Will the sale of Dunsfold Park open the door to unwanted development right across Waverley?

This Annual Record from The Trinity College featured below gave us a good laugh here at the Waverley Web.

Here’s John Ward the Leader of “Your Waverley’ making his shock announcement and our post yesterday: TRINITY COLLEGE TAKES FLIGHT FROM DUNSFOLD!

Then we have this in the Farnham Herald which highlights the threat to Farnham and all the other towns and villages in Waverley. Both Farnham and the eastern villages in and around  Cranleigh are particularly vulnerable.




2 thoughts on “Will the sale of Dunsfold Park open the door to unwanted development right across Waverley?”

  1. I do love your caption “The success of housing at DP is inextricably linked to the battle against unwanted development across Waverley” – in other words, all housing is unwanted unless it is in the East of the Borough where it is a success as it keeps it away from Farnham. WW I think your Farnham Society roots are showing.

    1. Apologies if our Farnham Society roots are showing. There are a couple of those working with Waverley Web that are begging to have their other roots dealt with, but we digress. We are equally concerned for those in the eastern part of the borough, in particular, that poor beleaguered village of Alfold. A village that is being swamped y development – and now faces a very uncertain future. As for Cranleigh – we await the avalanche of planning applications about to drop on that town too. Developers have been waiting for this green light and are raring to go.

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