Haslemere’s Neighbourhood Plan will soon go out to consultation.

Banners to remind people to vote in the upcoming Haslemere referendum on Thurs, 7 October, have gone up in Beacon Hill and Hindhead.

There has been much controversy about where the 990 homes allocated for Haslemere, Grayswood, Hindhead and Shottermill should go.

At a Special Meeting of Waverley Borough Council last week, Local Plan Part 2 was adopted.  A lively and sometimes heated debate agreed to a large swathe of housing going to the Royal School in Hindhead adjacent to the A3. The council removed the controversial Red Court site in Haslemere.  Despite this, the developer is appealing against Waverley Planners decision to refuse the application for 50 homes.

An Inspector will hear the appeal on 16 December.

After much huffing and puffing ‘ Your Waverley’s’ Local Plan Part 2 is given a huge vote of confidence.

The Referendum on whether to adopt the modified Haslemere Neighbourhood Plan will take place on 7 October 2021.  The Neighbourhood Plan can be found here and appendices 1-3 here.

 Waverley has accepted the Independent Examiner’s modifications, published their decision statement, and is now arranging for the Referendum on 7 October.




Concern is reaching fever pitch over GP Services in Waverley.

“Doctor, there’s a patient on line one that says he’s invisible.”
“Well, tell him I can’t see him right now.”

If only it were funny and that simple!  Has anyone tried to make an appointment with their GP at the Wonersh Surgery, or perhaps Chiddingfold, Haslemere, Godalming, Cranleigh, Farnham, etc, recently? Or, do you feel invisible?

Nope?  We neither but, according to our Wonersh Correspondent, it would be easier to walk through the eye of a needle!

 One of our followers failed to get an appointment with her GP and went private. Guess who her private GP was? Yep, you guessed, her GP.

Ever since the Covid Pandemic struck, Wonersh Surgery – in common with many others, has been strictly rationing appointments and refusing to allow anyone who does manage to limbo their way through the door; to use their loos!   That’s right, the frail and the elderly – with weak bladders have to pull on their incontinence pads before making a trip to the Wonersh Surgery in case they get taken short whilst there!

However, recently, following the so-called loosening of Covid regulations, it has become even harder to get an appointment with your so-called friendly, local GP in ‘Your Waverley’. You’ve more chance of getting an audience with the Pope, according to our exasperated correspondents around Waverley. 

They tell us.

Having phoned the surgery, we listen to  GP’s reeling off a dirge of Nanny-State regulations via a recorded message. This includes a bit about a zero-tolerance policy towards the abuse of their rottweiler-like receptionists ( generally po-faced, jobs-worths who seem to take a peculiar pleasure in being as unhelpful as possible.) Listen to music and when you do finally get through ask for your most intimate details why you need a consultation! 

 Then you are told there are currently no pre-bookable appointments with a clinical team member (i.e., doctors).

If you require a consultation, you must call by 11:00 and will be placed on the triage list and a member of the clinical team, will/may call you back and conduct a telephone consultation or video consultation.  You may also be requested to send in a photograph prior to the consultation!

One Cranleigh patient – who is anything but patient spoke of her anger at being told by a receptionist to send a photo of the clot, yes a clot in her leg. We all know who the clot was! Needless to say, she raced off to A & E for emergency clot-busting treatment!

What happened to the days of phoning up, making an appointment and rocking up at the surgery a couple of hours or days later, depending on the urgency of the situation?

 What happens, if you unexpectedly need to see a doctor after 11:00?!  Hive off to A&E, no doubt, which explains why they’re on their knees!   In reality, the surgery would rather you didn’t phone them anyway and do everything to discourage this time-wasting practice!  Far better, as far as they’re concerned, if they can get you to go online and try to navigate their far from easy website.

 We know there are many busy people out there who are perfectly happy to have a telephone consultation.   It saves the bother of taking time off work, driving to the surgery. However,  Wonersh, similar to many surgeries, has more than its fair share of elderly patients. Whilst some are Silver Surfers, as nimble with their laptops as your average teenager, others don’t even have internet let alone a mobile phone!  What about them?

The UK’s GPs are some of the best-paid people in the country, not to mention the NHS. Yet, they have been working fewer hours for years now, retiring early and generally doing everything they can to avoid interacting with the public.

A public,  who not only pay their wages via their taxes, but most of whom can’t even dream of earning the six-figure sums paid to  GPs.

Neither could they dream of retiring on similar gold-plated pensions at 55!

And, don’t get us started on the over-reliance on female GPS, with young children, who only want to work part-time, making it virtually impossible for anyone to see the same GP twice in a row!

With five partners, five salaried GPs, three trainee GPs and a paramedic at Wonersh Surgery – all paid for by us, the hard-pressed, taxpayer – you’d think they could make it marginally easier to get something as simple as a GP appointment with WC facilities on site!

But no, our Wonersh Correspondent phoned last week to book a simple flu jab for her elderly and vulnerable husband and was told she couldn’t.  Despite having been married for more years than she cares to remember, sharing an address and being able to reel off her husband’s name and date of birth, the receptionist refused to let her book a flu jab for him, insisting he must do it himself. 

So there you have it, folks, hubby, leaves the greenhouse, walks from the bottom of the garden, take off his boots, scrub his hands, and goes to the telephone. Dials the surgery, listens to the same diatribe that his wife had just wasted five precious minutes that she won’t get back so that he can repeat the exercise and book his flu jab.  All to satisfy the whim of a power-crazed receptionist. 

We know the NHS is no longer the National Health Service and has now morphed into the National Covid Service, but this is bureaucracy gone mad.

Rather than waste her husband’s time and energy – at their age, one has to conserve it for the essential things in life! – the wife phoned the Wonersh Pharmacy, where she spoke to a delightful lady who, having confirmed their names and ages, was pleased to offer them both a flu jab at the pharmacy the next day!

Of course, they will have to pay for the service but, as they pointed out, it was worth it for the speed and efficiency with which their request was met and for the pleasure of speaking to someone who genuinely wanted to offer a service rather than behave like a roadblock!

If the NHS continues in this fashion, only the poorest will be forced to continue using it!

Once those who pay for the service – through their taxes – start deserting it in their droves, the clamour for an insurance-driven rather than tax-driven scheme – which works so effectively in almost every other country in the world – will drown out the MPs’ and GPs’ howls of protest!

 Because let’s face it, the only people being served by our GP practices at the moment are the GPs!!!


Our Jeremy – out at last?


Our MP Jeremy Hunt is taking Surrey PRIDE by painting Godalming, almost all the colours of the rainbow.

However, if this group have anything to do with it, he may not have much longer to smile with Pride?

Here’s what one of his Godalming constituents had to say :

How nice of you to swing by to virtue signal. I assume from tomorrow on; you’ll get back to your regular routine of ignoring voters wholesale Eh Mr Hunt?

Cllr Nick Palmer – Labour Waverley Borough Councillor and former MP takes PRIDE in the Godalming Festival.

He said:

Really nice PRIDE event in Godalming today. I was struck by the spontaneous applause from crowds of passers-by. I think there’s a lot of tolerance around, plus simple joy at having a festival in Godalming again after the bleak last 18 months. Thanks to everyone who dropped by the Labour stand, including the queues all day for Kate Cooney’s washable tattoos. (I’m wondering what my colleagues in the office will think when they see mine.)


A message to ‘Your Waverley’ from disappoiinted of Alfold

When the Rainbow Coalition snatched victory from the hands of the Tories, It said it would listen.

Alfold  villagers this week  learned they were facing yet another planning appeal – this time for another 80 homes on the A281 Guildford – Horsham Road adjacent to the petrol station. Now they want the newbies to do what they promised on the tin? Listen?

The Appeal will be the subjected of a future post.

As developers prepare to dump another 80 homes on Alfold, villagers are gearing up to say – No More!

Well done’ Your Waverley’s’ first listening exercise was a rollicking​ success &#8211, and there are calls for more.

Here’s what one Alfold villager had to say. Though we do sometimes wonder if Alfold Parish council is sleeping?  Its members don’t seem to make too much noise. Unless, of course, Parish Cllr ‘ Little Britton’ who once headed Protect Our Waverley, uses his time and energies on delaying his Dunsfold neighbour from development, which in turn damages Waverley’s five-year housing land supply leaving Alfold vulnerable?  

 ‘ Not in my backyard Britton’ tells the BBC the fight to stop development at Dunsfold isn’t over yet!

As far as we can see, no minutes have been posted on the Alfold website since last October! Is anyone at home?

 Denise Wordsworth comments on the recent Special Council Meeting when Local Plan Part 2  was agreed. 

Following Follows on ‘ Your Waverley’ Local Plan Part 2.

She says:

Having finally had the time to listen to this – I was frankly disappointed.

Most of this meeting concerned Haslemere and the damn 50 Homes that are now at Appeal and Witley Applications. Where was anyone other than Cllr Cockburn saying anything about the plight of the smaller villages …. and Alfold? (Like the one I know best) due to the lack of LPP2

I am glad it has passed onto the next phase – However,  I still do’nt  think they understand the issues in the smaller villages. I will be asking for access to ALL  the approved Applications for the WHOLE borough, then at least I can look at the figures and see the disproportionate amount allocated here and potentially other small villages outside Haslemere and Witley!

I think Farnham has taken its fair share and has a robust Neighboroughood Plan, which it worked incredibly hard to secure. The rest of us need more support to get ours through. Are they receiving that support? Rr are they being left to flounder? Or is there something else?

(Alfold has no Neighbourhood Plan)

I understand that some want to move up the greasy pole of politics – but I hope that ‘some’ don’t forget who got them where they are now. I hope that they   will recognise that despite the fact we probably have few votes that matter in Alfold, and may therefore be deemed unimportant, – but suggest that those that have that view – have a re-think?

(Alfold has no Gas – In case anyone has forgotten)



Following Follows on ‘Your Waverley’ Local Plan Part 2.

Waverley Borough Council’s Leader Paul Follows sums up the lengthy debate at the Special Council Meeting last Wednesday on the new Local Plan Part 2. The plan was passed by 38 votes for, four against and one abstention.

After much huffing and puffing ‘ Your Waverley’s’ Local Plan Part 2 is given a huge vote of confidence.


After much huffing and puffing ‘Your Waverley’s’ Local Plan Part 2 is given a huge vote of confidence.

At first, it appeared that the Rainbow Coalition’s controversial LP2, which includes the boroughs Site Allocations and Development Policies was in for a rough ride.

LP2 isn’t going into the Waverley Wheelie; it’s heading towards a 6-week public consultation.

Was the vast Tory backing for the plan at the Special Council Meeting on Wednesday more to do with not committing electoral suicide in Haslemere? Because they opposed it from start to finish! They talked the talk but didn’t walk the walk!

If Farnham’s Cllr Carole Cockburn had anything to do with it, Cowboy Follows’ Bucking Bronco of a plan would have thrown him into the dust and pummelled him senseless.

Raring to go from her appearance at the council’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee 24 hours earlier, she described the plan as a failure in the making, predicting an Inspector after examination would find it  “unsound.”  She argued only the strength of opposition from Haslemere residents against 50 homes at Red Court had prompted the planners’ refusal against officers advice and its removal from the plan. 

What will you do when there is even more opposition from residents to the introduction into the plan of the Royal School?”

Spotlight falls on Waverley’s Local Plan Part 2 or…?

Political parties in a pitched battle over a Haslemere development.

She railed at the coalition’s failure to get the second section of Local Plan Part 1 onto the statute books earlier. But Cllr Cockburn was reminded why LP2, the blueprint for future development in the borough, had taken so long.

Portfolio Holder and Farnham Residents’ Cllr Andy MacLeod said the plan had been on the stocks since 2008 – a long time in the making! Housing numbers due to Government housing policy had changed, and now 11,000 homes were required to meet Government targets.

He refrained from mentioning that the Tories pulled the plan immediately prior to the 2018 May elections.

He said the ‘Protect Our Waverley Group’ had delayed both plans by issuing legal proceedings which challenged housing numbers in a bid to stop developmental Dunsfold Aerodrome, the largest brownfield site in the borough. Waverley fought off the challenge in the High Court and eventually won. Just in time for Guy Fawkes Night, the High Court has thrown out CPRE and PoW’s appeal over Waverley Borough Council’s Local Plan.

The first delay came in 2017 when Tory MP’s Jeremy Hunt and Anne Milton asked the Secretary of State to call in the Dunsfold decision.  Dunsfold Park decision – called in by the Secretary of State.

The main gripe among Tory councillors was the decision to swap the Red Court site in Haslemere (50 homes refused by Waverley Planners and now the subject of an appeal on 16 December) in preference for 90 homes at the Royal School in Hindhead. Most Tory councillors wanted both included in LP2; they claimed the sites had to be… 

“available, sustainable and deliverable. and robust enough to convince an Inspector the plan is sound.”

The WW will provide a separate post on Cllr Jerry Hyman’s arguments on why LP2 in its present form, which he claims does not have an “Appropriate Assessment,” is legally flawed as the webcast broke down during his comments at the earlier Executive Meeting. Surprise, surprise!!

The spotlight was well and truly aimed at Haslemere – almost as though the rest of the borough didn’t exist. However, Cllr Liz Townsend gave a sharp reminder to many of her previous colleagues in the Tory Group that little or no notice was taken of the loud objections from Cranleigh people when they decided to cover the countryside of the village in concrete!

LP2 was pulled by the previous aministration without any notice and which left most other vulnerable parts of the borough like Cranleigh totally exposed, said Cllr Liz Townsend.

She believed had LP2 gone through in 2019, development might have commenced elsewhere earlier, and the council would not now be without a five-year housing land supply.  Cranleigh residents made thousands of objections to unsuitable housing development in the past, which were, for the most part, ignored.

The village now had 1,700 dwellings consented, of which many were built or under construction.

I wish back then the people of Farnham and Cranleigh had been given the opportunity to comment on the unsuitable sites chosen. One particuar brownfield site that was ignored will be of continuing irritation to me!

A video clip will follow of Leader Paul Follows Summing up of the debate.

 A recorded vote now sends LP2 on its way to a 6-week public consultation by 38 votes For, 4 Against and one Abstention.


A cry for help from Alfold residents to stop their small village being swamped with another 99 homes.

An appeal against Waverley’s refusal to open up the countryside to build another 99 homes in the village has brought a cry for help from its residents.

They want the rest of the borough of Waverley to get behind their fight to bring a halt to development in a small village that has far exceeded its quota.

The village now faces fighting yet another appeal by Thakeham Homes to build on land owned by the Merchant Seaman’s charity to the west of Loxwood Road.

The Sussex-based developer wants to get its bulldozers through the door for 99 homes, having been refused 425 on appeal in 2017. Care Ashore and Thakeham Homes’ boat sunk by a Government Inspector! It is basing its case on the fact that Waverley does not have a five-year housing land supply, making villages like Alfold highly vulnerable. This scheme alone would have tripled the size of the village. 

Planning permission exists just yards away from the proposed site for a circa 3,000 home garden village on Dunsfold Aerodrome. Work by the new owners is expected to begin in March.

Work is also progressing on the final plans for the new Wings Museum, which hopes to attract 20,000 thousand visitors p.a.  Although Waverley Planners refused the scheme only yards from the Thakeham site, it was allowed on appeal by a Government Inspector.  The Museum wants to be on-site in two years. Just WINGS this time no WHEELS – between Alfold and Dunsfold.

Villagers believe the latest bid by Thakeham is the thin end of the wedge and will see Alfold swamped with new homes once approved. WA/2020/1684.

The diagram below shows where new homes have either been constructed or where homes have an extant planning consent.

Campaigner Denise Wordsworth, a comparative newcomer to Alfold, is heading up the fight. She told the Waverley Web.

I am not totally convinced these figures are correct but having asked various sources no one has said I have got them wrong so I Will post on Appeal. This is what these IDIOTS are doing here and all over our little Surrey Village – I am not a NIMBY I just believe the Government need to provide the INFRASTRUCTURE before they allow Planning. A village of 450 homes (2011 Census) to double in size is just WRONG and shows the lack of any  understanding of the issues here in Rural Surrey – As you know we have no trains, doctors, schools, limited buses, 1 Pub (Currently Closed) 1 Restaurant – (Thus-Sun)

Village Hall/Playing fields (random open hours) 1 Bus Main service every 2-3 Hours to Guildford) I Hope MP Gove looks at these issues and Understands that it is NOT NIMBYism it is desperation to protect our rural villages that have no designated protection due to being rural.  HELP!

Here’s Mrs Wordworth’s letter to the Inspector. Letters had to be with the department by 21 September. –  villagers were given only three weeks to respond for a public hearing on 7 December with a decision date on 12 January.

We strongly advise our followers to read her letter – if it wasn’t so severe, the lack of infrastructure is almost laughable!

Thakeham Appeal Docs ALL 19 September 2021 -2



Spotlight falls on Waverley’s Local Plan Part 2 or…?

 was it the Cllr Carole Cockburn – spitting feathers show?


Usually, the chairman of a Waverley committee chairs the meeting. No way  – not yesterday, for Farnham’s Carole – the Overview & Scrutiny committee could hardly get a word in edgeways once Carole was on the rant!

Rant 1.

Why had the important LP2 document taken so long to see the light of day, two years, after power changed hands? Despite a decision by the coalition in October 2020 by 10-0 to include Red Court, Haslemere in the plan’s housing allocations. 

Rant 2.

 Had the council been misled into believing there were 1,200 responses from the public consultation when there had only been 418?

Rant 3.

The Plan, once approved and before going out to public consultation again, must include preferred sites for development that are –

“available, sustainable and deliverable. and robust enough to convince an Inspector the plan is sound.”

Rant 3. 

Swapping The Royal Prep School (a 23-acre site in Hindhead and The Royal Senior School (a 26-acre site in Farnham Lane, for circa (90 homes), which she claimed was probably undeliverable,  was a disgrace.


A deliverable site at Court in Haslemere (50 homes) was refused by Waverley Planners in August –  now the subject of an appeal.

Build anywhere, or even everywhere, in the borough of Waverley – except in Haslemere?

The rest of the plan was almost ignored. This Included minor modifications to numbers, including an increase in gipsy pitches and the huge Secretts site in Milford. 

Neither did a ‘light railway along the Downslink through Cranleigh’ get a look-in, other than saying it had been originally been proposed as a ‘sustainable transport corridor?’

 The floor was held for the most part by Farnham’s Carole – still fuming that Red Court Haslemere in an Area of Great Landscape Value had been refused, when it fit the criteria for development. She wanted it put back into the plan either instead of or in addition to – The Royal School in Hindhead, which is adjacent to the A3 in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Cllr Jenny Else (Con Elstead) sounding more like the USA”s Donald Rumsfeld, chirped up about the uncertainty of ever developing the Hindhead site – calling it “pie in the sky.”  She said there were so many knowns and so many unknowns – about the school’s future?

It is quite simple, said Cllr Anna James (Con Chiddingfold) Red Court was refused due to pressure from Haslemere residents!

Back to  Carole, who claimed Farnham could be ruined if LP2 was found to be unsound. Waverley was exposed and vulnerable with no five-year land supply due to the failure of Dunsfold and other sites not being built out. Land supply could be down to 4 years. What is your contingency, what about Dunsfold Answer that – she asked Portfolio Holder Cllr Andy MacLeod?

and, don’t blame the Government or the previous administration this is down to you, she cried.

Cllr MacLeod admitted Waverley was in an extremely difficult situation. We can’t make Berkeley’s build at Woolmead, or the new owners build at Dunsfold, but we did have a very useful meeting this morning. He called Red Court “trivial” in the big scheme of things.

Red Court is a very minor part of the Plan and the potential for the Royal School was 90 homes.

Chief Planning Officer Zac Ellwood assured the committee the plan was sound and with the inclusion of the Royal School and other sites would achieve the 990 homes target for Haslemere, saying the plan was, “robust and defendable.”

Waverley’s Chief Executive Tom Horwood brought the fiery debate to an end by suggesting that the committee decide whether it wanted to recommend to the Executive that both sites be included in the plan or have its comments carried forward?

 listen to the debate here:https://youtu.be/1WHctjjClI0






Well done Liz Townsend and all who sail with her.

All those strong and narky letters to Thames Water are finally paying off for the people of Cranleigh.

Penning letters to the water authority has become a full-time job for Cranleigh parish, Surrey and Waverley councillor Liz ‘The Biz’ Townsend.

Cllr Liz Townsend has turned punchy as her patience with the industry has literally poured away.

Along with the Cranleigh Civic Society – which she founded – she has worked tirelessly to persuade and coerce Thames Water to shape up and replace worn-out pipework in and around Cranleigh.

Huge new housing developments have put a massive strain on 50-year-old pipework, only to see them burst – here, there and everywhere, over the past couple of years. New housing developments have resulted in more leaks than in No 10, and bottled water stations have to become a regular visitor attraction on almost every street! 

 She told the public recently:

After many years of lobbying, along with the Cranleigh Civic Society, we have been encouraged by the latest decision by Thames Water to carry out a replacement programme for some of Cranleigh’s drinking water pipes commencing on the Summerlands Estate on 27 September 2021 and continuing up to February 2022.
The ageing asbestos cement pipes will be replaced with plastic pipes and this will undoubtedly have an impact on the number of bursts we are currently experiencing. Those properties affected should have received one of the letters below. There will be some disruption for residents but you should be informed in advance of any interruption in service. This is a small step in our replacement programme and we will continue to lobby Thames Water to encourage them to expand this programme further. In the meantime please do report any burst pipes that you see https://www.thameswater.co.uk/leak/ and if you can let me know their location too to add to my list that would be really helpful liz.townsend@surreycc.gov.uk

Excessive pay and poor performance have damaged consumers’ trust in water companies, the industry regulator said recently.

Ofwat said firms must link senior executives’ pay to improved customer service, while companies that boost their profits by borrowing large amounts of money may have to share bumper rewards with customers.


Tices Meadow, Badshot Lea – just look what can be achieved when councils work together.

Waverley Councillor Mark Merryweather can place a feather firmly in his cap for bringing six councils together to save one of the finest bird watching sites in the South East.  

Go there & simply enjoy a tiny part of England.  Be out in a place that asks nothing from you but can give you so much, if you have the wit to see it.

Here’s the Farnham Herald’s take on how ‘Your Waverley’ working with Farnham Town Council and others could achieve the purchase of the Tices Meadow beauty spot valued at £1m. In fact, all six local authorities deserve a feather in their caps.

Farnham Herald Newspaper of the Year!!! 


Said Waverley’s Leader Paul Follows:

“I knew from the moment I first visited @TicesMeadow it needed protection and to be taken into public ownership. That we are close to that goal now is simply fantastic. The volunteers are simply phenomenal and Waverley and its partners will get this done.”

Want to know the species spotted there?

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Columbia Threadneedle stitches up Dunsfold Park.

In a deal so big it’s attracted the attention of Fleet Street, the American owned asset management firm, a subsidiary of Ameriprise Financial, has snapped up the former aerodrome! 

The Dunsfold Deal is believed to be worth £250 million to Trinity College Cambridge, the current owners of the business park where planning consent has been granted to build 1,800 homes + on the airfield – in Phase 1 of what will now, no doubt, be several development phases.

Yet another great British-owned business is being sold off stateside … but, no worries, if the Business Secretary’s happy, why should the hoi polloi of Waverley worry?!

Richard Turncoat – or Turdhill, depending on your point of view – Trinity College’s now not so new Bursar has set aside the College’s reputation for prudence and long-term investment in bricks and mortar – which has made it one of the wealthiest colleges in the land – in favour of the get-rich-quick schemes he’s more comfortable with, coming from a city background.  Turncoat was formerly the Global Chief Investment Strategist of BlackRock.  On his Linkedin page, Mr Turncoat boasts of being an ‘experienced senior executive with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry across fund management, strategy and economics roles …’

Clearly a modest man, old Turdhill!

Quite where this stitch-up leaves the Flying Scot, who knows? Jim McAllister saw the potential in the former BAe site some 20-odd years ago and has fought tooth and nail over the intervening period despite opposition from Protect Our Waverley and the two local Mp’s Annie Milton and Jeremy Hunt to create a future for the site, rather than leaving it steeped in aspic, as some would have preferred. 

By the way? Has anyone seen or heard anything of the POW Group lately? Is it still protecting Waverley? If it is – we must have missed it!

McAllister nursed Dunsfold through the Royal Bank of Scotland debacle – when that Bank (the Flying Scot’s first investor) did the dirty on him … not to mention the rest of the country – and pulled the rug off the runway, having run up gazillions of pounds worth of debts, which the Bank planned to pay down by selling the aerodrome out from under their partner, the Flying Scot.

Rather than letting the Royal Bank – which at the time was acting like a buccaneer – scupper his plans, McAllister dug in his chocks, put his money where his mouth was and found what he thought was a long-term investor in Trinity College Cambridge …  But then along came COVID … and Richard Turncoat, rather like a bad fairy – we’re not sure which was worse!!

Whether, 20 years down the line, the Flying Scot has the appetite for another turbulent flight or decides to bail out remains to be seen, but the word at Waverley Towers is that the Council is afraid … very, very afraid. And, with hindsight, if the councillors and officers are afraid, local residents should be petrified!  

With the Dunsfold development now seriously behind schedule due to Covid – and Bad Fairy Turdhill! – the Council doesn’t have a five-year housing supply, and the planning appeals are stacking up in Waverley’s in-tray as canny, would-be developers, such as Thakeham Homes, are tripping over each other to take advantage of Turdhill’s utter failure to get his chocks away at the Dunsfold Development.  Waverley – and its residents – desperately need Columbia Threadneedle Investments to be the stitch-in-time that saves the borough from being overrun by box builders, who care nothing for the environment or the ambience of Waverley and simply want to build ’em cheap and stack ’em high.

Pop along to the other Threadneedle site at the former Hewitts’ Industrial Estate in Elmbridge Road, Cranleigh. Is that an example of what Waverley Planners can expect?

The big question on everyone’s lips – especially the Council’s – is will Columbia Threadneedle Investments persuade the Flying Scot and his team to stay on board and utilise their long-term knowledge of the site and relationships with local stakeholders to give them the head start they need to reap the rewards on their investment or will they want to wipe the slate clean and bring in a new team?   Do they have the time to start from scratch?  Not really, not with every other would-be developer in the borough looking to steal a march on them by taking advantage of the delays at Dunsfold created by Covid and Turdhill?  

Trinity was due to begin laying the new road into the site directly from the A281 in 2020.  They’ll be lucky to be laying it in 2022 if they don’t get airborne soon!

By-Election in Cranleigh East coming soon.

Hats are in the ring for a … 

By – Election of a Borough Councillor for

Richard Cole Chairman JPCCranleigh East Ward

on Thursday 7 October 2021

Finally, after many months of not being seen or heard of Cllr Richard Cole has resigned as a Waverley Borough Councillor.

The Liberal Democrat Cranleigh East representative moved away from the town earlier this year to a new home in Devon.  He was a member of Cranleigh Parish Council and chairman of the Eastern Planning Committee for several years.

Now Phillip Townsend the husband of Waverley, and Surrey County Councillor Liz Townsend, a former Insurance Executive, will be going head to head for the Waverley East ward seat with retired schoolteacher and Cranleigh parish councillor Rosemary Burbridge.

The announcement was made yesterday.

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Your Waverley’s £130m bid to buy Dunsfold Aerodrome has been knocked out of the ballpark


Waverley Borough Council’s £130m bid to buy Dunsfold Aerodrome failed miserably in round one of the bidding war to buy the housing hotspot.  

Dunsfold arden village
All roads point to a massive development at the former airfield.

Q: Why? 

A: Simples!  Because an organisation worth squillions is prepared to pay gazillions more than Waverley – or any of the other bidders – in the race to buy the aerodrome.  Neither Waverley nor any of the other interested parties could afford – or were willing to pay? – as much for the 758-acre site. 

And now residents are concerned that instead of the 1,800 homes proposed for Phase 1 followed by – another 500 to 600 in Phase 2 – that by the end of the planning period (2032), there could now be many, many, many more. Why else would anyone be prepared to pay gazillions for the site?  No one – least of all the foreign-based company rumoured to be the successful bidder –  is digging that deep unless they plan to squeeze every last square inch out of the site’s development potential to optimise the return on their eye-watering investment.  

Fear is rife among the eastern villages on the future of Dunsfold Aerodrome, which has fallen into the hands of global asset managers.

Richard Turncoat – the new Bursar at Trinity College Cambridge, the site’s current owner – clearly doesn’t give a damn who buys the site.  All he wants is to cover himself in glory by reaping the rewards of his predecessor’s foresight in having the nous to acquire the site a few years ago when Royal Bank of Scotland – the Flying Scot’s original partner – went tits-up!  Bugger the local stakeholders!  Bugger, the Flying Scot who has nursed the site from an empty shell to a valuable asset with consent for 1,800 + homes!  This is all about the greater glory of Richard Turdhill!

So cheer up, Waverley!  You didn’t lose out because you didn’t offer enough!  You could never have offered enough!  Your £130 million bid was chicken feed to Richard Turncoat. And you were in good company in the losers’ enclosure.  Neither could Warner Brothers or Spielberg or Marvel … or any of the other filmmakers who were rumoured to be snapping up the site and turning it into another Pinewood Studios!  So much for taking the Holly out of Hollywood and replacing it with Hurtwood!

Neither do you have to fear that your five-year housing land supply figures will be irreparably damaged – even if they meet with more than a little opposition from the three villages surrounding the site, namely, Alfold, Cranleigh and Dunsfold. Because you can bet your bottom dollar, the new owner will be beating a rapid path to your door with multiple applications for more and more and more houses to keep their rapacious shareholders happy. 

There will be a conveyor belt of applications once the new owners get behind the wheel.  

So who actually are the winners and losers in this sorry saga that has been ongoing for the past 15 years and more? 

Well, the Tories won’t be crying into their G&Ts, because they never wanted to bid for the site in the first place. However, they’ve since done a complete about-turn and are now pointing their wagging finger at the Opposition for not giving them enough time to have their say on the Borough’s bid! Make up your minds, chaps – if it hadn’t been for your lot, residents of the proposed garden village would have been planting their bulbs and harvesting their spuds by now!  Not to mention charging their electric vehicles in their parking barns.  Who knows, even Manns of Cranleigh might have been saved from Undertaker Vrijland because those of us with long memories will recall that the Flying Scot was offering vouchers for new homeowners to encourage them to shop locally.  Ahead of his time or what?  

But never mind, the canny Scot’s vision is now a dim and distant memory … one might even call it a [bag]pipe dream?  

Don’t blame yourself, Leader Follows; if you’d waited for the Tories to “build a consensus”, as Cllr Muddled Mulliner wanted, Waverley’s bid would have been another decade in the making.  Richard Turncoat was in a hurry – his signature was barely dry on his employment contract, and his seat was still warm from the old Bursar’s bum when he announced he wanted to sell the site!  And, as everyone knows, hell would freeze over quicker than Mulliner could mull over how much he thought Dunsfold Aerodrome was worth.  

At least The Rainbow Coalition tried, and, as we know from bitter experience, the Tories are always mega keen to sell off British owned assets to foreign investors! Big money from abroad beats UK Money any day.


Tents and Yurts won’t go away from Bramley thanks to Waverley Planners.


Despite having firmly established a business on Slades Farm in Thorncombe Street – despite neighbour opposition -Waverley Planners gave a permanent staycation site the go-ahead.

Judging by the pictures provided to the eastern planning committee members, the site off Thorncombe Street looks like a staycation for visitors in mud, mud, glorious mud?

Councillors heard  Cllr Richard Seaborne (Con, Bramley) explain why he had called the application in because of the strength of opposition. There had been 40 letters of objection to the application submitted in November 2020.

Eleven months to have to application heard!?

Although sympathetic to the economic case for 2 yurts and 3 tents, neighbours’ concerns must be carefully considered as other similar proposed applications at Langhurst Farm in Hascombe were mooted. Neither Surrey highways nor Bramley Parish Council had raised objections, but the committee couldn’t ignore the strength of feeling by those living nearby. 

The owner of Thorncombe Barn said the use during the Summer had brought multiple incidents of noise and nuisance, including an all-night party and parties and barbecues going on until the early hours. In a valley in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the sound carried and the use had a deleterious effect on nine homes and their occupants nearby. 

However, the applicant gave the committee assurances, it would not happen again and apologised profusely for any inconvenience caused.

Despite raising their concerns on the effect of the change of agricultural use, councillors and officers believed sited for staycations in Waverley were required to meet the need. However, they should impose conditions on the owners that no large groups could hire the tents.

“That way, if there are separate families hiring the facilities, and one is making too much noise, they can tell them to shut up and be quiet, said Cllr Michael Goodridge.”

There were concerns about limiting the numbers in each unit, but officers said their size was self-limiting. But what if a lot of visitors turned up for a party, said Milford Cllr Maxine Gale? Members were reminded that the use could continue for 28 days in any one year without planning consent, though the applicants had exceeded this.

Dunsfold Cllr Kevin Deanus said he objected to anyone disregarding the planning system. 

We should shame people who do and we should be able to charge them ten times more planning fees for doing it!

The applicant had also removed trees and hedgerows to provide access!

Cllr Christine Baker said she recognised the real neighbour concerns, saying that monitoring the noise from such use was unenforceable.

The Police will not act and neither will Waverley’s emergency officer. 

I know, because I suffered from the same experience and was kept awake until 6.a.m. We do not know nearly enough what impact this will have on neighbours.”

A toilet and shower block of 3m x 2m to serve two yurts and three “huge tents” appear insufficient according to Cllr Martin D’Arcy –

and, the kitchen opens straight onto the toilets – is that allowed?”

That shouldn’t be a concern of the committee, as it was not a planning matter, said Chief Planning Officer Zac Ellwood.

Despite over an hour’s debate, the committee granted consent by 5 votes to 2 with one abstention.


Will Bojo be bumping elbows with Angela Richardson and sticking Jeremy back in the cabinet bunker where he longs to be?

Perhaps SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt, after praising the Prime Minister for finally… “biting the bullet,” believes Sajid is keeping the post warm for him in the imminent cabinet reshuffle?

The Hon Angie Richardson MP for Guildford and Cranleigh shared her concerns to the Prime Minister during the Social Care debate.   She sought some assurances where the lashings of extra tax would actually be spent?

Angie bobbed up and down for hours in the chamber and was finally rewarded by the Speaker.

She was not alone – NHS management prompted suspicion from a couple of MP’s.

Angela and Damian Green (Con, Ashford) demanded reassurances that all extra funding would reach the front line. She asked the Prime Minister to ensure that it wouldn’t be spent on more NHS “middle management.” Fair point Angie, we have all been wondering that. Well done for bringing that little hot potato up.

When it comes to our health service, additional funding tends to get swallowed faster than a slippery fish down a sea lion’s gullet.

The Department of Stealth & Total Obscurity has already begun recruiting 42 additional pen-pushing middle managers on salaries of up to £270,000 a year. Nice little earner? So your concerns were valid, Angie. The national insurance increases imposed on us hard-working plebs have already begun sliding towards the dark recesses of the wallets of yet more managers while the nursing staff satisfy themselves with the seed corn thrown at them. Is it any wonder they are either leaving or considering leaving the NHS snd Social Care in their droves?

 Hardworking taxpayers will foot a punishing bill from a hike in national insurance, taking the tax burden to a 70-year high. It’s not just employees but employers who will be hit hard too. There’s a reason that employers’ national insurance is called the “jobs tax” – it will increase the cost of hiring when we need employment to bounce back. This tax rise will only stifle job creation and wage increases.

So where will that £12 billion go?

We here at the Waverley Web started to think that for the first time since she arrived in Westminister, our MP, was not sycophantically following the Tory whips. Sadly later in the day, she spoiled her early concerns  by blaming previous Labour Governments for ‘not mending the roof when it began leaking.’ Blah, Blah, and more blah. No mention by you on the removal of the triple lock on your elector’s pensions or taxes on their dividends – pity about that.

Oh well, another shedload of our Waverley MPs’ manifesto promises down the pan!


Afghanistan refugees and how ‘Your Waverley’ is helping.


This video from Waverley’s Leader Paul Follows is worth listening to. This is our Waverley, doing what it can, to help in what can only be described as a dire situation.

But it comes with a warning. All comments are welcome. However, any abusive comments on the Waverley Web site will be removed immediately – so don’t even think about making one!


Watch out- COVID’s out and about and fighting to stay with us in Waverley!

For all our sakes as COVID infection rates rise in the borough start taking regular tests regardless of whether or not you have symptoms. The evil virus hasn’t gone away, and it isn’t going away any time soon.

COVID rates are still high in #Waverley, particularly in young people aged 17 – 21. It may be event season but please remember, COVID is still here and we need to continue to play our part to keep each other safe.
Do it for your parents and your grandparent’s sake, if not your own.
Testing regularly – even with no symptoms and even if you’ve been vaccinated, please take a Rapid Lateral Flow Test a couple of times a week
Get vaccinated – vaccines are working, and are available for everyone over 16, get booked up NOW  at https://orlo.uk/2uFex
Get an NHS COVID Pass – whether you’re heading to an event or travelling abroad, having a COVID Pass will show your COVID-19 testing and vaccination status so you can gain entry.
Stay at home if unwell – reduce the risk of passing on other illnesses onto friends, family, colleagues, and other vulnerable members of your community.
Stay safe – remember to wash or sanitise your hands regularly Wear a face covering in crowded spaces Try to meet in well-ventilated spaces Be considerate with space, keep your distance where possible
For more information on testing, vaccinations and the COVID rates where you are, visit https://orlo.uk/78v4B

Meeting and greeting at ‘Your Waverley.’


Guildford and Waverley leaders meet as they embark on forging closer links between their respective councils. 

 Both councils will share a single senior management team, including a Chief Executive, Directors and Heads of Service.  Once in place, the new management team will prepare business cases for further combining services and/ or administrative work.

Waverley’s Leader Cllr Paul Follows met with his Lib Dem colleague Guildford Leader Julia McShane at The Burys in Godalming yesterday.  They were joined by Guildford’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PCC) Zoe Franklin.
Cllr Follows said:
“It was great to welcome Julia and Zoe today for a long overdue catch-up on the multitude of joint issues, concerns and opportunities for our two borough’s moving forward.”

 Click on the link here, and you can read the single official statement released in the name of both councils. A statement that aims to reassure both residents of both boroughs and their council staff.


Afterwards, Zoe Franklin commented:
 As always a helpful and wide-ranging conversation. Local people should feel confident that theirs’ and their communities’ interests are in good hands with you both and the wider teams.



Could theatre be coming home to Farnham?

Here’s a message from the Farnham Theatre Association. 

Is another theatre or entertaining space on the cards, or is it just a pipe dream for the town’s Thespians and supporters?

Dear Colleagues

We hope that you are keeping well in the midst of the continuing Covid concerns and that you’re enjoying the summer weather whenever it peeks from behind these clouds.

Here’s your FTA Newsletter with an update on the possibility and hopes for a theatre for Farnham, news of the AGM on Sunday 24 October (a date for your diaries) which will without doubt cover the latest position on this subject, news of a Service to Farnham Award for a friend of the company, a tribute to David Monico plus an update on the West End’s The Mousetrap which has just re-opened.  

We hope you enjoy it.

Best regards

Mike Silver

You can read the latest newsletter on the link below.

Newsletter no.65


Lidl reveals its target for new stores and one is in Cranleigh.


Supermarket giant Lidl has revealed an updated list of the places it wants to open new stores in and around the country, and it has its eye on Cranleigh.

Cranleigh in the east of Waverley will form part of Lidl’s £1.3bn investment plans for 2021 and 2022, including opening 50 new stores this year, creating 2,000 new jobs.

In a document spelling out its vision for growth, the company says it is seeking 100’s of new sites across Britain. Saying:

We are on track to meet our ambitious target of 1,000 stores by the end of 2023.”

It opened 180 new stores in the last three years – including one in the centre of Horsham, which is believed to be pulling many customers in from the eastern villages of Waverley just across the Surrey Sussex border. 

So it has earmarked the fast-growing town of Cranleigh, among the sites where it wants to open a new store.

It also wants to relocate the new Central Horsham store to a larger site and build another store in North Horsham.

The list of desirable locations for new stores is aimed at landowners and freeholders with suitable sites interested in exploring Lidl’s opportunities.

Christian Härtnagel, CEO at Lidl GB said:

“We are calling on developers and landlords up and down the country to help find potential sites for us to build Lidl stores, which demonstrates the continued ambition we have to further expand our store portfolio across the nation. Despite the challenges of the past year, we still managed to meet our ambitious target of opening, on average, one new store per week across Great Britain.

“We are looking forward to opening more stores throughout the country and welcoming new colleagues in the coming months and years, so that more communities can access high quality food at the lowest prices on the market.”

Continue reading “Lidl reveals its target for new stores and one is in Cranleigh.”


Godalming’s Memorial Park scene of violent assault.

Despite Godalming Town Council’s efforts to stop anti-social behaviour, a public park was the scene of a violent assault over the Bank Holiday weekend.   

Just a few weeks ago, here at the Waverley Web, we reported this incident. During which a toddler picked up a bag of drugs.

Bag of drugs found in Godalming park by a toddler!

Phillips Memorial Park is normally home to dog walkers, parents with pushchairs, youngsters playing and fitness fanatics. It also hosts classical music concerts in the bandstand over a normal summer.

So a violent assault shocked people living nearby and Godalming residents when the park they use was the scene of an assault during which a man was punched and kicked, receiving a rib fracture, and was taken to hospital.

Officers were called to the Phillips Memorial Park in Godalming at around 1.40 am on Saturday (August 28) following reports that a man had been assaulted.

At around 10.30 pm on Friday (August 27), a group of people arrived at the Phillips Memorial Cloister, where they were seen drinking and playing music, police say.

Wouldn’t Jack Phillips be turning in his watery grave if he knew that toddlers were picking up drugs next to the kiddies swings – where it could have killed or seriously injured a child! And, where fights break out!

In the Memorial Garden dedicated to a hero of the Titanic!

Jack Phillips, the Godalming wireless operator who died at his post, sent SOS signals on that fateful night of 14 April 1912 when The Titanic sank in the fateful collision with an iceberg. 

The Jack Phillips Memorial Cloister garden designed by Gertrude Jekyll, with its magnificent brick cloister 80 feet square designed by Hugh Thackeray Turner, was laid out, built, and opened exactly two years to the day after the sinking of the Titanic. The memorial is situated between the River Wey and Godalming Parish Church. 



Covid Testing available this weekend in Godalming.

A mobile Coronavirus testing facility is being established in The Wharf Car Park, Godalming, from Friday 3 September to Monday 6 September.

Today’s dashboard shows a downtrend in infection rates across Surrey, but despite this, Surrey still sees higher rates in young people aged 11 – 16.

In the past seven days, Waverley registered 318 new cases.

Continue reading “Covid Testing available this weekend in Godalming.”


‘Your Waverley’s Planning nightmare may be coming to an end?

Here is the message councillors have received in response to their growing concerns that ‘Your Waverley’s planning department is grinding to a halt.

Planning officers are currently experiencing high caseloads due to a high number of submissions as well as changes to ways of working.

We are in the process of implementing an improvement plan that will increase the speed of decisions. As part of the plan, we are moving all of our current and historic cases into our new system (more than 100,000 cases, including one million documents). This is a significant milestone as we work towards going live with our new case management system – thank you for your continued patience as we go through this process.

If our comments post and private e-mail inbox is anything to go by, Waverley residents are getting angry – in fact, outraged -at the continuing poor performance of the council’s planning department.

For over a year now, the planning system has been grinding ever more slowly. No pre-application meetings for wannabe developers – no planning lists for months – a planning portal that works, then buffers, then stops – then starts again. Or, doesn’t work at all. And, to be fair is now working.

Try phoning the same planning officer you spoke to last month and the month before? They have either resigned, no surprise there then – or they were “only working on a short-term contract” or “they are on holiday” or “working from home.”

One officer told a resident whose application had been festering in the bowels of Waverley Towers for over a year…

“The backlog of planning applications is so great they are falling off my desk, but then you can always appeal for non-determination – but you may have a long wait for that to be heard!”

According to Zac Ellwood, the Head of Planning & Economic Development, they can ask for their costs to be returned if planning applications have not been considered within the statutory 8-week time scale. Though he told councillors, they hardly ever do.  He even hinted that enforcement action was not a statutory function was incredibly time-consuming and time-hungry but it was up to the Executive to decide whether it should continue?

You can hear what he said in the video link below:

Is ‘ Your Waverley’s new leader facing his first major challenge?

Is it easier to get in touch with the Pope than Waverley’s planning dept?

Well! Perhaps it is time everyone did ask for their planning fees to be returned. That might put a firecracker up the department and serve as an incentive? But they probably won’t as they want to get their plans consented, just like we don’t complain about our GP services because perhaps they won’t treat us?

Now the council is thanking us for our patience, just like they thank us for our patience when we are number 20 in the queue for a GP appointment. No wonder half the population is finding the answer to their ailments and their planning queries at the bottom of a bottle. 

Oh, dear! The load gets heavier every day! Probably yet more development coming to a field near you soon? Isn’t that what Uncle ‘Bob The Builder’ Jenrick wants?

Here they go again… another Thakeham bid to build in Alfold.

It’s official. The Sussex-based developer poised to build nearly 4,000 homes just outside Horsham is turning its sights back onto the little Waverley village of Alfold.

Aldun and dusted if a Government Inspector decides to join Alfold with Dunsfold.

Will Thakeham Homes get the access they need to build 99 new homes in Alfold?

Residents were told just days ago by a letter from Zac Ellwood, Waverley’s head of planning, that they have just three weeks to object to Thakeham Homes’s appeal.

The appeal documents are available to view on the council’s website http://www.waverley.gov.uk  The planning application number is WA/2020/1684

The full details of the planning application in Mr. J Ordidge (The Merchant Seamans War Memorial Society) & Thakeham Homes are for 99 homes on land to the rear of Hollyoaks (to be demolished) off Loxwood Road, Alfold.

The document in the link below gives all the details concerning the public inquiry that will be held by Inspector Jonathan Price BA(Hons) DipTP MRTPI DMS and the inquiry will open at

10.00 am on 7 December 2021.  Currently scheduled for six sitting days. With a decision date set for 12 January 2022.


As we here at the Waverley Web have said on numerous occasions. The Tory administration caused the delays at Waverley Borough Council by omitting Dunsfold Aerodrome in its original Daft Local Plan. After its final inclusion in the Local Plan, MP Jeremy Hunt and former MP Anne Milton prompted further delays, aided and abetted by the Protect Our Waverley Group (POW), to ask the Secretary of State to call in Waverley’s consented application.  The numerous costly Court of Appeal hearings and delays and the sale of Dunsfold Aerodrome to the highest bidder have resulted in ‘Your Waverley’ now unable to meet its five-year housing land supply figure. It currently has a housing supply for only 4.26 years.

If this appeal gets the go-ahead from a Government Inspector – this scheme for 99 homes will be the thin end of the wedge as Thakeham sought to build 400 homes in December 2017. The current 99 homes appeal will undoubtedly be the first phase of a much larger development.

The Inspector said then:

‘The appeal site is not in a sustainable location for a major residential development and would cause harm to the character and appearance of the area.’

Care Ashore and Thakeham Homes’ boat sunk by a Government Inspector!

Care Ashore’s boat sunk!


A house builder wants planning committee members to shape up.

A housebuilder has launched a petition calling for compulsory training for planning committee members.

All Waverley Borough councillors receive training before they join planning committees and a few councillors have professional qualifications.

A prominent housebuilder has launched a petition calling for legal changes to make planning committee members take compulsory training and for at least half to secure a formal planning qualification in order to prevent decisions “based on politics and not planning merit”.

Housebuilder Inland Homes has called for a change in the law to require planning committee members to have compulsory planning training before they sit on a planning committee, and for 50 per cent of them to have a planning qualification.

Planning committee members in England are not required by law to have any planning training, and it is “virtually unheard of” for them to have planning qualifications, said Inland Homes. In Scotland, however, they are legally required to have training.

Inland Homes launched the petition on the Change.org website last week, saying that the planning system is “failing in its current form” and that “urgent reform is needed”.

“One of the biggest issues is the politically charged arrangement of planning committees which results in decisions on planning applications that are based on politics and not planning merit,” said the petition.

“These local and emotive committee members often have as little as a few hours training before being allowed to determine planning applications.”

The current structure of committee meetings was established over 50 years ago when members “largely commented on the principle of planning rather than detailed submissions”, said the petition.

“Today, the same application requires drawings, documents and reports that can total thousands of pages. The system has changed yet the committee structure has remained the same.”

A video produced by Inland Homes to accompany the petition stated that “policy compliant schemes allocated within local plans and recommended for approval by planners continue to be arbitrarily rejected”.

It also showed an application submitted by Inland Homes for 50 homes being discussed during a virtual planning committee, which the firm said was a policy compliant scheme and allocated in the adopted local plan.

The video highlighted comments from members including “even though the officers and the inspector say it is permissible, we should really consider whether we agree with that”. The committee ultimately refused the application without giving clear reasons why claimed Inland Homes.

Build anywhere, or even everywhere, in the borough of Waverley – except in Haslemere?

Inland Homes said that despite developers spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on planning applications, planning committee members “too often” disregard the advice of qualified planning officers.

“This must change in order to enable the planning system to deliver a continuous supply of private and affordable homes,” it said.

Well – he would, wouldn’t he?




Roadworks coming ‘Your Waverley’s’ way this week.

Out come the cones and the traffic lights?

Cllr. Paul Follows – Godalming, Milford and Witley

🔶 WAVERLEY (30th August to September 5th 2021)
You can find the online copy of the full update below with a screenshots summary as part of the update.
➡️ You can also report any Highways issues online:
🔶 If you have any questions, please do ask either on here or at:
Cllr Paul Follows – Godalming South, Milford and Witley
📧 Paul.Follows@surreycc.gov.uk
Cllr Penny Rivers – Godalming North
📧 Penny.Rivers@surreycc.gov.uk


Watch this message from Waverley’s council leader – because he’s worth it?

Waverley borough council working for us and the refugees of Afghanistan.

Cllr Paul Follows outlines how ‘Your Waverley’ is facing up to its obligations and outlines the challenges it faces.

Cllr. Paul Follows – Godalming, Milford and Witley

A response to some of the questions and comments yesterday regarding our assistance for Afghan refugees. This includes how we are able to do this and addresses some of the comments about local needs and veterans support too.
Apologies in advance, I do get a little political – it’s pretty much impossible not to given the subject and the ongoing debate.
Cllr Paul Follows
Leader, Waverley Borough Council


Surrey Fire & Rescue Service is pleading for space.


It will not have gone unnoticed as your drive around the Waverley borough that more and more people are squeezing their cars into ever-smaller spaces on roads that were not build to take so many.  Many of them are large vans or commercial vehicles.

Now, the Surrey Fire Brigade is urging the public to think before you park, as fire engines and any emergency vehicles are getting quite simply – STUCK! Just a few minutes delay could prove vital, a matter of life or death.


We need our space!! 🚘🚖👋

Please be mindful when parking. Think…can a fire engine fit through? If we can fit, our colleagues from ⁦‪@SECAmbulance‬⁩ & ⁦‪@SurreyPolice‬⁩ can fit too! 🚒🚑🚓

If our access is blocked, it can take us longer to get to those who need us. #WeNeedOurSpacepic.twitter.com/UZBdbu4g3h


Only months after dumping Twitter the Hon Angie has dumped the Waverley Web!


Angela Richardson has blocked the Waverley Web on Twitter 😯
It’s because she’s sick of seeing our awesomeness all over the place 🤓 and we dared to comment ONCE, just ONCE, on her Twitter page.
Don’t worry; we get it, Angie … when you can’t take the heat, you get out of the kitchen!😂
A bit of an own goal, really. We receive all your daft Tweets – congratulating everyone in Government, including the Downing Street cat, dog, and other incumbents you can find, from others. 

A message on ‘Your Waverley’s’ important Local Plan Part 2.

At the last full council, the Executive reiterated the intent of the administration to get Local Plan Part 2 (LPP2) through all the necessary governance steps before Christmas.

With the views of local residents in several key areas now taken into account, this enables the document to go before an inspector in early 2022 (the exact date of that stage will depend on the inspectorate).

Leader of Waverley Borough Council – Paul Follows listening to what residents have to say.

Leader Paul Follows said:

As we have made clear from multiple statements over the past few months the document required several changes from previous iterations that existed (and specifically the draft that the last administration of the council withdrew in April 2019). These changes relate to allocations in Milford (Witley Parish area) and Haslemere (along with some other minor revisions).

In both of those areas, we committed to making every effort to ensure that LPP2 was compatible with the draft Neighbourhood Plans in Witley (now a made plan) and Haslemere (soon to come to referendum).

I am pleased to be able to say that the new draft will achieve that aim.

As members will note from the timetable below, we intend to replace a site in the Haslemere allocation with a site more significant (in terms of housing numbers) than the site it replaces and in a more sustainable location.

Build anywhere, or even everywhere, in the borough of Waverley – except in Haslemere?

Over the last few months our officers have been working with the owner of this site and with Natural England/Surrey Hills AONB to facilitate an allocation in LPP2. The change will, however, necessitate a regulation-19 consultation lasting six weeks.

For us to pass LPP2 before Christmas, several additional (special) meetings of Council, Executive and Overview & Scrutiny are required. The Executive has agreed to the addition of these special Council and Executive sessions.  I would also like to thank the chair of the Environment O&S (who has agreed to special O&S dates following a discussion this morning).

Our officers in planning and democratic services have worked extremely hard to enable us to be in this position, and I want to thank them for all of the work they have done on this (and the work to come).

The Waverley BC website will be updated to reflect the new timetable, and I will communicate the schedule to external stakeholders.

Revised Timetable – August 2020

Continue reading “A message on ‘Your Waverley’s’ important Local Plan Part 2.”


Going for a song in Godalming?

Developers bought this office block and have seemingly gone bust, leaving a demolished shell and an eyesore in Catteshall Lane.

The site is now on the market for £4,500,000, with the agents quoting a gross value of £12,205,000.
Going for a song? A developer can convert the offices to 36 residential apartments. Good News!? Zero affordable homes required (as it’s a Prior Notification office to Residential conversion.)
*NB the same office block next door has already been converted to flats, thus flooding the market in Godalming with flats.
Another 100 homes are being built opposite around the industrial estate that houses the Godalming Ambulance Station.



Proposed new development and no new access into Amlets Lane, Cranleigh.

Planners and the townsfolk have dubbed the Amlets Park development in Cranleigh as ‘the best designed new housing scheme in the area.’

Now another smaller development of just 13 homes is planned on land adjoining the site: four affordable homes and nine market homes.

The Cala Homes development is spacious, unobtrusive, and the access that councillors and the locals feared would be a danger to motorists on a narrow lane has not materialised. The well-planned and unusually spacious feel of the bungalows and houses, together with affordable homes recently obtained by ‘Your Waverley’, has ensured that the first major scheme to hit Cranleigh has been a huge success. Amlets Park SOLD!

Great news – Waverley’s new administration is doing what it pledged. New ‘truly affordable homes’ in Chiddingfold & Cranleigh.

It is the only new housing development in Cranleigh that provides a safe and easy pedestrian and cycle access onto the nearby Glebe Estate and all the local schools.

A Bramley councillor who supported the scheme said it was preferable to build in the countryside rather than on nearby brownfield sites! 

The developer says an award-winning architect has been commissioned to show the 13 new homes in a series of connected building forms and intimate clusters, using quality local materials that reflect the surrounding homes on Amlets Park.


The developer says the most important factor in this scheme is that the existing access into Amlets Park is proposed – so no new access is needed off Amlets Lane. The site is enclosed by surrounding houses and Amlets Lane to the north of the site. Residents, particularly children, will also have a safe and secure cycle and pedestrian link into the town and nearby schools.

The outline planning application has taken over three months to be registered by Waverley Borough Council, appearing on the planning portal for the first time on August 2. The developer is liaising with Cranleigh Parish Council and the public.


Oh dear! Guildford’s Hon Angela has dropped herself in heavy duty dog doo by calling a Radio Presenter an ‘ARSE.’

A Twitter storm has erupted – and not for the first time – over remarks made by Guildford and Villages Tory MP Angela Richardson.

I am the Member of Parliament for Guildford & Villages, and I called the wrong  James O’Brien an arse! And now I have offended every  James O’Brien after calling another James O’Brien an “Arse,” so  I have put my foot in it again!

Gaffs of one sort or another are not unusual for the brown-nosing Tory MP who congratulates her colleagues and anyone else, any time, anywhere, and left Twitter when Trump was thrown out. Pity, she didn’t stick to it? NEWSFLASH! The Hon Angie has dumped TWITTER!

However, this week Guildford’s narcissistic exhibitionist MP excelled herself and caused a Twitter storm that went viral across the airwaves with many hundreds, if not thousands of Tweets.  During which the threat of a Libel Action followed.   Including offers from the public to help fund it.

Perhaps Angie should read his book now she has resumed her holiday in Cornwall after her one-day silent appearance in the Commons? Time better spent perhaps, than plagiarising the work of a Waverley Borough Councillor and circulating it as her own, and upsetting the leaders of her two borough councils.Guildford & Waverley get a jab in the ribs from MP Angie? How many people can she offend in just one week?

Here’s what  A James O’Brien said after Dominic Raab announced he was doing a parachute jump for charity.

 “Brilliant Dom, jumping out the plane is a wonderful homage to all the Afghans you failed to help get on the plane. Always loved your ironic sense of humour. Go Dom!”

Ms Richardson jumped to Raab’s defence by saying:

James OBrien is an Arse! But many of you know that already.

Fancy going on to someone’s Fundraising Page intending to make the final weeks and months of a dying child’s life easier, making a sarky comment and not donating. The lengths some people will go to is astonishing! ARSE!

To which she received… this – from THE James O’Brien – Radio Presenter on LBC Radio.

Posting this apology once the Twitter storm had burst and after deleting the libellous tweet. But only after she had written…

 “I have not tagged you. But I am happy to delete my tweet if your assumption that I meant you has caused you offence and I apologise as requested.”

But here are a few suggestions, including some from her constituents…

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Two Tweets one Twit?

Perhaps she should cast her eyes over this too, whilst extolling the virtues of the Foreign Secretary? Perhaps she was having another Martini moment – ‘any time, anyplace, anywhere.’
Perhaps her shambolic Government should have come up with some constructive strategies over these past months to assist all the country’s local authorities?  Perhaps provide them with adequate funding to support a multi-layered approach that will be necessary to aid Aghanistan’s asylum seekers, instead of presiding over such a diabolical crisis and then expecting our cash-strapped councils to get them out of the unholy mess successive Governments have got us all into? 

Water, water everywhere (most of he time) – but not a drop to drink in Cranleigh and Ewhurst?

Whilst Thames Water continues to raise ‘No objection” to new housing in Cranleigh and the eastern villages – the taps run dry.. again as pipes burst!

Thames Water has managed to wipe the smile right off the face of Cranleigh Cllr Liz Townsend. 

As tempers rose yesterday a Cranleigh parish, Waverley borough and Surrey County Councillor was on the case. She is now crossing swords…again with Thames Water.

So let the battle begin?

Report your leak here: https://www.thameswater.co.uk/leak/

Cllr Liz Townsend

** UPDATE** Yesterday Thursday.
Due to burst water main on Amlets Lane about 390 properties are being impacted with low or no flow of water. Those residents who have medical needs have been provided with an alternative supply of water. Thames Water thinks the matter will be resolved by the end of the day.
**SECOND UPDATE Have chased for a response about the time for resumption of supply and delivery of bottled water.**
After several reports from residents of no/low water supply this morning and the problems last week as well, in addition to ongoing issues that I am in continuous contact with Thames Water about, I have today sent this email to the Thames Water Local Government Lead (I have removed personal details):
From: Liz Townsend
Sent: 19 August 2021 10:48
Sent to the Local Gov Lead and copied in: CEO of Thames Water, Cllr. Paul Follows – Godalming, Milford and Witley, Waverley Borough Council CEO and MP Angela Richardson
Subject: Further Water Leaks in Cranleigh
Dear xxx,
After last weeks multiple leaks, I regret to inform you that yet again a large number of Cranleigh and Ewhurst residents are without water or have extremely low flow. Areas reported to me as affected are Bookhurst Road, Cranleigh Road, Summerlands Estate, Swallowhurst Estate, Gadbridge Lane, Somersbury Lane, parts of Walliswood, the list just goes on.
I have been reporting leaks to Thames Water since 2016 and over the years I have sent reports, and have taken part in regular residents forums on this subject, which your predecessors attended. I have attended regular Thames Water meetings together with the Cranleigh Civic Society at your offices in Shalford and I have emailed you and other Thames Water staff umpteen times.
I have highlighted to you again and again that almost 30% of Cranleigh’s drinking water pipes are asbestos cement and are between 50 and 70 years old. Evidence shows that these old pipes begin to degrade internally over time through water friction, and due to low pH and low soil alkalinity, there is also a risk of the release of free asbestos fibres into the drinking water, which I am aware you don’t routinely check for. Our pipes have been tested by you and were confirmed in 2017 to contain the most dangerous blue (crocidolite) form of asbestos as well as white (chrysotile). Furthermore, our clay soil places compressive and tensile stresses on the pipes as it is subject to ground heave and shrinkage during prolonged dry periods.
We have also seen unprecedented development in this area with an additional 1,700 new dwellings in Cranleigh alone needing to be connected to your network, placing further stress on the pipes. This may not sound like a lot of new homes to you but in a village of approximately 4,500 houses, it is an increase of 38%. As the houses have been built we have witnessed an increase in bursts across the network.
The fact is that our ageing network, made of materials that would no longer be used for the conveyance of drinking water in the UK, needs replacing. At one stage you confirmed that several kms would be replaced, then you clarified that this was actually across the entire Guildford network, then we were advised that pipes would only be replaced when they burst. This is simply not a good enough service for your customers and could actually be placing them at increased risk.
You only have to take a look at your own issues map today to see that in these villages there are about 20 issues recorded and that doesn’t appear to include the ongoing issues that I keep reporting to you on Barhatch Lane and Amlets Lane, or the ongoing and frequent issue of water rushing down the road from Lambs Wood reservoir.
As well as providing me with details and a timeline for the repairs being carried out today, I am requesting an online meeting without delay to discuss the issues affecting this area, why some issues never seem to get addressed and your plans to improve the water supply to your customers in Cranleigh and Ewhurst.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Liz Townsend
Surrey County Councillor for Cranleigh & Ewhurst

Jonathan Lucas

Needed saying – but surely Thames Water whilst directly responsible for the mains and drainage etc aren’t accountable for the idiocy of building so many additional houses without upgrading the infrastructure? I actually feel sorry for TW having to tackle the repercussions……they likely blame planning policy and councillors approving these housing schemes.
Note: Thames Water has not formally objected to the new housing although it has raised issues on occasion about the inadequacy of the water supply in this area, however, it has always maintained it is able to meet any demand.

Cllr Townsend responded to hundreds of reports of further leaks and messages of congratulations and updates throughout another quiet day in the life of a local councillor who was as good as the promise she made on the tin! You can read just a handful here…

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Closed meeting held on the future use of a proposed controversial nursing home site in Cranleigh.

The meeting was held yesterday at ‘Your Waverley.’

Only some allowed?

Trustees of The Cranleigh Village Health Trust, Waverley Council and Cranleigh Parish Council met yesterday to consider the future of ‘The Paddock Field’ in Knowle Lane.

The Paddock field. The site where a private care home was REFUSED.

The future of the controversial site owned by CVHT, earmarked for an 80-bed private nursing home and a residential block of flats, went under the microscope at Waverley Towers.

The former “Hospital’ Charitable Trust that trousered shedloads of money from residents of the eastern villages over a 20-year period was told in no uncertain terms by Waverley Planners that its 2021 scheme for the site was unacceptable and was subsequently REFUSED by 11 votes to one with one abstention.

Has a Cranleigh Charity’s planning battle entered the realms of farce?

Power to the people of the eastern villages as they joined Waverley Planners to give a controversial Care Home development the order of the boot.

Will private meetings burst the CVHT health boil?

The Waverley Web had heard that just a week ago that CVHT asked for the meeting to be postponed.  They argued that they would prefer to meet with the new parish council chairman designate Cllr Nigel Sanctuary rather than the present chairman Cllr Liz Townsend. It also asked to have a member of the public, its PR Agent Martin Bamford to be present  to “take notes”

 Q Did Mr Bamford, who is the publicity guru for the Charity and its property developer associates, attend the meeting as a member of the public?

Andy Webb the man who leads the public campaign to stop the development said this: 

After asking the CVHT if I could attend this meeting they suggested that I contact the Parish Council as they were arranging it.
The reply from the PC was that I was on the list of people to contact when they knew the time and date of the meeting, which in all stupidity I took as a yes to attend the meeting.
This morning, 10 minutes before the meeting was due to start I received this email from the PC.
I’m sure that the CVHT and WBC were not only given 10 minutes notice?
Meeting with WBC and CVHT
Dear Andy
The Parish Council is meeting with Waverley Borough Council and Cranleigh Village Health Trust at 11.00 am today to discuss the One Public Estate.
The Council asked me to make your group aware of this meeting.
Asked Mr Webb?
I know the minutes of the meeting will be made public but why are we being stopped from voicing our concerns from the start.
Why are the PC, the CVHT and WBC not willing for the campaign group to be involved?
One of my main concerns is, why, after the PC said that all future meetings involving the CVHT should be held in public are they holding this meeting behind closed doors?
 Information about one public estate can be found here.
More than 150 councils join the One Public Estate Programme
More than 150 councils have joined  the One Public Estate Programme

£7.5 million has been awarded to 37 partnerships made up of councils and public sector bodies. The funding will support cross public sector partnerships to work collaboratively on land and property initiatives leading to new jobs, new homes, joined-up public services and savings for the taxpayer.



Guildford & Waverley get a jab in the ribs from MP Angie?

Angela Richardson the Guildford MP who turns her back on most of her constituents.

Is Guildford MP Angela Richardson inferring that both Waverley & Guildford Borough Councils will do nothing to help Afghan refugees?

At this incredibly difficult time for Afghanistan, this country and the world,  is she using the present crisis as a political football to be kicked around her constituency? Please note the last sentence of her letters.

If so – shame on her.

And, shame on her Government as many of us believe it has lost complete control of the situation. As Afghanistan crashed and burned our MP’s were on holiday, and have failed miserably to anticipate the disaster that has unfolded.  Our MP was posting pictures of herself in the surf and what she was watching on the telly. 

Here at the Waverley Web, we are in no doubt that both our borough councils and others around the country will do what they always do – rise to the challenge. But will they receive Government funding?

Paul David Follows

Hi Angela – I obviously received your letter too as Leader of Waverley BC, and you will of course receive a reply.
Considering the inaction..actually, inaction is wrong – the negative actions of your government on this matter (having prevented many trying to resettle in recent months) – this letter from you is either massively hypocritical or just outright political.
Waverley will be writing to you and the Home Secretary explaining where we can help but we will be asking YOU to explain what you will be doing to help us help these people that you have so utterly failed every step of the way.
Cllr Paul Follows
Leader, Waverley Borough Council.

Matthew Marriott

Hi Paul, I wrote to Jeremy Hunt several weeks ago about the forecast for Afghanistan, which happened rapidly over the last week and at times requested hastening the ARAP scheme. To date, I have received no response, which may be due to holiday, but suspect he and the team hadn’t made mind up back then. I am interested in his view as a former Foreign Sec, but surprised by the lengthy time and still no response. I spent some time with the Afghanistan and Central Asian Association ACAA in West London last year, with Rory Stewart, and recommend contacting them if faced with refugees from the region. They are an excellent org.

Danielle Giornandi

Oh, these are the same people that have refused to give help to Afghans over the years, saying it’s safe for them and that they should be sent back. An acquaintance of mine was battling with this very government- albeit, under Theresa May or whoever the hell came before her, it’s such a joke these days how many leaders one party can go through in one term – arguing that the Taliban was waiting for him and that he’d be killed if he went home. They didn’t care. They sent him back. The Taliban was waiting and beheaded him immediately. THEY DO NOT CARE, they only do what wins them political points.

UK Oil & Gas. Part 2.

Part 2 of the public inquiry into plans for gas exploration in Dunsfold. 

If allowed: More HGV’s for the eastern villages: More light pollution and environmental damage and yet another blow for the proposed development of the proposed new Dunsfold Garden Village.

Closing arguments at Loxley/Dunsfold gas inquiry – who said what? Part 1.

Planning policy

Planning rules require that permission is granted to comply with the development plan, unless “material considerations indicate otherwise”.

Surrey County Council

“The appeal proposal is in conflict with a number of development plan policies.”

Ms Wigley said these included:

  1. Surrey Minerals Plan policies MC15 (ii) and MC15 (iii) because the highway network was not of an appropriate standard for use by the traffic generated by the development and could not be made appropriate. The development would have a significant impact on highway safety, she said.
  2. Surrey Minerals Plan policy MC14 (iii) because there would be a significant adverse impact on the appearance, quality and character of the landscape. There was also insufficient information for a proper assessment of landscape impacts
  3. Surrey Minerals Plan policy MC12 because the site identification report was “entirely inadequate” to demonstrate that the site had been selected to minimise adverse impacts on the environment.
  4. Waverley Borough Local Plan policy RE3 states that the setting of the AONB will be protected where development outside its boundaries harms public views from or into the AONB
  5. National Planning Policy Framework paragraph 111 because of the “unacceptable impact on highway safety
  6. NPPF 174 (a) and (b) because of landscape impacts
  7. NPPF 211 (e) because restoration and aftercare would not be carried out at the earliest opportunity
  8. NPPF 176 because the proposal constituted “insensitive development in the setting of the AONB”. The adverse impacts on the AONB should be accorded great weight in the planning balance.


Mr Elvin said the proposal complied with national and local planning policy. He referred to:

NPPF 209: “It is essential that there is a sufficient supply of minerals to provide the…energy… that the country needs. Since minerals are a finite natural resource and can only be worked where they are found, best use needs to be made of them to secure their long-term conservation.”

NPPF 211: Great weight should be given to the benefits of mineral extraction.

NPPF 215: Decision-makers are encouraged to distinguish between the different phases of onshore gas development. It also states they should “plan positively” for them.

He disputed there were conflicts with Surrey Minerals Plan policies. Even if there were some “residual conflict”, he said, “it would be outweighed by the benefits generated by the appeal proposals together with other material considerations”. He said policy MC12 does not require a comparative assessment of sites.

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Closing arguments at Loxley/Dunsfold gas inquiry – who said what?

Part 1.

The public inquiry into plans for gas exploration in Dunsfold has closed. 

If allowed: More HGV’s for the eastern villages: More light pollution and environmental damage and yet another blow for the proposed development in the proposed new Dunsfold Garden Village.

Clockwise from top left: the inspector Mike Robins, David Elvin QC for UKOG, Jenny Wigley QC for Surrey County Council, Patrick Arthur for Waverley Borough Council

The online inquiry has sat for nine long days of arguments about the proposal by UK Oil & Gas for an exploration site at Loxley near Dunsfold. On land owned by Ashley Ward.

The inspector, Mike Robins, heard from the company, Surrey County Council, Waverley Borough Council and local people and organisations.

He gave no indication of when he would announce his decision. UKOG has made a partial application for costs.

Surrey County Council’s planning committee refused UKOG’s application on highway and landscape grounds in November 2020, against the advice of planning officers.

Because the committee decided:

  1. UKOG had not demonstrated that the highway network was an appropriate standard for site traffic and that it would not have a significant adverse impact on highway safety.
  2. Sufficient information had not been provided for the council to be satisfied there would be no significant adverse impact on the appearance, quality and character of the landscape.

Here are the key issues raised in closing arguments by David Elvin QC, for UKOG, Jenny Wigley QC for the county council, and Patrick Arthur, for borough and parish councils.

Recommendations to the inspector

The inquiry inspector, Mike Robins (left) heard…

Surrey County Council said: “the appeal should be dismissed”

Waverley Borough Council asked that: “The inspector is respectfully invited to dismiss the appeal.”

UKOG: UKOG requests that its proposals should be granted planning permission and the appeal allowed.”

Key arguments

Surrey County Council

“On the basis of the expert evidence given in support of its reasons for refusal, SCC has demonstrated why the proposed development is unacceptable in this location and why the appeal should be dismissed.”

Waverley Borough Council

“Important principles will be set by the grant of permission in relation to the scale and type of development proposed in the planning application. Any future application for oil and gas extraction at the site will rely heavily on the fact that the principle of site access, impact on the [Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty] AONB and valued countryside, as well as the impact on local residents and businesses have been considered acceptable. As a result, local residents’ lives and future of local businesses will be greatly impacted.”


“the reasons for refusal were in direct conflict with the advice of officers and … do not stand up to close scrutiny. [They] “fail to take account of the policy significance of the proposals, mistake and overstate the objections raised and should be tested against the experienced judgment of SCC officers who twice recommended the grant of permission.

Landscape impact


“That the whole of the development can be restored to at least a neutral landscape position within a period of 3 years (or thereabouts) is plainly key to the proper assessment of its effects”.

David Elvin QC for UKOG said it had supported its planning application with:

  • Landscape and visual assessment
  • Extra information and visits
  • Light impact assessments
  • Outline landscape, environment, biodiversity restoration and enhancement plan

There had been no objection on the grounds of insufficient evidence from the county landscape consultant, Surrey Hills AONB planning adviser or Surrey County Council planning officers. He said UKOG had produced “a thorough and transparent assessment” on the effects of the proposal. It took into account the proximity of the AONB and the local designation as an Area of Great Landscape Value (AGLV).

Waverley Borough Council

Mr Arthur said his and the county council’s landscape witnesses had not sought to exaggerate the case. They had “grappled with elements”, he said, where “their judgment simply differed” from that of UKOG’s landscape witness.

He said UKOG’s landscape witness had been “carefully selective” in his treatment of guidance and in some cases was

“simply wrong. It was difficult to comprehend how there could not be an “obvious and harmful impact” on the AONB from drilling rigs, raised well compound, coiled tubing unit, mobile lighting towers, shrouded flares, temporary storage tanks and cabins.”.

Surrey County Council

Jenny Wigley said the inspector needed to take into account the impact not just of the drilling area but the access track, access onto High Loxley Road and highway works at Pratt’s Corner.

Hedgerows and trees would be removed along High Loxley Road, she said. Site equipment, fencing and passing places would change the rural character of the single-track rural lane.

“The use of the site access itself by heavy goods vehicles [HGVs] trundling across an open field in plain view from the AONB will be discordant in the landscape. The development at the well site will involve extensive earthworks, structures and fencing that are all alien, uncharacteristic and not in keeping with the layout, massing, traditional vernacular form, materials and boundary treatment of the existing rural built environment.”

“The height and scale of proposed vertical structures, including rigs and a crane will stand out beyond any existing tree cover and will 2 adversely affect visual amenity, and views from the AONB.

“All this, coupled with the industrial activity and required night-time lighting, will detract from the tranquil and intimate character of the area.”

Value of the site

UKOG’s landscape witness argued that the proposed Loxley well site was not in a “valued landscape”, even though it was in a designated Area of Great Landscape Value (AGLV).

Surrey County Council

“the appeal site is valued in landscape terms. It is within the setting of the AONB, it acts as a buffer to the AONB, it shares characteristics with the AONB (with no detracting features), it includes important features of the AONB and it is within views to and from the AONB.The AGLV’s important role was recognised in planning policy, Ms Wigley said. It acted as a buffer and protection to the AONB, she said, and featured sunken lanes, tranquillity and dark skies.”


Landscape assessment

Surrey County Council

Jenny Wigley QC for Surrey County Council described the landscape assessment by UKOG consultant as “inadequate” and “materially deficient in numerous respects”. She said the shortcomings included:
  • Failed to give the appropriate significance to the view of the proposed site from Hascombe Hill, a strategic view from the AONB
  • Failed to recognise the importance of relatively rare views from the AONB and the relative rarity of the narrow, winding, single track sunken lane of High Loxley Road
  • Ignored areas of archaeological significance next to the site and all listed buildings in nearby scattered historic farmsteads
  • Failed to explain the important role of recreational routes
  • Narrowly assessed the well site alone, not the entire appeal site or wider site context
  • Failed to acknowledge the valued physical links with the AONB  
  • Failed to include winter views
  • No proper consideration of 4m high-security fencing
  • Overestimated benefits of the tree and hedge re-planting
  • Underplayed the significance of adverse visual effects


Mr Elvin criticised the county council’s landscape witness for:

  • No photographs of winter views
  • Not considering that the reversal of effects would be progressive
  • No consideration in her written evidence about the temporary duration of the development
  • The methodology of her LVIA for the council and an “opaqueness” about how she reached her judgements
  • “No attempt” to discuss her views with council advisers
  • Overstated likely effects on the time it would take for a hedge to become established
  • Failed to take account of a wedding business at High Billinghurst Farm on tranquillity
  • Exaggerated impact of HGVs movements on the site access and clutter of road signs and signals on the highway

Mr Elvin said:

“her focus has been on raising objections to the Appeal Proposals, rather than on providing a balanced and objective description and assessment.”

Felling of Burchetts Wood

The Burchetts mixed ancient and commercial woodland had been relied upon by UKOG to screen the proposed site. During the inquiry, it emerged that thinning of the woodland would begin in the autumn.


Mr Elvin said UKOG considered the possible felling of Burchett’s Wood as a worst-case scenario. But he concluded that if felling went ahead, it would not substantially change the company’s overall assessments on the impact of the site on the landscape.

The thinning work, due to start in the autumn, was “unlikely to remove the screening currently provided”, he said.

“the clear felling of the wood in its entirety is unlikely within the 3 year period of the proposed development.”

Surrey County Council

Ms Wigley said UKOG’s assessment of the effects of felling was “wholly inadequate” and an assessment had been “scant and inadequate”. Felling was “a realistic and likely prospect”.

The company had argued that the tree line on the site’s northern boundary would have the same screening role as the Burchetts. But Ms Wigley said:

“This is entirely unrealistic in circumstances where that tree line is in single file, all deciduous, not continuous and includes trees subject to ash die back. The appellants rely on the Burchetts when it suits them and then abandon all reliance on them when it no longer suits them.


The key transport disagreement centred on the suitability of High Loxley Road and Dunsfold Road, near the planned site.

The scheme proposes to widen the Pratts Corner junction between High Loxley Road and Dunsfold Road and part of High Loxley Road itself. Temporary traffic signals are planned for the four arms of the Pratts Corner junction, along with traffic cones and signage. Banksmen will be used when heavy goods vehicles are scheduled.

The inquiry heard that UKOG had not accepted all the recommendations in the road safety audit.


David Elvin said there had been detailed discussions between the company and highways officials since June 2018. Planning officers concluded that the proposals were supported by a “realistic and robust” assessment and were capable of delivering safe and suitable access, he said.

Mr Elvin criticised the council’s transport witness for making what he described as “implausible objections”. He also said there was a “serious omission” by the witness in failing to discuss his concerns with highways officers.

On the road safety audit, he said:

“It is misconceived to suggest that the RSA [road safety audit] was not complied with in that there are a few instances where the Appellant has not followed the recommendation proposed.”

He added that the audit recommended possible solutions to safety problems. There may be other acceptable ways they could be overcome, he said.

Waverley Borough Council

“Dunsfold Road and High Loxley Lane are not suitable or adequate to accommodate large heavy goods vehicles and abnormal indivisible load vehicles.”

Mr Arthur added that concerns remained about the traffic management operation and the implications if it failed.

Surrey County Council

“the local highway network is not of an appropriate standard to accommodate the development. Dunsfold Road west of Pratts Corner is unsuitable for HGVs and the agreed condition on routeing will prevent HGVs from travelling to the site from the west. From the east, the turn into High Loxley Road is physically constrained, preventing HGVs from being able to turn in without very significant highway works and traffic management measures.”

On the road safety audit, Ms Wigley said:

“the developer was forced into a risky trade-off between environmental concerns and highway safety. The safety recommendations could simply not be accommodated without increasing the unacceptability of the access arrangements in environmental terms to a degree higher than could be countenanced”

This trade-off was “apparently accepted” by the county highways authority, she said. The risk of drivers violating a red light had been resolved by moving the traffic lights, Ms Wigley said. “This seems far from a satisfactory solution, particularly when the repeated erection, removal and reinstatement of the signals throughout the development period allows scope for signals to be placed in slightly different locations each time.”

On the proposed banksmen, she said:

[this will] rely on a number of steps and a chain of communication (between driver, manager, one banksman and another banksman), all prone to human error and equipment failure.

“this is not a one off occasion, it is a procedure that will need to be used up to 20 times per day (10 two way movements) for up to 56 weeks.”


Heavy goods vehicles

Surrey County Council

Ms Wigley said on up to six occasions, the largest of HGVs visiting the site would be too big to navigate Pratts Corner.

“it will need to pass the junction with High Loxley Road, perform a three point turn back into Dunsfold Common Road and enter High Loxley Road from the west. This will rely on intensive traffic management and cause inconvenience to road users and is another demonstration of the unsuitability of the highway network in the vicinity of the site for the development proposed.”

All the HGVs using the B2130 between Dunsfold Common Road and the A281 would be forced to cross the centre line of the carriageway when negotiating two 90 degree bends.  She criticised UKOG for providing no breakdown of the HGV types and numbers. There is no suggestion that the larger HGVs would be in the minority, she said.

She said the total number of class 4 and above HGVs using the key stretch of the B2130 was 49 westbound and 41 eastbound over a seven day period. Development traffic would amount to up to 10 two-way HGV movements per day for up to 56 weeks. This is “highly material”, she said. It would “significantly increase the incidences of where the centre line is crossed, and in turn, will unacceptably increase highway safety risk”.


Mr Elvin said:

“The numbers of HGVs added to the network (to be controlled by condition) is a small percentage of those already on it and will include periods when there are none at all.”

He accused the council’s transport witness of exaggerating additional numbers of HGVs.


The council’s traffic witness calculated that the accident rate for the key section of the B2130 was double the largest UK rate since 2009 and nearly four times worse than the latest statistics for this type of road.

Mr Elvin responded:

“the comparisons he sought to draw have no reasonable statistical justification for the manner in which he sought to use them.”

He said the guidance used by the council’s transport witness related to the cost-benefit analysis of trunk road schemes and had “no application whatsoever to the assessment of accidents in safety terms”.

He said the highways authority’s assessment of safety on Dunsfold road was based “on the industry-standard approach of analysing recorded collisions and their circumstances at specific locations, rather than comparison to any national statistics”.

Planning balance

Surrey County Council

“the proposed development is contrary to the development plan and there are no material considerations to justify allowing the appeal as a departure from the plan. The benefits cited by the appellants are largely speculative and illusory and are not to be taken into account.

UKOG’s planning balance was “fatally undermined” by giving them significant weight, Ms Wigley said.

Waverley Borough Council

“The harm demonstrated by the highways and landscape evidence is entitled to substantial weight. The harm of the kind described in the evidence is credible and fully justified, it substantiates the stated reasons for refusal alone.”

Mr Arthur said the proposals were also contrary to 12 policies in the Waverley Local Plan.


“the project is not itself a production project but it is an essential prerequisite for the delivery of such projects in the future. This is a material benefit deserving of great weight in the planning balance given the importance of hydrocarbons in latest Government policy including the recently reissues NPPF.”


More HGV’s could soon be thundering through Waverley’s eastern villages!

The clock is ticking if you want to object.

But are Waverley Planners objecting? Is Surrey County Council making a formal objection?

Is Guildford & Cranleigh MP Angela Richardson objecting on behalf of her constituents as they face HGV overload?

Could all that clay be making its way right onto her own home doorstep to the Brickworks in Ewhurst?

Having been bombarded with more than 40% of ‘Your Waverley’s homes quota its eastern villages are now being swamped by HGV’s!


Loxwood Clay Pits Ltd wants the backing of West Sussex County Council to create a massive clay quarry on the outskirts of Alfold in Pallinghurst Woods. Yes, that poor beleaguered village on the Surrey/Sussex border. Really! You couldn’t make it up, how much more misery must they and their neighbours be forced to take?

A plan which neighbouring villages have described as potentially “catastrophic.”

The immediate area  is already suffering HGV’s movements every 15 minutes along the A281 Guildford/Horsham Road into nearby Wildwood Lane on their way to the Cranleigh Brick & Tile site in Knowle Lane, Cranleigh.  Now they could face 33 years, yes really, 33 long years of another 42 HGV movements per day.

Surrey County Council Highways backed the plan for  70 lorry movements per day for five and a half years to pound along Wildwood Lane which serves Cranleigh Youth and Senior Rugby Clubs. The lane has folded up and disintegrated several times since work began.

The Big lorry dash has begun! But you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Here’s a map of the site – here’s the planning number WSCC/030/21 or click here to access. Here’s the link to its extremely professional residents website. https://www.stoptheclaypit.org

And – don’t think that some of the lorries won’t be thundering through every other town and village in the borough of Waverley, because you can bet your bottom dollar they will.

The site which is raising massive local opposition is crisscrossed by public footpaths and bridleways.

Said Environmental scientist Dr Jill Sutcliffe.

It’s a greenfield site and it is absolutely ironic that this application wants to take down trees to put up a recycling unit, when the government is telling us all to plant trees because of climate change nd in an area that supports wonderful wildlife.”

Mike Rutherford of Genisis fame has joined all the local protestors and the website includes a message from the rock star who has lived in and loved the area for the past 43 years.

Here’s the view of objector Mark Lebus. 

Application (WSCC/030/21) has only one benefit…

(i.e., profit for the applicant) but a very significant and harmful list of risks and reasons why it should never be approved.

 1) Health and Safety Riskthe woodlands, footpaths and Loxwood Road are used by walkers, cyclists, riders, and local drivers 365 days a year. There is a school bus route with stops along the Loxwood Road route and access to numerous public footpaths onto the road which means that the proposed HGV route will create an extraordinarily high risk of road traffic incidents or worse for 33 years.

2) Environmental ImpactThe proposed clay pit area is greenfield and sits within/alongside ancient woodlands, farming fields, livestock, ponds and waterways and is currently rich with biodiversity and benefits to health and wellbeing. The proposed activities will destroy huge parts of the local environment through dust, carbon emissions, noise and light pollution and vibration. Regular habitat surveys will demonstrate a rapid and irreversible decline of biodiversity across a wide area beyond the clay pit boundaries which in turn will also have a significant effect on farming and health and wellbeing across the whole area.

3) Infrastructure Risk the proposed route to and from the site assumes that 40 HGV vehicle movements per day for 33 years would have little or no impact on the minor roads, adjacent properties, listed buildings, farmland and watercourses.

“The impact on infrastructure across the neighbouring rural environment is highly likely to be catastrophic including a real danger to lives if buildings or roads become unstable due to long-term and consistent HGV movements.”

4) Local Authority responsibilityHow does this application meet any of the four key priorities of the West Sussex County Council 2021-2025 plan (which is underpinned by a cross-cutting theme of tackling climate change)?

  • 1. Keeping people safe from vulnerable situations.
  • 2. A sustainable and prosperous economy.
  • 3. Helping people and communities to fulfil their potential.
  • 4. Making the best use of resources.
  • The WSCC Plan also states –

“We have also seen unexpected benefits including cleaner air, less noise, neighbourliness, and an appreciation of the environment our residents live in. This new context means WSCC needs to build a new model of priorities for the next four years and beyond – one that focuses everything we are able to do on achieving good health and wellbeing for our residents In order to be fit for the future we must do two things.”

  • 5) Demand for Clay – is there clear evidence that there is a demand for clay anywhere in the UK when there are four sites with more than 24 years supply of clay, therefore meeting all national and local level clay requirements. The proposed clay demand argument is surely removed by the closure of West Hoathly brickworks near Crawley. If there is no need for the clay, then presumably the justification for a waste site is also disputable.

‘Your Waverley’ starts to build Zero carbon homes.

‘Your Waverley’ is putting its money where its mouth is and building homes fit for the future.

The Thakeham Homes team is on-site at Ockford Ridge.

True to its mission statement in its Climate Emergency Strategy, Waverley Borough  Council has partnered with Thakeham Homes to build homes at Ockford Ridge in Godalming that will help residents save an extra 1.37 tonnes of carbon emissions every year.

 The council housing is now well into its multi-million pound phased development at Ockford Ridge,  to enhance the former run-down estate for the benefit of its existing residents and future generations. 

It has been working with the community at Ockford Ridge for many years to refurbish homes that are to be retained, rebuild homes and create new homes for local people.  

Plans for redevelopment 

Six sites (A to F) are being redeveloped in phases up until 2025. The project is part of Waverley’s multi million investment in its housing stock.  The majority of the new homes are available for rent. The redevelopment has also seen the ground-up refurbishment of the remaining council-owned homes. 

The Sussex based company is building this phase after the successful delivery of 37 new homes on Site A last year. The community now boasts a comprehensive and beneficial programme to the residents, including rewilding activities, supporting the local school with a holistic Eddie & Ellie educational programme, and community centre building repairs.

Following the completion of its first phase of energy-efficient homes, the company is now going a step further to take action against climate change and meet the objectives of the Council’s leading Climate Change Declaration.

The latest development is to provide 17 new energy-efficient and affordable homes and will demonstrate the council’s pledge on carbon neutrality, by having a long list of energy-efficient innovations.

The homes, sited in the newly re-named Laurel Close, will feature solar panels to generate electricity and reduce heating and lighting bills; waste heat recovery from the boiler flues and high specification glazing to reduce heat losses through the glass.

Thicker ground slab insulation and wall insulation has also been added along with modern methods of timber-framed construction.

Across the site, gardens will include pollinator fruit trees and sensitive carbon-absorbing soft landscaping, making maximum use of low-carbon hard landscaping materials.

Electrical vehicle charging points will be provided in many of the new homes, as will built-in swift bricks, bat boxes and hedgehog holes in fencing to allow their free movement to support wildlife on Ockford Ridge.

Leader of the council and local ward councillor, Cllr Paul Follows along with senior council officers joined Thakeham senior management on-site recently to celebrate the new start.

Waverley’s new Mayor, Councillor John Robini, also joined them to view the latest site along with other completed projects on the estate.

Cllr Robini said:

“I’m looking forward to seeing these new homes literally rise from the ground. There will be 17 spacious, attractive and affordable homes, built to the highest current standards. I am also excited because this scheme starts to translate our Carbon Neutrality Action Plan into actual houses, by creating energy efficient, low carbon homes for the future.

“All-in-all, a fantastic development, we think, and a massive step forward from the homes built here 85 years ago.”

The council’s innovative community benefit programme will continue to run in tandem with the building of new homes. This will see the council, contractors and the local community work together to create a really sustainable legacy for the community. Current projects include further enhancing biodiversity by supporting the town council’s re-wilding of Eashing Cemetery, sponsoring mentoring at Rodborough School and financially supporting the excellent work of local Godalming skills and employment support charity, Skillways.

‘Your Waverley’ has also put in a bid to buy part of Dunsfold Park, which has permission to build almost 3,000 homes in a new Garden Village. The bids are currently being assessed by the owners’ Trinity College Cambridge.



Surrey County Council taken to court for placing children too far from home.

Surrey children have been placed in 119 different local authority areas around the United Kingdom as well as abroad.

Now campaigners want to bring them back closer to home.

Half of Surrey’s 985  children in care are being placed outside county borders due to lack of accommodation in Surrey, and the GLP  is concerned about the impact this may be having on the county’s children. So are some Liberal Democrat county councillors.

 Earlier this year the organisation which won a High Court challenge against the Cabinet Office over a £560,000 Covid-19 contract awarded with no competitive tenders – is now bringing a judicial review against ‘Your Surrey.’

Its founder Jolyon Maugham QC said:
“The most vulnerable children in our society are increasingly disconnected from their support networks, often without any advance warning or preparation.”

Mr Maugham claims the authority is “not actively seeking to manage the market to secure in-area provision”. However, the county council claims it is doing all it reasonably can to secure local provision. It has recently provided homes for 10 autistic young people in a purpose-built unit in Alfold. However, the move was steeped in controversy over the handling of the project.

A GLP petition asking the council to “Stop sending children in care to live miles away from everything they know” has been signed by over 800 people.


Fiona White, Liberal Democrat Guildford County councillor who sits on the committee that scrutinises children’s services, said:

“It’s traumatic enough to be taken away from your family without isolating them completely from everything they know. It is a timely reminder that the council’s children’s services have only recently been taken out of special measures. It’s not as though they’re just over the border in Hampshire or Sussex, it’s a long distance we’re talking about.

“If children are taken into care for whatever good reason, unless it’s a safety issue, you need to keep them as close as you can to their existing relationships, grandparents, aunt and uncle and so on. They’re being housed so far away it’s really difficult for those relationships to continue, that’s what worries me, that relationships break down.”

Surrey County Councillor for Cranleigh & Ewhurst  Liz Townsend


 Lib Dem Councillor Liz Townsend, who only recently joined the county’s ranks said:

“As corporate parents, we have a responsibility to support our children, and at present, we are letting our children down. We have empty buildings, one here in Cranleigh that is not being used. I am shocked by the lack of action in prioritising this critical issue.”

Cllr Townsend who also sits on the children’s services committee said the council’s ‘Your Fund’ committee has borrowed £100m, with debt and interest being shouldered by the taxpayer to fund community projects.  Roll up, roll up for the Big Surrey Giveaway.

She said whilst we are not prejudging the benefit of these projects, officers resources do seem to be being thrown at this fund, with the latest promo being postcards distributed to all councillors to drum up business, whilst Surrey’s cared for children don’t seem to be getting quite as much attention!

Continue reading “Surrey County Council taken to court for placing children too far from home.”


Claims made by “Your Waverley’ have been rubbished by experts.

  Waverley councillors and the Local Government Association (LGA) has claimed that…

“There are sites with planning permissions where landowners and developers are deliberately not bringing them forward, and a million homes await construction.”

The Government’s new planning bill could finally penalise Waverley’s tardy developers.

But experts claim, Councils ‘may have to grant permissions for 64% more houses to meet government’s 300,000-home target’ and the  number of homes granted planning consent  by  councils may have to rise by up to 64 per cent “immediately” to hit the government’s target of delivering 300,000 homes per year by the middle of the decade.

A report commissioned from consultants – Lichfields by The Home Builders Federation (HBF ) and others,  reveal that there has been an annual rate of planning consents of between 300,000 to 400,000 homes. However this doesn’t tally with completions, so has led to the view that developers are deliberately hanging onto sites.

Bodgit and Runne Builders

 But the report rubbishes this conclusion saying…

“This fundamentally misinterprets the data. Each year the number of permissions granted  includes homes on sites that would not be built out in one or two years, some sites await funding for infrastructure (which can only be sought once permission is granted) and some permissions will be replacement permissions for approvals granted in previous years to reflect technical changes, re-design, alterations in housing mix or design detail. Successive years of units with permission will therefore incorporate significant double counting.”

The report adds: In reality, the number of homes with planning permission will need to exceed the size of the pipeline, because some permissions will be delayed, re-planned or lapse, and some will deliver homes beyond a five-year horizon, suggesting that…

“a minimum estimated total stock of around 1.7 million homes with permission is needed”.

To meet this, councils would need to sharply increase housing consents. The report sets out three scenarios: an upper scenario of 608,400 housing units consented each year; a midpoint scenario of 518,500 units consented; and a lower scenario of 428,500 units consented. These would represent rises in the amount of units consented annually of 64, 40 and 15 per cent respectively. This compares with 372,000 new homes permitted recorded by MHCLG in 2019.

The report adds that, “if the government’s ambition to achieve 300,000 homes per year by the mid 2020s (assumed to be no later than 2027) is to be achieved then, given the assumed gap of two years from granted of permission to recorded completion, this means the increase in permissions is needed immediately, and by 2023”.

The report comes after Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick announced that the government is considering sanctions for developers over permissions that are not built out quickly enough.







Blightwells, Farnham’s premier retail development delayed until 2022

Our town mole has discovered that the grand Blightwells Autumn opening has slipped until Spring 2022.

How many slips exactly is that now?

Meanwhile, the rest of Farnham is thriving with new coffee shops opening –  a debut yoghurt shop and… a butcher!

Will that get Waverley out of the sticky brown stuff?!
Oh, dear! There we were all dolled up and now, nowhere to go. We listened to The Portfolio Holder for Planning Cllr Andy MacLeod wax lyrical recently about how well things were going to plan for the Autumn opening of Blightwells. Some of our WWebbers and followers were choosing their best bibs and tuckers in preparation for the grand opening and then Wam bang along comes yet another delay. How many delays is that exactly?
Cllr MacLeod said:
“At all costs, Brightwells must be a success.
So the cash registers won’t be ringing soon in the 28 shops and restaurants, despite Crest Nicholson giving Waverley an upbeat message on all those businesses they were confident of signing up? However,  we hear there is lots of interest in the new development that Cllr Andy says must be a success. Let us all hope for the taxpayers’ sake that Surrey County Council and Waverley Borough Council’s big white hope doesn’t become a big white elephant. There were 6,000 objections to this toxic scheme 20 years ago when first mooted by Waverley’s Tory administration.
However, things are going well in the Farnham Town shopping scene.
New restaurants and coffee shops are opening, and a butcher a baker, but so far no candlestick maker.
A few weeks ago we asked?
Perhaps now that Waverley’s Leader (Paul Follows) and a few other Waverley councillors have joined the growing band of opposition members at County Towers we may find out exactly how much was invested in this unpopular development. A development that is now head and shoulders above Farnham’s once lovely market town?
We still haven’t heard, perhaps that piece of information is being well hidden from prying eyes, even if you are a new county councillor?

The silly season has arrived in Dunsfold!

Daft or what?

Apples falling into a neighbours garden from next-doors apple tree have sparked a major row in Dunsfold that has, so far cost, a staggering £200,000 in legal fees allegedly, according to the Daily Mail page 25 yesterday 4th August.

Silly season it most definitely is!

We have heard of a whole gamut of neighbour disputes raging all over Waverley. Neighbours fighting over bonfires and barbecues, hedges and ditches, and who has parking rights,  but this one beats even the best.

And there we were here at the Waverley Web HQ thinking that Dunsfold was such a peaceful place! Apart, that is, from the odd complaint about, aircraft noise, Top Gear, and development plans. Oh, and we mustn’t marauding forget film crews and the odd dinosaur and explosion that take place from time to time! 

Isaac Newton would have had a field day in Dunsfold. Legend has it that a young Isaac Newton was sitting under an apple tree when he was bonked on the head by a falling piece of fruit, … and discovered the laws of gravity.

Oh! and it just became even dafter. Angela Richardson, The MP for Guildford and the eastern villages just Tweeted some really important information to her constituents. No doubt all those constituents forced to contact former MP Anne Milton because they get no response from Angie, will be glad to hear why?


It’s official! Building on flood plains in ‘Your Waverley’ will be banned by the Government.

Talk about shutting the door after the horse has bolted!

George Eustace,  The Secretary of State for Environment has warned that:

“Climate change is heightening the threat of deluges destroying homes.”

Funny that! We all knew that yonks ago.  The residents over there in Cranleigh including the Cranleigh Civic Society warned that building on the flood plains of the eastern village was just storing up trouble for the future. In fact, the group that speaks up on behalf of the people of Cranleigh took a vote of NO CONFIDENCE  in Waverley Borough Council in May 2017. CROSS OF CRANLEIGH JUST GOT A WHOLE LOT CROSSER …

Perhaps that Vote of NO CONFIDENCE fell on deaf ears?

Here’s just one of the sites that Thakeham Homes. A developer that was actually afforded the unprecedented honour of joining planning officers around the Waverley Towers council chamber staff table, to speak up for and receive its planning consent. 

You can see where building work has started and where now the new homes stand.

However, no surprise here: Thakeham Homes sold the site on to another developer as soon as it received planning consent! It is now aptly named – “Willow Brook.”

Thakeham’s thuggery set to reap rich rewards.

‘ Your Waverley’ make a site visit to Thakeham Homes proposed new development on a floodplain in Cranleigh.

No worries though. The Government has set aside £860million for 1,000 flood defence schemes as part of a package of measures to protect homes, businesses and infrastructure!


‘Your Waverley’s’ waste contractor – is recycling in India & Indonesia.

Biffa, Waverley’s waste contractor fined £1.5m for exporting household waste, and not for the first time!

Veolia Out… Biffa In – as a new refuse service​ soon to arrive in Waverley.

One of the last major decisions made by the Conservative Administration before it was kicked into opposition in the 2019 elections was to change suppliers of the borough’s waste collection system.


Went Veolia, which has its own recycling centre, and a waste collection depot on the A31 between Alton & Winchester.


Came Biffa – which will be transporting general waste to the Slyfield Depot on the Woking Road in Guildford and recycling to Camberley in the Surrey Heath district. Food Waste will be collected separately.

The new service was expected to save ‘Your Waverley,’ £50,000 per year. Has it, we wonder?

 Biffa has been fined £1.5m after exporting filthy rubbish marked as waste paper for recycling in India and Indonesia, in actions a judge called…

“reckless, bordering on deliberate”.

The company was convicted last week after a two week trial at Woodford Green Crown Court of sending more than 1,000 tonnes of household waste to India and Indonesia, in breach of a ban on sending such waste to developing countries.

Approximately 50,000 tins, 40,000 plastic bags, 25,000 items of clothing, 3,000 nappies – and even a frying pan, condoms and a souvenir New York T-shirt were among the items packaged as waste paper for export to Asia in Biffa’s recycling facility in Edmonton, north London, between 2018 and 2019.

The seven-figure fine is the second time in two years the company has been fined for exporting household waste to a non-OECD country.

But then £1.5m will put hardly dent in a company with a one billion pound turnover, will it?

Continue reading “‘Your Waverley’s’ waste contractor – is recycling in India & Indonesia.”


No ‘ Strawberry Fields for Ever’ at Secretts in Milford.

A dark cloud hangs over the former Secretts Pick Your Own fields near Godalming.

We received this little message from one of our followers called ‘Chris’ which sounded so, so sad.

Great shame to see Secretts former pick-your-own at Milford gone to rack and ruin – sad rows of shrivelled strawberry plants on what was elevated easy to reach plants – now all dead.

Will the business ever start up again or are there other plans for these fields where clouds loomed this morning… (Saturday 31st July)

We should be mid strawberry picking season in the sunshine. Times have changed.

We are even sorrier to mention Chris – that we believe that the Secretts Pick Your Own will soon be another sacrifice on the developers’ altar – and will be covered in bricks and mortar. No doubt, when it emerges, ‘Your Waverley’s Local Plan Part 2 will include this site.

No doubt the boards will soon be announcing builders ‘Boddgit and Run’ are constructing zillions of new “affordable homes” at an estate called… Strawberry Fields!

The Secretts cash registers will then be ringing –


Yes, it is sad – where this country once grew lettuce, strawberries, and plants in dozens of Waverley’s former nurseries and garden centres – we now grow – ‘little boxes, made out of ticky tacky, and they all look just the same.’



Ye Gods! Is Boris visiting us – because like his Tory MP’s – he’s getting worried?

No wonder his hair is standing on end being dragged down to Angie’s patch? Or did he drop in on Surrey to trouser another couple of millions from developers to boost Tory’s coffers?

 Declarations released by the Electoral Commission show the firms gave £891,984 to Tory central office and eight local associations – a sizeable chunk of the £6,418,295 the party reported receiving in the first three months of 2021.

It comes as the government prepares to launch sweeping changes to the planning system that will remove communities’ right to object to inappropriate individual developments in their area.

The county council elections have given the Tories one hell of a fright – so much so that have dragged the boss man down to smooth the fevered brows of Surrey’s worried wealthy. Brows that are thankfully already pretty smooth with a good dose of Botox?

The Prime Minister and Surrey County Council’s leader Tim Oliver have now revealed their current visions of local government. Do they match up? Well, not quite!

Surrey County Council was not misled over unitary bid, said Boris Johnson on his recent visit.

However, he’s been buzzing feverishly around the county in an attempt to round up the flock in his best sheepdog mode after they ran amok and changed sides in the May elections.  Don’t you worry Angie he cried, we’ll soon whip the little bu**ers back into shape?

The electorate of Surrey sent a strong message to the Tory-controlled county council who had and still are,  eager to create a behemoth unitary authority. A bid that would have seen the end to Surrey’s 11 borough and district councils including ‘Your Waverley which is now pitching its lot in with Guildford Borough.

Cllr Oliver says he’s not keen on the idea of creating extra layers of governance, which conflicts with his desire for greater efficiency, and he thinks the powers of a Democratically Elected Mayor could be carried out just as well by a county leader. Well, he wouldn’t he? 

“We already have a democratic mandate as county leader,” he said.

Surrey County Council

So there you have it in Surrey’s Game of Thrones – Tim Oliver the Leader of Surrey County Council wants to be The DEM of Surrey – Simples. However, he must have missed the results of the ~May elections. So perhaps it is down to the Waverley Web to remind him of what the electorate thought of SCC and his empire-building ambitions.

The future for Surrey County Council is not looking quite so blue.

The fight to stop Surrey County Council’s power grab has begun.

Cllr Oliver  says Mr Johnson appears to be amenable to his idea: But what the Prime Minister actually said was: 

it is up to Surrey residents to decide the form of local government they want. “It’s different strokes for different folks.

“I don’t want to impose a single cookie cutter type formula on every area, some areas will have different models. But what I do want is strong, active, dynamic local leadership.”

This was echoed by Guildford MP Angela Richardson, who said: “I’ve had lots of conversations with the [local government] secretary of state and he’s very much of the view that it’s got to be driven locally; it’s not a top-down approach, it’s very much what local people want.”

Here she goes again – name dropping again – so if that’s the case, perhaps take note of the local borough and county council election results Angie. Because the voting fodder is beginning to wake up and smell the coffee and say what they want, what they really, really want! 

But the SCC leader who spent/wasted £250,000 of our money on his little vanity project is still convinced that what we all want is one, great big Surrey Unitary Authority. Giving local people little or no say, in what goes on. Can you imagine what will occur if Surrey controls all those planning applications in our countryside? God help us all?

He says:

“There is no reason why our great counties cannot benefit from the same powers we have devolved to city leaders so that they can take charge of levelling up local infrastructure.

Levelling up Local Infrastructure, he has to be joking?

He is kidding, isn’t he?  Is he talking about our roads, awful highway information on the recent badly planned road improvements that bear no resemblance to what and when they actually happen! Or perhaps he is he talking about the Run Common Road between the A281 and the Guildford Road At Grafham near  Cranleigh? A bridge that has been shut for two years – due to badgers! Pull the other one please Cllr Oliver. Your residents aren’t mushrooms, growing in the dark, ready to have a barrel load of manure thrown over them.

We could talk about the closure and downgrading of the recycling centres and the children’s centres all over Waverley and Surrey. Perhaps even the schools that haven’t been built, in areas where there is burgeoning development. Or perhaps like the school you wanted to close in Godalming? And the disgraceful waste of public money all £57m plus on Blightwell in Farnham and its 28 un-let shops, an ugly development that is destroying our town. Or perhaps you will cut the roadside verges before the growth meets in the middle?

But we won’t reel off any more, we want to save our breath and use our energies at the ballot box.

He also said:

Surrey County Council is already involved in deciding which NHS services to buy, through the Surrey Heartlands integrated care system.

OMG! The next thing he will be wanting is to run the NHS. After presiding over a county council that is failing in Adult Social Care – and its children’s services. Beam us up, Scottie?



‘Fields of destruction’ and misery in Godawfulming!

Godalming Ashill 82 Million
Ockford Park

More “ affordable homes” on their way to Godawfulming?

Godawfulming – here we come?

Do developers take one scrap of notice of the conditions imposed on them when granted their planning consents? Are the developers doing what ‘Bob the Builder’ Robert Jenrick wants – “building beautiful?

Here are some of the beautiful and “affordable” new homes!

and here’s another “beautiful home” a snip at just ‘from £555,000.’ 

That is the question being asked by the residents of Eashing Lane in Godalming. We have heard similar tales of woe from residents living around other building sites in the Waverley Borough. Some of whom have put their homes up for sale packed up their belongings and left!

One said:

“I was woken at 0710 by Cala Homes vehicles being moved around and beeping on the building site today. I’m woken at 0745, most days they are moving machinery around and working well before 0800. It’s bad enough we have to put up with all the noise, the bad language and excessive dust coming over from the site and covering everything during the day, but breaking the rules on the noise when people are sleeping especially night workers is totally unacceptable.”


Will the new Governments environmental bill protect the countryside in Waverley?

Nature is going to pay a high price – and so will generations of our residents if the Government’s Environmental Bill gets the go-ahead this Autumn.

As Ancient woodland gets the chop, hedges and trees are gouged out to make yet another entrance to yet another development, the natural world of Waverley is in the gravest danger.

Despite ‘Your Waverley’s’ efforts to Declare A Climate Emergency, it will come to nothing if the legislation presently being scrutinised goes onto the Government’s statute books in its present form.

Our environmental law was supposed to be world-leading. Designed to restore and protect nature and give us a greener, cleaner Waverley.

With much of the borough surrounded by the Surrey Hills and the Special Protection Areas(SPA’s) and  Wealden heaths around Farnham protecting nature has already been given a hammer blow. The latest token gesture by the Government could be the death knell. for both people and nature, because one relies upon the other.

Heads in the sand again?
At a recent planning meeting, Farnham Residents’ Cllr Jerry Hyman was shouted down, once again, for claiming that yet another planning application for homes in the countryside had not been given an Appropriate Assessment.

It is an argument he has been putting forward for years! The Waverley Web is not a lawyer, neither will we pretend to be experts. However, as we have watched more countryside go under concrete, and watched badgers and other wildlife drown, we are worried – very worried!  Every day, social media reveals the damage to our environment because developers who promise much deliver little. 

For years we have watched Waverley planners and developers, supported by councillors, pretend that the damage in one area can be fixed by offsetting it elsewhere.

For example – build anywhere and everywhere in and around Farnham and nearby towns and villages, and let developers dump some money into Waverley’s coffers to provide a SANG – Suitable Alternative  Natural Greenspace in Farnham Park.

Here’s Jerry’s argument made at the Western Planning Meeting when the Red Court, Scotland Lane, Haslemere application was considered recently.

An argument that officers and his councillor colleagues REFUSED to accept as a reason for Refusal. So the planning application was Refused on the flimsiest of flimsy grounds! 

Here’s Cllr Hyman comments:
 “A number of residents have observed (as have I) that the Council’s “Appropriate Assessment  Proformas” do not constitute appropriate assessments, and that Items on this evening’s agenda must be refused accordingly.  Officers and Natural England claim that the required AAs do exist, but won’t provide them. 
You are no doubt aware that in the recent Appeals for the Lower Weybourne Lane and 19 The Fairfield applications, both Inspectors checked the content of the Proformas for themselves (at my behest) and both accepted that the Proformas failed to include the required detailed assessments of the mitigation.  If they had complete AAs before them then the Inspectors would not have determined that they did not, and thankfully they accepted they had no choice but to Dismiss the Appeals (or risk simple JRs). 
It is not surprising that habitual lawbreakers are in denial of the facts.  Hence we need our Leaders to look at the facts and simply confirm whether or not the ‘AA Proformas’ for Hookstile Lane and Red Court include the required detailed information and assessments of the mitigation proposals. 
The two relevant AA Proformas are on Waverley’s website, see the Draft AA Proforma for Hookstile Lane and the Draft AA Proforma for Red Court.
As Leaders, please confirm to Members and residents that those documents DO NOT contain any detailed assessment of the mitigation measures, bird population data or conservation targets? 
Please now ensure that amends for the Officers’ mistakes are made at this evening’s meeting.?
 I refer you to the Head of Planning’s response (below), which is not acceptable in law.  A complete written appropriate assessment containing all the available scientific evidence is required in advance of the decision-making, or consent must not be granted.   
If we fail to observe the highest level laws protecting endangered species, what hope is there for the rest of the environment?
Assai, two of the Items at this evening’s Western Planning meeting Officers are dependent upon the Officers’ pretences that appropriate assessments exist.  
The Old Mission Hall, Hookstile Lane application (WA/2020/0558) was refused at the last Western Planning meeting but has been recalled to Committee by Officers because as Ward Member I have refused to sanction a SPA Condition which would allow and encourage an Inspector to allow it unlawfully at Appeal.  Officers are refusing to admit that no AA exists, and have brought it back in the hope that the majority of Members will support them in displaying total disdain for the law and the residents we serve.
The Red Court, Scotland Lane application was covered in my previous email (below).  In the absence of an AA, it is vital that Members refuse on those grounds, to avoid the expense of an unnecessary Appeal and/or JR.
The Council and residents need firm, transparent and ethical leadership in this regard.    The Head of Planning’s response does not address the four questions.   It is plain fact that in People Over Wind and Crondall the Courts have determined that the approach and advice of experts, NE, PINS, lawyers and Officers since 2008, allowing the evasion of proper assessment,  has been wrong.  As the NPPG (ref.65-006) confirms, decision-makers must now mend their ways;  for Members to continue to kowtow to the partial and evasive advice of discredited ‘experts’ and lawyers would be perverse.  A primary school student could understand that.   It is also understandable that the culprits find it difficult to admit their longstanding failure to comply with the law.  Officers must not be allowed to continue the lawyers’ verbal pretences that complete appropriate assessments exist. It is our responsibility as Councillors to get a grip and ensure the Council now acts lawfully in all respects.    
Finally, I refer you to the responsibility of the Applicant, NE and Members under Regs 63, 9(1) and 9(3) of the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017.    Officers have no authority to advise Members to the contrary as it places the Applicant, Officers and Members at risk of criminal charges of Obtaining Planning Consent by Deception and Misconduct in Public Office. ‘ 
A further letter to the Chief Planning Officer concerning missing documents can be  read here:Dear Zac

The pandemic put fixing the environment on the backburner. But we don’t have time to spare – the UK is already one of Europe’s most nature-depleted countries. Out of 20 internationally agreed biodiversity targets, we’re failing on a staggering 17 of them.

As it stands, the Government’s bill leaves both nature and our borough in grave danger. It doesn’t do justice to the natural world. Or do enough to make a difference to our lives or the lives of future generations.

 These government failures are both outrageous and saddening. So what do we do? Shut up and put up. Or fight?


Political parties in a pitch battle over a Haslemere development.

Ya, boo politics is alive and well at ‘Your Waverley.’

Pi**ed off Tories are clamouring to have their say both in the press and on social media about the fracas at Western Planning where a controversial development in Haslemere was given the go-ahead by their colleagues.

Read the WW post hereBuild anywhere, or even everywhere, in the borough of Waverley – except in Haslemere?

Leader Paul Follows later congratulated his colleagues for coming to the aid of Haslemere residents by binning a scheme to build 50 homes at Red Court, in Scotland Lane.

You can listen to the whole meeting or start at 26.33 for the Red Court application in the link below.


The decision to save an area of Great Landscape Value and seek sites elsewhere went down like a nasty dose of COVID with the Tories – who argued it was high time that Haslemere residents took their share of the build, build, and build more, brigade. They sited all those other green fields lost in –  Farnham, Badshot Lea, Cranleigh, Ewhurst and the village dubbed by councillors as “poor little old Alfold.” A village on the Surrey Sussex border that has provided well over its quota of housing.

Another whopping great housing application lands on Alfold’s doorstep.

As one villager said – ‘ how many more bloody houses are they going to dump on Alfold?

Another lorryload of new housing on its way to ‘ little old Alfold?’

The Tories are heartily sick of the Rainbow Coalition hogging social media.  Guildford & Villages MP Angela Richardson claimed after the county council election losses that the Tories were losing out in elections due to opposition parties reigning supreme in cyberspace. 

The Haslemere fracas was the ideal platform for the Tories to fight back.  They now predict an appeal by the developers due to the lack of robust, or any, planning reasons for refusal.

Here’s Alfold’s contribution so far. A village with no school, a village shop, little public transport and eight miles, WW guess, from Milford Station!





Will private meetings burst the CVHT health boil?

A meeting between village leaders a Cranleigh Charity and Waverley Planners will soon take place. 

Now the generous folks of the eastern villages who dug deep into their pockets to fund a new replacement hospital find themselves 20 years later with no money left in the kitty, and a green field with no planning consents.

Apologies to the Cranleigh Community Group which we referred to as the Cranleigh Community Board in our early morning posting. That was a previous social media site that died a death and disappeared one night. Mainly due to adverse comments about CVHT.

 They no longer need or want a replacement hospital after it became mired in controversy after it morphed into a huge private nursing home.  After two decades of – no show – villagers are now urging the health authorities to provide a spanking new Urgent Treatment Centre to service Cranleigh and Villages. The services they need and want to be provided from the old cottage hospital. This much-loved and publicly-funded building in the high street adjacent to the Village Way public car park is now home to a variety of services. These include:

  • X-Ray – Ultrasounds – Maternity – Physiotherapy – Phlebotomy –  Outpatient Clinics and more.

All are attributed to the hard work and dedication of the League of Friends – headed by its stalwart Chairman Dianne Davies known to many as  “the Welsh wizard.”

Building on those core services has been an ambition of the League, which includes some Cranleigh GP’s, for many years. A Charity – that has no association with the Cranleigh Village Health Trust.

 The League’s bid for an Acute Treatment Centre has the backing of Cranleigh’s leading and well-respected Facebook Cranleigh Community Group headed by Andy Webb, whose mother worked at the hospital in its heyday.

It was the CCB’s tireless efforts in securing both petitions and many hundreds of objection letters that prompted Waverley ~Planners to refuse Cranleigh Village Hospital now Health Trust’s latest planning application. This was for a private nursing home with community beds and residential accommodation.

However, the public are now fearful of what the charity intends to do with the controversial piece of land it still owns?

Here’s the decision. Cranleigh charity’s request for ‘private meeting’ UNANIMOUSLY REFUSED.

Now Mr Webb and his numerous followers need help to secure a long-held dream to take the old hospital into the future with up-to-date services for a growing community. Cranleigh GP’s boast a 17,000 patient list which can only grow like Topsy due to a massive building programme in the area.


Cranleigh Village Hospital League Of Friends and Cranleigh Village Hospital Campaign Group need your help.
As you may be aware, the Campaign Group was originally set up to campaign for the return of a minor injury clinic in the village hospital.
We are now campaigning for an Acute Treatment Centre (ATC) which is one step up from a minor injury clinic.
Please could you comment as to why you think this will be beneficial to Cranleigh and your experiences of having to visit Guildford Hospital for something that could of been dealt with in a local Acute Treatment Centre.
We need as much feedback as possible please as this could help with bringing this facility back to Cranleigh.
Thank you.
 Comments have poured into social media over many months. But there is some concern in the group that Cranleigh Parish Council, who once owned the land, have agreed to talks with Waverley Planners and the Charity to determine the future of the former playing fields off Knowle Lane.
They want to know why a member of the influential Campaign Group hasn’t been included in the ‘private talks? The parish council maintains it IS the public and will fearlessly defend the public interest.  As it claims, it always has and is neither responsible nor culpable for the mistakes made by previous holders of the office.
However, John Winser a vociferous opponent of the previous CVHT scheme asks.
“How can a transparent process start with a meeting in private? Its somewhat like CVHT’s public meetings that we are welcome to attend but are never told where or when they are. Give the distrust of this community it seems like madness.  I cannot comprehend it!
Perhaps someone can explain to me how a transparent public process starts with a private meeting?”

Some now believe traffic congestion and population growth make the ACT facility a necessity and not a luxury. 

This has become an essential part of essential infrastructure now, surely?

    • An absolute necessity for our village, given the significant increase in the local population irrespective of age etc. It would also be a huge help in relieving pressure from the RSCH in their A and E department.

  • Sal Parrott

    When husband (80) came back from a Cranleigh supermarket with a nasty ragged cut on his shin, I rang 111, who said a doctor would ring back. 2 hours later I tried Cranleigh Pharmacy, and the lovely pharmacist said he’d be able to deal with it, but wouldn’t be allowed to. So we drove to RSCH A&E. When I apologised to the nurse who sorted out the cut, she said ‘pre-tibial lacerations in older people can lead to problems unless properly treated, so please don’t apologise’. A Cranleigh ATC would have avoided bothering Guildford’s busy Emergency department. This is even more important for people who don’t drive. A kind neighbour would probably give a lift to Cranleigh, but a 3-hour trip to Guildford is above and beyond.

    Jan B Williams

    I think this facility is essential to Cranleigh.When we first came to live here the village hospital was a godsend to us,with 3 young boys it was great not to trek to the R/S every time the had an injury.With the growing population now here having to travel with small children to Guildford and the difficult with the parking, having the facility on your doorstep is ideal.

So the controversy continues…?

Waverley Leader Paul Follows has the last word. Saying the public ARE represented by their elected councillors, and there will come a point when the consultation will follow as the next step.
“Distrust of CVHT is one thing, but distrust of CPC in its current incarnation, I would find difficult to agree with as they are beyond reproach. But taking a step back for a moment – the whole issue with CVHT does cause everyone (including me) to have an emotive response.”
He added that part of the point of representative democracy, at all levels, means it is impractical to have public participation in everything in full view all the time.

Is telling the truth at Westminster now a punishable offence?


We seldom, if ever, stick our nose into Westminster’s lives, preferring to concentrate on all that is Waverley and Surrey. 

However, there are times when it is not only necessary but vital to highlight a principle.


Is it ok to lie to the House of Commons and not be called out by The Speaker?

Or, to call out lies and be told to leave the Chamber?

MP Dawn Butler was sent out of the House of Commons this week for doing just that.

When we were children we were told, every time we tell a lie a fairy dies. Westminster must be littered with dead fairies. 


Bag of drugs found in Godalming park by a toddler!

This is the stash of drugs picked up by a one-year-old toddler out for a walk in the park.

Wouldn’t Jack Phillips be turning in his watery grave if he knew that this stash was found next to the kiddies swings – where it could have killed, or seriously injured a child!

Where better to dump your drugs than in the Memorial Garden dedicated to a hero of the Titanic!

Jack Phillips, the wireless operator who died at his post whilst sending SOS signals on that fateful night of 14 April 1912 when The Titanic sank in the fateful collision with an iceberg. 

The Jack Phillips Memorial Cloister garden designed by Gertrude Jekyll, with its magnificent brick cloister 80 feet square designed by Hugh Thackeray Turner, was laid out, built and opened exactly two years to the day after the sinking of the Titanic. The memorial is situated between the River Wey and Godalming Parish Church in the Phillips Memorial Park.

The Phillips Memorial Cloister. Photographs courtesy of John Young.

The Phillips Memorial Cloister. Photographs courtesy of John Young.

The Phillips Memorial Cloister. Photographs courtesy of John Young.

Within the cloister, the Wireless and Telegraph Company commissioned and had erected a memorial stone tablet to the perpetual honour of this brave man,

Memorial Stone Tablet, Godalming Museum Collection

Memorial Stone Tablet, Godalming Museum Collection

Phillips family grave (photograph by John Young)

Phillips family grave (photograph by John Young)

On the 90th anniversary of the loss of the Titanic, in April 2002, Godalming Town Council refurbished the Phillips family grave of Jack’s father, George, and his mother, Ann, and twin sisters, Elsie and Ethel, in the Nightingale Cemetery, Deanery Road. In the centre of a six-foot square curb all in white marble, is an obelisk in the shape of an iceberg, a fitting memorial to Godalming hero Jack Phillips.