Anyone out there seen Jeremy?

It’s all right – you can come out now Jeremy – where have you been while Westminster burns?

‘Hey, notice me, I’m over here – I’m a tree hugger – behind some ancient woodland that some rotten developers want to chop down in my borough!

While your disloyalty to Boris Johnson has made you a legend in your lifetime, the Waverley Web cannot help wondering why you have been so damn quiet during the maelstrom that has it the country during the past 36 hours?  

Your Boris Babe mate over in Guildford has finally come out – but you appear to be keeping Shtumn. 

Here’s Guildford MP Angela Richardson’s latest missive, after wobbling around on the fence, so where’s yours? And where did she put her mark in the Vote of Confidence that brought about the present debacle?


Nobody is talking about our SW Surrey MP  on the radio – is it because he is yesterday’s man and too much of a Remainer! Perhaps he needs a nudge to say ‘hey, notice me, I’m over here? 
Don’t be shy, don’t be put off by the fact that Tory colleagues have roundly rejected the prospect of you as a future leader. A Survey on the Conservative Home Website has revealed they want…
“Anyone but Jeremy”
Asked if he was planning to run, he was quoted as saying:
“I am afraid these are very hypothetical questions. I think we have to see what the circumstances are and then make the decision on that one.”
Come on Jeremy, show them what you are made of – take over Boris’s big boots, and then perhaps, IF you manage to keep your seat in South West Surrey you can sort out some of our urgent problems – with sewage, water shortages, flooding, over development, the latest stupid decision on fossil fuel exploration and future extraction; plus the ever-growing traffic congestion and air quality issues which blight our lives … and more?

5 thoughts on “Anyone out there seen Jeremy?”

  1. I suspect Jeremy has spent the last 36 hours on the phone – not taking calls – but making them

  2. Gosh, I never thought that I’d find myself an apologist for Mr Hunt but here goes. I don’t think anyone can be in any doubt about where our MP stands on the issue of BoJo. Mr Hunt made himself very clear, very eloquently before last month’s vote of confidence. I think a dignified silence over the last 36 hours is to be applauded. The unedifying sight of so many who, having been prepared to defend the PM despite knowing what he was, falling over themselves to denounce him once his lies were called out by a former civil servant has been fascinating but not the stuff of greatness.

    1. Silence is golden, and it is welcome that our MP has remained silent, but do not expect that to last. We agree with your comments on the unedifying sights of Tory politicians. The same colleagues who defended BJ are now busy plunging the knives into his back, which as you comment, is not the stuff of greatness.

  3. Just seen this in ‘Popbitch’ newsletter:

    Having gone all in on Boris Johnson last time around, even when it made them look absolutely unhinged, who will NewsUK get behind in an upcoming Tory leadership contest?

    The official line on it looks to be Anyone But Jeremy Hunt. Although Rebekah Brooks despises Keir Starmer her dislike for him is eclipsed by an even greater burning hatred for Hunt. Why so? Because Hunt was the one who pulled the plug on the Sky takeover way back when.

    It would put the company in a pretty sticky spot re: who to back if the next election was called between Hunt and Starmer, but Bex is already on the case. The Times ran a “Who Should Be The Next Leader?” poll on their site yesterday, which saw Hunt polling at 30% for a while. He no longer appears as an option.

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