Waverley Councillor lambasts plans to regenerate Godalming

Elstead’s Aunty Elsey is spitting feathers over a suggestion that houses could ever be built on Godalming’s Crown Car Park.

Aunty Elsey spitting feathers.

Shiver me timbers – Aunty has had yet another of her hissy fits. She has even been out collecting signatures for a petition to oppose the very thought that things in Godalming might change!

The woman who never misses an opportunity to bash the ruling groups is at it again… big time.

Possibly out collecting donations for the World Wildlife fund at the same time, no doubt?

Here’s what The Portfolio Holder for Finance & Assets  Mark Merryweather has to say about the situation about which it inherited from the Tory administration, which did ZILCH.

The Facebook comment below probably has the boys and girls in charge at Waverley quaking in their Lib Dem, Labour, Greens and Farnham Residents’ boots.

Wakey, wakey, Aunty.  Since when did you believe that meeting its target for new housing in Godalming would make one jot of difference to all those Government Inspectors that claim – the quota for housing in The Local Plans is a minimum and there is no maximum?

Might be an idea to read the Waverley Web and see what Inspectors have ruled on quotas in their appeal decisions on developments in the eastern villages. 

– FRIDAY 9th SEPTEMBER @ 7:30 pm – Wilfrid Noyce Community Centre
See the Eventbrite link below (free) to register (as there is a fixed amount of seating in the large Hall).
I will be recording the content to share afterwards.
Cllr Paul FollowsLeader, Waverley Borough Council
Ps. An opposition councillor posted that the link wasn’t working, but I can see people have reserved tickets today, if anyone gets any issues with this link please let me know (it looks fine to me!)
WW Probably Aunty Elsey?

8 thoughts on “Waverley Councillor lambasts plans to regenerate Godalming”

  1. I agree that Crown Court provides a valuable town centre, level access car park for people wishing to use the high street and access the riverside, the Burys and Memorial Park and the library. It would be a shame to see it gobbled up by housing – the residents of which would also need parking spaces. Parking spaces in Godalming are hardly in abundance. Why lose a good central car park site and make it more difficult for people to visit the shops and use local facilities?

      1. It would be good if not all the parking were eliminated, for sure. However, it would still deplete available town centre parking. Sometimes it’s full now. I’m thinking particularly of people who find it difficult to easily walk far. I’m sure my opinions won’t affect the outcome anyway!

      2. Oh ye of little faith, we hope everyone’s opinions will be taken into account. If not, why not? We are here to ensure our politicians are accountable for their actions and decisions.

  2. Cllr. Goodrich called the Car Park ‘Godalming’s Crown Jewel’. Cllr Else described the car park as ‘historic’. How desperate and downright stupid.

  3. Regine Berry. I think you need to go to the presentations rather than listen to the inaccurate guff coming from the opposition Councillors. Who told you disabled bays were not going to be provided or that the parking would be depleted?

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