Marshals needed to aid the vaccination centres.

In the link below are the latest COVID infection rates for ‘Your Waverley.’ Village by village town by town. There is also an opportunity to volunteer as a marshal this week at COVID vaccination centres.

But here’s what many people believe Boris should be telling the Nation.

“So, here we go again”! I’m on your TV telling you things are going to be shi* for a while and yes that’s what I’m doing.
I’m stopping you from going out, from seeing your friends and loved ones. Do you think that makes me a bad person? Do you know what?…. this job isn’t easy. All I’m doing is trying to please you lot and stop you all dying at the same time.
I give you rules, you break them, ease things a bit, you take the pi**. You are all a bunch of ungrateful, selfish human beings and I’m now at the point where I’m only inflicting more rules because you idiots are putting ridiculous pressure on the NHS, by ignoring the things I have asked you nicely to do.
You all think you are scientists, doctors and experts? You are not & neither am I. But I AM taking advice from the best in this country and doing my best to please you all.
So stop being so bloody selfish…. yes it’s boring, it’s getting old, but it won’t go away if you all continue to throw your toys out of the pram.
Grow up, take some responsibility for yourself and your so-called loved ones and do as you are asked!!


Even if you don’t give a damn about yourself or others. Let’s give this poor man a break?
Vaccination Centres at Glive in Guildford and Cranleigh Village Hall are going live from Tuesday.  They will be open 8am to 8pm seven days a week and need volunteers to act as marshals.  There will be a lot of people arriving for appointments at 5 minute intervals throughout the day so marshals are needed to make everything run smoothly.
Please share this link with anybody you think might be willing to help.  Any furloughed friends getting bored for instance. The link enables people to sign up to the shifts they want to do straight away – they just have to check a box saying they will abide by the volunteer agreement.
  There are 168 volunteer shifts a week so that’s a lot of people needed. 
Carol Dunnett
Chief Officer
Direct Dial 01483 957020
Voluntary Action South West Surrey
Supporting the voluntary & community sector in Guildford and Waverley
39 Castle Street | Guildford | Surrey | GU1 3UQ | 01483 504626
Registered Charity Number: 1116293 | Registered Company Number: 05841344 | Registered Office: 39 Castle Street | Guildford | GU1 3UQ
Here’s the volunteer agreement.Volunteer Marshall Job Description
Find out how your town or village is affected.

2 thoughts on “Marshals needed to aid the vaccination centres.”

  1. I’m certainly no Boris Johnson supporter but I do agree with the above statement: “Let’s give this poor man a break” The Clever Dicks and Tory Bashers have had a field day with the guy. Our national press are even worse.. Even the Labour Opposition are playing politics whenever they can.
    Under the circumstances, he has provided leadership and delivered day after day.
    Of course there have been mistakes, what do you expect?
    Of course we were not prepared (thanks Mr Hunt)
    But I seriously doubt if anyone could have done any better.

  2. Good to hear that someone out there wouldn’r rather that he was doing the PM’s job!

    Most Journalists are covinced they could.

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