There are old Tories and bold Tories – but few old bold Tories standing in Waverley election.

Wow! How strange ‘Your Waverley’s’ 2023 borough elections are turning out to be.

For the first time, only 50 seats are up for grabs. And to make matters even more confusing most ward boundaries and names have changed due to a Boundary Commission review. To add a bit of confusion, the Government has ruled you must have a photo ID!

Here’s what you need to know in the link below.

Photo ID required for May Elections in Waverley.

GONE – are so many familiar faces in the Tory line-out that here at the Waverley Web, we realised there had been a mass Exodus. 
Flying out.

The pack-up-and-go brigade includes Julia Potts – former Tory Group Leader. Not that anyone will notice, as she has hardly shown her face in the Council Chamber since throwing in the Farnham towel – and parachuting into a safer seat in Tilford, Frensham and Dockenfield in the 2019 election!

Out go Cranleigh’s decades-long serving Conservatives Patricia Ellis and the feisty Mary Foryszewski. They leave known unknown to battle it out with Lib Dem couple Ruth (East) and Ken Reed (West), a Labour candidate and a first appearance for several Trade Unionist Socialist Coalition candidates for Cranleigh New Town. Rumour has it that the Conservative Associations sent letters to all its members seeking “paper candidates.”

Gone is long-serving Conservative Chiddingfold’s Cllr Anna James. The first Councillor to dubb the eastern village of Alfold as – “Poor Old Alfold” and then proceeded to agree to more housing development there!

Conservative Kevin Deanus quietly slipped into the Alfold seat UNOPPOSED in 2019 and faces opposition for the two seats in the newly-named  Alfold, Dunsfold and Hascombe wards. The two Tories could be in for a bit of a battle in the village that believes it is seeing more than its fair share of Waverley’s Housing development and four times its quota due to the Tory Government’s over-zealous planning inspectors.

Here’s the line-up.

More to come…

2 thoughts on “There are old Tories and bold Tories – but few old bold Tories standing in Waverley election.”

    1. Will be dealing with Ewhurst and the other villages in tomorrow’s post. There are too many to put up in one go as we cover the whole of the borough. However, Cllr Val Henry has also jumped ship.

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