4,000+ hits and climbing…

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 22.57.35It is less than a month since the launch of the Waverleyweb.org and we have already had over four thousand hits and our followers are increasing. Not bad for a new boy on the block.

To our followers – Thank You – to those who are too shy to sign up, don’t be. WW guards your anonymity with the same determination as it guards its own. Not because we feel, as one critic claimed, that we “sit on a computer in our bedroom peddling lies” – we don’t.  Every post is carefully verified, and the information is carefully checked, after all if this was not the case, the local authorities or their councillors or representatives could feed us their ‘spin’ and we would be culpable and wouldn’t they like that? We don’t live off anyones press releases.

As explained on the Home Page, the reason WW was born, is really quite simple. Following the demise of Waverley Matters, there was no-one to inform local residents and other interested parties – and yes other local authorities too are keeping up-to-date with WW’s posts to see what is going on in the borough. We may not fill WM’s boots, as our styles differ – but we’ll have a damned good try.

If you care about the future of the towns and villages in the borough of Waverley tell your family, friends and neighbours to log on. If you don’t, then ignore us at your peril, and let the decision makers map out your future for you. But never say you were not warned.

Some people would prefer Waverley residents were kept in the dark – our aim is to foil that plan. All of us, however – pay the taxes that fund our local authorities’ (click on to the last post and read what the fat cats out there are earning.) Remember we pay officers’  salaries and councillors’ generous attendance allowances. We also reap what they sow.

So far, most of the comments from contributors have been sent privately to contact@waverleyweb.org and we pledge to respect their privacy. However, if you are an employee of either Waverley BC or SCC – be warned – NEVER, and we mean NEVER, use the internal email as these are monitored, and that applies to any e-mails residents send to them, including to councillors. Your secrets are safe with us. WW would like to think the same code applied within our local authorities.

Wherever we use cuttings from local papers, we credit them – and WW values the effort of the Surrey Ad and in particular the Haslemere Herald and Farnham Herald for their reporting and must not forget the Guildford Dragon, the on-line news paper.

Over 4,000 hits in a month is great for a new blog – we cannot determine how many hits WM’s had before it disappeared without trace – but WW intends to be a vehicle for comment, information and the truth.

So, happy reading and thank you for your kind words of welcome, and supportive comments. Only one negative comment so far, and we have posted this in the interest of fair play. Please help us to keep informing  you.

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  1. Keep on posting, your articles are informative to the skull duggery that is going on at the moment, secret meetings indeed, I was so sorry when WM went missing and you really do fill their place.

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