Guildford & Waverley get a jab in the ribs from MP Angie?

Angela Richardson the Guildford MP who turns her back on most of her constituents.

Is Guildford MP Angela Richardson inferring that both Waverley & Guildford Borough Councils will do nothing to help Afghan refugees?

At this incredibly difficult time for Afghanistan, this country and the world,  is she using the present crisis as a political football to be kicked around her constituency? Please note the last sentence of her letters.

If so – shame on her.

And, shame on her Government as many of us believe it has lost complete control of the situation. As Afghanistan crashed and burned our MP’s were on holiday, and have failed miserably to anticipate the disaster that has unfolded.  Our MP was posting pictures of herself in the surf and what she was watching on the telly. 

Here at the Waverley Web, we are in no doubt that both our borough councils and others around the country will do what they always do – rise to the challenge. But will they receive Government funding?

Paul David Follows

Hi Angela – I obviously received your letter too as Leader of Waverley BC, and you will of course receive a reply.
Considering the inaction..actually, inaction is wrong – the negative actions of your government on this matter (having prevented many trying to resettle in recent months) – this letter from you is either massively hypocritical or just outright political.
Waverley will be writing to you and the Home Secretary explaining where we can help but we will be asking YOU to explain what you will be doing to help us help these people that you have so utterly failed every step of the way.
Cllr Paul Follows
Leader, Waverley Borough Council.

Matthew Marriott

Hi Paul, I wrote to Jeremy Hunt several weeks ago about the forecast for Afghanistan, which happened rapidly over the last week and at times requested hastening the ARAP scheme. To date, I have received no response, which may be due to holiday, but suspect he and the team hadn’t made mind up back then. I am interested in his view as a former Foreign Sec, but surprised by the lengthy time and still no response. I spent some time with the Afghanistan and Central Asian Association ACAA in West London last year, with Rory Stewart, and recommend contacting them if faced with refugees from the region. They are an excellent org.

Danielle Giornandi

Oh, these are the same people that have refused to give help to Afghans over the years, saying it’s safe for them and that they should be sent back. An acquaintance of mine was battling with this very government- albeit, under Theresa May or whoever the hell came before her, it’s such a joke these days how many leaders one party can go through in one term – arguing that the Taliban was waiting for him and that he’d be killed if he went home. They didn’t care. They sent him back. The Taliban was waiting and beheaded him immediately. THEY DO NOT CARE, they only do what wins them political points.

5 thoughts on “Guildford & Waverley get a jab in the ribs from MP Angie?”

  1. Bizarre to imply that Waverley need any prodding to do anything. I know from personal experience that WBC actively supported refugees from Syria – one family was settled in a house next door to me (in Haslemere), and supplied with extensive social support. I have no reason to assume this was an isolated case, or that the help and support given to Syrian refugees would not be similarly extended to Afghan refugees.

    1. Both local authorities have a long and untarnished history of caring for refugees, and we are in no doubt that will do their bit during the Afghanistan crisis. However, as one Conservative MP asked during the House of Commons debate yesterday – how will struggling councils be funded?

  2. The last sentence does seem strange. Has this administration previously denied help to refugees? Unless she is looking to see if they have recently passed a policy to proactively reach out to Afgan refugees through other channels and that’s what is meant by ‘change of stance’? It would be useful to see WBC’s current policy on refugees. There is one from 2016 passed by the Conservatives in relation to Syrian refugees…

    1. Yes, the last sentence is very strange. But from what we hear Angie never misses an opportunity to criticise anything or anyone that isn’t Tory.

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