Milford blow a Raspberry – Hitler style.


Milford Vloggers strike again!

While the rest of the country is busy preparing for todays’s big game – the genius that flourishes  in the Waverley village on the outskirts of Godalming is busy putting all things Milford in the spotlight…  and having a game of their own. 

Or not such game!  More of fight them in the trenches battle to stop poly tunnels occupying 90-football size pitches -on 99 acres of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

For the uninitiated  Milford residents having been blowing raspberries at the industrial size strawberry, raspberry and blueberry  growing operation just a punnet or two billion away from Milford at nearby Tuesley Farm.

 Waverley Planners took enforcement action against owner Harry Hall and two Inspectors and the High Court backed them up. A judge said the operation was development and not – “transient, ephemeral or fleeting” as the operator claimed.  If they wanted development, then they must apply, like everyone else, for planning permission. The operation also accommodates 650 crop pickers in caravans and HGV’s regularly thunder along the country roads. Just like soft fruit and Topsy – it will just grow and grow?

Now, Waverley Planning officers are recommending – yes you guessed – they are recommending APPROVAL on the grounds that the illegal operation is..

 ” an economic benefit to the borough.”

Oh what a difference a pandemic makes!

We were as fuming as The Fuhrer and residents when we too tried to access the farce that has become Waverley’s Planning Portal to view the officers report. It winds around slower than a corkscrew through concrete, and will continue to do so until the loons at Waverley Towers get a grip. If ever – in your dreams? Perhaps that’s the reason why rolling over in the clover, or should we say strawberries, is the answer to Harry Hall and his HGV’s all set to roll through Milford. Because actually ‘Planning’ with a capital P has become far too complicated for Waverley’s “PPP’s (Piss poor Planners)

So much easier just to let everyone including Mr Hall to do their own thing makes life so much easier?  ‘Free for all planning coming to Waverley soon” isn’t that what Secretary of State Robert Jenrick wants?

“Strawberry Fields for Ever?”




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3 thoughts on “Milford blow a Raspberry – Hitler style.”

    1. Perhaps the Milford Vloggers would like to come on board the Waverley Web then we could really have a field day?

      1. The Committee surpassed themselves last night. Approved. Doh! The Milford Vlogger had better now brace herself for an extra 800 HGVs on Station Lane each year!

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