So here you have it! Cranleigh Nursing Home circa 2001/2021?


Here they go again… let the trumpets blow again?

All that bunkum about postponing its planning application for a Private Care Home in Cranleigh was just that… a load of tosh!

Although the costly appeal has been ditched. The planning application, which the Cranleigh Village Health Trust had hoped would be heard on 21st October – yes – this week – will now be heard – at a later date?

And, there were all those objectors – including the Group campaigning to stop the development in its tracks thinking that – together with the withdrawal of support from its key stakeholders, Uncle Tom Cobley and all the 20-year saga would end. No way – this saga will not be over until the fat lady sings? 

Read this :

Whose left to back a Cranleigh Charity’s bid to build a private care home?

Now Tetlow King Planning has written the following to Waverley Planners – seeking yet another delay. This comes to you complete with grammatical errors!

Dear Sirs,

Although we have been pushing for the application to be heard at the 21st October Eastern Planning Committee, we now believe it is unrealistic to make that date. We, therefore, ask that the application is heard at a later date.

The main reason for this is that the Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) have out of the blue with no warning, recently written to us stating that they have issues with their support, which we are seeking to clarify with them.

While the ICP’s very recent equivocation is disappointing, we remain fully committed to providing an appropriate form of health care for the local community, through Community Beds available at local authority rates, to the residents of Cranleigh and surrounding area. We are working to achieving this – still through the physical proposals as they stand in the application, but possibly using alternative organisations to the ICP (e.g. hospices, charities etc) who would use the beds that CVHT make available on the application site at local authority rates. There may still be a role for the ICP in this, as potentially one of bodies who use our beds. Nevertheless, the response from the ICP means that we will have to re-think some aspects of the structure for instance in the legal agreement and its mechanisms.

We are also awaiting your comments on the draft s106, our viability evidence and the appeal Statement of Common Ground. The late request in particular for the viability evidence also makes the October committee unrealistic.

I hope this is clear but please contact me if you require any further clarification. This should be resolved as quickly as possible.

Kind regards Oliver

Oliver Marigold BSc (Hons) DipTP MRTPI Principal Planner

So all the “free at the point of delivery” community bed promises made by the Charity- were like pie crusts easily broken.

As The Campaign Group’s leader Andy Webb (nothing to do with the Waverley Web) says: “You can fool all of the people, some of the time, some of the people all of the time – but not ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME!

Tomorrow we will put the Campaign Group’s message on the Waverley Web.

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