Bramley hits the headlines again…


This time it’s the massive tree-felling operation that has upset the locals.

Yesterday it was the stench from the village stream. Is Hunt on the General election trail already?

Don’t forget Bramley residents, I am here to help. 

Perhaps Wannabe Bramley MP Mr Hunt will intervene? Maybe The Chancellor will be on the phone with the head honcho of Surrey County Council? Or is he hiding away from this one?

Healthy Trees in Cranleigh along the Downslink that were given the chop!

Villagers have pilloried tory-controlled Surrey County Council for cutting down hundreds of trees, despite some suffering from ash dieback. Residents around the Downslink footpath say the council’s action during the nesting season was “utter madness.”

They claim the wildlife around them will be decimated following the felling of more than 600 trees – not all ash trees.

Similar work was undertaken last year on the Downslink in Cranleigh.

Here’s the picture. According to nearby residents, the trees were not Ash.

Ash dieback is a fungus which, over time, kills Ash trees.


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