Jeremy Hunts speaks with forked tongue.

Our South West Surrey MP says one thing and acts another way on fracking. And Guilford & Cranleigh MP Angela Richardson – Abstains  So no surprises there then!

Jeremy tests the wind direction. Frack or no frack?

FRACK!! Because I am now the Chancellor so sod Waverley’s  ‘Stop the UKOG brigade’ protesting against oil/gas exploration on my patch.

You can see Hunt protesting with them in the picture below. However, his political ambitions now override his principles.

 By Jove read his letter to Gove below. Written before the revolving door at number 10 started to turn.

A day is a long time in politics at the moment but below you will see SW Surrey MP’s opposition to the UK Oil & Gas bid to search for fossil fuels on the Loxley Field at Dunsfold.
Last night he did a volte-face and voted against a Labour motion to ban fracking. What more can we say about our two Waverley MPs who talk the talk, but won’t walk the walk down the right side of the voting lobbies? However, from the chaos and confusion of last night’s shenanigans in Parliament it appears our Angie may “receive proportionate disciplinary action” for abstaining if it was a vote of confidence in the Government Really!  So at least one of our MPs stands by her convictions.

We think Miriam Margolyes hit the spot on Radio 4.  Here’s a woman who says what she means and means what she says about our Jeremy in the link below.

Here he is standing shoulder to shoulder with Waverley Cllr Steve Williams at a protest rally in Dunsfold. No doubt  Jeremy Hunt, will lose his seat as he voted for fracking. Here he is, not so long ago, standing with XR, Greens & LibDems & local activists fighting against fracking in Surrey, hypocrisy doesn’t cover it!


7 thoughts on “Jeremy Hunts speaks with forked tongue.”

    1. Thank heaven that someone has the guts to tell it as it is. We call on Miriam to become the next Prime Minister.

  1. I have not been a supporter of Jeremy Hunt in the past for the irrational dislike of his perpetual smirk but I have been told by several people that they have found him to be a good supportive constituency MP. However my opinion of him has now substantially improved on seeing him rise to the challenge of his new national role and put the needs of the country ahead of his personal support for his constituents. Surely that is what we want from those who are tasked with government roles.

    1. One of the MANY jaw-dropping events was when Jeremy Hunt shot Liz Truss’s ONLY fox. At PMQs last week her sole attack line on Starmer was that he was only pledging 6 months of energy price subsidies compared with her 2 years. Gone. WAS JH supporting Truss or taking the final wrecking ball to the shortest Prime Minister’s term in history? Now, we have heard the suggestion that Boris will be back in the country’s interest. Boris and Jeremy working together!! Watch this space…

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