Do you remember our MP Jeremy Hunt out litter picking in Waverley?

They say a week is a long time in politics – perhaps just a couple of days in the case of our SW Surrey MP who professes to care for the environment. 

Remember this? Our MP showing how much he cares for the Godalming environment in the hope it might pick up a few more votes for his Tory mate. Who didn’t get into Surrey County Council by the way.

Just look at the record below and you will see how our oh, so environmentally conscious MP voted just weeks later when the House of Commons considered the Environment Bill.  Are those welts from the Tory whip across his back?

Yet another own goal by Godalming Conservatives as they distribute litter. not letters!

Surrey County Council Post-election mutterings. Or how to get a litter drop and pick so wrong?

Will we ever trust this man again?

Here at the Waverley Web, we like consistency in people, and we acknowledge that our MP is consistently saying one thing and voting another. There he is out on a litter pick one minute for a picture opportunity and then back to his ole job voting against saving our planet.
One local resident said:
Conservatives have a habit of voting against the electorate and the country’s best interest
I am not actually sure who they actually represent as party MPs anymore or in fact what the heck they stand for
Whatever they stood for and promoted last year or month gets changed at voting time.

Howard Kaye said:

Unfortunately, Jeremy is very consistent he always goes with the Tory party whip.
He does brag that he once went against the whip but I have yet to see the evidence of that.

 Is it any wonder? 

Tories only lead 4 councils in Surrey now?

One thought on “Do you remember our MP Jeremy Hunt out litter picking in Waverley?”

  1. I see one of your photos is from Farnham showing JH with local Tory hopeful, Simon Foale. Needless to say, the electorate in Farnham didn’t fall for this cynical ploy, and not one of the three Tory hopefuls across the town were elected.

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