The residents of Elstead say – “we warned you what would happen,” but the powers that be, just wouldn’t listen.

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Thankfully so far only three homes are occupied and already they’ve had a flood warning, been advised to move belongings upstairs, and sandbags have been delivered (flood warning no longer in place).   There’s a lot of discussion about it on the Elstead Facebook Group if you’d like more info – 
The Showhome (plot 66) is one of the two houses pictured, with the river lapping at the garden fences (with slats designed to let the water through).  The water levels are not unusual for the time of year, and in 2013/2014 the water levels were significantly higher – some of these properties will flood, it’s just a matter of when.     You can find the plan with plots on here –
In fairness to Waverley Planners – they turned this site down – probably because it’s in Aunty Elsey’s patch – but no doubt a Government Inspector thought it would be fine for the new occupiers to have water lapping at their ankles!



sandbags at Watermeadow Place.jpg



Here is the flood zone map for the area.image.png

6 thoughts on “The residents of Elstead say – “we warned you what would happen,” but the powers that be, just wouldn’t listen.”

  1. To be fair the raised wooden boardwalk is built right across the floodplain adjacent to the riverbed, so of course it floods. But it has only JUST been erected. Unfortunately that is the SANG walk to deter residents from visiting nearby Thursley Common with their dogs. Soggy Mutts!
    Am I right a similar boardwalk scheme over marsh is proposed to handle SANG at Milford Golf Club too?

  2. Yes, You are absolutely right – Milford Golf Course development will get a boardwalk too. However, the dogs may be provided with stilts too. If it wasn’t so serious, it might even be funny.

  3. redback1971 – don’t you sometimes wonder whether the people who assess these schemes at Natural England have ever actually walked a dog, let alone owned one?

    Yes, you are right about the SANG at Milford. A chunk goes over floodplain, but that isn’t even the whole story. It must be a contender for worst SANG ever. Of about 2.3 kilometres 1.6 km or so will apparently be on a raised boardwalk. If correct, that’s about 70%. Is this a record?

    This abominable SANG is on two sides of Station Lane with two crossing points (probably requiring mutts to be put on their leads). This is not recommended by Natural England but allowed at their discretion. On the eastern side (the side where the club house is) the proposal is apparently for this boardwalk on the entire eastern side to have high sides to it so dogs CAN’T roam free in case they run onto the golf course! So this is about as far removed from the SANG concept as you can get. Unbelievable.

    And what’s the point? A better solution would be for CALA Homes to buy into the surplus Ashill Ockford Ridge SANG which is rather more accessible from Milford than it is from Ockford Ridge.

    On another wholly unsatisfactory aspect of Station Lane, water is still pouring off the main golf course onto Station Lane through the dilapidated retaining wall which Crown Golf have failed to maintain for years. The pavement at one point was still under water today as well as half the carriageway next to it. So as a pedestrian trying to get to Milford Station (there are some – I passed one today contemplating his options) you either have to get your shoes soaked or, if you want to stay dry, you take a calculated risk and walk (probably very fast) down the middle of the road. You also have to contend with the extend stream running alongside the pavement for a few hundred yards which car drivers can’t really avoid churning up particularly if there is a car coming towards them. This deplorable situation will probably continue for a few days as I see that there is still a considerable reservoir of run off water penned up behind the retaining wall.

    In the meantime, Happy Christmas to WW and all your contributors.

  4. Thank you for your excellent comment – which sums up exactly how our team at the Waverley Web feel about the Milford scheme. Yet another BIG mistake… HUGE!

    As for trying to get to Milford Station – we tried it – water, water, everywhere. Perhaps Natural England will get back to work now it is not working on Brexit? Or perhaps not.

    Thank you for the Good Wishes which are reciprocated. Happy Christmas to all our readers.

  5. Generally local authorities won’t give planning permission for new housing on EA 3b and EA2 flood zone areas, and the latest Environment Agency flood zone mapping states that it does not take into account the new Met Office report which predicts +30% rainfall in winter months over the next 50 years as a consequence of global warming.

    The problem comes when householders come to renew their house insurance after a flood incident leading to a claim IN THEIR SAME POSTCODE AREA, so it doesn’t even need to be their own house that has flooded. For new houses built in flood zone areas after 1st January 2009, The Insurance Industry Flood-Re scheme doesn’t apply.

    The ABI (Association of British Insurers) has made this clear to all local authorities. I don’t know why Waverley BC is ignoring this advice.

  6. So, does this mean that the poor souls who have just bought these homes in Elstead will find it difficut to find flood insurance? Because if so, a sign should go up outside the developer’s sales office warning people of the danger.

    A car was stationed outside the sales office of the Crest Nichlson development at Longhurst Park in Cranleigh some while back, warning prospective purchasers not to buy there. Perhaps the same should apply in Elstead?

    The same should apply at a number of other develpments in Waverley.

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