Yet another own goal by Godalming Conservatives as they distribute litter. not letters!

Does this organisation understand that the word ‘Conservative’ includes conserving Godalming’s roads and countryside? 

As you can see from the picture below – when residents drive they fly! 

This is the sort of leafleting you could expect from restaurants and bars in Spain – but not on a residential road in Godalming!
Complaints that flooded into the Godalming Community board, resulted in Tory Agent Sean Donovan-Smith having to apologise and send somebody out to litter pick their own candidates publicity. You couldn’t make it up – really you couldn’t!
It looks as though the Conservatives had paid deliverers to distribute the literature. Deliverers, who then left it on people’s doorsteps up until 10 pm at night, and on car windscreens.

Local Party members would have known that this type of leafleting is neither appropriate nor effective.

Is the Conservative group short of volunteers these days?

A couple more  Tory candidates own goals featured in the links below. Would you trust either of these muppets with your vote? Although let’s face it – there are still some of these out there.

Does a wannabe county councillor show Godalming’s electorate how to multitask?
http://Does a wannabe county councillor show Godalming’s electorate how to multitask

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