Football isn’t coming home? But will we be getting home through Waverley’s road chaos.

IT’S NOT COMING HOME … and neither are the
 angry out of hours commuters who’ve been suffering super-delays in their daily commute along the A281 between Bramley and Cranleigh.

Our Bramley correspondent who commutes to Billingshurst outside of the rush hour is incandescent that daytime road works on the A281 – which seem to have been going on for weeks and weeks and weeks and … you get the picture – have increased his commute by up to 40 minutes each way.

“Why is it,! he fumed on Friday morning after another exhausting journey to work, “that every other county in the country can carry out roadworks on major A-roads overnight but here in Surrey we have to carry them out during the working day, inconveniencing thousands of people?”

Why indeed?  

With traffic between Bramley and Cranleigh being diverted via Shamley Green, our corespondent was livid, having been stuck, for twenty minutes, behind two articulated lorries “doing a Rumba” as they sashyaed backwards and forwards, in and out, trying to pass each other on the narrow, high-sided stretch of road just beyond Shamley Green itself.  Whilst  those “doing the Conga” behind found themselves breathing in, in sympathy, as if holding in their muffin tops might help to ease the passage of those behemoths that were not what the Romans had in mind when they introduced their road-building skills to Britain many millennia ago.  

“Any minute now, I expected Craig Revell-Horwood to poke his head out of the cab and shout, It’s a complete di-sah-ster, dahling!” said our increasingly crabby correspondent.  “And as for those poor businesses at Witley Manor, they’re deserted as no one can be arsed to navigate the extra 110 mile round trip to visit them!  The florist is almost entirely reliant on weddings and funerals rather than passing trade; the farm shop has given up trying to predict how many pasties to make each day for an ever diminishing clientele and Taurus Wines is surviving on customer goodwill as the road works go on, and on and on and on …”

Meanwhile, our erstwhile Shamley Green Correspondent was aghast to read a recently erected sign on the Shamley Green to Cranleigh road which advised her, on Friday, that roadworks – ergo road closures – are coming to that road too in mid-July.

“Do you think the left-hand knows what the right-hand’s doing?” enquired Bramley and Shamley in unison.

The Waverley Web’s Editor smiled pityingly at them,

“I don’t think the right thumb knows what the right pinkie is doing, at Surrey Highways, let alone the left and right hands,” he said with the air of one who’s worked in the corridors of County Hall.

Meanwhile, Atomic Kitten seems to have hit the nail on the head again!

If you see me driving down the street
Staring at the sky
Even dragging your two feet
You’ll just pass me by
It still makes me cry
Cos I’m on my way home again!

And if you see me in tears
I’m not laughing and I’m no longer joking
Doing all I can
Don’t put me down
Cause I’m stuck aground
Trying to get home again!

Time is laying heavy on my heart
Seems I’ve got too much of it
Since Highways have been keeping me apart
My wife’s no longer smiling
If only for a while but
I’m still trying to get home again!

I’m coming home again
But for now I have to wait
This isn’t my time
It’s my fate
‘Cause I just can’t go on
It’s already been too long
Am I ever getting home again?!


4 thoughts on “Football isn’t coming home? But will we be getting home through Waverley’s road chaos.”

  1. Why Indeed? If you look on the SCC website, they blame overhead cables, and that lighting cannot be put up… DOH they managed it on the A281 in Alfold with just as many overhead cables. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t much fun having all the noise and lights at night, but at least they got the job done when less people were on the road. I am guessing it costs more to have works done at night??

    On my commute the other week they already had the “Road Closed” signs out BEFORE 9am. Last week due to technical problems I didn’t get out before 9.30 so had to schlepp to Guildford via Hascombe and Godalming on my return in the evening due to the three-way lights in Shalford we were queued up from the just outside Guildford. It is a Joke.

    1. Well! Of course it would be a joke if it wasn’t so serious and effecting the lives of so many. We took a trip over to your neck of the woods recently and were, quite simply horrified. It may cost more to work at night, however if all the economic and environmental factors were taken into account we doubt there is much in it? One thing nobody will have to worry about is roadworks in the future! Because there is ‘NFM’ and no doubt the Tories will blame the new boys and girls that have just reached the pinnacle of local Government, at County Towers?

      1. Thanks to the wonderful Liz Townsend who posted on our Local Village Network today it seems they will be finished by tomorrow. See Below….

        ” RE A281 – I have been advised today by Surrey Highways that the resurfacing works have now been completed. The team are still working on site to replace the road studs (cat’s eyes) today and tomorrow. Provided there are no delays/issues the completion date should be tomorrow! They are going to update me if this should change. So there should be no overlap with the works in Wonersh that are proposed for three days commencing 21st July, thank goodness.”

        The SCC Highways website just says Road closures…..No times/dates

        Hopefully soon we will get back to “Normal” which means avoiding the Flooding on our roads (it is throwing it down in the East of the Borough right now)
        Happy Summer

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