The WW has been warned by its readers to keep off the B-word and the E-word and concentrate on ‘YW.’

Never let it be said that the Waverley Web doesn’t listen to its followers – so to-day its back to business the Waverley Way.

Last night’s motion put forward by Farnham Firgrove councillor Jerry Hyman at first appeared to be a potent firework, but when he couldn’t find a seconder to debate the motion – it went off like a damp squib. His comment after the Full Council went completely silent for a few moments? – “How sad.”

Wouldn’t it have been great to see just one of his Farnham Residents colleagues, give the man who founded the group in 2015, a break and support him, so that at least the subject could have been given an airing? Exactly! “How sad.”

Despite his challenge to the Chief Executive to give a straight answer to a straight question, Tom Horwood stayed shtum. But then doesn’t he always? We have hardly heard him say a word since he arrived from the depths of Hampshire. Unless of course, when he wrote to the people of Farnham to tell us all what a wonderful development Blightwells, East Street would be and how Waverley would collect up all the golden eggs from the golden goose, once they were laid. Of course, now his predictions have been laid bare –  he has gone back into silence mode! Will ‘Your Waverley’ be shaken and stirred by the shocking revelations on Blightwells?

So, it was left to Solicitor Daniel Bainbridge, who seemed rather reluctant to even speak on the knotty subject of the  Special Protection Areas surrounding Farnham – and the  “truly appropriate assessment”  that Cllr Hyman was calling for, was it exasperation, or was it hesitation. Suffice to say, Barristers have told them that Waverley is doing everything right and is obeying environmental law. So that’s alright then. Cllr Hyman can put up and shut up? However, We think not.

Suffice to say – nothing changes – everyone sticks their heads back in the sand – and Farnham Park a SANG ( the area of natural greenspace) which is the mitigation that is regularly offered up to offset the harm caused by housing development, loses another deer or two or maybe three… or even more, torn apart by dogs. Try ringing ‘YW’ to report an attack and all you will get is the bums rush because it is only interested in stray dogs!

Anyway – who cares about deer – Mr Nick Macfarlane, the countryside ranger at the medieval deer park says he cares. He says Farnham Park is a nature reserve and wildlife should live “free” from fear and attack. So while shedloads of new homes are built, and occupied by shedloads more families with lorry-loads more dogs, how many deer will exist in Farnham Park in another decade?


Are councils taking notice of the new Habitats Directive – everywhere – except ‘Your Waverley?’

6 thoughts on “The WW has been warned by its readers to keep off the B-word and the E-word and concentrate on ‘YW.’”

  1. Just because he founded the Farnham Residents Party does NOT mean Jerry Hyman is always right. 56 Councillors and all the legal advice the Council has taken say’s he is NOT right. So is it a case of Jerry Hyman stick his fingers in his ears and simply not wanting to listen?

  2. I too watched the webcast, and you seemed to have missed the most exciting part of the meeting:
    When Carol Cockburn blew a gasket and simply exploded at both Jerry Hyman and Paul Follows, screaming “I’ve never been accused of lying in the Council Chamber until now”
    Paul Follows in the meantime was shaking his head and mouthing off whilst she was speaking and was then told to behave by the Mayor!

  3. I’m seriously reconsidering my support for Farnham Residents, a party I have been involved with since its inception. I have a great deal of respect for Jerry Hyman and trust him to act in the best interests of Farnham , something that I cannot say about some of the recently elected members of the group. Their behaviour is beginning to reveal a certain streak of egotistical Toryism, which is such a pity.

    1. We have hard the same comments from a number of Farnham Residents supporters Jane, how very sad. Certinly some of them are certinly showing some very egotistical behaviour – including the group leader – John Ward.

  4. l think the advice Waverley received from Wayne Beglum on which so much store is placed was received before the revised Government guidance was issued on 22 July and the presentation from Mr Whale was just that, a presentation. So the question l want to ask is when was the Beglum advice received and have they been back to get it updated since 22 July. 22 July is pretty key because the government guidance issued on that date pretty well admitted that Natural England had been getting it wrong for years so l don’t give much weight to anybody relying on what Natural England said or advised before then.

  5. Like you we have the very same concerns about what advice it received and when? But WBC is sticking to its guns – come what may!

    We all know Natural England has been getting it wrong for years, and much like Surrey County Council highways department, it doesn’t give more than a passing glance at any applications that come before them.

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