It’s official. The Cranleigh Village Health Trust has NO partner for its bid to build a new Private Care Home.

The man who heads the Charity kicked off yet another row when he went head to head with leading protestors at a vigil in Cranleigh on Saturday. But it came straight from the Charity’s mouth that it has no Care Home partner and there is no plan B! 

Dr Robin Fawkner-Corbett (DR FC) tackled members of the group protesting against a new 64 bed Private Care Home and 16 community beds, during a showdown on Cranleigh High Street on Saturday.

One couple of shocked passers-by contacted the Waverley Web. saying that the group was simply handing out leaflets urging people to object to the use of former parish-owned-land behind M & S in Knowle Lane for a private care home. The land was once earmarked for a replacement hospital/day hospital with funds donated by villagers. 

The couple said: We live in Cranleigh so please don’t mention our names – as this whole business is tearing Cranleigh apart including the closure of the once-popular community board.

It appears that anyone objected on the board to the forthcoming CVHT planning application: Here’s the link: you were blocked by the administrators and the group of protestors said this was confirmed by the Dr.FC.

Days later a new board was set up by Bamford & Co, the charity’s front-man together with other members of his family, and a Cranleigh Parish Councillor. Thousands of its former members are furious that the popular board has been dumped and has been hijacked!

The couple said“This whole saga which has plagued the village for 20 years  is having a very damaging effect on Cranleigh and is a stain on its reputation. There is so much bad feeling here, and with COVID and BREXIT haven’t we enough to worry about?” 

They claimed villagers in Cranleigh and the nearby villages wished the plans could be halted until there was a proper public meeting when all their concerns could be addressed.

They said they were shocked to overhear a well-respected former Cranleigh Health practice GP  quarrelling aggressively in the street. Particular as he or his fellow Trustees have repeatedly refused to appear in a public venue to answer residents’ very valid questions. 

We understand from the group, that they had been under the watchful eye of ‘Bamleigh’s Stasi’ from outside David Manns department store, the group was expecting trouble but was shocked that it came from the charity’s chairman and not the Charity’s lapdog.

The main inquisitors – we will mention no names for fear of further reprisals in Stasi-controlled Cranleigh – did manage to obtain some hard facts.

  • DR FC He confirmed there was no signed partnership agreement with HC-One the private provider that is named in its planning application and on its website as its key stakeholder.
  • DR FC  did not have an answer to what would happen if no future provider came forward for the Care Home, and what would happen if the proposed development fell flat.
  • The Trust – which collected several million pounds of villagers money – for a new hospital and day hospital, on former parish land, now confirms it has no financial partner for the circa £30m development. Which confirms telephone conversations villagers have had with HC-One’s head office.
  • Campaigners against the scheme told him how abysmally the Public Relations had been handled, as any dissenters had either been shut down, blocked completely on the Cranleigh Community Board and/or vilified on Bamleigh’s personal Radio Station. Which, we understand has now been dubbed  “The Stasi’s Bamleigh Radio.”
  • He also confirmed that the benefactor for the residential block of 12 1/2 bedroom flats is former Trustee and property developer Nick Vrijland, who resigned in December and who, it is believed, has now moved away from the village. 
  • WW understands another Trustee name has gone AWOL from the Charity’s Website? Mr David Barry. (Our next post? – where have all the Trustee’s gone? 
  • UPDATE PS. We understand from a local informer Mr Barry is still a Trustee and appears on the new CVHealthT website. Our apologies to Mr Barry. 

Oh! another one bites the dust!

A former Chairman of the Trust – Mr Peter Nutting – himself a Ewhurst property developer – said in a letter to the planners this week.

“I now live in Hampshire and so would not benefit personally from this wonderful initiative by the people of Cranleigh. I was however chairman of the Trust from 2003 to 2006. I have some sympathy for the residents of John Wiskar Drive objecting ( not in their backyard) …”

So presumably living in Hampshire he now believes the residents of an adjacent   Waverley housing development in Wiskar Drive are Nimbies? 

Letters for and against the development are now piling onto Waverley’s planning portal.

8 thoughts on “It’s official. The Cranleigh Village Health Trust has NO partner for its bid to build a new Private Care Home.

  1. Can someone who knows planning laws confirm for me that if the CVHT gets this planning passed, then because they do not have the financial backing for the private nursing home, still build the housing?

    • I think that is their main objective. With no agreed partnership and a very sick benefactor, where will the finance come from for building the care home, and with planning permission for a block of flats? They could go ahead with that bringing in the developer who was once a trustee but has now stepped down declaring he had a vested interest. I bet he did!

  2. The WW is not a planning expert. But we suspect that if a planning consent is given then the permission stands for all or part of the scheme.However, we will endeavour to investigate your question.

  3. This is a comment received from a follower, presumably who lives in the Cranleigh area, which was posted on the same subject but on another post earlier today. WW

    9 hours ago

    In reply to:I am now getting more and more convinced that there’s no real partnership with HC-One. If there’s no partnership, how are CVHT going to finance the building of a private care home and a block of flats? It appears once they’ve got planning permission, everything could change. Cranleigh residents want their land back, and our existing Cranleigh Village Hospital to get any remaining money to go towards their League of Friends.
    It has been confirmed that HC-One does Not have a contract with CVHT and negotiations will only be entered into once the planning application result is known. The name of the developer and benefactor have been concealed and the recent resignations from the board of trustees is interesting in that one runs a business involved in new housing and the other is a major landowner of land between Cranleigh and Dunsfold! I feel for the medical professionals on the board as they appear to be patsies… One also has to ask oneself why a Village Charity needs to spend @ £25,000+ in 2019 on a PR & Media company and then hide this fact on their published accounts whilst declaring the details of the legal costs and the benefitting company!

  4. “It appears that anyone objected on the board to the forthcoming CVHT planning application planning you were blocked by the administrators and the group of protestors said this was confirmed by the Dr.FC.“

    This is absolute lies.
    Posts were only taken off if they were breaking group rules, ie, unkind or personal or untrue, rather like your ‘reports’, there was only one person blocked from the board and that was for continued breaking of the rules and being abusive and others were just muted for up to a week and only ever for continuously verbally attacking people. There is no need to get personal, unkind and rude because opinions aren’t the same
    Dr FC would be in no position at all to ‘Confirm’ your untrue statement as he had nothing to do with the administration on the community board.
    The destruction of the community board was not anything to do with myself and the other two admin have also stated the same. With the exception of two topics the community board was a very well used and popular social platform that helped many people during lockdown, reunited lost pets, property and people and supported and helped many businesses.
    It is a shame that some person/people felt the need to destroy and deny the 9500+ people who were members their community board. They, like you, remain anonymous cowards.

  5. First of all Hannah, read the post properly. Dr.F.C. confirmed that we had told him we were being blocked, not that he knew we were being blocked.
    Secondly, when we’re talking lies, you might like to amend your statement on who was blocked. We have got a whole list we can produce. No-one was rude, or abusive in any way. Perhaps If you think otherwise, you might also like to quote some examples with names. You have got to look up the meaning of dissenter – it means having a different opinion and this should not be a reason for blocking lines of communication.
    If you want to make things really public we can, if you wish, give you screenshots of showing a slightly different picture
    What does seem rather strange is a popular community board gets sabotaged and lo and behold another one was ready and waiting to invite and screen contributors and so far everyone who has voiced a dissenting opinion has not been accepted.
    When you’re talking about lies Hannah, remember what you have said in the past.

    • We have numerous e-mails from people over there on the Cranleigh patch and some who live in other parts of the country and abroad, who had their comments on one particular subject removed.

      Some sent us their comments on screenshots, which we have on file here. All of which confirm they were not being abusive but were dissenters of the CVHT. They were also asking the same questions, over and over again, but were not receiving the answers. None that we received were abusive.

      Can it really be true Hannah Nicholson – that you – who wrote a personal letter objecting to the previous CVHT planning application on the Waverley Borough council planning portal, cannot accept that others are of the same opinion?

      Who is controlling who – in Cranleigh?

      This planning issue appears to be a very hot topic in the eastern area and one on which we receive dozens of e-mails every day. However we do wonder why so many people, like us, also choose to be anonymous? Our reasons are clear – we write about matters that affect everyone’s lives across Waverley and receive our information from many sources – including officers, councillors and those affected by the decisions made – in confidence.

      As for the reasons of our contributors it is really quite simple. There is something rotten in the state of Cranleigh, and they fear for their businesses and their livelihoods if they speak out. We wonder WHY?

      So… a Cranleigh Community Board which is a popular social platform with 9,500 members is sabotaged and another one steps into its shoes run by Bamleigh & Co just moments later? Now there’s a surprise. So who is The Cranleigh Chat controller now?

      No doubt the next reference to the Cranleigh Care Home application on the Bamleigh Board, and on Bamleigh Radio will be the jubilant announcement written by Martin Bamford that consent has been given – and all will be well in Cranleigh? Or will it?

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