Will Thakeham Homes get the access they need to build 99 new homes in Alfold?


Care Ashore formerly (The Merchant Seaman’s War Memorial Society) owners of the Springbok Estate want to fell a tree.

In itself – seems pretty insignificant but …

by removing it from an area behind a bungalow it owns it can then demolish the bungalow called Hollyoak to make way for a proposed new development off Loxwood Road.   

By removing the tree developers Thakeham Homes will get the access it needs to get into fields behind a line of properties behind  Loxwood Road – to start digging to provide 99 new homes.

Despite having its bid to double the size of the village scuppered by a Government Then inspector in 2017 it wants to try, try and try again. Then it failed to convince an Inspector at a two-week planning appeal that 425 hoes were needed.    – Care Ashore and Thakeham Homes’ boat sunk by a Government Inspector!

Now with the Government giving it the green light to build almost anywhere, and despite a smaller application for 99 homes being refused by Waverley Planners earlier this year, Thakeham has been emboldened by the Government and the delay at nearby Dunsfold Aerodrome to try, try and try again.


This time it wants to get its access in the bag before going for yet another planning appeal believing that if it finally gets its foot into Alfold’s countryside it will open the floodgates to its earlier scheme. However, it must first scupper Tree Preservation Order 20/2020 that Waverley and the locals want to be CONFIRMED without modification or delay! The eastern planning committee will decide next Wednesday, June 9.

And what did we say here just a few weeks ago about the failure of Dunsfold Aerodrome development to come forward?

Our sources tell us that Waverley Borough Council is now pooping its pants over the very real threat posed to its Local Plan by the potential loss of Dunsfold Park to any use other than housing.  Make no mistake, a delay in housing delivery at Dunsfold Park is a serious issue for Waverley and numerous developers and would-be developers are licking their lips and rubbing their hands in glee as they feverishly measure up yet more fields in this green and pleasant borough and begin racking up fees for planning applications and budgeting for appeals they can’t fail to win now that the future of Dunsfold Park is, at worst, in the balance and, at best, horribly delayed.

Will the sale of Dunsfold Park open the door to unwanted development right across Waverley?

Here’s the planning officers report.


3 thoughts on “Will Thakeham Homes get the access they need to build 99 new homes in Alfold?”

  1. Looks like the tree preservation order will be upheld – if the officers recommendations on the June 9th report are anything to go by – lets hope the mighty oak remains gatekeeper for the foreseeable future!

    1. Yes, let’s hope so. WW is rather surprised they didn’t take it down. Thakeham has a record for bulldozing down trees in West Sussex.

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