Alfold gets a new heart – and a safer village?



Waverley councillors have approved a scheme to bring Chapel Fields into the heart of Alfold despite objections from planning ‘experts.’ 

As outrageous as it may seem it took a determined developer to devise a housing scheme that would fund basic highway safety measures!- Vital road improvements have been called for but ignored for decades by the county highway authority! But it is partly due to Surrey County Council’s own development on Lindon Farm adjoining Chapel Fields that prompted councillors to overthrow their planning officers advice to … REFUSE!

Thanks to the landowners – and a determined Agent – Alfold will get now get 8 new homes – from two to four bedroom, a shop and cafe, a play area, and a central village green – but more important than all those put together – a safer highway through the village.

Waverley councillors, some of whom have a personal connection with the tiny Surrey/Sussex border village were able to recount their own personal experiences of one of the most dangerous country roads in the borough.

The Loxwood Road is a popular route for lorry traffic from the Shoreham Docks, and a busy link into the A281 Alfold Crossways a scene of numerous accidents. One several years ago, saw a female motorist die outside the village shop. Her death brought appeals for the highway authority to provide safety measures. 

Alfold Councillor Kevin Deanus said his village had recently been bombarded with development. Development both “inappropriate and insensitive” and which had provided the village with “absolutely no benefits.” The application before the eastern committee offered numerous benefits welcomed by many, including the parish council. He claimed SCC’s development nearby had,  “changed everything.”

Cranleigh, and former Alfold councillor, Mary Foryszewski said the scheme would “enhance the Conservation Area,” and here, at last, was a developer putting something back into the community.


Cranleigh’s Jeannette Stennett predicted the scheme would open up the village – give it a new heart and anyone who had ever driven from the bottom of the Loxwood Road past the sharp bend on the hill, would welcome with open arms the traffic calming measures. Saying, It was what Alfold had needed for a very long time. Alfold had lost pubs, a fine restaurant and with the Development at nearby Dunsfold now approved, this thriving community deserved more. “I am giving this all my support.’

Councillor Stewart Stennett said he had personal experience of his own traffic accident there, saying the extra 20 car parking spaces for the Chapel, and residents parking would be welcomed by all.

Bramley’s By-Pass Byham who always welcomes traffic improvements, said in all his time at Waverley he couldn’t recollect  Alfold Parish Council ever supporting “anything” – so would definitely supporting this application.

However, Wonersh’s  Grouchy Goodridge didn’t believe the shop or the cafe were viable and the scheme was just a ploy to get housing development onto the site. The councillor who regularly reveals he is permanetly joined at the hip of planning officers with superglue argued against. “The developer has dangled a carrot in front of us? So what happens when these facilities are unviable? I certainly won’t be voting for it.”

After Ewhurst’s Val Henry spoke of her “excitement” about a scheme bringing with a raft of benefits for Alfold people. It was then left to Chairman David Else to call for a vote?

Despite a bit of confusion, which was not helped by officers seemingly completely disinterested in advising members on important conditions to be imposed on the scheme it was agreed by 10 votes to two. With Groucho and Chairman David Else voting against.

Will Waverley councillors back a scheme that the locals claim could breath new life into Alfold?


Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 20.04.34.pngOr will they follow the recommendation of their very own planning dummies and refuse a widely supported scheme for eight homes – a cafe shop – and a car park?

Tonight Waverley planning ‘experts’ will once again recommend refusing development on land in the Surrey/Sussex border village – which has been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons recently! Will this site on which development has been sought since 1986,  once again be kyboshed by planning officers who are ignoring local opinion – including those of village leaders on the parish council? (However, shouldn’t  someone tell the parish council that Grampian Conditions aren’t worth the paper they’re written on).

Perhaps Alfold’s Councillor Kevin Deanus can be as persuasive in supporting this application as he has so ably demonstrated when objecting to other totally unsuitable schemes, that officers have backed to the hilt in the east of the borough?

It beggars belief that Surrey County Council with Waverley’s support can build on land to the rear of Lindon Farm, formerly part of the same holding on which permission was refused to every other applicant. But then grant itself planning permission for three large buildings for supported living accommodation for autistic children with access from a one-way dangerous country lane!  Every other past application had been refused by its very own engineers’ on highway objections! Double-dealing or what?

Then along comes a community facility – a Cafe and a shop, which locals say will complement the existing village shop –   in a village with scant amenities. Along with the added bonus of a car park (10 spaces for a village church and 10 for residents’ parking, plus a traffic calming scheme)  and a play area in the heart of the old village – and the planners say…

… OH NO!

Dumb or what?

Come on Councillor Deanus – get your truncheon out and knock some sense into your so-called experts and get Cranleigh’s Liz Means Biz, (not to be confused with Betty Boot), and your fellow councillors along with you?

Tell them about the numerous accidents that have occurred on the dangerous bend where a woman died just a year or so back. Tell them about the dangerous parking, and the numerous incidents, accidents, damage to property that are a regular occurrence in Loxwood Road.  (We have researched this and our followers over there have been writing to us)!

And… how can anyone claim this doesn’t fit into the street scene?

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 20.04.55.png

Existing housing and church – a footpath eight homes and a car park, cafe and shop behind?  But the ‘experts’ don’t like it!

POW in takeover bid for Awfold’s Neighbourhood Plan?




Left Councillor Kevin Deanus joins villagers to protest against the Springbok application – has the councillor who has fought development changed his mind? Has the Alfold Bobby’s tirade stopped the creation of Alfold New Town?

As if it hadn’t enough on its hands fighting the Dunsfold Park developer, the mutter in the Awfold gutter is that Protect our Little Corner is making a takeover bid for Awfold’s Neighbourhood Plan… and soon its parish council!

 Great, they’re going to stop development in Awfold, we hear you cry. And not before time! Finally, they’re taking an interest in somewhere other than Dunsfold Aerodrome. Well done, POW, you’re finally living up to your name!

Well, er …, no, not exactly! According to our informants – and they are many! – POW is planning to concrete all over Awfold’s green and pleasant fields in its latest bid to stop development just a hop, skip and a field away at Dunsfold Aerodrome, the largest brownfield site in the borough.


You couldn’t make it up, really you couldn’t! A scheme that was turned down at Appeal by a Government Inspector earlier this year is, only months later, is now being promoted by the Neighbourhood Plan Committee.

WTF is going on in Awfold, we hear you ask? Awfold residents could not have made it clearer how they felt about Thakeham Homes’ Springbok application – when they turned out in their droves to give it a big, huge thumbs down – but Thakeham’s supporters are determined to get the development back on the agenda.

Are Thakeham’s supporters now promoting another of its cunning plans?

You might well ask! Of course, everyone knows Nik Pigeon, Chairman of Awfold Parish Council, has declared a pecuniary interest in the Springbok scheme but, according to our informants – who have been busy trawling through Awfold Parish Council’s parish papers, following recent, startling revelations about the Parish Council’s money-laundering activities – piles of dodgy do-do are being uncovered. One of which whiffs to high heaven!

Apparently, in April this year, up popped POW’s very own slippery little hypocrite  Chris Britton, who, together with  his wife Cilla, now sit on Awfold’s Neighbourhood Plan Committee

So why would someone who lives in a house overlooking Dunsfold Aerodrome whose been fighting the Dunsfold Developer tooth-and-nail, to prevent development on his doorstep, want to team up with another developer to help them build homes just a hop, skip and a field away on the other side of the aerodrome on someone else’s doorstep? It really does beg the question what’s in it for him?

In fact, call us stupid but the Waverley Web, can’t understand why anyone is calling for more sites for development  there because the village only has to find 125 homes to comply with Your Waverley’s Local Plan and it already has:

• 55 consented – and going up fast – at Sweeters Copse as part of Phase 1, with further homes in the pipeline for Phase 2;
• 23 consented at Brockhurst Farm on the Horsham Road;
• 57?  at the former Wyevale Garden Centre, where consent has already been granted for part of the site and a new application is seeking to increase that number;
• 11 at Oakhurst Farm (SCC) 
• Not to mention numerous conversions of barns and outbuildings – including at the Alfold Craft Centre, and a number of individual new homes – all of which are described as ‘windfall’ sites!

So, without even trying, Awfold has already exceeded the 125 homes it needs by over a fifth and yet POW’s Boy Britton is busy promoting other schemes including at Springbok, owned by Care Ashore, or as some believe Thakeham Homes?

In addition, as part of the call for sites, numerous other Alfold landowners – most of whom objected to development at Dunsfold Aerodrome,  – have rushed to throw their land into the hat, including Care Ashore’s land south of Satchel Court Drive; The Nutshell, Horsham Road; Glebelands Farm, Loxwood Road; land at the entrance to Wildwood Golf Club; Bridian Farm, Little Bookers Lea Farm, to name but a few.

Carry on at this rate and Awfold’s green and pleasant fields will quickly become Awfold New Town whilst, next door, the largest brownfield site in the borough sits idle if POW’s Boy Britton has anything to do with it. What a treacherous little Weasel he is!

Care Ashore and Thakeham Homes’ boat sunk by a Government Inspector!

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 19.00.42.png

Another shedload of homes on their way to the countryside in Alfold – adjacent to Dunsfold Airfield.

Don’t Panic Mr Mainwaring! It’s only Awfoldgate again…


We’re in the (unexplained) money!!


The Waverley Web has been contacted by a concerned Alfold resident whose husband nearly choked on his cornflakes and uttered an expletive which, she assures us, has never passed his lips before in her hearing – ‘WTF!!!’


Pardon our Russian, but we’re only repeating what we’ve been told!  Apparently, the gentleman in question was perusing the accounts of the parish council, as he does every year – because that’s the type of person he is – and he noticed a major discrepancy.  So MAJOR at first he thought it must be a typo or had someone put the decimal point in the wrong place???

For, according to the January 9th 2018 budget, this tiny parish council which, in a normal year, has a turnover of £35,000 and, in the previous year, had grants and donations of £14,850, had received grants and donations of £276,400. and, even more staggeringly, had spent the entire sum on legal fees!!!


WTF indeed!!!!!!!!!!

Who on earth is bank-rolling Alfold Parish Council to the tune of £276,400?   Its’ annual precept is around £25,000 and that money is usually swallowed up dealing with ditches, hedges and dog shit!  Anyone attending Alfold Parish Council meetings, even on an irregular basis, will know that Pooper-Scooping at the playground is a permanent preoccupation for the Parish Councillors and leads to much animated (pardon the pun!) discussion.


The full accounts can be found by clicking  here.


Has Alfold PC, unbeknown to its parishioners, given up scooping the poop and scooped the Lotto?  Or has someone died and left them a legacy?  And did they spend the lot desperately defending their scoop when disgruntled rellies contested the will?

Can anyone throw any light on what’s going on in Alfold – shortly to change its name to Kerchingold?!  Or, are we going to have to file for an Unexplained Wealth Order?  You know us here at the Waverley Web, we’re always on trend!

The next Alfold Parish Meeting will take place on.  Or will Nick Pidgeon have lived up to his name and taken flight?  But, even if he has, we’re sure the very competent Clerk, Crystal Tipps Weddell, will have an explanation.

Will it be rather embarrassing for Chairman Nik Pidgeon Partner at lawyers Charles Russell Speechlys? His Chairman’s 2018 report on the Local Plan said:

“In respect of Dunsfold Park, again we made representations during the planning process, and with the Joint Parish Councils, were represented at the Public Inquiry following the Call-In by the Secretary of State of the planning permission that was granted.
All this involved much work and expense. (WWethinks quite a lot of work and expense!!) Thanks in particular to Beverley for her assistance in keeping this organised. 

Yet there was NO mention of thanks to their donor of A QUARTER OF A MILLION POUNDS FOR LEGAL FEES?

We look forward to hearing from Alfold residents at

Alfold Chairman’s Report:

Alfold 2017/2018 Budget:

The WW has just received a comment to :  from an Alfold man very concerned that his comments may somehow be traced back to him! What are people afraid of in that village, we wonder? However, although we vet comments before they are published to prevent defamatory statements. We want to assure all our readers that unless you wish for your real name to be disclosed, and wish to use s pseudonym we pledge would never reveal your identity. However, although you may comment, we must ensure that we know your comment are from a bona fide correspondents.



Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 20.44.35.png

First shock of the day at the Alfold Public Inquiry!

Within ten minutes of a public inquiry opening, the appellant,  Thakeham Homes, warns it  intends to land all its costs into Waverley’s lap!

One thing you can say for Your Waverley it is on the ball!

Let’s hope it’s in the money too!

Picture posted on Facebook by Alfold Fights Back.

It is well-rounded, (51 of its 57 councillors are from one party) it bounces around all over the place, (two Daft Local Plans and one, not quite so Daft, over ten years). It had a rubber Band (Mike) at its heart  for many years – don’t see much of him now though, and it bounces back into power regardless of how many times residents take ‘Votes of No Confidence’ in its administrative prowess  … which are ignored!


Last Tuesday’s meeting of the EXECUTIVE  voted to provide its planning team with £100,000 for Barristers and Expert witnesses to challenge Thakeham Homes appeal against its refusal to allow a new village to be bolted onto the Surrey/Sussex Village.

When does the Appeal take place?  TODAY!

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 10.10.07.png

Click on the link below for a previous post outlining the scheme to build 465 dwellings on the Springbok Estate in the middle of Waverley’s countryside on land owned by Seaman’s Charity Care Ashore on the Surrey/Sussex border.

Is the boat about to sail for – Care Ashore?

So… ‘Your Waverley’ wait until seven days before  a controversial Public Inquiry takes place before  deciding  whether to spend £100,000 of the taxpayers’ money! No doubt Thakeham Homes are laughing all the way to the Inspector’s door, as they will, no doubt, have gathered all the planning brains and experts available to ensure its cunning plan comes to fruition,

But maybe…just maybe, someone at ‘YW’ just forgot to set the money aside, and officers and legal eagles have been preparing  for the event  for many months? Let’s hope so.

Do the good people of Alfold go into battle confident and safe  in the knowledge that its borough council is vigorously defending its very future, let’s hope so for their sake?

Your Waverley’s Councillor Jim Edwards was completely carried away with his own enthusiasm whilst supporting the £100,000 spend, even though he said there was no money in the council’s planning coffers! Waverley Planners refused the application in 2016. He said: We should apply to the Inspector for costs, because I don’t think they have a leg to stand on personally, knowing Alfold and I just hope we get costs!’

We hope you are right Sunny Jim, but don’t hold your breath!

There are some very angry people over there in the East – who want to know, WHY  two major public inquiries are being held on the same day in different parts of the borough. Of course, we couldn’t possibly comment!

Is Wildwood in the bunker?


Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 12.43.28.png

Here we were at the Waverley Web thinking that Alfold’s beleaguered Wildwood Golf club was teeing off again…

Because a message went out to members on Thursday inviting them around for a game of golf. The message said the bar was open and there was a limited food menu available. So we all polished the mud off our clubs loaded the bag in the back of the car and…    then.. we received other messages…
Word is now out that Wildwood will be attending a hearing in court at 10am tomorrow – Monday 10th – to go into administration; it has been called in by the company’s auditors. Here is the latest charge is on the Companies House Website. 

 The company it is named against is Midos GC Limited – yet another property company with directors names all appearing to be of the same “ilk” as Simcha Green.

Also, word is – and this is NOT confirmed – might be a bunch of hacked off old golfers gossiping – that once it is in administration it is quickly being scooped up and purchased by – you guessed it, Simcha Green but also with  others – ‘unknown.’

But we here at the Waverley Web do not want to be accused of handing out Fake News – because we pride ourselves on checking everything that appears on a Post.  If we get it wrong – and we admit we have once or twice we have, we apologise and we correct the information.

All we hope is that Alfold  gets its Wildwood – back!

Has Alfold’s Wildwood Golf Club gone into the rough?



Are there plans afoot to drag Wildwood out of a big hole?

The jungle telegraph wires have been humming with the revelation that Alfold’s Wildwood Golf club has gone into the rough over there in the East of the borough.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 17.33.32.pngHere at the Waverley Web our e-mails and comment boxes are heaving with claims – counter claims and some very colourful descriptions of  life down on the driving range!

Here’s one we read earlier:Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 21.44.30

Click here to readHas Alfold’s Wildwood Golf Club gone into the rough? Here at the Waverley Web we believe there are many issues and situations that some people would much prefer were buried in the bunkers. Bit like ‘Your Waverley Council’ where they do it all the time!

However,  when people’s lives, livelihoods, businesses  and their very survival are at stake – we believe it is in the public interest to tell people what is going on around them  and as Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington once said, – “Publish and be damned.”

As you will see from the above comment, feelings are running very high and it would appear that the head honcho at Wildwood Simcha Green is the new owner and those mentioned in yesterday’s post are the Consultant Managing Company Pathway Projects Limited. In fact, there are fewer roads at Birmingham’s Spaghetti junction than there are  individuals/companies/solicitors sitting in the Wildwood bunker!  

By the way don’t bother phoning, e-mailing or trying to address them – because you will probably not succeed (unless of course the Surrey Ad reads this post – they do it all the time, and succeeds in contacting them.)

As the bills, summonses, Court Writs continue to slip through Wildwood’s doors,with monotonous regularity,  suppliers have been seen carrying their goods and products out of the buildings. Some of these have contacted the Waverley Web at  claiming their businesses are being seriously affected, others say if only they had received some explanation/communication from the new owners, they may have been willing to bide their time before reclaiming goods.One told the WW – ‘communication has been non-existent.’

Some Wildwood staff are staying on to field the phones, despite not having been paid for more than three months.

The Waverley Web apologises to the former Directors Phil and Louise Harrison who are not in Spain, as we had been led to believe , but are sticking it out at their home near Wildwood working around the clock in a frantic bid to rescue the club.    When it was sold they, and their dedicated staff , had high hopes that a multi-million planning application, which received the go ahead by Waverley Planners over five years ago, would at last come to fruition and they would see in a new era for the club.

It is believed the owner  wants to take a driver  to get rid of the club  as soon as possible and every effort is being made by others, to secure it future.

Let’s all hope the club, which has raised many thousands pounds for charities, and provided golf to millions can ensure players continue to tee off at the popular Surrey course.

Has Alfold’s Wildwood Golf Club gone into the rough?



The popular golf club on the Surrey/Sussex border with approved plans to build a £35 million pound hotel development and a multi-million pound PGA golf academy  – is about to go into liquidation.

Club members, staff and suppliers are reeling from the shock that the club, which was sold to wealthy foreign buyers a few months ago,  has run into serious financial difficulties. Some say by accident – others by design!Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 14.19.15.png

Staff, including groundsmen, catering and office staff have either been given notice to quit or have not been  paid since before Christmas. Some have young families. Ground equipment has been re-possessed and food, drink and various other suppliers have not been paid. Weddings and events planned throughout the year have been cancelled – leaving couples angry and out-of-pocket.

Members of the club at Alfold Crossway are shocked and “ANGRY”   that, despite repeated attempts to contact the owners for an explanation, they are being ignored.

Some are claiming back their golf memberships from their credit card providers, others are writing to the club’s  Solicitors ABGM Solicitors 74 Brent Street, London NW4 2ES.020 8202 5060.

Former director Phil and Louise Harrison, and other  family members who previously worked for the club, have left for a home in Spain, after telling the few staff that remained at the club – that it was – “all over.”

The couple from the North of England worked tirelessly over many years to keep the Wildwood Show on the road whilst investors/new owners were sought to carry through their ambitious plans to make Wildwood a mecca for golf. The PGA Junior golf academy was predicted to have plans to set up home there and Hilton Hotels was widely mentioned as the hotel operator.

Now it appears everything has crashed around the ears of the former directors, and there is complete silence from the new boys on the block! The Directors are listed below;  one of whom has been banned from holding any company  directorships! 

Three local charities that held an event at the club last September  have not received any of the monies raised – one of which – a children’s cancer charity – has brought in the police to investigate, what they are describing as a “disgusting fraud.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 14.18.41.png

Rachel Clunie the former events and marketing manager who was given instant notice  without any explanation last December said to rob a children’s charity that fundraised for child  cancer –  was one of the most horrible things she  could imagine. “These people are absolute filth, anyone that can rob babies and young  children, without hair and ravaged by this awful disease and the accompannying  aggressive treatment deserves to rot – and she claims, so far, her attempts to ‘Interest’ Guildford police have gone absolutely “nowhere.” She said – “they are simply not interested in local fraud.

The other charities involved are the Retired Racehorse Association and Cranleigh Football Club. The Charity night raised many thousands of pounds from an Auction, and sponsorship the  raffle alone  raised in excess of £2,000.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 14.19.36.png

Rumours running rife around the club members, predict the club will go into administration within days and then the site will be the subject of a planning application for many hundreds of houses!

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 12.35.05.png

The site on the A281 Horsham Road is just a stones throw from the 100 homes to be built in Loxwood Road, 465 homes now at Appeal by Thakeham Homes on the Care Ashore land at Springbok and a quarter of a mile from Dunsfold airfield – which has been earmarked for 2,600 homes,  1,800 of which have been granted permission by Waverley Planners and which has now been called in for  a public inquiry by the Secretary of State. 

The owners are not responding to any communications at the time this post was published.

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 15.59.20.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-09 at 12.22.05.png

Awfold… Alford… or could it be Alfold that developers are invading?

No-one seems quite sure how to spell the name of the Surrey/Sussex border village, but never mind, what’s in a name?

Horsham based developer, Thakeham Homes, is delighted that it’s been involved in Waverley’s ‘not-so-secret’ meetings. Its spokesman has said that it welcomes working with others on its 400 plus proposed homes in ‘Alford’… (Don’t get too hung up on the name of your village Alfold  – nobody gives a damn what its name is, only how much farmland can be plastered with concrete – the more the better.)

The spokesman continues:

“We welcome the opportunity to be involved with councillors”.  

Oh we bet you do! It certainly helps that one of those borough councillors, the former member for Alfold, also happens to be a Trustee of The Springbok Charity, that owns the site that you want to develop – there’s a bit of luck!

He continues to say how delighted the company is:

“to work with other developers to discuss ways for the local authorities and developers to deliver these vital homes and infrastructure”.

Vital to whom? The Springbok Charity which has declared it will go under, if planning permission is turned down. This is the same charity that invited villagers to “be a part of our charitable community” but when one tried recently, and dared to say she did not support more than doubling the size of the small village, was told in no uncertain terms, not to come again! How very charitable of them…

Who else has jumped on the Alfold bandwagon? Surrey County Council no less – it has bought Linden Farm, opposite the Craft Centre in Loxwood Road, with access off  Rosemary Lane. What for? To build homes for 10 disabled adults. All on the site of the old pig stys, on which development has been turned down on numerous occasions by WBC and Inspectors at appeal. Not sure that SCC will have too much of a battle twisting Waverley’s arm – Hey ho here we go AWFOLD…