Will Guildford & Waverley’s new chief executive need to get his skates on?

The recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of both Guildford and Waverley Borough Councils has a heavy month ahead of him.

No schlepping around the shops for our Tom Horwood.  Mrs Horwood will be out buying the Christmas gifts this year – as the new head Honcho will be – otherwise engaged!

Here’s what he has to achieve between 1st December 2021 and 29 December 2021.  During his trial period, he has to prove he’s the man for the job of running both local authorities.  No wonder Guildford’s guy  James Whiteman, Managing Director at Guildford Borough Council didn’t want the job and decided to grab early retirement and a golden goodbye?

Here’s what our man at Waverley needs to get done and dusted before he heads home for his Christmas break – what Christmas break we hear you cry!

Let us all hope he doesn’t fall over after all that. Or request redundancy by the 29th?

The Terms of Reference for the Joint Appointments Committee includes the authority to sign off the trial period for the Joint Chief Executive role. This trial period lasts from 1 December 2021 to 29 December 2021.

The signing off of the trial period needs to be on objective and measurable targets that are reasonable to achieve within a short period of time during which there are a number of bank holidays.

Christmas and New Year fall within the period – when most of ‘Your Waverley’ goes AWOL!

Our apologies for not listening to the meeting – which wasn’t webcast.


2 thoughts on “Will Guildford & Waverley’s new chief executive need to get his skates on?”

  1. Actually the pressure is on all the others. Because if they don’t cooperate they all know it will be reported. The heat is most definitely on and I believe it will get hotter. Because under preformance isnt going to be tolertaed. It’s going to be an increasingly stressful period for senior management as the reality of what has been agreed becomes crystal clear. I wonder how many will be opting for a career change in the New Year?

    1. It would appear that in its efforts to save money – the staff of both council’s will be treading on thin ice?

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