Surrey County Council Post-election mutterings. Or how to get a litter drop and pick so wrong?

Our Angela (who left Twitter in disgust herself!) now tells wannabe Tory candidates  ‘get onto the community boards…’

NEWSFLASH! The Hon Angie has dumped TWITTER!

WHY? We hear you cry?

In January we nearly choked on our cornflakes and needed a double espresso to calm the tightening in our chests when he heard Angie’s love affair with Twitter had ended  – and all because of Trump.

Damn the man!  Just goes to show when an elephant flaps its ears in Mar -a-Lago, the ripple effect crosses the pond. 

 The Hon Angie  threw all her toys out of the pram to defend The Donald’s right to Tweet. She has long been a fan of the man, believing that her first love – The Boris – and The US President had many of the same qualities. A while back she stood up for The Dom – and now it’s for The Don!


It appears that the Conservatives record of piling in a week before election day isn’t exactly winning.

Has Guildford MP Angie Richardson thought of adding a litter picking campaign if she’s around in four years time?

In the Dragon:

Jeremy Hunt & Company recalls their day all out on the litter pick. He describes the gust of wind that almost blew their leaflets away – saved only by kids running into the road! Wow – must be budding Tories. Or perhaps future Green supporters? For all that work – only Kevin Deanus managed to nab a seat.  Still – no worries – at least Waverley is slightly tidier.

Yet another own goal by Godalming Conservatives as they distribute litter. not letters!


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