Closed meeting held on the future use of a proposed controversial nursing home site in Cranleigh.

The meeting was held yesterday at ‘Your Waverley.’

Only some allowed?

Trustees of The Cranleigh Village Health Trust, Waverley Council and Cranleigh Parish Council met yesterday to consider the future of ‘The Paddock Field’ in Knowle Lane.

The Paddock field. The site where a private care home was REFUSED.

The future of the controversial site owned by CVHT, earmarked for an 80-bed private nursing home and a residential block of flats, went under the microscope at Waverley Towers.

The former “Hospital’ Charitable Trust that trousered shedloads of money from residents of the eastern villages over a 20-year period was told in no uncertain terms by Waverley Planners that its 2021 scheme for the site was unacceptable and was subsequently REFUSED by 11 votes to one with one abstention.

Has a Cranleigh Charity’s planning battle entered the realms of farce?

Power to the people of the eastern villages as they joined Waverley Planners to give a controversial Care Home development the order of the boot.

Will private meetings burst the CVHT health boil?

The Waverley Web had heard that just a week ago that CVHT asked for the meeting to be postponed.  They argued that they would prefer to meet with the new parish council chairman designate Cllr Nigel Sanctuary rather than the present chairman Cllr Liz Townsend. It also asked to have a member of the public, its PR Agent Martin Bamford to be present  to “take notes”

 Q Did Mr Bamford, who is the publicity guru for the Charity and its property developer associates, attend the meeting as a member of the public?

Andy Webb the man who leads the public campaign to stop the development said this: 

After asking the CVHT if I could attend this meeting they suggested that I contact the Parish Council as they were arranging it.
The reply from the PC was that I was on the list of people to contact when they knew the time and date of the meeting, which in all stupidity I took as a yes to attend the meeting.
This morning, 10 minutes before the meeting was due to start I received this email from the PC.
I’m sure that the CVHT and WBC were not only given 10 minutes notice?
Meeting with WBC and CVHT
Dear Andy
The Parish Council is meeting with Waverley Borough Council and Cranleigh Village Health Trust at 11.00 am today to discuss the One Public Estate.
The Council asked me to make your group aware of this meeting.
Asked Mr Webb?
I know the minutes of the meeting will be made public but why are we being stopped from voicing our concerns from the start.
Why are the PC, the CVHT and WBC not willing for the campaign group to be involved?
One of my main concerns is, why, after the PC said that all future meetings involving the CVHT should be held in public are they holding this meeting behind closed doors?
 Information about one public estate can be found here.
More than 150 councils join the One Public Estate Programme
More than 150 councils have joined  the One Public Estate Programme

£7.5 million has been awarded to 37 partnerships made up of councils and public sector bodies. The funding will support cross public sector partnerships to work collaboratively on land and property initiatives leading to new jobs, new homes, joined-up public services and savings for the taxpayer.


2 thoughts on “Closed meeting held on the future use of a proposed controversial nursing home site in Cranleigh.”

  1. Shocking behaiviour by Cranleigh Parish Council to restrict Andy Webb’s access by late notification. The whole “behind closed doors” stinks. These councilors need to think hard about who represents the vilagers…them, or Andy Webb. My money is on Andy Webb. Off to buy some clothes pegs from Manns before they close down. The stench is closing up my sinuses !

    1. Better get there (D Manns) quick. We understand Mr Bamford aka ‘Destination Cranleigh’ has announced its closure. The flying Duchman’s Press Officer seems to be doing a great job on his boss’s behalf. Whoever pays the Piper plays the tune?

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