A development once dubbed by a Waverley councillors “the worst they had ever seen” has been approved.

Alfold Councillor Kevin Deanus was vitriolic when he considered a scheme to build 80 homes at Sweeters Reach in Loxwood road a few months ago.

A Bramley colleague described the proposed development by Bewley Homes as “crap.”

 Bramley Councillor Martin D’Arcy said :

“This is one of the worst layout housing schemes I have ever seen. I thought a previous Secretary of State for housing wanted to ‘build beautiful?’ Beautiful these are not, in fact, this is a crap design, the developers are obviously clueless.”

A controversial Alfold development described by one councillor as Cl

Cllr Deanus said although the developer Bewley Homes had lodged an appeal for 80 homes at Sweeters Reach with the Planning Inspectorate,  he was pleased it had made some major changes. It had taken on board objections made by the planning committee and after talking to the locals and neighbours in the Cala Homes Sweeters Copse development nearby.

Improvements included moving parking courts away from homes in Chilton Close. Changing the form of heating from Calor Gas Storage tanks and generally liaising with residents, neighbours and the parish council.

However, Cllr Martin D’Arcy wasn’t quite so impressed!

He wanted officers to explain exactly what alternative heating was proposed. Saying:

My understanding is that the developer will not be proposing Calor Gas due to more stringent building control standards. However, is it a mystery as to what heating is proposed?

Officers admitted they didn’t know what method was to be used but confirmed that the chimneys on properties were purely decorative. However, they were “satisfied” that the development was now more sustainable. 

 Councillor D’Arcy told planning officers:

I am glad you are satisfied – because I am not!

He and others said they were surprised that no management company had been set up, saying changes to the legal agreements with the developers should ensure this.

Offices assured the meeting if a management company was not included within the existing legal agreements with the developer, they would ensure it was included. It was also agreed that there should be a Resident Laison Group.

The application was approved, but not by all. Needless to say, the final voting figure was not announced!! Why would it be – after all, we are just the voting fodder.

AGREED Subject to the applicant entering into a Deed of Variation (legal agreement).

Another piece of Alfold’s valuable agricultural land bites the dust.

Here’s the appeal notice document 8613057

2 thoughts on “A development once dubbed by a Waverley councillors “the worst they had ever seen” has been approved.”

  1. It is a better design now, but then you would be hard pressed to make one any worse than the previous Application. Are they going to drop the Appeal? or will Waverley have to fork out more money on this ridiculous “Appeal-Game” ?
    I agree with Cllr D’Arcy – What sort of Heating is proposed?? I think the Planners should have been aware of what would replace the Calor Gas. I bet it won’t be Air or Ground source Heat pumps for all 80 Homes.. maybe for the more expensive Market Homes??
    I am sorry – But our whole Planning system is skewed – It is Developer-Led and due to the lack of Housing across the Borough they are able to do pretty much what they want or threaten Appeal after Appeal. I have not heard anything of substance from the new PM about housing

    If you look at all the papers about Climate change and how we in Waverley intend to get to Net0 by 2030… How will this be achieved when developers continue to dump New Houses in some of the most “Infrastructure Poor” areas of the Borough, where reliance on the private car to get anywhere is highest.

    This Extract has been taken from the Waverley Borough Council
    Climate Change and Sustainability Supplementary Planning Document
    Draft final report
    Prepared by LUC
    September 2022

    Chapter 1

    The A3 provides good connections to London, Guildford
    and Portsmouth, but there is relatively poor road connectivity
    between the A3 and settlements in the east and west of the
    Similarly, with the exception of Farnham, there are no
    east-west railway links within the Borough. The north-south
    railway services are heavily used and there are already
    concerns about their future capacity.
    Bus services are relatively frequent within urban areas,
    however there are limited services within rural areas,
    especially at evenings and weekends. Limited bus services
    are having an impact on accessibility for residents and is one
    of the key factors determining high levels of car dependence
    in the area. Recently, bus services in Surrey have been
    significantly reduced due to driver shortages, which further
    exacerbates the issue.
    Transport is the key source of carbon emissions in
    Waverley and is also contributing to poor air quality in some
    areas. Farnham and Godalming have Air Quality Management
    Areas, mainly as a result of traffic. 64% of Surrey’s
    population in employment uses a private vehicle for work
    commute. In Waverley, the proportion is slightly higher, as
    65.1% of workforce travels using a private car to get to work,
    which is also higher than the national average of 63.4%. Only
    13.2% of the work commuters use public transport, which is
    above the regional average of 12.1% and below the national
    average of 16.9%. Walking and cycling have a very limited
    uptake and account for only 0.7% of the total workforce

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