Residents kicking up a stink with our MPs

Residents are revolting – and organising a protest against the government’s sewage plans this weekend. And outraged at Guildford MP Angela Richardson voting for sewage dumping. And outraged that Jeremy Hunt MP just ducked the issue completely and failed to turn up. Is that a stain on his record or an abstain? (Essentially if you disagree with the Tory whip, pretend you are busy)

Jeremy has rapidly come clean with this fudge of a statement for his electors:

ENVIRONMENT BILL Following the outcry over the government overturning of a Lords amendment that would introduce a duty on water companies to prevent sewage discharges into our rivers (something I did not support) Iā€™m pleased to say that the government has had a rethink. They will now move a government amendment to put a similar duty on to these companies which will do a great deal to help clean up rivers like the Wey.

“Which will do a great deal for the River Wey??” How exactly??

A peaceful and officially organised group against šŸ’© in rivers are meeting at Guildford Bridge, bottom High St, Guildford, 3pm on Saturday 30th October. Maybe see you there?

These graphics have been produced by the Lib Dems and the Green Party, so clearly this issue might cause a stink on the doorstep in the future!

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