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Waverley Officer laden down with applications or objections


Plus a bit of advice to possible supporters from one of the campaigners against using a site in Cranleigh intended for a hospital –  now earmarked for a private care home in Knowle Lane.

It’s official. The Cranleigh Village Health Trust has NO partner for its bid to build a new Private Care Home.

So … Cranleigh parish council isn’t happy about the private care home either?


Stephanie Howland 9 Dukes Close Cranleigh Surrey

I strongly object to this planning application.

• Traffic will also be a major issue, especially once the housing development opposite has been completed as all the vehicles will be exiting onto a narrow road that is already busy. Knowle Lane is little more than a country lane and it is not suitable to take all the extra traffic. What is more the junction with the high street is already difficult to enter and exit.

• There is also only a very narrow pathway leading from the high street to the rear of Sainsbury’s that is only wide enough for one person, meaning that you must step into the road to pass. There is a no proper crossing, which makes it extremely dangerous for pedestrians to cross the road safely.

• Any emergency vehicles (ambulances) will cause further chaos at this junction (especially during peak traffic periods) Therefore, this an over-development that will cause untold congestion, pollution, and traffic problems.

• Both the care home and the accommodation block are large buildings and not in keeping with the much smaller houses along Knowle Lane and John Wiskar Drive.

• The proposed care home and accommodation block will have a massive impact on the residents of John Whisker Drive who still have outstanding questions regarding the sound screen, light pollution etc which Cranleigh Village Health Trust (CVHT) have refused to answer.

• This application was it successful, would remove a valuable green area with a loss of trees and hedgerows which are the perfect habitat for wildlife whilst adding to the demand on an already overstretched utility infrastructure that serves this village

• There is no need for another care home in Cranleigh. Currently, Cedar Court has 75 beds, The Old Rectory Nursing Home in Ewhurst has 32 beds and Knowle Park Nursing, Cranleigh has 32 single rooms, 7 shared rooms and planning permission for a further 25 beds. The I.C.P. already purchase beds from these nursing homes and will continue to do so if planning on The Paddock Field is refused.

• These so-called community beds as stated in a recent interview with a representative of the ICP and the Surrey County Council stated that these beds are for ages 75+ who are unable to return to their own home and will need to remain in residential care. These beds are not free at the point of entry if you earn/claim over the threshold of £23,000 in addition the beds could be allocated to anyone in Surrey

• The villagers of Cranleigh and surrounding villages raised money towards a hospital to benefit the whole of the local community. CVHT has refused to answer questions or engage with the people who donated the money. The proposed Care Home does not represent what the Cranleigh Village Hospital (Health) trust was set up to achieve.

• What CVHT should be considering is the utilisation of the old Surrey County Council Longfield’s site or the remaining money in the trust should be given to the League of Friends at Cranleigh Village hospital to improve the facilities currently on offer.

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A letter from Martin Bamford who speaks on behalf of all the businesses and traders who are members of the Cranleigh Chamber?  Or doe he? The WW has contacted several members who say they are not supporting this letter.

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Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 16.28.09

A snapshot of Cranleigh Parish Council’s minutes.

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