Should we all now be calling for a General Election?

Is our SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt our very own Silent Assassin?

Although his time may be running out in Waverley – he’s having the time of his life in Westminster.

With a little help from his friends, our SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt has helped unseat our Prime Minister. Or should we say two Prime Ministers?

Here at the Waverley Web, we are in no doubt that our Jeremy, despite protestations of shock at the invitation from Liz Truss to save her premiership by becoming her Chancellor –

the gentleman doth protest too much.

Did poor Lizzie realise he would take a wrecking ball to her plans in one fell swoop? Did she not understand that his plans were already in place with his friend Rishi?  

But Oh, dear! Did Jeremy reckon on the Bouncing Boris freshly tanned from his Caribbean sojourn, ready and able to take the chair still warm from lamentable Lizzie?  We here at the Waverley Web are forced to revert to our well-used phrase – you really, really, couldn’t make it up. 

Johnson vows to save party from election wipeout

So the man whose interference in  Dunsfold Aerodrome’s planning debacle (the largest brownfield site in the borough of Waverley) brought unwanted development to hundreds of our green fields, is sitting pretty – for now. The same man who was the longest-serving health secretary who upset every junior doctor in the country and left us unprepared for a pandemic is in charge.  Perhaps we should remind him that the NHS waiting list has risen to a shameful 7 MILLION!  Envy of the world? Really?

However, perhaps our relationship with China may improve – as his Chinese wife apparently appears regularly as a guest commentator on TV programmes controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

So where does that leave us in Waverley? Well in his latest letter to us – or is it only to those who voted for him – he tells us – that he is doing his duty by answering Lizzies call – blah, blah, blah, about the challenges faced, blah, blah, small mistakes had been made by The Government – blah, and the economic situation was mainly due to outside pressures. Blah!

But here’s the most important bit – I won’t forget my constituents and I have planned “future exciting fundraising activities in the coming months” Could that be to fill the conservative Party’s coffers? Oh – and he will protect our green spaces. Read his track record on that issue on the Waverley Web.

He wants to stop sewage pollution in the River Wey. Really!

Residents kicking up a stink with our MPs

However, in the meantime blah blah he has more important things to worry about than us – because he has important

“National responsibilities to attend to.”

In the meantime this is what everyone could do. Click on the link below and sign.

One thought on “Should we all now be calling for a General Election?”

  1. Well Jeremy has done what he was sent for – open the door for Rishi. The local conservative councillors who were interviewed on Sky News last week, whilst singing the praises of Jeremy, admitted to being Rishi supporters. I don’t suppose ANY Conservative party members will now admit they voted for Truss. Would you?

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