More on Secretts development in Milford.

Our readers have been confused about the location of the development that was unanimously consented to by Waverley Planners at Hurst Farm, Milford, earlier this week. Our grateful thanks go to Kathy Smyth and Christine for identifying several much clearer site maps.

Big green spaces in the middle, existing ponds kept, and two vehicle entrances so residents of this development can avoid the mini-roundabout in Milford altogether.

Large space made available for 19,500 square foot doctors surgery and 40 car parking spaces.

A better view of the layout of the development at Secretts in Milford.
Here’s a better view of the exact location. This is the right red line location plan, in case it helps…. The top left, designated for sports pitches, is in the Guildford Borough Council area.
Hi William.
I couldn’t figure out exactly where the houses are going at Secretts, so I found this map showing the lakes. Everyone knows where the lakes are, so a good landmark? 
Click on the link below, and we hope all will become clear. 


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