Was there a By-Election in Binscombe, Godalming, by any chance?

Must be – because there was a Jeremy about!

What’s the closest date to an election to hold a public meeting? Oh, the next day do we hear you say?

Now there’s a good ruse? Drum up a ‘Drug Rumour Story’ to get the locals to leave their sofas? A move guaranteed to upset everyone- including the head of the named school, and parents, who know nothing of any drug dealing.  A cynical ploy to conjure up a crowd or what?

A plague on your houses – including all those Buys to Let properties you and your wife own Jeremy Shunt!

Haven’t we seen this ruse used before? Didn’t he go out and about singing his concern about anti-social behaviour in Farncombe prior to a previous local election?

And then – when The Rainbow Coalition took control of ‘Your Waverley-  failed to rock up – for months!

Does Jeremy Hunt pay a fleeting visit to ‘ Your Waverley?

Jeremy th entrepreneur

Prizes for who can name all the SW Surrey Conservatives in the front rows…

Binscombe stays Green – By-Election result

2 thoughts on “Was there a By-Election in Binscombe, Godalming, by any chance?”

  1. I too thought I had attended this meeting however having read Jeremy Hunts version of events either he is living in an alternative universe or I dreamt it, a more contrived manipulation of the facts than even his hero Johnson could put together.

    1. No worries George, most of the Tory Government is living in a parallel universe – certainly not the real world that we all inhabit. However, the scurrilous behaviour of our MP in dragging a local school into Binscombe’s so-called drug problem, is reprehensible.
      This sort of behaviour is shocking and wit ill come back to bite him at the next General Election. However, all the other parties have to work together to get him out. Put one good man up against him?

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