NEWSFLASH! The Hon Angie has dumped TWITTER!



How on earth will we all manage without Guildford Cranleigh & Village MP Angela Richardson’s daily Tweets now she has turned her back on us? 

Our Cranleigh correspondent reports he almost choked on his cornflakes and needed a double espresso to calm the tightening in his chest when he heard Angie’s love affair with Twitter had ended today – and all because of Trump.

Damn the man!  Just goes to show when an elephant flaps its ears in Mar -a-Lago, the ripple effect across the pond and all that …  Yeah, we know it’s all about a butterfly’s wing but, seriously, who can liken Trump to a butterfly?!

Anyway, we digress, now the Hon Angie has thrown all her toys out of the pram to defend The Donald’s right to Tweet. She has long been a fan of the man, believing that her first love – The Boris – and The US President had many of the same qualities. A while back she stood up for The Dom – and now it’s for The Don!

Any friend of Boris is a friend of mine?

Ah well – we will all just have to grin and bear it – which certainly beats sucking it up!  As for the long-suffering residents of the eastern villages’ MP, they will just have to make do with our very own sanctimonious Jeremy from now on – yeah, that’s the one, the man who, after what felt like a lifetime in charge of our NHS, left us so ill-prepared for a pandemic, our NHS heroes and heroines were reduced to wearing bin-liners whilst they waited on imports of PPE, sourced at vast expense offshore!  We hear from our moles over there in the east that the Hon Angie was getting a good deal of grief on Twitter – some calling her “hapless and inefficient,” so dumping it was a relief.

 So how on earth will we all manage without  Angie’s daily Tweets? Not that we have read much about her job as PPS to the hapless education chief Gavin Williamson – so no loss there then? 

Lib Dem former PMC for Guildford & Villages – who is still Tweeting!

But fear, not folks, Zoe Franklin her Lib Dem running-mate for the top job says she will still be there to inform you and answer any questions you may have about all things, Guildford & Cranleigh villages.

Here’s the response you will get: Don’t write to the Hon Angie – ring Annie Milton?

And there are lots more criticising Angie for her lack of information. Here are just a few of the excruciating Tweets we will all miss. Mainly congratulating colleagues, the PM and the Downing Street Cat.

So there you have it. One of our Waverley MP’s spends most of her time ‘ congratulating’ anyone and everyone – while the other one…

2 thoughts on “NEWSFLASH! The Hon Angie has dumped TWITTER!”

  1. Over a year in and she is proving to be totally useless. Friends have written to her with simple enquiries and never receive a reply despite sending several follow ups. She doesn’t respond to emails at all. With her as our MP we have no democratic representation. How will she spend her time now if not on twitter? I hope she proves us wrong and starts doing some work now to justify her salary. She got in on the back of the ‘get Brexit done’ Tory campaign. I can’t see her retaining her seat unless she gets her finger out and starts doing the job of an MP.

    1. Your sentiments are shared by many other residents on your patch. At least over here Jeremy Hunt responds to our queries and is pretty busy questioning the Government on COVID related matters.

      We have heard from numerous residents – some of whom have asked what experience Mrs Richardson had for the job. We have looked up on her site to reveal that she handled financial matters for Cranleigh Parish Council, but failed when she tried to win a seat on Waverley Borough Council. From that we presume that Guildford people were enamoured – certainly many in the Guildford Conservative Association were grateful for all her fund-raising efforts. Filling the Tory coffers has to be an important part of being the local MP – doesn’t it?

      Perhaps we should all start writing to her – as she is a PPS to the Minister of Education – reminding her ‘that she could do better?’

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