If Godalming Town Council can do it, then so can ‘Your Waverley.’

Godalming Town Council is leading the way on getting to grips with technology and opening up its meetings to the public by the end of this month. 

Last night town councillors stepped up to the challenge and held their second informal test of Zoom, and from what have heard it went with a Va-Va-Zoom.

So what’s next? The first full remote session of Godalming Town Council meeting will be held on April 30th. Well done GTC, perhaps you could show Surrey County Council and Waverley Borough Council how to do it?

If an orchestra can do it – councillors should be able to tune in and make their own kind of music – which will be music to the Waverley Web’s ears too.

Our only question? Was Councillor Cosser praying the session would be over soon?

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 10.28.22.png

4 thoughts on “If Godalming Town Council can do it, then so can ‘Your Waverley.’”

  1. Well I understand Waverley Web’s frustration in not having their regular juicy treats (webcasts) to feast upon. But I expect that Waverley will be on the airwaves quite soon enough. I suspect their focus has been on maintaining vital services whilst supporting the vulnerable, local businesses and residents who are experiencing hardship. (all whilst most of their Officers and Staff are working remotely) So much as I normally support your critques, on this occasion I think it is unfounded.

    1. Whilst we are suffering the most dreadful withdrawal symptoms without our daily dose of ‘Your Waverley’ we are fully aware of the tireless work that is going on behind the scenes.

      We have also tried, wherever possibly to communicate Waverley;s message on help, support and issues that affect residents and businesses. We congratulate them all for the huge efforts they are making on a daily baiss across our towns and villages. We will never again, moan about dodgy webcasts! Well, perhaps just once in a while.

  2. As Leader of GTC I am of course very happy to see this and making sure we carry on our services and our increased community support functions – we also do have obligations with our formal sessions and very pleased to say we are pressing ahead with that.

    In my Waverley hat – John is quite correct and Waverley is a bigger beast with more services. Also have things that (I wish we could stop but the government won’t let us) like planning committees (which always add to the complexity).

    But Waverley will be following the exact same model for its public meetings.

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