Tell ‘Your Waverley’ how you feel about the borough’s parks and gardens.

Executive members Cllr Paul Follows and Cllr Liz Townsend has walked the walk around the borough’s parks and gardens. However, they want to know how the public view these precious green spaces?

3 thoughts on “Tell ‘Your Waverley’ how you feel about the borough’s parks and gardens.”

  1. Audit and get on with it! They are essential, and as an avid playspace user, the playgrounds need fixing and a refresh asap. We often as not drive 30 minute to Bordon Inclosure as the developer funded SANG is just state of the art, amazing playground, facilities and wild area (the old tankwash!).
    Well done on the Godalming Parkrun, 250 people doing exercise every Saturday. The consultation on the Greenway closed last night, with a whopping 940 comments. I am relieved to see overwhelmingly in favour – that opens access to more green space and safer green travel, which means we probably won’t take the car to Godalming with the kids.
    Just get on with it!

    1. Patrick, speed doesn’t appear to be a priority with WBC. Three months to get planning apps validated and 6 months for decisions… I guess they’re hoping people just pay the fees and then go elsewhere?

      1. Only six months? We know of planning applications validated in 2020 and still no decision – 14 months later. A damned disgrace! According to the Chief Planning Officer, applicants can ask for their planning fees to be returned, but with a smug look on his face, he said in public, applicants seldom do. Pity – perhaps they should – go to appeal for non-determination and get their planning fees returned – and some?

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