Will Alfold villagers rock up to an extraordinary meeting tonight?

Possibly not, as the crucial meeting to discuss two controversial developments that could change the face of Alfold has not been well-publicised!

However, you can rely on us here at the Waverley Web to let you know that tonight, Monday, there will be an Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting at 7.30 pm at Alfold Village Hall in the Green Room.

The little village of Alfold has been deluged with developers.   Cala Homes, Bewley Homes, Thakeham Homes, Abri Homes, and we expect it will soon get Eamonn Homes – to build over its countryside. The latest is Vistry Homes.

Here’s the meeting notice on the Alfold Parish Council Facebook Page.

Meeting to discuss Alfold Parish Council’s response to planning applications S52/2023/01486 & WA/2023/01468.  3. WA/2023/01468 – Land and Coordinates 504360 134890, Horsham Road, Alfold. Approval of reserved matters (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) following outline permission granted under appeal reference APP/R3650/W/20/3265361 (WA/2020/0260) for the erection of 86 dwellings (including 26 affordable), 100sqm of workspace hub, landscaping and associated works.

4. S52/2023/01486 – Hollyoak and Land to Rear Coords 503762 135006 Loxwood Road, Alfold. Request to modify a Section 106 legal agreement (WA/2020/1684) for removal of reference to shared ownership units; amendments to mortgagee exclusion clause; removal of the definition of bus service contribution; management company amendments. 


Whilst local landowners trouser squillions and the A281 has started to resemble a car park, villagers are putting up the For Sale signs and heading for the hills.

Perhaps Waverley’s Leader or even Waverley’s Portfolio Holder for Planning should rock up and hear what villagers have to say.


One thought on “Will Alfold villagers rock up to an extraordinary meeting tonight?”

  1. Although non statutory consultees, too often the representations of Town and Parish councils are not taken into account by the Local Planning Authority. For sustainable development consultation with Town and Parish Councils is critical their planning groups consist of elected representatives with critical local knowledge. No wonder Waverley is suffering overdevelopment well in excess of what its infrastructure can sustain.

    The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015
    Representations by parish council before determination of application
    25 (2) A local planning authority must not determine any application in respect of which a parish are required to be given information before (b) representations are made by that council and in determining the application the authority must take into account any representations received from the council of the parish.

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