There’s definitely nothing boring about Inspector Bore!


No surprise there then… The Government Inspector Mr Jonathan Bore the man chosen to EXAMINE – “Your Waverley’s” Local Plan (it isn’t daft any more because it has now been voted through by councillors – though many of you may believe it is still Daft   – has more than just a few QUESTIONS … and he wants them ANSWERED!

AND… when they have answered all these set out on the link below …there are more Questions where these came from! Many more…

Poor Old Sick as a…  – “Graham Parrot” “Your Waverley’s planning officer, who is still smarting from the drubbing he was given last time the Local Plan was given a public airing, will be busy!

The first and last paragraphs are key, along with the cultural desert at para 8, and the fact that he doesn’t once mention the main constraint (Habitats). In other words… A Bore hole!


Waverley has fallen at the first fence because the Inspector immediately picked up up on “Your Waverley”s”bizarre decision to reduce affordable housing to 30%. And he wants to know WHY?

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 14.45.10.png

We think we know why ? Because Developers don’t want to build affordable homes for  rent. Why? Because once  built the tenants can, in future,  purchase  them under the Right to Buy legislation – with a 27% discount – and then they become “market housing.” This results in the need to build even more….”subsidised” housing to replace those sold and …  on and on it goes … with  more countryside biting the dust!

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 14.46.01.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-16 at 14.46.50.png

Yes… indeed why not build all over sports pitches – memorial sports grounds, even Memorial community conservation gardens – after all isn’t that just what “Your Waverley” wants? So don’t be so negative Gone-to-Potts – Leader of “Your Waverley.”Get the CPO – Liz the Biz Sims to come up with some alternative wording like the good Inspector says  in the paragraph above!

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 14.47.01.png

Yes! WBC Just what are those “exceptional circumstances” that justify altering the Green Belt?

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 14.47.19.png

So get on with it – it is quite obvious you need to do a great deal more work on The Green Belt – after all you had set aside £1m of the taxpayers’ money for your little foray into Cranleigh’s Green Belt land to build an Industrial Estate?

So now you must come up with the “Exceptional Circumstances” that permit the council’s ability to do this – haven’t  you? Oops – no of course you don’t now do you – thanks to the Waverley Web unveiling your little secret to the good people over there in Cranleigh that little cunning plan has been ditched, hasn’t it!!

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