Why did our MP’s vote against providing school meals – and will Surrey mind the gap?

Angela Richardson's Boob with Boris
Now MP’s can claim the expense for the Poppy Wreaths they use for their picture opportunities. This picture appeared in 2019 on the Guildford MP”s Facebook page.

You can listen to Cllr Follows here:


Young Paul Follows – ‘Your Waverley’s’ Deputy Leader is not the only one questioning the wisdom of the Hon Jeremy and the Hon Angela’s recent No vote.

Many of us here at the WW were incredulous at your lack of compassion, as were many of our readers. This is not about politics – this is about children, who may be hungry. Winston Churchill said ‘ A nation that forgets its old – has no future.’ Well, we could say the same about the young. They are our future.

No sooner had the Hon Angie voted against extending free meals for those in need during the holidays than she was opening a new McDonalds in Guildford! Crass or what?

Our MP’s must be relieved that their  Government has just announced that they can now claim the huge expense of buying a Poppy wreath when they rock up to any Remembrance Day commemorations!

A question to both Mr Hunt and the Angie WHY did you vote No? Have you recently undergone a compassion by-pass? We recognise that with all your children being privately educated in schools where they tuck into the best fodder on offer, you many no fully understand how the other half lives? Or is it because you, like so many ignorant people around the country, believe that if you live in wealthy Waverley or Snobbish Surrey – the only thing you have to worry about is what type of gin to drink, or where to play bridge?

Wake up you guys – there are very real areas of deprivation and those areas are on your patch and are growing, faster than knotweed. Now we wonder? Will Surrey County Council stump up the cash like many other county councils in the country? Or will you leave it up to the borough’s and districts to mind the gap?

as Cllr Follows says – we need an explanation WHY?

Hundreds of thousands have signed a petition against using public money to support MPs’ food costs, amid the controversy over the Commons vote. 

More than 390,000 people had put their name to the appeal as of Friday evening.

The petition — called “No public money for MPs’ meals” — was set up after politicians rejected the proposal to keep providing free school meals to children in need during the holidays amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Its creator said she was inspired to set it up after feeling “angry” following the vote in the Commons



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