Waverley Election – Part 2.

There are old Tories and bold Tories – but few old bold Tories standing in the Waverley election.

Yesterday we posted on some of the borough council candidates standing in the May 4 elections. There are old Tories and bold Tories &#8211, but few old bold Tories standing in the Waverley election.

Today we continue – with a few more areas of the borough.

A considerable number of long-standing Tories have jumped ship, having tired of being in opposition, something that some of them have never before experienced! Despite being offered seats on influential committees, even the executive, they have flatly refused to cooperate with the Rainbow Coalition that has led Waverley Council for the past four years.

The Rainbow Warriors include – Farnham Residents, Liberal Democrats, Greens, Independents and Labour. In other words, a cross-section of all political and non-political persuasions. 

There are no more holes on Surrey Roads than on all the county’s Golf Club. So now its members are driving off from there. The condition of our roads is a Surrey County Council responsibility. Not Waverley’s. All Waverley can do is complain.

However, while most old Tories have returned to the golf course or the Pilatus class, the new contingent wants to take back control because being part of something is not in their DNA, so they are putting up 50 Conservatives for all 50 seats. That includes MP and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s Agent!

Out goes long-serving Tory Cllr Val Henry in Ewhurst. A woman who has battled to keep the village greener and cleaner during her long career in Waverley but, despite her efforts, has failed – mainly due to Government planning policies.

Out go Elstead’s Tory two-some ‘Aunty Elsey’ – and Uncle Elsey. Cllr Jenny Else could stand not being in a position of importance following the Conservative’s loss of control. So instead of working steadily for her constituents, she decided she would be as obstructive as possible, sniping from the sidelines. We will miss your rants, Aunty! 

 Her ever-pragmatic husband, Cllr David Else, did a sterling job. He chaired planning committees and opposed poorly designed developments in the wrong place, including on flood plains, often voting against officers’ recommendations.

 Doesn’t the Tory candidate want anyone to know where she comes from in Waverley?

Three Conservatives go up against the Independent Cllr Maxine Gale, who has made a name for herself supporting the residents of Milford & Witley, which has recently been re-named Witley & Milford. Tory Cllr James Sadler hopes to retain his seat, but in Milford, soon to have a proposed significant housing development, could find the Green Party Candidate snapping at his heels.

‘All at Sea Tory’ goes out – Richard Seaborne is leaving the district altogether. Green Cllr Martin D’Arcy is anything but green regarding matters of the environment, which he has fiercely defended for the past four years. Faithful Blue Tory and group Whip Cll Michael Goodridge, prone to the odd 50 winks during council meetings, will have fierce opposition for the first time in his long career in the new ward of Bramley & Wonersh.

More to follow…

One thought on “Waverley Election – Part 2.”

  1. Bramley and Wonersh seems very popular, where is the Rainbow Alliance Pact when you need it? (well they’re here in great numbers but not as allies)
    I’ve watched Cllr D’Arcy perform at planning committee meetings and he seem like a decent chap who does his homework (which is more than can be said for most) But he only won in 2019 by 52 votes, and it looks like his “allies” are going to shred the vote.

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