots to prove it.

Can you remember the days when the comments of parish councils and residents of this borough counted for something? 

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 17.55.16.png

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 19.27.42.png

This is a greenfield site which is subject to regular flooding. the flood risk has been significantly underestimated and the up-to-date allowances for flooding and climate change (Feb 2016) have not been used.  Cranleigh’s sewage infrastructure is inadequate to deal with this development alongside the impact of the various other, already agreed, developments in Cranleigh. This development would have an unacceptable impact on the quality of Cranleigh Waters and does not conform the Water Framework Directive.

This site is located some distance from the village centre with poor public transport. This mean all residents will be heavily reliant upon private cause for their journeys. this is not sustainable development.

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 19.31.35.png

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 17.54.39.pngPage 11 of 61

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 17.54.20.pngScreen Shot 2017-10-02 at 17.54.02.png


48 letters were received following the original consultations in 2016 raising the following objections:

  •   Adverse impacts on highway safety
  •   Increased flooding
  •   Does not reflect the needs of Cranleigh given the high number of other applications which have been consented
  •   Adverse impacts on ecology
  •   Sewerage plant can not cope with extra demand
  •   Proposed number of houses is more than currently in the road
  •   Impact on doctor’s surgery
  •   Loss of farmed agricultural land
  •   More urban sprawl than Cranleigh can cope with
  •   The traffic flow model does not take into account the increased volumeof traffic from the already approved sites
  •   Developers were refused permission 33 years ago
  •   Thames Water is increasing capacity at the sewerage works by 30%without planning permission
  •   Support of Dunsfold development as an alternative
  •   Affordable housing will be unaffordable
  •   Loss of vital flood plain
  •   Adverse impacts on water quality
  •   Inadequate gas, electricity and water supplies
  •   Harm to the character, beauty and openness of the countryside
  •   Up to date allowances for flooding and climate change have not beenused
  •   The site is not deliverable in 5 years
  •   The Council has a current 5 year land supply
  •   Adverse conditions in terms of odour
  •   Trucks using the road shake foundations of properties along ElmbridgeRoad
  •   No landscaping
  •   Loss of trees
  •   Flood event in December 2013 was greater than the 1 in 100 year floodplus allowance for climate change.
  •   SuDS on the western edge of the site would be overwhelmed
  •   Proposal would fail the sequential test
  •   Site is not deliverable as works are required to Cranleigh SewerageTreatment Works
  •   Impact on schoolsFollowing receipt of additional information, an additional 8 objections received on the revised information (consultation beginning August 2017) raising the following objections:
    •   Site floods
    •   No sewerage system
  •   Traffic concerns
  •   SuDs will fail (Sustainable Urban Drainage)
  •   Site would fail the sequential test
  •   The flood mapping for the area does not take into account climatechange
  •   Flooding events have occurred on or near the site on the 24th ofDecember 2013 and January 2015
  •   Development would increase flooding off site
  •   Significant sewerage issues will arise
  •   Cranleigh Waters is failing to meet the Water Framework Directive
  •   Site is not deliverable in 5 years
  •   Poor public transportDetermining Issues

The objections just keep rolling in and  So, we ask, can you see any possible reason why Waverley’s Joint Planning Committee should refuse this planning application? No, of course not, why on earth would it?

Forget the welcome hampers dished out by most developers Thakeham Homes have come up with the novel idea of giving ever buyers a pair of Hunters.

‘Your Waverley’ makes a site visit to Thakeham Homes proposed new development on a floodplain in Cranleigh.

Javid blames NIMBYs for housing problems.


Planners should ignore NIMBYs (not in my back yard) says Sajid Javid – the very same man who has listened to Waverley’s very own – called POW (Protect our Waverley) and has called in the borough’s major brownfield  scheme delaying house-building. 

Speaking at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester this week the Communities Secretary admitted his party had spent far too long allowing older people with large homes to determine housing policy.

His comments came as it emerged Tory Ministers are urging  Mrs May to slash stamp duty for first-time buyers.

Speaking on the BBC’s John Pienar yesterday, Mr Javid said. “We have been listening too much to these people  who are against development under any circumstances. They bought their homes 20,30,40 years ago, they’re sitting on a nice net egg and don’t want to see the next generation go ahead”.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 09.00.56

His remarks drew criticism from countryside groups, traditionally supportive of the Conservative Party, but Mr Javid went on to lament the “injustices” of the housing market and vowed to overhaul it with £10billion more for help-to-buy and new protections for renters including an incentive package for landlords to persuade them to offer longer tenancies.