Planning changes the Governments wanted us to miss?

We may be very cynical, but why would the government launch changes to the planning system on December 22nd?


We don’t know about you a lot – but here at the Waverley Web, we had a few other things on our minds!

However, despite zero publicity, we all have until 11.45 on March 2nd to have our say on significant planning changes. 

Some may have wished all matters planning were hidden from view, believing we were all too Gin soaked over Christmas and New Year to care.

Set out in the Government Consultation – are specific changes to the National Planning Framework (NPPF) that it intends to…

“Immediately make.”

The lack of publicity and timing is a disgrace. It is, in our opinion, irresponsible – because Waverley and communities across the country must be aware of the proposed changes and make their views known.

The document reveals that contrary to Minister Gove’s Ministerial Statement  when he said this:

“up to local authorities working with their communities to determine howmany homes can actually be built, taking into account what should be protected in each area.”

Now that expectation becomes  this:

“except where there are exceptional circumstances that can be justified, local authorities will be expected to continue to use local housing need, assessed through the standard method to inform the preparation of their plans.”


The same method has imposed thousands more homes across Surrey, including in Waverley, without regard to the consequences for communities like Alfold. A tiddly little village on the Surrey/Sussex border, with zilch facilities and infrastructure currently being swamped.

However, the consultation says:

It would welcome views on the sort of demographic and geographic factors which could be used to demonstrate these, exceptional circumstances.”

Is it any wonder Guildford MP Angela Richardson wants to dig a big hole under Guildford to prepare for what she described as “thousands and thousands more homes needed in the town? And, our Jeremy wants to move traffic out of Farnham Town Centre.

Mole Valley and Horsham council moved to delay and review work on their local plans before Christmas in light of Gove’s planning reforms.

Mole Valley, which borders Waverley, has been considering removing all green belt sites from its local plans since Gove’s decision last month. 

To comment, Google Consultation Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill.

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  1. Surely the tunnel (good idea) under Guildford would not be completed before electric cars are mandatory if the Hindhead tunnel is anything to go by?

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