Oh! What a tangled Web they weave when once they practice to deceive in Waverley

You may have read our recent post about a misguided outfit called WaverleyWeb@Waverley_Web, run by Karen Lankester and Adam Clark. Within seconds of the Tweet, it is re-tweeted by the keyboard warrior Ms Lankester.

We thought we would share her Tweet as she boasts Godalming & Villages Residents don’t impersonate anyone or any other website. Really! My lady doth protest too much look at her Tweet.
As we investigate all types of shenanigans in the Waverley Borough, we thought everyone might like to learn a little more about this coven of Tweeters. A group that is libelling one – Patrick Haverone. Who the hell is he, we ask? Perhaps someone could tell us?
 This has all the hallmarks of a Tory social media campaign bankrupt of ideas and worried sick about the forthcoming elections.
Nationally they have form for this sort of scam. Clearly, the local Tory manager is desperate to try anything to win back seats, but judging by their inept use of social media in the previous five years, they will be lucky to retain any.
This little game smacks of Elstead’s Aunty Elsey’s hand – we heard from one follower that the milk curdles in her morning coffee every time she reads the Waverley Web! It may turn rancid when we reveal the goings on over the Turners Caravan Park on her hallowed ground! Or, perhaps, her treatment of Waverley’s once thriving voluntary sector, which she strangled! 
The Waverley Web had looked at the administrators of their Waverley Voice Groups – nine groups with the same admin and the same core of 80 members, all self-liking each other and deleting anyone else. How is that engaging with the voters?
 And then we have Jamie “we are all Jamie” Grant – a FactCheck site straight out of the national party playbook of campaigning failures.
We wonder who keeps up with all their bogus official identities. Is this misguided outfit of Tories masquerading as the Waverley Web Independents? Just like Cllr David Munro, whose so-called “Independent” status in Frensham & Dockenfield is about as Independent as the failed Tory candidate hashtag queen Alison Fitch? 
You can take the Tory out of the party, but you will never take the Tory out of the man.
If the Tories can’t win on their own merits, will they use trojan horse candidates under another name to dupe the electorate? ‘Honesty and Integrity, Ms Lankester? We doubt the electorate will swallow that one after this little scuffle with the widely read real Waverley Web.
Excuse us – now we have to get on with informing Waverley residents of the issues facing the borough and how they are being dealt with.

7 thoughts on “Oh! What a tangled Web they weave when once they practice to deceive in Waverley”

  1. The very same Dynamic Duo who are behind the new Godalming and Villages Residents Political Party:
    Karen Lankester who is their Party Leader and Nominating Officer, Adam Smith as Treasurer.
    Clearly set-up by disgruntled anti-Godalming Regeneration Project protesters, as by clicking on their Facebook page will take you to a video clip of the WBC December Council meeting with Conservatives and others speaking against it.
    I suppose if they can split the vote in the May elections, some Conservative candidates might sneak in.

    1. Thanks John, the facts taken from the Electoral Commission register are appreciated, but I’m not sure whether the conclusion re ‘splitting the vote’ is intended as a general criticism of Residents Parties. I’m sorry I didn’t realise you’re a LibDem ! Splitting the vote is more a concern for the political parties, because Residents and Independents draw votes from across the spectrum and are not politically polarised. If politicians stand against us they risk splitting the vote and letting their political opponents in.

      If we had worried about splitting the vote, Farnham Residents would never have formed and we would not have created the best opportunity that local people have to improve decisionmaking and peoples’ lives, by removing divisive and disingenuous politics. Of course we are far from perfect – very much ‘work in progress’ – but we are now in a position where residents can stand and vote for Residents Parties and Independents to gain an overall majority at Waverley in May. For everyone who wants local government free of dogma and party donors’ control, that has to be a great opportunity, don’t you agree ?

      I’m sure you’ll appreciate the resulting conundrum. If Residents don’t achieve an outright majority, it will be in our residents’ best interests for us to create an administrative alliance with the smaller of the two political groups. The two main Political Parties won’t want to form an alliance together, so they now need to consider whether or not they should aim to win less seats, in the hope of having more influence. That is their conundrum. All residents have to do is be honest and open.

      If you were in the position of the growing Godalming & Villages Residents party, would you be stupid enough to risk everything by employing impersonation and dishonesty ? Or is this silly episode more likely to be the dirty work of a friend of a distressed politician ?

  2. The gentleman you mention has nothing whatsoever to do with this site. We share the same WordPress modules as many other WordPress users. Your libellous accusations have been noted, and you do yourself a disservice by naming unknown individuals that have no links with this site. We will block you if you contact us again, something WE have never done before here at the Waverley WEB.

  3. Sorry but I know many of the people referred to in these posts, and would like to get to the bottom of it before any real harm is done. I’m concerned that our respected WW is being misled (as perhaps we all are) and that the potential ‘suspects’ – Karen Lankester, Adam Clark, Paddy Haveron, ‘Jamie Grant’, Jenny Else and David Munro – may all be entirely innocent of the attempted impersonation.

    In the interests of ‘fair play’, can you please advise whether the fake Twitter account is still accessible so that I can look through all the tweets, or does anyone have a copy of them ? If so, please email me at jerry.hyman@waverley.gov.uk

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