Any friend of Boris is a friend of mine?

Are we surprised that the MP for Guildford & the eastern villages is making excuses for Big Dom? Despite Accusations of Repeated Lockdown Breaches


Like Zoe Franklin The Lib Dem’s Parliamentary Spokesman  – The Waverley Web believes the MP and former Cranleigh parish councillor should reconsider her support, even if she does risk slowing down her climb up Westminister’s greasy pole? Because, she is undoubedly out of step with most of her constituents – and sticking up for Big Dom, could prove she has pinned her colours to the wrong mast! We cannot help wondering what her predecessor our former MP Anne Milton’s views might be on the subject? 

At least we all know now that the Hon Angie was  – ordered, advised, told, instructed, cajoaled, by the Whips Office into Tweeting her support for her colleague. Wise choice?  

The WW can certainly awards Boris Johnson 10/10 for choosing not to present the facts to the Nation, and refusing to answer any of the train crash of questions from the media. Just a shedload of evasion and waffle, which has led us, and almost everyone else we have spoken to suspecting that even Boris believes, truly believes, that what Big Dom did was wrong. Then another car crash Press Conference where Mr Big was treated as though he runs the country? Or perhaps, he does? So he could give, “with respect” his own interpretation of the rules. ‘Stay at HOME, Protect the NHS  Save lives.’ 

So now do you accept Angie that the message to us voting fodder that has been upholding the law to the letter, not visiting our grandchildren, elderly parents, or helping out our relatives, with children that had the virus, was just aimed at US and not YOU or your colleagues?    Might you change your tune/support now the FACTS are revealed?  Now we all know he drove 30 miles to Barnard Castle to test his eyesight and then drove to London and popped in for some petrol? Does he/you think we all just fell off the last banana boat!

Was it really worth tarnishing your own, very fragile reputation to support someone elses?

Because if the Police do their job properly, and are unhindered in the task ahead, and there is full disclosure of the FACTS, perhaps you, and others will be slighty more circumspect in future?  As a new ‘Girl on the Block’ it is often wise to pause – before obeying an insruction. So may be, you should look before you TWEET?

by Martin Giles of The Guildford Dragon

Guildford’s Conservative MP should “reconsider her support for Dominic Cummings and join the growing chorus of voices calling for him to go”, said Zoe Franklin, the Lib Dem Parliamentary spokesperson for Guildford.

But Angela Richardson MP responded: “It is disappointing to see that the Guildford Liberal Democrats are still quoting from factually inaccurate news reports.”

On Friday (May 22), the media revealed that Cummings, the Prime Minister’s chief adviser, allegedly broke the lockdown rules by driving 260 miles to County Durham with his wife, sick with coronavirus, to his elderly parents for help with childcare, provoking calls for his resignation.

Claims of further lockdown breaches by Mr Cummings are all over  today’s newspapers (May 24).

Ms Franklin said: “Understandably, this has angered and upset so many families and individuals who have diligently remained at home throughout the coronavirus outbreak to keep them and their families safe, and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“It is an illness which has resulted in thousands of people dying alone, families being unable to be with loved ones as they have died, or meant people have been unable to be there to look after seriously ill relatives.

“The lockdown rules about avoiding unnecessary travel and self-isolating were clear and designed to save lives, yet Dominic Cummings appears to have believed they didn’t apply to him. To my mind, it is clear that he should resign from his adviser position or be removed, as has happened for others in similar roles who ignored the rules.

“I was therefore surprised and disgusted to see Guildford’s MP Angela Richardson tweeting in support of him. 

”I find it inexcusable that, as far as our MP is concerned, there seems to be one rule for Dominic Cummings and another for the rest of us.

“Ms Richardson’s support is also surprising, given that in previous tweets she has made clear, repeatedly, that people should avoid unnecessary travel and stay home in order to save lives. Yet over the course of several tweets she is now attempting to justify behaviour which has potentially put lives at risk and has violated the clear lockdown rules which she herself had previously, and rightly, enthusiastically endorsed.

“Ms Richardson’s constituents deserve an explanation. Does she also think it’s acceptable for the rest of us to leave self-isolation and travel the length of the country to visit relatives if we’re infected with Covid-19? Or does she think the rules don’t apply to the Prime Minister’s chief adviser?

“I sincerely hope that, in addition to offering an explanation, Ms Richardson will reconsider her support for Dominic Cummings and join the growing chorus of voices calling for him to go.

Ms Richardson responded: “It is disappointing to see that the Guildford Liberal Democrats are still quoting from factually inaccurate news reports.

“Number 10, through the statement released yesterday and the press conference last night (Saturday), addressed questions from the media about the actions of Dominic Cummings.

“I endorse the comments of Dr Jenny Harries, the deputy chief medical officer, that safeguarding of both children and those who are in the vulnerable shielding categories has always been a consideration in the guidance issued by the government.

“The care and wellbeing of young children is always of fundamental importance. There is great risk in making assumptions about an individual’s circumstances and access to support.

“My tweet speaks of my own personal family circumstances of illness with SARS in 2003 and therefore my perspective and understanding of the difficult decisions parents of young children face in trying to get the best support.

“That the spokesperson for the Guildford Liberal Democrats should use the word disgust in relation to my personal experience as a parent of a very ill baby, while very ill myself is unfortunate.


Twitter reports show the Conservative whips’ office has asked Tory MPs to support the prime minister’s position on the Cummings story.

3 thoughts on “Any friend of Boris is a friend of mine?

  1. Interesting that as a fellow parish councillor Angela Richardson and prospective MP, she had not a good word to say about D.C. – keeping her distance from the arch manipulator and liar-in-chief. Not only does she not read the majority of her constituents mail, either that or she seems to have forgotten my name, but she is displaying a naivety in so readily defending the indefensible.

  2. Well of course she didn’t have a good word to say about DC when she was a parish councillor. But that was before she became an MP Mr Freeston. Once you start climbing into the Westminster bubble everything changes, and if the Whip says JUMP, you ask HOW HIGH?

    We have numerous e-mails from her constituents who never receive a response to their communications, including local councillors and as for reading them – forget it.

    Watch her when they all get back to parliament. By the way when are they going back to Parliament? Because she sits herself either behind whoever is speaking at the despatch box or somewhere on the front bench. Normally with her skirt well above the thigh. We have one clip of her with her knickers on show to the world. Here is one MP that really knows how to schmooze and not loose! So Mr Freeston if you want the Hon Angie to represent your views – forget it.

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