Local Reaction to the arrival of our new Prime Minister.

Leader of ‘Your Waverley’ Paul Follows.
Waverley’s leader Paul Follows has congratulated Liz Truss on becoming Prime Minister saying:
“Congratulations to Ms Truss, certainly no surprises.
We have endured weeks of practically no government whatsoever and a seemingly never-ending bitter Tory leadership race characterised by a race to the bottom on taxes, the environment and culture.
A race where two individuals battle to demonstrate who could mot ignore the problems the country is facing (the cost of living and energy crisis.
I won’t be the only on who is glad it’s over. I also won’t be the only one to expect them to do something.”
@PeterTelford Replying
I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high. They’re fiddling (in all senses) whilst the nation burns.
Tory MPs ‘plotting leadership vote before Christmas’ to bring back Boris Johnson
Unhappy MPs say to want a leadership vote by end of the year. Oh! no – not again…please?
WBC Labour Councillor and former Member of Parliament Nick Palmer.
Nick Palmer, chair of the SW Surrey Labour branch and himself a former Labour MP, said:
Ms Truss’s election marks a further shift to the right in the Conservative Party.
“They have organised a seemingly interminable internal election campaign while the country slid towards economic disaster – both nationally and for many individuals. It is very telling that she shrugged off the fact that her planned tax cuts will benefit the very wealthy most and described that as ‘fair.’
I see that the editor of the Spectator reported that 80 per cent of Conservatives in the South voted against her, outweighed by the more zealous Brexiteers further north.
If she can’t even carry the support of her own members in our area, what sort of mandate is that?
We hope our residents will join us in working for a sensible Labour Government with a total focus on the economic crisis and the soaring cost of living.”

In the absence of any comments from SW Surrey Mp Jeremy Hunt, we will add this old Tweet.


As for Guildford MP Angela Richardson. She is doing what she always does. Posts up pictures of herself.  regardless of who becomes PM?

No change there then.

6 thoughts on “Local Reaction to the arrival of our new Prime Minister.”

  1. I expect there to be a business stimulus package. As for energy there will be an end to the present and unworkable price cap with an imposed Govt tariff but with a proviso that the energy companies will be paid back over a ten to twenty year period. Kicking the can down the road as there is a General Election looming on the back of a so called ‘cure to Energy Crisis’ with companies stimulated by tax cuts to stay open by the skin of their teeth.
    Can absolutely see oil drilling in Surrey expanding and that new access road to Dunsfold will come in most useful. To pay for the Energy Crisis expect radical plans to eradicate local councils which will be seen as getting in the way. There is some particularly interesting legislation waiting in the wings. Parked. Just for this moment. Workers Rights. If ever there was a more devisive subject in the gin soaked Surrey Hills. It’s the one subject that will create the scenario where local councillors will be voting effectively for their own abolition. Strikes across society to protect rights and pay will see local councils go broke which they cannot do. Thus these authorities will be subsumed. Tim Oliver will have his Empire and local democracy will have been crushed. Ending local control allows for imposition of unpopular projects.
    A change of PM won’t make any difference to the grand plan. Silence all opposition remove rights and rule by dictat.
    The problem for Waverley’s administration is they are still operating in a democratic framework. The reality that the populous can see is that isn’t how the country runs anymore.


  2. I haven’t got the ability but I do wonder whether anybody is able to calculate the number of tweets made by the Angela, say from the start of the leadership election until yesterday. Then put up a pie chart by subject matter. I can’t help but think 98% will be related to Richie. Given that during this period inflation has continued to rise, there’s fear of huge increases in utility cost and a few thousand of her constituents lost their water supply. She was my absent MP

    1. The Waverley Web once dared to comment on Aunty Angies Twitter – and it was only once – on one of her most futile Twitter’s and – guess what? she blocked us. So never contradict or comment adversely because you too will be banned.
      However, good idea – we will do as you suggest by other means. You are right – she is your absent MP – though ours on the other side of the borough is very quiet too. Perhaps he is still smarting from his colleagues saying; “Anyone but Jeremy.?”

  3. The local Conservatives social media output is never issue led. It is always for political point scoring. Jeremy Hunt was on radio silence for ages until he was wheeled out to pose for by-election wannabies with a bin bag. Likewise the hapless and disengaged opposition in Waverley. They won’t boot up their iPads until they have some new photoshopped character assassination insinuations to spread liberally across all media. They might as well resign for all the benefit they bring to the Council.

  4. I note all the local Tories pinned their colours to Jeremy for PM, then rapidly retreated to fawn over Rishi for ages. Now they are very quiet, presumably deleting all their interminable endorsements of the wrong horses. Trouble is, the winner is lame and was selected from a very small pool of running mates. God help us.

    1. Here at the WW we are praying to Mary, Joseph and the wee donkey that all those tories who put their Trust in Truss were right.

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