Cranleigh Health Trust Secret Meeting with village leaders

So what is Cranleigh Parish Council and that rum bunch Cranleigh Village Health Trust up to now?

In secret for “commercial confidence”, what rot!

The Paddock field. The site which is currently proposed for a care home in the latest planning application

Is it any wonder that those thousands of residents in the eastern village don’t trust the outfit that was once called Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust that morphed into Cranleigh Village Health Trust? What next, Cranleigh Village Mystery Trust?

They hold public meetings in private, their members aren’t invited, and their secret dealings with public money, including legacies, are kept under wraps. After trousering, millions of pounds of donated money.

Here’s the latest taken from Cranleigh Parish Council Agenda for a meeting at the council offices on 25 July 2023.

So what has the outfit got up its sleeve this time? Is that another change in the covenant that covers the land behind M & S, no doubt? Particularly as with a sleight of hand, the Chamber of Trade led by non-other than Cranleigh’s bete noir Batty Bamford, who has fingers in every single Cranleigh pie, has included the land within the Cranleigh Business Improvement District (BID.) 

7.00 pm on Wednesday, 26 July

To review a draft survey and accompanying letter to be issued by CVHT
(This item may be held in a private and confidential session – reason: commercial in confidence)
• To discuss the CVHT survey and accompanying letter.

All the warning signs went up when Waverley’s Local Plan Part 2 Inspector was asked to remove the ASVI designation on the site by CVHT. ‘Your Waverley’ gave the controversial site the critical designation as an

Area of Strategic Visual Importance.

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