3 thoughts on “Can Waverley planning shift the Hunt?”

  1. Great letter but Kevin Stone could have written this if he lived near the Dunsfold Park site. This echo’s the same sentiments as the population here and probably more so. We have no train line and even less transport links and amenities.

  2. As Kevin says ‘there are no new employment project coming up’ (in the local area). This means that any new housing will simply be absorbed by people selling their London properties to overseas investors who are taking advantage of the post Brexit 20% devaluation in the pound. Remember capital city property is a global market; Chinese buyers are turning their attention to London following a 15% foreign buyers tax imposed by Vancouver (2016) & Toronto (2017) ; so 20% + 15% = making London property 35% more attractive; even if left empty it gets their money offshore and is protected by the most robust property law in the world.

    Thus the ex-London residents compound the problems of lack of local infrastructure, schools, surgeries, and overcrowded commuter car parks and train services.

    As far as I can make out, current housing forecasts as based on Labour’s open door policies of the early 21st century. We need to reassess housing need post-Brexit and incorporate more carrot & stick approaches to persuading older residents to move from multi bedrooms properties (for which they may even get a subsidized single occupancy rate reduction!) to smaller ones or communal living. I know the Conservatives attempted the ‘difficult conversation’ at the last election and practically lost as a result. With an aging population who (as turkeys) clearly have no intention of voting for Christmas, I think the only way to reset the inter-generalisation contract is to remove the anomaly that is zero rate capital tax on a primary residence as it distorts our investment decisions and shackles us to the most pro property-owning party for the rest of our lives. Only when one has adult children does one see the true price we all pay for this market distortion, However we are normally of an age that one simply transitions from paying one’s own mortgage to one’s children’s in order that they can ‘get on the housing ladder’ and, as a convenient byproduct, the parent can start avoiding IHT by transferring wealth to the next generation.

    To summarise; there is no housing shortage – it is just the houses are in ‘the wrong places’ and that is driven foreign speculation removing housing from the prime locations. Perhaps try a 35% foreign owners tax to fund a 21st century fibre optic broadband throughout the county instead of a 19th century H2S?

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