Watch out Jeremy Hunt there’s someone following you!

The constituency headquarters of South West Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt is now in an area that has just turned orange.


Election results – triumph for Waverley’s Liberal Democrats


Waverley’s Liberal Democrats were jubilant last night as their candidates in elections for a borough councillor for Hindhead, the town councils in Godalming, and Haslemere swept the board.

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It is time to get out and vote in the Waverley By-Elections

Which party will residents back in the Hindhead and Haslemere By-Elections?

By-elections take place today in several areas of the Waverley borough and a public Neighbourhood Plan Referendum takes place in Ewhurst next Thursday.

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‘Your Waverley’ is between a rock and the National Planning Policy Framework.


The NPPF – is Government Planning Policy. The blueprint by which planning applications are judged by local authorities across the country.

Here’s what Paul Follows – the Leader of Waverley Borough Council had to say about the NPPF, during a session of the eastern planning committee recently.

We apologise for being unable to give you a full picture of the speaker. But the dummies that control the webcast seem to have got their knickers in a knot… again!  One day, let us hope it is soon, we can actually hear and see the decisions and statements made by our elected representatives?

Is Planning Political?

Waverley planners have refused a proposed Rudwick development due to massive local opposition?


Is a triumph for Farnham just around the corner?

A triumph or a disaster for Farnham?

Some residents believe there is a solution for Blightwells that could unite Farnham.

Millions of pounds of taxpayers’ or pension fund holders’ money slipping down the pan

The unpopular squillion-pound development could – house the Farnham Museum, the Town Council, the Library and all major institutions such as the Royal British Legion, Phyllis Tuckwell and alike under one roof?

On the level, easy access to the development with bus stops nearby?
 This development has been a pain in the neck of Farnham for over 20 years. So, could the retail element of the East Street site be put to better use for the people who will be using it and paying for it?
Or, of course, it could be left to become a coffee-shop empire and be dubbed a massive disaster?

The Farnham Herald recently credited the 25-year saga of Blightwells as …

“A controversy that has virtually destroyed the Farnham Conservatives who led the scheme.”

Could it become a monument to Tory failure?
Tell us what you think? Publicly or privately: 
Want to know who to blame for the Blightwells Fiasco?
Everyone could benefit but will Surrey County Council. which has shelled out £58m, together with Waverley and Farnham Town Council,  see sense?

Let’s see?



A triumph or a disaster for Farnham?

The Farnham Herald credits the 25-year saga of Blightwells as …

“A controversy that has virtually destroyed the Farnham Conservatives who led the scheme.”

Oh, and now, here comes yet another coffee/ snack chain…

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Oh dear! Someone has upset UK Oil & Gas – poor things!

The Tory Haslemere Facebook is calling ‘Your Waverley’ rotten for fighting alongside the county council against  UKOG’s appeal to drill for hydrocarbons on the Loxley site in Dunsfold.

The WW  wonders why the Tory Haslemere Fact Check considers that any money spent on defending the countryside is money wasted?

Former Alfold resident Ashey Ward owns the site, much of which goes under Dunsfold airfield – a proposed garden village for 2,600 homes. 

The Government blocks shale gas schemes elsewhere – but backs exploration in Dunsfold

So why isn’t UKOG threatening to sue SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt?



Some of us are getting sick and tired of sitting in Waverley roadworks!

So, what do you have in mind Cllr Deanus to help us avoid traffic queues ? WFH when we are being told‘go back to the office “

Then there are those of us – caseworkers are an example, that has to get around to our clients, but spend half the day, waiting for the traffic lights to change. Couldn’t Surrey highways come up with some ingenious way of phasing roadworks?

Cllr Kevin Deanus

Hope everyone enjoyed last week’s Jubilee celebrations. This week roadworks for the Waverley area.
As it is going to be a hot week, best not to spend it sitting in traffic.

Which party will residents back in the Hindhead and Haslemere By-Elections?

Do they want another Tory – in the shape of ousted councillor Ged Hall who gave up his seat in Frensham, Tilford and Dockenfield to allow Julia Potts to parachute in – because she feared losing out in Farnham?

A constituency she parachuted into and has barely represented since handing over the Tory Group leadership to Stephen Mulliner?

Has Waverley’s former Tory leader gone to pot?

Has anyone seen or heard of the ‘Potty One’ since she moved away from the district to spend more time with whatever she wants to spend time with other than Waverley business?


We would have liked to have written about Mr Hall’s  campaign, but sadly after 30 minutes trawling for information, could find nothing – other than this:
Does he believe standing with Jeremy Hunt will be enough to capture the seat?
Steve Jenkins
Ged, standing in front of the Welcome to Surrey, Haslemere sign probably highlighted to you just how dreadful the road is and has been for many years right in that position and further up the hill towards the traffic lights.
If I vote for you, how long is it going to take you to get that resolved properly – not just getting some pothole filler that aids the situation for a few weeks?

Here’s the Herald’s take on the row that ensued last time he stood. CONSERVATIVE Candidates turned their fire on Facebook community boards for not conducting “a clean fight” in a last-minute social media push before the vote.

Two community boards commanding huge influence in the run-up to the local elections – each supported by more than 16,000 members – then tore into one other for failing to provide a level playing field.

Mounting concern within the Tory camp came to a head when an open letter accusing “certain key community pages” of political bias went public and was met with counterclaims that some candidates were too “fragile”.

Mounting tensions within the Tory camp were made public on Tuesday in an open letter penned by Hindhead borough and Haslemere Town Council candidate Ged Hall, which was shared by Godalming and Villages Community Board.

Godalming and Villages posted his letter and detailed response from its team of 11 admins “from a mix of political leanings” and invited comments – triggering more than 200 responses in the first few hours.

Godalming and Villages, which is a public forum with 16,900 members, added it was founded to promote free speech because it believed the Godalming community board, a closed forum with 16,500 members, was “controlled by primarily Conservative council supporters”

Godalming community board responded:

“We welcome healthy debate at election time.”

Mr Hall, was blocked by Godalming and Villages until 6 pm on election day, but was reinstated after the election. The local Tory association reported an obscene post to Surrey Police.

We found this on his Facebook Page – his failed bid for the SCC seat last year. 
Ged Hall in Haslemere updated their phone number.
In the meantime – The Lib Dems are working hard for a win on June 23rd for Julin Spence seeking a Waverley seat and Conrad Waters for the Haslemere Town Council seat left vacant by the death of Cllr Peter Isherwood. The Tory councillor who died recently used his casting vote as chairman of Waverley’s eastern planning committee to open the flood gates for one of the most controversial housing developments in the eastern villages.
Warm reception on a warm day in #Hindhead & #BeaconHill. More and more residents telling us they’re backing local Lib Dem campaigners Julian Spence & Conrad Waters in the June 23rd 


Cllr Liz Townsend BEM Out with the #Hindhead #BeaconHill team #ByElection for Julian Spence for Waverley Borough Council and Conrad Waters for Haslemere Town Council – two fantastic candidates.


Another fun afternoon canvassing with  Julian Spence & Conrad Waters for the June 23rd 


Waverley Borough Council

Election of a Borough Councillor

The following is a statement of the persons nominated for election as a Borough Councillor for
Name of CandidateHome AddressDescription (if any)Name of Proposer (*), Seconder (**)Reason why no longer nominated*
Bracklands, Hazel Grove, Hindhead, Surrey, GU26 6BJThe Conservative Party CandidateEdwards James *
Edwards Lesley **
Julian Hewitt
10 Star Hill Drive, Churt, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 2HPLiberal DemocratsDavidson Jerome M F *
Whitby Geoffrey C **

Election of a Town Councillor

The following is a statement of the persons nominated for election as a Town Councillor for
Haslemere – Hindhead Ward
Name of CandidateHome AddressDescription (if any)Name of Proposer (*), Seconder (**)Reason why no longer nominated*
The Firs, Fairways, Hindhead, Surrey, GU26 6PJThe Conservative Party CandidateAlliss Jacqueline *
Potter Keith **
Conrad Alexis
Two Beeches, Tilford Road, Hindhead, Surrey, GU26 6RALiberal DemocratsDavidson Jerome M F *
Whitby Geoffrey C **

Guildford PPC calls out Guildford & Villages MP for her hypocrisy.

Zoe Franklin The Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate has called out MP Angela Richardson for her hypocrisy.

Are the sands of time running out for this couple of hypocrites Jeremy & Angie?

The MP here takes us for fools and thinks we don’t know what she is ….. but her voting record is there for all to see.

As I have just reminded #Guildford and Cranleigh‘s MP, Angela Richardson she may well be against the drilling and exploration of fossil fuels at Dunsfold BUT when the opportunity came up in the Commons to vote to restrict and ban this type of fracking and fossil fuel extraction she voted against.
Aw! Come on Zoe, she isn’t opposed to fracking and fossil fuel extraction – just objects to it being on her patch, because, along with Jeremy Hunt she sees their seats disappearing fast!

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A view on the Dunsfold gas debacle from a local.

Denise Wordsworth commented on Waverley Web – we decided to share it.

Conservative deflated balloon
Conservative Hot Air Balloon deflating in Waverley?

There are many MP’s on this debate on the 2nd reading of the Levelling Up Bill.
For anyone interested…https://www.theyworkforyou.com/debates/?id=2022-06-08a.821.0&s=speaker%3A25827#g874.1

Having read many of these – This one seemed pertinent to your piece (WW) on the UK (Loxley) Oil & Gas The Government blocks shale gas schemes elsewhere – but backs exploration in Dunsfold

Margaret Greenwood Labour, Wirral West 4:13 pm, 8th June 2022

There can be no levelling up for all generations if the Government repeatedly fail to act on the climate crisis. They should ban fracking and underground coal gasification once and for all. Instead, they have commissioned the British Geological Survey to advise on the latest scientific evidence around shale gas extraction.

We do not need a review to know that fracking is not the answer to our energy needs. Exploring the extraction of fossil fuels is an absurd and irresponsible response to the climate crisis. As Greenpeace UK said,

the Government should stop pandering to fracking obsessives who aren’t up to speed with the realities of 21st century energy”.

The Better Planning Coalition, a group of 27 organisations across the housing, planning, environmental, transport and heritage sectors, said that,

“The current proposals for new Environmental Outcome Reports give far too much leeway to Ministers to amend and replace vital aspects of environmental law. The coalition is concerned that those
powers could be used to weaken essential safeguards for nature”. It believes:
Any new environmental assessment system should be set out in primary legislation, not in secondary…and clearly deliver for nature, climate, cultural heritage and landscape.”

As ever with the Tory Government – We shall see if it is all just Hot Air!!


 Latest comment from Waverley Leader Paul Follows:

This latest decision reaffirms that Surrey needs a new politics: local democracy, accountability and an end to being governed by vested interests and the politicians controlled by them.

Waverley Web FACT CHECK on Haslemere Fact Check. Waverley did not lose the appeal – Tory-controlled SCC lost the appeal.


As for the criticism of the appeal process on the Haslemere ‘Tory’ Fact Check!

Get your facts right for a change and stop misleading the public.

Tory-controlled Surrey County Council defended the appeal. An appeal was lodged by UKOG. A defence rightly supported by all the local parish councils and Waverley and MP Jeremy Hunt in a bid to protect the eastern villages which are under siege above and under the ground. Haslemere, however, appears determined to resist the development of any kind.


Come on Jeremy you’re an opportunist not a loyalist?

MP Jeremy Hunt told Farnham’s Herald this week :

I’m a natural loyalist – but had to speak out.

Couldn’t possibly be because you wanted another go at the top job, a job you have lusted after for years – now could it? 

He went on to say, nothing more perfectly encapsulates the value of stability in an institution like the monarchy than the perpetual instability of Westminster politics.

This was brought home to me vividly this week.

At the weekend I watched the wonderful Jubilee concert at home with my family on Saturday night and then went to a splendid Jubilee street party in Hambledon the next day (thanks to the brilliant Mary Grove and her team).

Then quite unexpectedly on Monday, we were all plunged straight into the turmoil of a vote of no confidence in the prime minister.

I thought carefully about my own responsibilities. I am a natural loyalist who has rebelled only a handful of times.

I recognise that for our political system to work, members of parliament should generally support their party, even when privately they may disagree with some policy decisions – otherwise, how could any government get legislation through?

As health secretary, I depended on my MP colleagues supporting me on difficult issues in the voting lobbies, even when they may have had private reservations.

But there are also times when constituents need to hear their MP speak out.

And, there are times Mr Hunt, when it is better to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the people who elected you. You have been on manoeuvres for years, and plotting with your supporters frantically for the past few months to oust Boris. Why not tell it as it is? The electorate would respect you for it.


The Government blocks shale gas schemes elsewhere – but backs exploration in Dunsfold

The communities secretary, Michael Gove, has blocked two shale gas schemes in south Yorkshire and Cheshire. But ministers gave the go-ahead for gas drilling at Dunsfold. 

Local people, pressure groups the borough and the county councils are fuming at the decision which affects the Dunsfold Road, near the bend aptly named Pratts Corner!

However, the Inspector accepted the need. 

There were 44 billion cubic feet of gas, possibly 70 billion, – which would make Dunsfold the second-largest gas accumulation in the UK’s on-shore history.

 UK Oil & Gas is “delighted” with the decision. 

According to Protestor group Drill or Drop-In each case elsewhere, ministers recovered the appeals and made the final decision, rather than the inspector at the inquiry.

But Michael Gove had ‘recused’ himself from the controversial decision on the Dunsfold Loxley scheme, which is near his constituency and in the constituency of SW Surrey’s wannabe Prime Minister Jeremy Hunt.

Local communities have waited for more than two years for the decisions on the Woodsetts and Ellesmere Port inquiries. A  decision at Dunsfold’s Loxley had been awaited for over a year.

Waverley Friends of the Earth said:

“We are appalled by today’s decision by Government Ministers to give the go ahead for fossil fuel drilling in Dunsfold. It is absolutely the wrong decision. This scheme will do nothing to alleviate current high energy prices linked to the oil and gas market, and the climate crisis makes it imperative that we get out of fossil fuels as quickly as possible. We should be focusing on reducing energy consumption and investing massively in renewables. Giving this development the green light is just another example of the UK Government reneging on the climate commitments they made at COP26”.

The Inspector demolished the arguments put forward by the parish, borough and the county councils opposing the scheme. He argued the expansion of the UK’s gas capacity was a matter of national priority and that the Dunsfold appeal would meet Government energy policy. It was critical the UK retained good access to gas. It had been known since the l980s of the Loxley Gas deposits, and a licence had permitted UKOG to seek minerals for 30 years. It was up to the operator to determine whether finds were commercially viable.


Traffic route to UKOG’s Loxley site (on left). Photo: Surrey County Council

UKOG’s controversial plans to drill vertical and horizontal wells to explore for gas at Loxley on land owned by Ashley Ward had been refused twice by Surrey County Council in 2020.

Former Alfold resident Mr Ward has also applied for two controversial planning applications – one for a larger home on the Loxley Land and another for a cattle finishing station. Now he will have a drilling platform in his back garden and so will his near neighbours including The proposed Dunsfold Garden Village. The sale of which is languishing in the doldrums with Trinity College Cambridge.

The government followed the recommendation of the inspector, Mike Robins, to allow the UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) appeal and grant planning permission.

The inquiry, held online in July and August 2021, centred on the impacts of the scheme on the nearby Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), climate change and local roads and businesses.

Today’s 156-page report admitted there would be a:

“significant level of landscape and visual impacts from the proposal” on the surrounding landscape and it would “degrade the quality of the setting of the AONB”.

But the government said the effects would be short term and there would be only limited effects on the AONB itself.

Objectors argued that UKOG had not demonstrated that the site had been selected to minimise adverse environmental impacts, so it conflicted with local policy.

The Inspector said noise from the site would not affect some nearby homes and businesses. But moderate weight should be given to the impact on the wedding venue at nearby High Billingshurst Farm.

On traffic, the government concluded there would not be

“any significant adverse impacts on highway safety or the effective operation of the highway network”.

It said exploration was a necessary precursor to extraction and great weight should be given to the benefits of gas exploration and appraisal. He said limited weight should be given to the benefits of local jobs and spending.

It dismissed the impact of the scheme on the nearby Dunsfold Park housing development, even though exploration would be carried out under the garden village site.

The permission comes with 32 planning conditions. They cover issues such as the duration of the permission (three years), hours of operation, traffic management, noise and vibration, lighting, ecology and restoration.

UKOG chief executive Steve Sanderson said this afternoon:

“We welcome this decision and its backing for Loxley’s gas as a secure, sustainable energy source with a far lower pre-combustion carbon footprint than imports. Backing UK domestic gas makes strategic, economic and environmental good sense. We look forward to moving the Loxley project forwards and to working constructively with the local community.”

James Knapp, of the regional campaign organisation, Weald Action Group, said: 

“We are deeply disappointed by today’s Government decision to give the go ahead for UK Oil & Gas to drill for fossil fuels in Dunsfold. The application was twice rejected by Surrey County Council and was also opposed by local councils. 

“Even if the site is proven commercially viable it will take years for new gas production to come on stream so it will do nothing to alleviate the current energy price crisis. Indeed, the UK’s Committee on Climate Change has stated that ‘Any increase in UK extraction of oil and gas would have, at most, a marginal effect on the prices faced by UK consumers in the future‘.

“The best way to protect consumers against rising energy prices is to rapidly increase renewable electricity generation, invest in energy storage and drastically improve the energy efficiency of our homes. Continued investment in fossil fuels will not only perpetuate our dependence upon them, continuing our exposure to uncertain and fluctuating global oil and gas prices; but, in the absence of a global cap on extraction, will contribute to the climate emergency already affecting millions of people around the world. 

“With the commitments made to tackle climate change at COP26 still ringing in their ears it is unbelievable that the Government has allowed this appeal.”

The campaign group, Protect Dunsfold, which opposed the scheme said:

“Clearly this is a disappointing decision taken in response to a short term emergency.  Long before UKOG manage to drill and prove any commercially viable oil exists at Loxley the war in Ukraine will be over and our energy supply will have stabilised.  

“The decision of the Secretary of State (SOS) will not alter the physical distance needed for the drilling rigs and their support vehicles to access the site without impinging on common land; UKOG’s own application demonstrates this clearly.

“Such access would require permission from Waverley Borough Council, they have confirmed that permission will not be granted. The SOS cannot overrule that requirement, so his decision is somewhat unsound. Our local Conservative MP for South West Surrey, Jeremy Hunt, said in January 2022 that it was ”absolutely extraordinary after COP26 that we are even thinking about drilling for oil and gas in this area” when he joined with local people to demonstrate the problems with access. 

“Protect Dunsfold is strongly opposed to this application by UKOG both on local environment grounds, because of the impact of the huge lorries and HGVs on our roads and on local businesses, but also because with the very real climate emergency we need to focus on sustainable and ecologically appropriate ways to generate energy. “

Two people who live close to the site and run businesses there expressed their disappointment. Tom Gordon, of High Billingshurst Farm, and Ashley Herman, of Thatched House Farm, said:

“This decision ignores the wishes of local people, the Parish, Borough and County Councils.   Jeremy Hunt MP has stated that ‘it is absolutely extraordinary, after COP 26 in Glasgow, that we are even thinking about drilling for oil and gas in this area’. 

“UKOG was twice refused planning consent for this highly speculative scheme which, even if it finds anything, is unlikely to be commercially viable. 

“Even the Planning Inspector concedes that “if the impacts I have found regarding landscape character, visual effects and tranquillity, were permanent or of medium to long-term duration, then this proposal would clearly conflict with the policy aims and objectives of the mineral planning authority and the AONB…However, the weight I give to this is tempered by the short-term nature of the proposals””

“As immediate neighbours of the well site, three years cannot reasonably be considered short-term. We are distressed and angered that our established rural enterprises, employing many local people and which rely upon the tranquillity of their setting, will be severely affected, if not destroyed, by the hydrocarbon industrial activities taking place so close to our livelihoods and our homes.”







A controversial Alfold development described by one councillor as “crap” has gone to appeal.

But, come what may, councillors will still be invited to have their say on the scheme tonight.

Now here’s a test for Secretary of State Michael Gove’s dictate to developers to build “beautiful?”

Michael Gove said there was a need for

‘the right sort of homes and that the locals should have more of a say? 

He also said, For what it’s worth? that he is abandoning the Tory manifesto target of building 300,000 new homes p.a. saying numbers should not drive policy, and,

It is no kind of success if, simply to hit a target the homes that are built are shoddy.’

Bewley Homes’s scheme to build 80 homes off Loxwood Road was deferred due to major concerns about design issues – including Calor Gas storage tanks.
A scheme that Bramley Councillor Martin D’Arcy described as:

“One of the worst layout housing schemes I have ever seen. I thought a previous Secretary of State for housing wanted to ‘build beautiful?’ Beautiful these are not, in fact, this is a crap design, the developers are obviously clueless.”

The site where once there were fields and where wildlife ran free.
Sweeters Field 86 homes backing in part onto Chilton Close and the first phase of 5 homes called Sweeters’ Copse.

Waverley’s eastern area planners heaped insult after insult on the final scheme proposed to develop 86 homes on Sweeters Field in March. 

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Is our SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt’s boat sinking fast?

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has launched a stinging attack on her colleague Jeremy Hunt, accusing him of “duplicity” and “destabilising” the Conservatives.

Her comments come in a series of blunt tweets which some have criticised as unseemly.

Former health secretary Mr Hunt had tweeted he would be voting against Boris Johnson in last  evening’s vote of confidence in the prime minister saying:

“Today’s decision is change or lose. I will be voting for change.”

This provoked anger from Ms Dorries who stormed back with a four-part thread.

We posted on the Twitter spat yesterday pm in the link below.

SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt is on manoeuvres to become Prime Minister.

She accused Mr Hunt of failing to prepare properly for the COVID pandemic and said if he had won the last Tory leadership election he would have

“handed the keys of No 10 to Corbyn”.

“Your handling of the pandemic would have been a disaster,” she wrote. “Your pandemic preparation during six years as health secretary was found wanting and inadequate.

Live coverage of the vote of no confidence in the prime minister


As for Guildford & Villages MP Angela Richardson, her popularity among her electorate is on the wane, though some have congratulated her for coming off the fence at last!

Angela Richardson MP 

MP’s Jeremy Hunt & Angela Richardson may need to keep their hard hats on?
From the very beginning of the issues surrounding the Prime Minister’s conduct during the lockdown period and his subsequent answers to parliamentary questions, I have been consistent in my views about the standards people expect of those in high office.
Last week, I made a statement following the publication of the full Sue Gray report that questioned whether those standards had been upheld. The deep disappointment I expressed in a previous statement in January has not abated.
Given that, I will be voting No Confidence in Boris Johnson this evening.

SW Surrey Jeremy Hunt is on manoeuvres to become Prime Minister.

Our SW Surrey MP fancies himself as the next Prime Minister as he fires the starting gun for a leadership election.  Judging by these Paps Snaps his next-door neighbour Guildford’s MP Angela Richardson might be putting herself forward for the big job too?

However, here at the Waverley Web, we hear that some of our Jeremy’s colleagues have a very different view, should Boris be jettisoned by the Tories this evening.
Nadine Nories for one has been incensed by Jeremy Hunt’s “coming out comment’ on the Twitter Storm that is hanging over the country today like a big black cloud.
@Jeremy_Hunt said:
Anyone who believes our country is stronger, fairer & more prosperous when led by Conservatives should reflect that the consequence of not changing will be to hand the country to others who do not share those values. Today’s decision is change or lose. I will be voting for change
Well! Of course, he will be voting to oust Bori, he has been taking side swipes at the PM for months, if not years.
Jeremy Hunt has been dodging behind the trees awaiting his opportunity to pounce after losing the leadership to Boris Johnson. Our man on manoeuvres.
However, we are hearing that the thread below from the Culture Secretary about Jeremy Hunt has incensed some MPs and is tempting some to vote against the Prime Minister because they feel it comes with his endorsement.
1/4 On the afternoon of 23rd July 2020 when I was health minister you telephoned me to tell me that we had to handle the pandemic following the example set by the East/China. That people testing + should be removed from their homes and placed in isolation hotels for two weeks.
2/4You said your wife’s family had the experience of this during SARS. I said that British people would never tolerate being removed from their homes and loved ones at which point you demanded I show you the evidence for that. Your handling of the pandemic would have been a disaster.
Another MP texts: “I have known Jeremy Hunt for 20 years and would have supported him during a leadership context. But I will definitely not vote for him after attempting to wield the knife on the PM today. A lot of colleagues feel the same way.”
Others insist it’s not changing any minds, just angering those already angry a bit more
And on it goes on ad nauseam!

Are Farnham’s traffic woes coming to an end?

WaverleyFarnham folk certainly hope so – but many are none too sure?

From what we can ascertain some residents believe this whole business is... ” turning into an absolute fiasco.”
A THREE-phase plan for sorting out Farnham town centre’s traffic woes is to go out to public consultation this summer. This will include plans to permanently widen pavements, reverse sections of the one-way system, and potentially build a new link road from Castle Hill to the Upper Hart car park.
According to the consultant’s recruitment page containing information on when and how many people they intend to bring on board. So far… Nobody! Only the two (Surrey County Council) appointed consultants. Speaks volumes if even the consultants are not multiplying, doesn’t it?
As for electric buses. A complete nonstarter. We suggest Farnham residents just keep an eye on the bus proposals because they are impacted by some of the cycling ideas and of course the plans for two way South Street and the Borough with bus stops. The buses are key to all the town changes.

Detailed plans are yet to be revealed in public – with Farnham Town Council discussing Surrey County Council’s “sifted options paper” in a behind-closed-doors session at the end of last Thursday’s full council meeting.

However, the town’s councillors did first engage in a broad debate of the proposals, as revealed shortly before the meeting by town council leader John Neale following a meeting with Surrey’s Farnham Infrastructure Programme team a day earlier.

The three-phase plan has been formulated after last year’s consultation on Farnham’s ‘optimised infrastructure plan’, with Surrey currently modelling its proposals before revealing them in public.



Hats off or is it hats on for Farnham folk for the Queen’s Jubilee?


Just look at what has appeared on top of Farnham’s famous pillar box?

A pillar box hat fit for a Queen.

Hats off the person/s who must have spent many hundreds of hours crocheting this little masterpiece to commemorate The Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. 


Cranleigh Champion Liz Townsend awarded a British Empire Medal.


Cranleigh Cllr Elizabeth Townsend wearing her hard-earned halo after being awarded A BEM in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Honours.  

Known locally as “Liz the Biz” she was honoured for her services to the community of Cranleigh. Serving the community is an understatement for the woman who founded the Cranleigh Society. She went on to become a parish councillor and then its chairman, a Waverley Borough Councillor and more recently a Surrey County Councillor. Villagers say she works tirelessly for Cranleigh, Waverley and the county, stopping only occasionally for the odd breath!

At the young age of just 57, she has achieved more than many of her predecessors, forging through with numerous initiatives as she directed many community responsibilities – including  new playground and sporting facilities. She was seen recently on the touchline at the Final of the Surrey Intermediate Football Cup Final to cheer on Cranleigh FC’s first team in front of a record crowd of almost 800 spectators, where young sportsmen did their village proud.

She has earned the title of Liz the Biz because her hand has taken the tiller of some inspiring initiatives, none more so than during the Covid Pandemic. She created the Cranleigh Street Champions when she marshalled 159 volunteers who offered their unstinting time and support to those shielding. Many of whom had no close family living nearby.

She says she is

“shocked and extremely honoured to receive the prestiguous award  for Cranleigh during such as special year.” 




Cranleigh Meals on Wheels service, going, going, GONE!

 Below is the letter sent to recipients of the Rowleys Community Meals Service cancelling the service as of June 10th which caused a bit of hullabaloo on social media.

No prizes for guessing who is getting the blame?

The Facebook announcement caused quite a stir on social media … 67 odd comments and growing… then removed!

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The public put a bolt up the backside of a Godalming by-election candidate

Wow! The local Tory machine tries to do Facebook for a by-election candidate – and is immediately busted by the public.

How low will Tory candidate Andrew ‘Blobby’ Bolton go to capture a seat on Godalming Town Council?

Wakey, Wakey Mr Blobby Bolton – Waverley did apply for the ChargePoint scheme and some have already been installed. Surrey’s Electric Vehicle Charging Points – could be arriving in all Waverley’s towns except Cranleigh – where bikes are big business?

 SCC/Waverley partnership meeting officers announced that the following sites had been earmarked for possible electric charging points in Waverley. But not all of these would be given the go-ahead.

  • Beacon Road, Beacon Hill, Farnham
  • Falkener Road, Farnham – presumably for all the students – who don’t have electric cars?
  • Summers Road, Godalming
  • Wey Hill, Haslemere
  • Christopher Green in Haslemere
  • Croft Road, Godalming
  • Windrush Close, Bramley – where everyone owns an electric vehicle?!
  • West Street, Farnham – where parking is at a premium?
  • Hale Road, Farnham 
  • High Park Road, Farnham

You were the church treasurer after all, better do something about this Blobby Bolton?

Oh dear Blobby B – this land is not yet scheduled for development? Don’t you even read WBC papers? If not, what sort of town councillor will you make? Godalming doesn’t need Blobs in jobs.

Since when has MP Jeremy Hunt actioned anything in Godalming? He is far too busy criticising the NHS   and holding secret meetings with his supporters to help him oust Boris to slip into the top job.

And here’s is a typical example of his Facebook entries when he was an inspiring Waverley Borough Councillor.


MP Angela Richardson sits on the fence, while Boris burns.

None of us is in any doubt exactly which side of the fence SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt is sitting on.  He has been stabbing Boris in the back one way or another ever since he lost the top job.

However, Angela Richardson Guildford and Waverley’s eastern villages MP has been slightly more circumspect – keeping her powder dry, until she estimates which way the wind is blowing. 

Perhaps when she stops wobbling around on the fence over “Partygate,’ and honesty, transparency and integrity she will view the picture below? It might help?

Here’s her latest bland statement:

So has she put in her letter yet? WW thinks not as Angela follows and never leads, she wants to keep her bum on her seat so is hedging her bets.



Waverley’s leader lashes out at “misleading information’ on The Burys Project.


THE BURYS /  CROWN COURT / WHARF STREET – UPDATE from Waverley Leader Cllr Paul Follows.

“It’s becoming a running battle but I need to comment about more misleading information certain individuals have put online and I hope in response to being as upfront as possible.”

Below is a FACTUAL POSITION on what is internally known in WBC as ‘The Burys Project’.

The previous administration (Conservative) considered numerous possibilities for making better use of the three sites in Godalming owned by WBC; which included Crown Court, The Burys and the open lot at Wharf Street.

WBC has been forced to consider this due to the relentless funding cuts to local government by central government.

But let’s look at the recent history of this project and where we are now.

1️⃣ When we took control in 2019, we discovered that this project was under review by the Conservatives administration but had included either the Waverley council building on Burys field or selling it to a developer to do the same.

🔴 This was immediately removed as an option!

2️⃣ Also, after taking control we took the borough’s carbon footprint more seriously and this just added to the reasons for redevelopment. Waverley’s council offices, as they presently exist, are not fit for purpose. A more energy-efficient building will also be cheaper to run.

3️⃣ We then hit the pandemic – which also changed our thinking about the sort of space we actually need.

We have a set number of criteria that have to be met:

➡️ Environmental sustainability
➡️ Financial Viability
➡️ Provision of Affordable & Social Housing
➡️ Retaining WBC presence (& its footfall) in Godalming.
➡️ Retaining the front of the borough hall & renovating the space
➡️ Keeping parking numbers at least neutral*

*Re parking: I refer residents back to earlier comments about how frustratingly fundamental the car park revenue is to the council’s finances! We simply cannot meaningfully reduce spaces without incurring other issues.

 “In response to claims made elsewhere – we do not intend to slash 400 parking spaces. Why would we, we need the revenue to support future council services.”

✅ When we get to the point there are firm proposals of any sort there will be an exhibition and a public consultation at the borough hall.

Cllr Paul Follows
Leader, Waverley Borough Council



So it is not just ‘Your Waverley’ that has been struggling?

Why growing numbers of council planning teams are isolating while they tackle application backlogs.

Oh, dear! The load gets heavier every day – yes! more development coming to a field near you soon?

Last month a Hampshire council’s planning department decided to ignore nearly all customer queries for two weeks as officers focused on tackling an application backlog. It follows similar action by a Dorset authority at the end of last year. More over-stretched council planning teams are following suit. So Waverley’s problems are being re-enacted all over the country. Backlog of applications at ‘ Your Waverley disappearing.

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Have Surrey County Council’s highway experts woken up at last in Waverley?

WOW! It cannot be true, can it?

Twice in a matter of just a few months, Surrey County Council has objected to two Waverley planning applications on highway grounds.

The very same engineers that normally have their heads stuck up their ars** where it is dark and warm doing their desk exercises have awoken and blinked for once.  

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£2.5m already paid out in council tax relief to Waverley residents.

But the postbags of Waverley councillors are filling up as more residents ask when can they expect their council tax rebate?

Waverley Council Taxpayers in Council Tax bands A-D, who have not yet received the £150 Council Tax Energy Rebate will receive letters over the next few days explaining how to claim their payment. Further information is available on Waverley’s website orlo.uk/K0vTe

65% of those eligible to receive the rebate, who pay their Council Tax bill by direct debit have already been paid directly into their bank account, totalling £2.5m in payments across the borough.

For those residents who do not pay by direct debit, the letter will include a QR code which can be scanned by mobile or manually entered into a web address where the resident can enter their bank details to complete their application for the rebate. The information required will be used to validate and verify the payee’s bank details and ensure the right person is paid.

Using the QR code is the quickest and easiest way for residents to receive payment of the rebate, as it is automated. Payment of claims will be made within 3 days of successful validation.

The online application requires manual processing and will take longer. Anyone who encounters any issues scanning the QR code should fill in the following application form at www.waverley.gov.uk/counciltaxrebate(opens in new tab).







Waverley MP’s vote against a windfall tax on oil and gas companies.

Just in case you wondered -last night, both Waverley MPs had the chance to vote for a windfall tax on oil and gas mega-profits – to help with the cost of living emergency.

A tidal wave of increases that is hitting most of us like a Sunami.

 WW can’t imagine any resident here will be shocked to learn that both Guildford & Villages MP Angela Richardson and SouthWest Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt obeyed the party whip and voted to protect oil and gas company’s huge profits. Why would they?

After all, Angela Richardson turned her back on us on the day she was elected.

Angela Richardson

 and as for Jeremy Hunt who voted to protect those profits and not you, we say no more. Every picture tells a story.



Sign up to stop Oil & Gas prospecting in Dunsfold village?

Here at the Waverley Web, it is not our style to put up Petitions – however, we thought this might just be up the streets, or lanes of Dunsfold villagers who are battling with UK Oil and Gas.

Following a  public inquiry in July 2021   residents in the villages around the Hascombe Hills area of Waverley are still waiting for  Communities Secretary Michael Gove to make up his mind whether UCOG can drill on land South of Dunsfold Road and East of High Loxley Road.

The Waverley Web lets Dunsfold oil & gas protestors have their say.

Will drilling for oil and gas at Dunsfold become more attractive – due to the energy crisis?

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Every picture tells a story as the Private Cranleigh Flood Forum gathers.

 Guildford & villages MP Angie Richardson has never been accused of being a shrinking violet and shying away from a good picture opportunity.

You can see from the picture below who was concentrating on the flood issues which have dogged the town of Cranleigh for more years than residents care to remember, and who was concentrating on the bigger issue – smiling for the camera and her ever-present PR.

Needless to say,  Waverley & Surrey County Councillor Liz Townsend, who has battled tirelessly for years to rid Cranleigh of the scourge of flooding, and burst pipe issues with the statutory authorities, looks decidedly unimpressed. Perhaps even angry?

Why?  Because the meeting was hijacked by Angie’s PR stunt?

Or that the Flood Forum held in public, when chaired so successfully by former MP Anne Milton since its inception,  was attended by a huge crowd of villagers is now held in private for a chosen few?



Is poor old Waverley’s Parrot about to Squawk?

As ‘Your Waverley’ pins its hopes on getting its Local Plan Part Two approved by an Inspector, the Government guru has posed a host of questions he wants answering.

And the man faced with answering them is Graham Parrot – Waverley’s Planning Policy Officer.

WW followers may remember those heady days when Mr Parrott burned the midnight oil preparing Local Plan versions 1, 2 and then 3 – which then once approved by a Government Inspector became the infamous Local Plan Part 1. Now he’s about to go into the ring and spar with yet another Government Inspector  G J Fort BA PGDip LLM MCD MRTPI on Local Plan Part 2.

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Waverley planners have refused a proposed Rudwick development due to massive local opposition?

So is another planning appeal on its way?

A scheme for 37 homes on land at Windacres Farm in Church Street, Rudgwick has been refused by Waverley Planners eastern committee. The agricultural land has been used for many years for the popular Rudgwick Steam Fair.


 Other land south of Cox Green has been developed by Berkeley Homes.  Now, residents of the village near Cranleigh on the Surrey Sussex border say – enough is enough and their villages does not have the services to support more housing.

That must ring a few bells with other towns and villages elsewhere in the borough?

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Is MP Angela’s falling out of love with Boris?

 A Standard Response to Guildford & Villages MP Received from Angela Richardson

Angie has a somewhat checkered record of responding to legitimate scrutiny from her constituents. If you are one of the lucky ones to get a reply – it will usually be a standard letter referring you to someone else – who might help! MP Angela Richardson turns her back on her constituents yet again?

Here is a typical response constituents are receiving from MP, Angela Richardson. It is word for word identical to the responses she has sent to dozens of constituents.

Dear X,

Thank you for taking the time to write to me about recent developments surrounding the Prime Minister.

I would like to thank all of my constituents across Guildford for continuing to share their views on this important matter with me.

We have all been forced to make hard sacrifices over the past two years, and I share the frustration and anger of constituents across Guildford who have lost loved ones, struggled with mental and physical health, and were unable to celebrate occasions that meant a lot to them and their families.

It should never be the case that any Government falls short of observing the very rules that they have introduced to keep us all safe. Therefore, the news that the Metropolitan Police has issued a Fixed Penalty Notice for breaches of Covid lockdown rules to the Prime Minister is disappointing.

It is helpful that with the Met’s action, we are further along the line of establishing the facts in this matter and Sue Gray is still to publish her final findings, which I expect to be published once the police have concluded their investigation.

I have been consistent in the view that no one, not even the Prime Minister, is above Parliamentary scrutiny or observance of the customs of the House. I abstained on the Owen Paterson vote and have always stated my clear belief that MPs should be held to the highest standards.

Last week, I was in the Chamber and prepared to vote in favour of the motion debated in the House to refer the Prime Minister to the Privileges Committee to investigate the circumstances of the statements that he gave to the House a few months ago. I believe that it is important and right that all the facts are established in a fair and transparent manner. The motion in question was passed without a vote, however, please be assured that I intended to support the motion if pushed to a vote.

I still hope that, following this investigation, the Prime Minister will take the important step of correcting the record of what was said to the House in December 2021 regarding parties in 10 Downing Street.

I will continue to hold the Government to account, as a critical friend, on the issues that matter most to the people across our communities and continue to work to achieve positive outcomes for residents across Guildford, Cranleigh and our villages.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.

Best wishes,

Angela Richardson MP


The Examination of Waverley’s vital Local Plan Part 2 is on.


We have copied this notification verbatim including the mistake that it is “because of responses to The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Borough Local Plan!”

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There are so many developments plans for Alfold it’s beginning to look like spaghetti junction.

Said  Alfold Mole Denise Wordsworth:

“There are so many applications in Alfold – it looks like Spaghetti Junction.  I honestly do not think that  WBC GET IT – It is all good looking at the planning applications – but unless you can VISUALISE what is actually Happening in Alfold no one can really get a handle on it. I do understand that many of these schemes were won on APPEAL and not through Waverley’s Planning Department who refused many of them, but (the picture above) shows there something is very wrong with the “planning system”.

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Is it time to spare a thought for Witley and Milford?


 Villages in the east of ‘Your Waverley’ are bitterly complaining about having housing dumped on them, but perhaps we should also spare a few thoughts for Witley and Milford?

Bewley artist impression of the entrance to the proposed housing development at Secretts off Chapel Lane, Milford.

The original intent of Witley’s Neighbourhood Plan was to identify the sites for the homes it needed.  Then the planners in Waverley Towers swooped in and plucked out Milford Golf Course to include it in Local Plan Part 1.

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Is Surrey’s Blue Wall Crumbling?


Looking decidely po -faced MP Jonathan Lord listends to history being made at the count.
Looking decidedly Po-Faced along with his Conservative colleagues MP Jonathon Lord hears the bad news at the Woking count.

Woking has now joined the Liberal Democrat Councils of Waverley, Guildford, and Mole Valley.

And, Waverley’s Liberal Democrats who have been out and about canvassing outside the borough are cock-a-hoop.

Now the Waverley Web poses the question? What does the future hold at a General Election for Guildford MP Angela Richardson and South West Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt?

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Bike shelters popping up in car parks around ‘Your Waverley.’


As part of the drive to promote active travel, reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality, Waverley Borough Council is providing bike shelters in its car parks across the borough.

A typical bus shelter used in other parts of the country

This is just part of a whole variety of initiatives in line with ‘Your Waverley’s Climate Emergency Strategy. A strategy spearheaded by portfolio Holder Steve Williams – the man recently described  on some very Anti-Social Media as being in a “Fantasy World!” Despite town planning experts advising councils across the country to do the same.

The council has been working with Parish and Town councils as well as representatives from Godalming, Farnham, Waverley Cycle Forums and Haslemere Vision in a bid to provide new bike shelters in council-owned car parks across the borough.

The bike shelter project will take place in two phases with the first bike shelter hardstanding being installed in Village Way, Cranleigh on Tuesday 3 May with the bike shelter being installed in June.

It will replace the bring bank which has been removed now that the council’s new, free Textile and Small Electrical service has been launched to Waverley residents. Further details on the collection service, which collects residents’ unwanted items, can be found on the Textile and Small Electrical web page.

There will be a small number of car park spaces unavailable for the week whilst work is carried out.



Oh dear! Does Jeremy Hunt think there are borough council elections this year, not next?

 Please, will someone tell our MP there aren’t borough council elections in Waverley until May 2023?

Or, as one commentator said –

Could be more about Jeremy putting himself about so when the boundary commission changes come in and he has to pitch for a redrawn seat he can show his own (re) selection committee what a dedicated constituency MP he is…either that or it’s a warm-up for his next leadership bid….or a bit of both…

Election coming up? Let’s set up some photo opportunities!
Kiss babies? Nope, not allowed.
Stand with a bin bag and an activist? Nope, did that last time, and the time before that and was in deep dog doo for sticking leaflets on residents’ cars and causing a litter problem!
Delivering surveys? Nah. Was caught out on that one by suggesting Dunsfold Aerodrome could take almost all Waverley’s housing needs and it didn’t go down too well with the locals over there in the East. But who cares that’s Angie’s patch.
Stand next to a sign saying Milford /Farncombe / Elstead? No, too predictable. Anyway, Aunty Elsey wasn’t around for a picture opportunity- rumour has it she was busy filing bile on Facebook about Captain Follows?
Can anyone find a photograph of Jeremy Hunt with a bin bag, surrounded by party activists that WASN’T taken within three weeks of an election?
Or perhaps South West Surrey Tories are on a damage limitation campaign? ( to divert attention from PartyGate, PornGate, KhanGate, BorisGate, and 50 MPs accused of SexualmisconductGate?)

Jeremy Hunt was in Witley.

As part of my Bounceback SW Surrey campaign, I spent some time visiting businesses and meeting people in Witley this week. I visited Uppercut – the stylish place to get your hair cut and beauty needs met, the brilliant new dog grooming business Bubbles Pooch Parlour, and Wizard Video Productions – a hidden gem who have been producing films for schools and businesses for over 33 years.
Also, very inspiring to see Kay’s Witley Village Stores back on its feet and fully refurbished after the terrible fire in 2020. I then met several residents and discussed the need for a crossing on the Petworth Road, speeding, overdevelopment, rural crime, and my campaign for a new Cancer Centre. Huge thanks to everyone in Witley who spent time chatting with me. #bouncebackswsurrey #witleyvillage


Former Hascombe & Godalming resident Avril Shepherd dies.

It is with great sadness that the Waverley Web posts on the death of Avril Shepherd – the wife of Wildlife Artist the late David Shepherd. 



Avril, who was known by many Hascombe and Godalming residents, was the extraordinary family matriarch who enabled much of her husband David’s success both as a famous wildlife artist and conservationist. Avril worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure David’s work, clients and the Foundation he cherished were looked after with the same grace, kindness and quiet determination, she also displayed caring for her family and friends.

Avril was a Trustee of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) for over 12 years between 2003 and 2015.  She was a lifelong friend and guiding light to so many of DSWF’s wonderful conservation partners, friends and supporters.

Whilst Avril dazzled internationally at prestigious art galleries and events alongside David, she was just as much at home in nature and the wilderness of Africa. She calmly entertained the often wild and wonderful ideas which took her, David and their family to far-flung corners of the world. She was a fierce advocate in her own unwavering way for conservation and for all those who fought for the places and species she loved. Many of us remember her for her warm welcome and generous hospitality as she supported the work of DSWF.

Despite an adventurous life, Avril treasured quiet family time above all else and, with David, leaves a lasting legacy of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who she inspired to respect and fight for the natural world.

Click here to learn more about DSWF, its impact and how you can help to support the wildlife that Avril so dearly loved.


Cranleigh bridge – that is all its cracked up to be.

Here’s the woman you voted into Surrey County Council who is doing something about a dangerous Cranleigh bridge – at last!

For years, the locals have taken a deep breath and stepped on the accelerator to get across the one-way bridge from Elmbridge Road to Cranleigh Common as quickly as possible.  Villagers there know the dreadful state of the structure which once crossed the Horsham to Guildford railway line and now the Downslink.

Now that Liz Townsend has moved into County Towers as the local county councillor its highway honchos have agreed, at last, to put the vital works into their capital works programme – but not until later this year, or early next. Let’s all hope it lasts until then!?

Villagers wrote to us saying they are living in the hope it won’t take as long as the county council highway works that prompted a three-year road closure at Run Common to repair a bridge there. The road has now finally reopened. The works were completed on Thursday 14 April. 

A Waverley road closed for two long years will re-open in March.

If the billy goats gruff trotted over Cranleigh’s rickety rackety bridge they may find more than an ugly troll.

As background, three years ago Cranleigh Civic Society stalwart Adrian Clarke (a Chartered Builder and Committee Member ) visited the site of the Elm Bridge after being alerted about work being carried out there.  A sub-contractor was filling in cracks on behalf of the county council with a weak mixture of sand and cement. Adrian noticed that a crack, not yet filled,  had bulged further since his previous visit.

He claimed, filling in cracks with a weak mortar mix was a complete waste of money – and  was purely a cosmetic job to hide a “very real problem.”


Hats in the ring for Waverley By-election.

Frensham Dockenfield & Tilford Borough Ward By-election Thursday 12 May 2022

Following the recent death of Councillor Brian Adams, you will never believe who wants to take his place?

Non-other than David Munro – the former Surrey Police & Crime Commissioner and former Tory who was so angry when he was de-selected by his Tory mates that he left the Party to become an Independent. 

David Munro
David Munro Surrey’s former Police and Crime Commissioner getting the boot

Others in the running :

Following the Notice of Vacancy, published on 10 March 2022, a By-election has now been called by two registered electors from within the Borough. The By-election,it will take place on Thursday 12 May 2022.

Publication of Notice of Election Monday 4 April 2022
Publication of first interim election notice of alterationTuesday 12 April 2022
Receipt of Nominations4:00 pm Tuesday 12 April 2022
Withdrawal of Candidate4:00 pm Tuesday 12 April 2022
Appointment of Election Agents4:00 pm Tuesday 12 April 2022
Publication of Notice of Election Agents4:00 pm Tuesday 12 April 2022
Publication of Statements of Persons Nominated4:00 pm Wednesday 13 April 2022
Last Date for RegistrationMonday 25 April 2022
Publication of second interim election notice of alterationMonday 25 April 2022
Receipt of Postal Vote Applications5:00 pm Tuesday 26 April 2022
Publication of Notice of PollWednesday 4 May 2022
Receipt of Proxy Vote Applications5:00 pm Wednesday 4 May 2022
Publication of final election notice of alterationThursday 5 May 2022
Appointment of Polling and Counting AgentsThursday 5 May 2022
First Day to Issue Replacement Lost Postal Ballot PapersFriday 6 May 2022
Day of Poll7:00 am to 10:00 pm Thursday 12 May 2022
Receipt of Emergency Proxy Vote Applications5:00 pm Thursday 12 May 2022
Last Day to Issue Replacement Postal Ballot Papers5:00 pm Thursday 12 May 2022
Return of Election ExpensesThursday 16 June 2022




Will the former aerodrome be to the English fracking industry what Aberdeen was to the Scottish oil industry?

Is Threadneedle stitching up Trinity College,Cambridge? 

Whilst the not-so-new Bursar of Trinity College – Richard Turncoat – continues to twiddle his fingers in his ivory tower, James Allum, of Columbia Threadneedle Investments, has confirmed what we already knew to one of the Waverley Web’s follows, Clifford Jones: that the American investment corporation is continuing with its long-drawn-out  due diligence exercise on the aerodrome, no doubt with a view to chipping away at the price it originally offered the college. 

If Bursar Turncoat wasn’t besties with several of the Columbia Threadneedle team – some of whom are former colleagues of his from his Blackrock days – he’d probably have kicked these corporate raiders into touch long ago.

As it is, it’s not just the stinky smell from the adjacent bio-digester on Stovolds Hill that is polluting the previously fragrant air around Dunsfold New Town these days.  There’s a distinctly iffy-odour emanating from Richard Turncoat and his former cronies.

Whilst the Bursar fiddles, the green fields surrounding the aerodrome are being picked off one by one by avaricious developers including UK Oil & Gas.  If the Bursar isn’t careful, with stagnation just around the corner and the recent housing boom about to goes bust, there’s going to be no one left to buy his houses … if he ever gets around to building them!  Which most locals now seriously doubt, believing the aerodrome which, just a few years ago, was believed to be the White Knight to Waverley Borough Council’s housing shortage problems, is about to become a giant white elephant … and all thanks to one man: Richard Turnill!  What an epitaph!

Will drillng for oil and gas at Dunsfold become more attractive – due to the energy crisis?

The Waverley Web lets Dunsfold oil & gas protestors have their say.


Looking for an “affordable” pad in central Farnham – look no further?


A new two-bed flat at Brightwells Yard in Farnham maybe, right up your East Street? Or, maybe not?

On the third floor directly above the cinema entrance. with 74sqm total living space – just above the minimum space standard of 70sqm is under offer for, wait for it… Guess how much…?


Yes, Three hundred and seventy thousand pounds!

But, then you could have the added benefit of listening to the latest Blockbuster – perhaps ‘Scream,’ ‘Jackass for Ever,’ or Saboteurs’ whilst lounging in your PJs in the comfort of your new home?

Des Res in Brightwells under offer, but here are plenty more if you would like to join the queue?

New Tory Talking shop arrives in ‘Your Waverley.’

If you are a passionate Conservative in Waverley, living in Farnham or Haslemere you will have been invited to join the new Tory Farncombe and Godalming Voice Group. Unfortunately, the group is currently private, with non-card-carrying members not yet admitted.

Do people of Farncombe & Godalming not possess a voice on social media?
Is their voice not as critical of local government shenanigans as it should be?

Great to see it boasts such members as the disgraced former County Council Tory Leader Andrew Povey who was unceremoniously kicked out by his own Tory colleagues for his dubious behaviour. Welcome to the Farnham & Godalming ‘Tory Voice Group World’ where only the card and baggage carriers are welcome?

However, this is not a new social media strategy for the local Conservatives, as the much-derided Haslemere Fact Check page has already demonstrated. It is like putting George Osbourne in charge of Private Eye – a great wheeze but just not very funny. Or maybe making your grandad the sole administrator of a Facebook Rant group. And – where would we all be without the regular slapping gums of Elstead’s Aunty Elsey?

Meanwhile, here at the Waverley Web which actually listens to council meetings, report debates and reads committee papers, scratch our heads at their latest rantings over at the Haslemere Fact Check.  A site you are excluded from commenting on if you don’t happen to agree? Is it seriously suggesting Paul Follows should resign because somebody failed to put in a travel plan as part of a forthcoming planning application?

Is that the best it can come up with?! We’ve got 10 draft unpublished posts more coherent than this.

How about someone asks a really Big Question:

Who exactly agreed to bring in Waverley’s new and flawed Planning Information Technology – The Horizon Scheme?

P.S We have on record details of one Tory Waverley Borough Councillor and former Mayor, who was a member of the Labour Party elsewhere in Surrey, joined the Conservative Party, (was kicked out of the party – twice) and then became an Independent councillor and then a Conservative!


Is this a Godawfulming ruse by developers selling ‘affordable homes’ in Waverley?

Going up fast. New homes in Catteshall Lane Godalming are rising like the phoenix …

These latest new homes are being built on land next to the Ambulance Station. The cheapest are one-bed flats at £134.975 – (see the plan – numbers 40-49 1-2 bed apartments) better than some “affordable homes” currently being built? Or, are they

Because when you read the small print these affordable flats are part buy/part rent. in other words – shared ownership.


The Waverley Web lets Dunsfold oil & gas protestors have their say.

This cynical and amusing observation from the Protect Dunsfold Group followed our recent post. It struck a chord with us here at the Waverley Web so we thought we would share it with a wider audience.

Will drilling for oil and gas at Dunsfold become more attractive – due to the energy crisis?

This linking of UKOG’s pathetic hydrocarbon exploration efforts with ongoing global crises is transparent say the group.

First expending lots of “private investor” cash to gain local hydrocarbons will help solve climate change!
Next, it will help the country with a shortage of medical tubes and PPE!
Now the Russian invasion of Ukraine makes it imperative to secure gas and oil for Britain and eventually we will return to hydrogen to solve the climate agenda!

Back to Reality

The reality is that no independent person or oil company has any confidence in the suggestion that there is any significant hydrocarbon capable of being recovered under Dunsfold Park.   Those that profess they do, have a vested personal financial interest in saying so despite many years of saying the exact same thing and failing, all the while drawing a significant salary for investing “other people’s money” (and none of their own) in this woeful enterprise.

All the supposed benefits are a long way off, assuming Gove permits drilling at Loxley, which even UKOGs “in the money” Chair Sanderson said at the appeal is in the “wrong place” (as a handy explanation to hard-pressed “investors” when/if he fails again).

If there is a national emergency and Gove believes that UKOG should be allowed to see if they can find anything under Dunsfold Park then he should order the “Biggest Brownfield in Waverley” to make an acre or two available, preferably on the fireground at the end of the disused runway where a couple of years fiddling around with drilling rigs will go unnoticed.

While Dunsfold Park now transforming into the “Biggest landbank in the south of England” is tossed around between US Hedge Funds for half a decade before anyone puts hand to shovel and actually builds any houses, the need for which, in this location, is highly questionable.

If hydrocarbons are found there will be a ready industrial or domestic gas consumer available on Dunsfold Park by the time they are in production and an oil well will sit happily beside the Wings and Wheels museum (already permitted) and the Wey and Arun Canal which, when fully restored, may become a very low carbon means of transport for crude oil down to the sea and on to Fawley, on its way eliminating road transport and revitalising industry by creating a demand for horse-drawn canal oil tankers to transport oil from Dunsfold and even a revitalised Broadford Bridge on to Fawley.

This will make Dunsfold a true hub of a circular industrial history as we head towards a no-carbon future.

But let’s not hold our breath.

`How to  deliver crude oil or gas to Fawley via the Wey and Arun Canal?

Thank you for your take on things ‘Protect Dunsfold” and please keep in touch at contact@waverleyweb.com. 

If this issue wasn’t so serious – it would be quite funny, wouldn’t it?


Will drillng for oil and gas at Dunsfold become more attractive – due to the energy crisis?

Why no decision on this Minerals & Waste Appeal on land south of Dunsfold Road?

A public inquiry in July 2021  and residents in the villages around the Hascombe Hills are still waiting for  Communities Secretary Michael Glove to make up his mind WHY?

Thel Land South of Dunsfold Road and East of High Loxley Road has been earmarked by UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) as a drilling site.

Could Waverley Borough Council hold the vital key to UKOG’s   and landowner Ashley Ward’s cunning plans?

Your Waverley’  is responsible for the common land that UKOG would need to cross to start drilling on land off Pratts Corner if the Government gives the go-ahead. However, it has warned that it will not allow site vehicles to cross common land.

Its leader, Paul Follows, says

“If the application is approved the council is prepared to fight to protect the common land verges at Dunsfold.”

He said Waverley would install cameras at the junction and he expected local people would monitor traffic to the site. He certainly has the residents of Dunsfold and Hascombe behind him. But no doubt the Conservatives Fact Check website will blame him personally for putting the council’s weight behind objectors?

Waverley’s environment portfolio holder, Steve Williams has described public demonstrations at the site on Dunsfold Road  as “magnificent.” 

“Residents have demonstrated that it is not possible for HGVs, such as those used by UKOG, to get to the site that they propose to drill without encroaching on Waverley common land.”

 Referring to a slogan from World War 1 and the Spanish Civil War, he said his message to UKOG was

“They shall not pass”.

The landowner of the proposed site, Ashley Ward, claims lorries containing 44 cattle had successfully been around the junction onto High Loxley Road. He said the UKOG scheme included plans to improve the Pratts Corner junction.

Well – he wouldn’t he, because he has a shedload of plans for the land he purloined from an elderly lady during her dying days?

Want to see what else Mr Ward is up to – read these recent posts.

An Alfold resident’s bid to set up a farming enterprise in Dunsfold has failed…

An Alfold man who flogged off his former pad to an A list celebrity wants to set up home in Dunsfold.

 Earlier this year  SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt said the scheme by UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) would take the country in “exactly the wrong direction”.

 Objectors showed that large heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) would be unable to manoeuvre around a tight junction without encroaching on common land.

Waverley Borough Council, which is responsible for the borough’s common land, has said it would not permit site vehicles to cross the common land.

 Said Waverley Leader and Surrey County Councillor Paul Follows, 

“If the application is approved the council is prepared to fight to protect the common land verges at Dunsfold.”

He said the council would install cameras at the junction and he expected local people would monitor traffic to the site.

The council’s environment portfolio holder, Steve Williams, described the public demonstration as “ magnificent.”

“they demonstrated that it is not possible for HGVs, such as those used by UKOG, to get to the site that they propose to drill without encroaching on Waverley common land.”


Planning appeal against the refusal of planning application ref WA/2019/0796 by Surrey County Council. Waverley submitted an objection to the planning application and participated in the inquiry as an interested party (Rule 6 Party).

 Jeremy Hunt said:

“It is extraordinary after COP26 in Glasgow that we are even thinking about drilling for oil and gas in this area. And you can see, by the huge number of objectors representing all the local political parties, that we are completely united in our opposition.

The proposed drill site, also known as Loxley, was refused twice by Surrey County Council in 2020 and went to a public inquiry in 2021.

 Communities’ Secretary, Michael Gove, also a Surrey MP, will make the final decision on the scheme. However, he is certainly taking his time about it!

Villager advises Michael Gove.

“To listen to what people in the local area are saying and what the government is saying about its environmental objectives. We’ve got to reduce emissions by 78% by 2035 on 1990 levels. This is going to take us in the wrong direction.”

Opponents say it is impossible for an HGV not to encroach on common land verges.


Objectors stand with their toes on the edge of the verge as a life-size simulation of an HGV attempted to navigate the junction.

Site Address: Land South of Dunsfold Road and East of High Loxley Road, Dunsfold, Surrey, GU8 4BW

Appellant’s Name: UKOG (234) Ltd.Appeal start date: 1 March 2021

The Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government was Mike Robins MSc BSc(Hons) MRTPI. 

The Core Document Library containing the proofs of evidence and other relevant appeal documents is available on the Surrey County Council website.

The Planning Appeals Casework Portal (reference APP/B3600/W/21/3268579) contains further information and when made the decision will be published here. Please note the deadline for representations has passed.

The appeal form (PDF – 73kb) and other appeal documentation can be found on Surrey County Council’s planning register under the SCC reference 2021/0034.

For further details also see the original planning application file SCC reference 2019/0072, which contains the planning application documents and plans, decision notice, officer report and other background papers.

For details relating to the response of Waverley Borough Council, WA/2019/0796


Godalming’s Cellar Cafe on the move.

Former older people’s cafe re-named.

Cellar Camino Cafe – formerly The Cellar in Crown Court Godalming – moves to a room at the back of the former Godalming Town Council offices. It will also receive  a £3,000 grant from ‘Your Waverley’ –

“For, two day trips per year – Summer to Worthing and in Winter to a city.”


Thunderbirds are grounded … at Dunsfold Aerodrome.

The mutter in the Bury’s gutter is that Trinity College Cambridge’s Bursar has had to go, tail between his legs, to the Fellows – who appointed him. They expected great things of the former City Slicker – and now he has had to admit that his grandiose plan to make squillions selling off one of the College’s Green Agenda has stalled!

Richard Turnill calls from his study window – get your bums off my lawn! 

Columbia Threadneedle Investments, the wannabe buyer of the Aerodrome, has gone from hot-to-trot to a grinding halt over its site purchase.  Our Waverley Mole tells us the Council was expecting the sale to complete before Christmas …, then post Christmas … Easter …and is now taking bets on sometimes never …   Will someone grab that shovel and stop the Bursar digging an ever-increasing black hole in Waverley’s five-year housing supply?

Meanwhile, other  Waverley wannabe developers are rubbing their hands with glee as Dickie’s failure to seal the deal has paved the way for every green field owner in the borough to seek and be granted consent to build houses until Waverley can demonstrate a robust housing supply!

 How the hell has this come to pass?  You couldn’t make it up; really, you couldn’t!  The Flying Scot spent 16 long years trying to convince the planners and residents of Waverley that Dunsfold Aerodrome was a brownfield site fit for housing and, warning if they didn’t grasp the opportunity, their green fields were at risk.   

2,600 new homes coming to Dunsfold soon?

Ostrich like, they ridiculed him and buried their heads in the sand.  And the upshot was that only as one by one green field in and around Alfold, Cranleigh, Ewhurst and Dunsfold was concreted over, did the penny finally drop.

Only after multiple applications,  Public Inquiries, and Call-ins by the Secretary of State (thanks for that Jeremy Hunt MP and former MP Anne Milton,) did the Flying Scot finally get consent to build on a brownfield site that should have been a shoo-in before a single hole was dug on a green field.

And then, just when the Flying Scot was about to break ground along comes Richard Turncoat, Trinity College’s new Bursar and the chocks were applied!

Twenty years on, not a home has been built!  Meanwhile, 364+ houses have been built or consented on Alfold’s green fields; and 2,000 + homes built or consented on the eastern villages’ green fields.   Meanwhile,  the in-box of Waverley’s Planning Department is groaning and teetering on the point of collapse as the applications keep rolling in!

So what next in this never-ending sorry saga?

According to our Waverley Mole, the hopeless Turncoat has done another screeching U-TURN, and is about to do what he should have done a year ago by digging for victory – or, in this case, the new access road!

 About time too!  The Waverley Web understands that members of Alfold’s Allotments Association, Ladies of the Cranleigh Church Flower Arranging Rota and Dig for Dunsfold supporters are holding secret meetings to take matters into their own hands!

Taking a leaf out of Extinction Rebellion’s playbook, when climate activists dug up a Cambridge College lawn in protest over its role in a major development in the Suffolk countryside, these doughty country folk are plotting to descend on the Bursar’s garden to highlight the debacle he has presided over at Dunsfold to make him sit up and take notice.

Several incensed members of the WI are even talking about chaining themselves to apple trees on the college’s lawns to make the Bursar aware of their anger at playing fast and loose with their lives and the environment in which they live around Dunsfold.

‘We were promised a new village,’ they are reported to have said in secret meetings, ‘housing, shops, a GP surgery and a primary school.  Where are they?  All we’ve got is a greedy, rapacious landowner who has taken his planning consent and tried and – it would seem – failed to sell it to the highest bidder.  Meanwhile, our precious countryside – which granting consent for this development was supposed to protect – is being concreted over by other greedy, rapacious developers!’

Another angry resident posted,

We want an apology from the Bursar. He sits in his ivory tower, hundreds of miles away, and has no idea and little care for the impact his shenanigans has had on the little people.  It’s time for him to come to Waverley and look us in the eye and tell us what he’s going to do to make good on the promises the College he represents made to us.  His disgraceful behaviour has created a sh*t-load of unwelcome development in the Borough and if he’s not careful we’ll be dumping a tractor load of unwelcome well-rotted manure on the lawn outside his office!’

The Archers have got nothing on this, folks!   Like the rest of the borough, the Waverley Web waits with bated breath for the next episode in this everyday tale of country folk …!


Two Alfold appeal decisons that villagers claim they don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

Yet another government Inspector steps into the ‘Poor old Alfold’ Saga. Allowing one appeal and dismissing another.

Chapel Fields the New Heart of the village

Government Planning Inspector Mr S Edwards ruled that Waverley Planners were wrong to impose restrictive conditions on the new homes on Chapel Field in Alfold, but right to refuse a further phase of seven homes.

Appeal Ref: APP/R3650/W/21/3277100
Chapel Fields, Loxwood Road, Alfold, Cranleigh GU6 8HW

Agent Mr Richard Cooke appealed to the Secretary of State against conditions imposed by Waverley Planners when they granted planning permission in  2019. The eight dwellings and a mixed-use retail building and car parks have now been built in the Conservation Area of Alfold.

Alfold gets a new heart – and a safer village?

Inspector Edwards saw no reason for the conditions on the new properties when non existed on other properties in the Conservation Area.

So he lifted them for the following reasons:

The disputed conditions are not considered reasonable and necessary to protect the character and appearance of the countryside and the Alfold Conservation Area, as derived from its setting.

Accordingly, I find no conflict with Policies TD1 and RE1 of the Waverley Borough Local Plan Part 1: Strategic Policies and Sites (2018), and Saved Policies D1 and D4 of the Waverley Borough Local Plan (2002). These notably require new development to be of a high-quality design that responds to the distinctive local character of the area in which it is located, whilst recognising and safeguarding the intrinsic character and beauty of the countryside.

Here’s the full appeal decision.


And here’s refusal for seven further hones on the site.


The same Inspector dismissed another appeal on the same site for seven additional dwellings including five affordable units.

Saying this would intensify development on the site to a substantial degree and change the scale of Chapel Fields.

“Not only in respect of the footprint and overall scale of the new houses but also in terms of the additional areas of hardstanding required for the provision of access, parking and turning. The proposed built forms and associated hardstanding areas relative to the size of the site would consolidate development along the road frontage and significantly reduce the amount of space available for the provision of meaningful landscaping, which formed an essential aspect of the previous scheme to soften the visual impact of Phase 1.

Furthermore, a large part of the terraced properties’ garden areas would be overshadowed by the trees. As a result, the proposed arrangement would likely subject the trees to additional pressure for pruning works or even felling, to bring more sunlight into the amenity areas. The potential loss of trees would exacerbate the harm that the development would cause to the area.

Due to the quantum of development proposed, but also its scale and layout, the appeal scheme would also have an urbanising effect. It would also be an incongruous addition, out of kilter with the semi-rural character and appearance of the surrounding area. It would thus erode the contribution made by the site to the spacious and verdant nature of its wider rural surroundings, and in doing so fail to recognise the intrinsic character and beauty of the countryside.

For these reasons, the proposal would also fail to preserve the special interest of the Alfold Conservation Area, as derived from its setting, and cause less than substantial harm to this designated heritage asset, to which I ascribe considerable importance and weight.

 Local Planning Authority Reference WA/2018/0977.


Who is entitled to be included in ‘Your Waverley’s housing register?


How many people living in the borough or elsewhere believe they are unentitled to put their names down on Waverley’s Housing Register? Quite a few, we suspect.

To be on Waverley’s housing register, applicants must: –

  • be considered to be in housing need and have a local connection to Waverley – not owe Waverley Borough Council or another landlord money 


  • Not own their home or have previously exercised the Right to Buy.


  • have an annual household income of less than £60,000 and savings of less than £30,000. 


  • not to have been proven to have committed anti-social behaviour, housing benefit fraud or subletting of social housing –


  • not already be a tenant of social housing to which the Council does not have a nomination right –


  • have a legal right to be included on Waverley’s register

If you think you can satisfy the requirements and need a home, what are you waiting for?

If  included on the register,  applications will be assessed and placed in one of 3 bands:

Band A – Highest housing need and strong connection to Waverley.

Band B – High housing need and strong connection to Waverley.

Band C – Medium housing need and strong or medium connection to Waverley’s Discretionary Pool.

Some applications that don’t meet the banding criteria for band A-C may be placed in a Discretionary Pool. These include applications from households that the Council is legally obliged to consider and those the Council may need to house in the future, such as those in supported accommodation but who are not yet ready to live independently.

Who is a priority?

See more in the link below.

The full allocation scheme is available on Waverley’s website. Any further queries about the allocation scheme contact 01483 523197.

 Note:  Just because you are ineligible to go on the register does not mean help cannot be offered. Waverley’s housing options team work hard to provide housing options advice and assistance to Waverley residents. Further details are available at Waverley housing options or on 01483 523197.



An Alfold resident’s bid to set up a farming enterprise in Dunsfold has failed…


But only for the time being

because …

An Alfold man who flogged off his former pad to an A list celebrity wants to set up a home in Dunsfold.

Although Ashley Ward had managed to dupe ‘Your Waverley’s planning dummies into supporting his latest scheme – wiser minds among members of the eastern planning committee were not so easily persuaded. 

Despite being faced with an officer’s recommendation to approve a cunning plan to set up a cattle finishing unit on a lane southof Dunsfold Road and east of High Loxley Road on 30 hectares of land which locals describe as 

“a field and not a farm.” A field with a view, no less! 

However, councillors were told on the night they couldn’t make a decision now . Despite it having the support of the council’s gullible and all too compliant planning department. 

Planning officers advised  them that the applicant had already appealed the scheme – and it would nowbe up to a Government Inspector to decide.

Now there’s a surprise?

  Devious Mr Ward, predicting a refusal,  believes  by appealing to a Government Inspector for non-determination of the scheme within the legal time frame,  he might still be in with a chance. The scheme has been languishing among the cobwebs in the planning department for months, like so many others. 

If he gets the go-ahead to build the cattle finishing unit – he is halfway to getting the agricultural workers’ mansion that is on his wish list. And, If anyone knows how to do it ~Mr Ward does, having ploughed through ancient woodland to provide an access to build his former home in Alfold for another farming enterprise, and flogging it off to an A-list celebrity.

Planning Officers told the committee they could still make a recommendation to either approve or refuse the scheme but it had now been appealed.  What they didn’t say was, that Mr Ward was hedging his bets.

They explained that Mr Ward had wanted to buy High Loxley Farmhouse – giving him control of the complete farm holding.   However, he had been unsuccessful in persuading the family of the late owner to sell it to him, so was left with 30 hectares and land elsewhere, if available to rent.

Planning officers admitted they had provided members with inaccurate plans and drawings. They were also unable to answer many of   the queries posed at a previous deferral of the application several months ago.

This included how long the 100 head of cattle were to be kept in the finishing unit, before going to the abattoir, and the sustainability of the proposed holding in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, an Area of Great Landscape Value nestling into a backcloth of Hascombe Hills.

Numerous councillors reminded officers of the restrictive planning policies covering the area – and the long list of objections from residents and parish councils in Alfold and Dunsfold. Many believed the scheme was a cynical attempt to gain permission for housing development.

Alfold Cllr Kevin Deanus said:

We are being asked to allow a big building – a very big building – bigger than a Boeing 747 off the Dunsfold Road off a terrible access.”

He pointed to a string of restrictive planning policies against such a proposal and a previous decision to refuse a mobile home on the land.

Mr Ward’s bare-faced attempt to build another agricultural holding and a home in the countryside was refused by councillors by 10 votes to four, but the officers will now have to defend the decision at a forthcoming appeal.

Who dares wins?




Waverley’s older people’s centres facing an uncertain future?

Has Waverley’s Thriving Communities Commissioning Fund put a question mark over the future of Farnham’s Brightwells and Cranleigh’s Rowleys Centre?

The former Brightwells Gostrey Centre in Farnham and Rowleys in Cranleigh. 






What does the future hold for them?

A change in the method taxpayers’ £735,000 grant pot is distributed in future has cast a long shadow over the future operation of both day centres.

Age UK Surrey has taken over the Clockhouse in Milford. We know not whether Waverley is funding that organisation as the Portfolio Holder for the Thriving Communities Fund has been rather coy in publishing this information. If AUK Surrey is funding it-  how and why?

The Waverley Web had gleaned much of the facts from the worried users of the older people’s centres, who admit they too are being kept in the dark by their Trustees! Though rumours are running rife! As you will see in the press release in the link below Rowleys Trustees, who recently warned staff to prepare for redundancy, have now called on the public to help keep its show on the road!

The upshot is that both Brightwells – which was kicked out of their East Street HQ to take up residence in the new multi-use and multi-million pound refurbished Memorial Hall, and Rowleys in Cranleigh may not survive.

The demise of Brightwells will probably be relished by the management team there, as it is now a multi-use facility. Waverley’s former Tory administration well and truly stuffed that organisation.   It currently only “rents” a large room in the new Memorial Hall after being kicked out of its previous purpose-built home to make way for the Farnham East Street development. No surprise there, then? We seem to remember predicting there would be trouble ahead. Anything that Cllr Jenny Else (Con) Elstead has her mucky paws in usually ends in misery for older people in the borough.

Both organisations have been under the cosh for years. Waverley’s Tory councillors worked tirelessly to rid themselves of older people’s services throughout its term. The Tory  ‘Grab the Rowleys 99- year lease campaign’ goes back a decade, according to local press reports.

First down the swanny river went Age UK Waverley – along with all its service Advice and Information, gardening and handyman’s schemes.

Brightwells and Rowleys are told that following a cut in their grants to just £40,000 p.a. They cannot apply for further funding until 2025. By which time they will no doubt have gone walking-sticks up?

Waverley manoeuvred Rowleys, with the help of Cranleigh Tory Cllr Patricia Ellis,  into giving up its 80-year lease at a peppercorn rent in 2018, swapping it for a 25-year lease with 5-yearly rent reviews and a £6,000 rent. If the business is no longer viable, we presume the building part-funded by the people of Cranleigh will go back into Waverley’s ownership?

Whoops, there goes yet another publicly funded building lost?

Haslewey, in Haslemere and Farncombe day centres, appear to be getting total funding along with a three year Service Level Agreement. Perhaps they managed to get their Annual Accounts up-to-scratch. The WW has been unable to find even a sniff of Rowleys Accounts – so is its Trustee Board up to the job, dare we ask? And, are the town’s olds supporting the organisation – or have times changed and they are joining golf clubs instead?

The ‘Thriving Communities Commissioning Fund’ is now aimed at a wider audience. Strategic issues are identified in the Waverley Corporate Strategy. According to Waverley, the decision on which organisation would benefit was made by an experienced multi-agency panel that included Surrey County Council, a member of the Waverley Executive Cllr Kika Mirylees and a member of the Principal Opposition Party Cllr Jenny Else. The fund, was, understandably considerably oversubscribed, and now benefits a more diverse community sector. Including young people.

Presumably, someone, sometime, will eventually publish a list of the beneficiaries and details of the grants they will receive?

Here’s a communication to the residents of Cranleigh we have received from the Trustees of Rowley’s.



Where’s Alfold’s dosh for taking more than its fair share of Waverley housing?


The Waverley Web has been peering into the big fat bank account that collects Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) from Developers.


In layman’s terms, that’s the money developers have to shell out to build   homes required by the Government. The money is supposed to go toward providing infrastructure – eg. road improvements, schools etc. And, would you adam and eve it, some  goes directly to the towns and villages that are  absorbing new residents coming from all over the country, and abroad.

CIL –  superseded 106  legal agreements that forced developers to cough up for projects earmarked by planning officers  to improve communities.

Will the this year’s CILLY season arrive in March?

A bit like the £80,000 Dunsfold Park Limited lobbed into Surrey County Council’s coffers almost 10 years ago, as part of its mitigation for consent to build more industrial and education units at the business park. Money that was earmarked for a pavement along Dunsfold Road towards DP’s Compass Gate entrance. But the safety of pedestrians has been ignored and despite Alfold’s Cllr Kevin Deanus being a Surrey County Councillor and a member of its Tory Executive, the money languishes in Surrey’s bank account and homes and obstacles built subsequently right up to the highway!!

So how much CIL money has Alfold received?

Well!  We cannot see any? Maybe we are missing something and the powers that be can tell us, and Alfold residents  what they are getting for all the unsustainable development.  We know about the  S106 Contributions – But where is their  CIL?? WW understands every town and parish council has to have CIL policy in place. Does Alfold have one? If not, why not? It has been a borough requirement for years! 

Is Alfold Parish Council falling apart at the seams?


This is what ‘Your Waverley’ says:

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Matters.

The total value of Demand Notices issued by Waverley Borough Council within the reported year is £337,207.81. Of this amount £258,896.23 is from liable floorspace, £74,056.44 is from surcharges imposed due to breaches of the CIL Regulations and £4,255.14 is from the accrual of late payment interest.

It should be noted that the values above refer to the Demand Notice issued within the period of the reported year. It may be that since the reported year these Demand Notices have been revised, for example, due to an appeal decision being issued or the application of surcharge or late payment interest. 

The total amount of CIL receipts collected by Waverley within the reported year is £2,149,684.09. c) The total CIL collected by Waverley  before the reported year that has not been allocated is £351,270.67. d) No CIL receipts were collected by the council, or by another person on its behalf, before the reported year which has been allocated. 

Expenditure of Strategic CIL within Waverley will be allocated via an annual bidding cycle. The first Strategic CIL bidding round occurred outside of the reported year, and therefore will be reported in the 2021/22 Infrastructure Funding Statement.

The total amount of CIL expenditure for the reported year is as follows:

 £130,981.77 of Neighbourhood CIL was transferred to the relevant Town and Parish Councils.
But it would appear – Alfold received ZILCH! Unless of course, it has received money and isn’t declaring it?

The total amount of CIL receipts allocated, whenever collected, which were allocated but not spent during the reported year is shown in the table below:

Neighbourhood CIL receipts of £283,441.78 have been allocated but not spent within the reported year. These monies will be transferred to the relevant Town and Parish Councils. .They will be expected to prepare a report for financial contributions it receives for any financial year.No CIL receipts (including land payments) have been spent on items of infrastructure within the reported year. ii) No CIL receipts have been spent on repaying money borrowed within the reported year, including any interest. iii) The amount of CIL collected towards administration expenses within the reported year is – £107,484.20 This is 5% of the total CIL receipts collected (£2,149,684.09) in the year period. The amount of CIL spent on administration expenses during the reported year is £107,484.20. h)

No CIL, whenever collected, have been allocated but not spent within the reported year. This is with the exception of £283,441.78 of Neighbourhood CIL which will be transferred to the relevant parish council in the next payment period.  The total amount of CIL passed to a Town or Parish Council under Regulation 59A and 59B during the reported year are as follows:

So where’s Alfold’s share?

 Allocated and Spent Remaining Admin CIL £107,484.20.  Neighbourhood CIL £414,423.55 £130,981.77 £283,441.78 Strategic CIL £0.00 £0.00 £2,016,790.37 CIL Land Payments £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 Total £521,907.75 £238,455.97 £2,300,232.15 Neighbourhood CIL receipts of £283,441.78 have been allocated but not spent within the reported year. These monies will be transferred to the relevant Town and Parish Councils. 

The relevant Town and Parish Councils will be expected to prepare a report for financial contributions it receives for any financial year. 


What the Grayshott Dr ordered but didn’t get from ‘Your Waverley.’

Developers have succeeded at their second attempt to build a 74-bed care home at Andrews of Hindhead off Portsmouth Road.

However,  the Grayshott G.P. Surgery, the local Clinical Commissioning Group and both major acute hospitals – Royal Surrey and Frimley Park Hospitals – objected to the proposals.

The plans above were refused late last year and the agreed updated plans are below.

After the demolition of this:

The scheme proposed by Seetwo Developments Ltd was refused in October 2021 by Waverley’s Western Planning Committee due to its scale and design. However, recently, despite the objection of health professionals and councillors recognised that the current scheme is the same size and as cramped as previously considered, permission was GRANTED.

Though all councillors said, they were voting “reluctantly.”

Why the volte-face? Because planning officers warned councillors that as improvements to the design had been made and the borough lacked a 5-year housing land supply, the ’tilted balance’ favoured the development and recommended it be allowed.

The proposed development for a 74 bedroom care home is on an existing underused brownfield site in a mix of uses, including retail, workshop, office and fitness studio. There are also two residential dwellings on the site. The site is an allocated site in the Pre-Submission Local Plan Part 2. 

Here’s what the Doctor ordered – but didn’t get.

Dr Edward Bell spoke on behalf of his colleagues at Grayshott Surgery and his patients.

P.S. Regardless of health hazards anywhere in the borough, Thames Water does not object!


An Alfold man who flogged off his former pad to an A list celebrity wants to set up home in Dunsfold.


Ashley Ward, a former Alfold resident who built his first home on agricultural land in Rosemary Lane after decimating Ancient Woodland without consent, is now proposing to do the same again in Dunsfold – with the support of Waverley’s gullible and all too compliant planning department!

Mr Ward, who sold his former home to an A list celebrity –  no names no paparazzi – has applied for planning permission to build a cattle finishing unit on a lane south of Dunsfold Road and east of High Loxley Road on 30-hectares of land which the locals describe as “a field and not a farm.” A field with a view, no less!

Having set up a company called Farmers Direct Ltd, Mr Ward has persuaded the useful idiots – AKA  Waverley Planners – to recommend approval of his application to use the land for 100 head of cattle ahead of tomorrow’s Planning Committee meeting. The proposed development, Mr Ward alleges, will enable him to increase numbers to 400 heads per annum after building a new indoor beef unit at Loxley Park Farm.

If Mr Ashley follows the same game plan he has deployed elsewhere in the borough, if his application is successful, he will then set about convincing the planners that he needs to live on the site. That ploy would then lead to the erection of another property, just like his previous home, which will be off-loaded for a considerable profit, freeing up Mr Ward to sally forth looking for his next blank canvas – AKA a greenfield – where he can repeat the exercise all over again: graze, build, expand, apply for consent and bank the profits. Nice work if you can get it!!!

Of course, the planners could put an agricultural occupancy condition on the property but a clever planning consultant will always find a way to remove that and, Bob’s your uncle, yet another small-holding with a very des res will be sold on to a hedge fund manager, fresh-from-Fetter Lane solicitor or wanker from the city.

The Eastern Area planning committee considered Mr Ward’s application WA/2021/02308 earlier this year but requested it is deferred due to a lack of information.

Alfold’s Cllr Kevin Deanus cited objections from Alfold and Dunsfold Parish Councils:

• The siting of the mobile home would have an adverse effect on the landscape, particularly the view from Hascombe Hill.
• The applicant should provide a full business plan to confirm that, amongst other things, if constructed, the resultant business will be financially viable.
• Transport and highway issues
• The applicant should produce and provide a master plan rather than take a piecemeal development approach.
• Matters of highway safety, agricultural justification, visual impact, impact on the countryside and AGLV have been included in a report to councillors. However, the application can only be assessed on its own merits.

And 29 members of the public have also raised a host of pertinent objections but, undeterred, the Planners are bringing the application back to Committee tomorrow, Wednesday 5 April, and, yet again, officers are recommending that the application is granted! Mr Ward has form in this respect and the officers would do well to heed it!

One can only hope that members of the Committee will not be duped by Mr Ward, who appears to be morphing into a serial developer of green fields by cunning sleight of hand.



High Court Judge says “No” to Alfold Judicial Review

Oh, dear! Ten out of Ten for trying Waverley – but you have just dumped £7,756 into a developer’s bottomless pockets and dipped into our empty purse.

Judge in High Court REFuse

The Honourable Mr Justice Lane has just kicked out ‘Your Waverley’s application to apply for a Judicial Review of the Government’s decision to allow Thakeham Homes/ Merchant Seaman’s War Memorial Society to build 99 homes on land in Loxwood Road, Alfold.

Is that the sound of chortling we can hear from the Tories? However, Waverley has scored a goal with the villagers of Alfold – even though it cost it £12,000 in an attempt to stop the rot and rape of Alfold’s countryside.

One villager told the Waverley Web – they expected nothing less of a planning and judicial system determined to concrete over the country’s green fields. But gave ‘Your Waverley’ ten out of ten for trying.

“What can you expect,- she said – Alfold Parish Council did everything in its power to stop development at Dunsfold Park – the borough’s largest brownfield site. It even helped Protect Our Waverley, an organisation that was nothing of the sort. If POW  wanted to protect Waverley – then why didn’t it rock up at any of the Alfold public Inquiries or inquiries elsewhere in the borough? It was a one-trick pony that objected to all things Dunsfold Park, causing a delay and putting Alfold and other towns and villages in the fine mess they are now in.”

Thanks to the past Tory administration,  MP’s , Jeremy Hunt, Anne Milton and other objectors, Waverley now has a 4.1 rather than a 5-year housing land supply and houses all of a similar design littering our countryside”

Back to the drawing board for Alfold development described by Bramley councillor as “crap.!”

Here’s the entire Court decision: