Crass decision for Crest?

Village leaders didn’t want it – most Cranleigh residents didn’t want it – The Cranleigh Civic Society didn’t want it and neither did most of “Your Waverley’s” Joint Planning Committee… including Farnham councillors including Carole Cockburn featured below.


Two Cranleigh Councillors did want it! – The Stennett Duo – Jeannette and Stewart! So much so they  rolled off their sun beds in Australia long enough to put an e-mail together to support Crest Nicholson’s  application to build 149 homes in Horsham RoAD  countryside described as “beautiful.” 

Their blessing  helped give  the  all clear for Crest Nicholson to send in the bulldozers!

May residents in the East of the borough think that councillors in the West want to dump unsuitable housing on Cranleigh and the villages around. However, not all are of that view and some think developers, aided and abetted by “Your Waverley’s Planning Officers” are “urbanising” the countryside, and are vociferously opposed! Watch Farnham Councillor Carole Cockburn below.

Despite strong objections from Cranleigh Councillors Mary Foryszewski and Patricia Ellis (bit tongue in cheek because she was part of the “Secret Meeting -Gate” which drew all wannabe developers together to build Cranleigh New Town!

They were both adamantly opposed to the introduction of sewage holding tanks on a new development. They claimed pumping stations  controling effluent into main sewers was “primitive”   in the 21st century.  What would happen if the electricity failed? Councillors  opposed:

  • Parking Courts.
  • Three storey buildings – ignoring The village Design Statement.
  • An Urban, poorly designed and unimaginatively designed development.
  • Removal of some of the  small one bedroom properties, to increase the size of others so they would meet the Government standards of 50 sq metres. 18 in the original scheme now down to 24.
  • Narrow roads (which it is doubtful would ever be adopted?) Which would lead to cars parked bumper to bumper.
  • The respect for existing neighbours in Horsham Road and Hitherwood had not been properly assessed.
  • A development  –  more about “profit than people.”

It was described as “A rotten apple in the whole bunch of planning applications that were proposed in Cranleigh. “A Carbuncle of a development imposed on a beautiful field.” With “primitive” sewage treatment.

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  1. Well here we go again, just read on Cranleigh Society that the KPI application is going in again, another 200 plus houses down the Alfold Road in Cranleigh, it is beyond belief, but it won’t stop there.

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