Are Angie and Jeremy getting twitchy?


Waverley’s MP’s Angela Richardson & Jeremy Hunt have managed to get themselves pictured in National newspapers once again! The Tory duo are becoming past masters at ensuring they get maximum publicity for everything they do – or don’t do.

MP’s Jeremy Hunt & Angela Richardson may need to keep their hard hats on?


This week JH played the cancer card, alongside Angie in the pink.

The Waverley Web would love to know whether they were at the recent  £2,000 per head Tory fundraiser? The very same FR bash which gave the wife of one of Putin’s Ministers the perfect opportunity to dump another shedload of cash into Tory coffers.

Surely, there cannot have been a Tory FR that Angela didn’t support? She and her wealthy husband have been pouring money into the Tory pit for as long as we Surrey Waitrose women have been shopping in the famous store.

Her fundraising in the Cranleigh/Guildford area is the stuff of which legends are made.

Funny old world isn’t it? All over the country, anyone with any minor dealings with Russians is being penalised, regardless, but in good old Tory territory, this time the V & A Museum Summer Party – Lubov Chernukhin can hand over £30,000 for an auction item.

The cash takes her donations to the Tory party to over £2m. The serial bidder for auction lots lost out to others eager to eat with Boris, Cameron and Theresa May. Better becquick one may be not around for lunch soon? Perhaps, £130,000 was a step too far, even for the wife of Vladimir Chernukhin’s former finance minister – chairman of a state-owned investment bank. No, we hear you cry, surely not?

Us, mere mortals struggling with the cost of living crisis which is upon us, wonder if all those tight-as-tick Tories paid £2,000 per head to rub shoulders with the Russians?

The Tory Party’s cash-for-access culture surely knows no bounds and all the pretty pictures of our MP’s posted on social media and in the press won’t make one jot of difference at the ballot box.

Our message to Angie and Jeremy – MIND THE GAP! Particularly in view of your recent records for voting with the Government on the Northern Ireland protocol.  Breaking an agreement we negotiated and signed and you, our MPs, supported. Have our local politicians no shame? 


6 thoughts on “Are Angie and Jeremy getting twitchy?”

  1. “Playing the cancer card” is a horrible remark to make about anyone raising a lot of money for cancer research and not up to proper journalistic standards

    1. We make no apologies for the Kodak Kids who cannot do anything for anyone unless they plaster it all over the national press. Many thousands of people, including our Waverley ‘Webbers have quietly raised considerable sums for Cancer Research and other cancer charities, but they don’t have to shout about it and constantly court publicity. These two MP’s are narcissists and the general public is sick and tired of their publicity-seeking. However, you are entitled to your opinion.

      1. Surely you know that to raise money for charities it is necessary to publicise the fund raising activity. You are now making your remarks even more odious by calling them Kodak kids. They are genuinely training and then raising money for the Surrey Hospital Cancer charity. What do you do as writers? Answer – publicise things which are happening. Please do not denigrate good works but HELP raise more money instead. Let’s get back to having honest politics and politicians and no ya boo denigrating nonsense.

      2. In the case of Ms Richardson, we are very surprised that she doesn’t have a photographer in the lavatory with her. She is her own self-publicist and will do anything, and we mean anything to gain maximum publicity. But ask her, as many residents have, to step in and discuss, and deal with, real urgent issues, such as those in Alfold she is no show. She has even managed to persuade someone to keep the Cranleigh Flood forum private. WW would have thought she would want maximum publicity for that.

        Our Webbers have run five London and Brighton Marathons for cancer charities and MacMillan – so Mr Moo please do not preach to us about the importance of fundraising. We do not denigrate good works, we applauded them – but don’t use them to raise your own personal profiles when your own record in Government leaves much to be desired.

  2. Jeremy Hunt has had a cancer himself and seen his family also have cancer. He is training for a run. He should be supported in his fund raising for Royal Surrey Cancer unit and not denigrated.

    1. Many of us have and still are suffering from cancer including us here at the WW – we don’t decry anyone from fundraising for such a worthwhile cause – but don’t use it to ingratiate yourself in the eyes of the electorate at this particularly sensitive time by getting yourself splashed across national media. We rest our case and will not continue this conversation.

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