Wannabe county councillor shows Godalming’s electorate how to multitask?

Kirsty Walden has a keen eye on the Godalming South seat in the forthcoming Surrey County Council elections. So you can expect to see a lot of the Tory candidate in the coming weeks.

As every woman knows, good multitasking skills are essential to juggle work, family and council duties.  Whereas, for most men, it simply means screwing up several things at once!!!
However, should Kirsty really be trying to burnish her green credentials (promoting the merits of driving forward the carbon zero economy, which is in line with the county council’s adoption of its own Climate Emergency Strategy) by taking pictures of her reducing electric charge whilst driving at 54 miles per hour on the M25 as she heads towards the Cobham Services?!   That’s a bit like being a brunette and having a blonde moment at the same time! She also boasts of having a DOB – daughter on board!


It begs a serious question, though: Does the woman have a death wish or does she simply not realise it’s illegal to drive whilst using a handheld device?  A worrying conundrum and one that requires an answer from the woman who would be one of our elected representatives?

Tempers continue to rise as social media storm; Kirsty hits Godalming.

Promoted on Facebook by Sean Donovan-Smith on behalf of Kirsty Walden and South West Surrey Conservatives.

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